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The Test #2020

The Test The Test follows the story of Liselle Mason a former Bluford student who first appeared in Until We Meet Again Liselle Mason is in trouble For weeks she ignored the changes in her body and tried to

  • Title: The Test
  • Author: Peggy Kern
  • ISBN: 9781591942344
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Test By Peggy Kern, The Test follows the story of Liselle Mason, a former Bluford student who first appeared in Until We Meet Again Liselle Mason is in trouble For weeks, she ignored the changes in her body and tried to forget her brief relationship with Oscar Price, her moody classmate at Bluford High But when Liselle s clothes stop fitting, and her brother notices her growing belly, sheThe Test follows the story of Liselle Mason, a former Bluford student who first appeared in Until We Meet Again Liselle Mason is in trouble For weeks, she ignored the changes in her body and tried to forget her brief relationship with Oscar Price, her moody classmate at Bluford High But when Liselle s clothes stop fitting, and her brother notices her growing belly, she panics A pregnancy test confirms her biggest fears Unwilling to admit the truth, Liselle suddenly faces a world with no easy answers Where will she turn Who will she tell What will she do

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    1. What would you have done if you found out you were pregnant Would you have runaway or just faced your mom and dad For Liselle Morton she was afraid to face the fact that she was pregnant and she was afraid that her mom would be disappointed in her for not being responsible Liselle was a normal girl who went to high school, but like most teenagers she got caught up in something that wasn t right One summer Liselle meets up with a guy thinking he really liked her Little did she know all he wanted [...]

    2. I just a book called The Test by Peggy Kern The main character is named Liselle Mason and she is in trouble For weeks, she ignored the changes in her body and tried to forget her brief relationship with Oscar Price The setting takes place in the past about how she got pregnant I loved this book I give it an A right off the back I loved the fact that it kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time The author gets so specific with the character s feelings I would recommend this book to mostly gir [...]

    3. The book I read is called The Test , written by Peggy Kern This book is about a girl name Liselle Mason, a high school student that is dedicated to her school than a social life In it she talks about her personal life and what it was like in her high school years Liselle has been through a lot in her life, she now has a kid and not with the baby s daddy She had some up and downs that brought her to do some things without thinking She once met this guy name Oscar he was the perfect, handsome guy [...]

    4. This book is about a girl who got pregnant and her mom kick her out because she was pregnant and also she didn t know that she have a boyfriend but the boyfriend have sex with Leslie and he left her, then she went to her cousin s house to take care of her.

    5. To be honest, this is the first Bluford book that I have read start to finish If this is typical of the series, than I approve of it even I like that we the readers see the evolution in Liselle s thinking as she confronts the reality of her pregnancy I like the honest depictions of her aunt and cousin and of her would be boyfriend I sympathize with the feelings of insecurity that led her to have such a lapse in judgment, but I hope that younger readers hear the message that she is insinuating I [...]

    6. this book is about a valueable teen that learns a valueable lesson on sex and pregnancy she was 16 when she found out she was pregnant and when she told her baby daddy he ignored her like they never knew eachother she told her mom and she was very dissapointed at her beacause of the talk they had brings me to the conclusion that teen sex should not be valueable until you reach a proper age and realy know that your ready for that decision beacause of the teen sex theres at 30% school average of g [...]

    7. This book was good it teaches young girls old girls a good lesson dnt fall in love fast and dont have kids at an earley age and finsh school, And do what you gotta do why you got the chance because you well wish you did When i read this book i thought it was gone be good which is was as soon as you start reading your not going to want to stop This girl goes threw a lot of stuff just because of one mistake.

    8. Liselle Madison is a teenager at Bluford high school.Liselle is in trouble when she finds out shes pregnant.Liselle had to go to the doctors because she fainted at school while Liselle was at the the doctors she surprises her mom by telling her shes pregnant.So her mom told the doctor if they can do a test to see if Lisellle is really pregnant,the doctor takes a test and comes back with the results in her hand and looks up to the mom and says yes your daughter is pregnant.Liselle didn t want her [...]

    9. This book take place at Bluford high school, so far i had read that this book is about a girl who is pregnant, Her name is Liselle She found that she was pregnant in school when he used a pregnancy test, she could believe it because she didn t felt anything wrong with her, but one senior was at the school still and she went to the bathroom and saw the pregnancy test in her hands She couldn t believed it and lissele told her not to tell anybody because she wants to keep it as a secret and if she [...]

    10. Your not feeling well and just a few weeks ago you had unprotected sex with a boy named Oscar, but you ignore every symptom your body is giving off.This is exactly what occurred with Leslie Monroe a high schooler and during the summer not thinking she believes a boy is into her little does she know he just wants a good time Little things begin to change, her emotions and then her clothes.Leslie is now a mother and she must learn the hard way of being a mom, yet she still attends school Though th [...]

    11. The test is one of the greatest books that I ever read in life When I say that I can compare my life to this book I mean it my whole life It s like from being a teen mother in high school from trying to finish school while being a teen mother in high school and trying to graduate at the same time It s like I know all about what Leslle Mason is talking about and going through Too I my whole life live in this book When I saw the book cover of the book I knew I was go enjoy it The story took place [...]

    12. What i thought about The test was that it shows teenagers that you really need to think about the things that you do befor something serious happens THE test has some many important details about why you shouldn t get pregnant at a young age Theres so many things that you can do in life but then after you have a baby younger than 20 it messes up your whole life and what you wanted to be when you were 6 years old but then it all changed when you terned 16.you had you boy friend and your an high s [...]

    13. I would recommend this book because it is very interesting There are a lot of suspenseful moments This book would be a good read for anyone that is interested in a book that keeps you wondering what is going to happen next Everytime I got through a chapter, I wanted to read , and I didn t want to stop reading The title is perfect for everything that is going on in the book because it talks about all of the different kinds of tests the main character faces I also think that the plot, characters, [...]

    14. i think that this book is a good book it tells yu about how most sixteen year have babys in high school in the book liselle wass a tuf girl in school doing bad things then she had a baby so she had to stop her bad ways but onday she had to back to her old school so she could talk to the other kids about how it is being a teenage parent and how is hard raising a child by your self and how its not good to be bad on school ect

    15. A book students will love due to the theme of teen pregnancy Teen pregnancy is not glamorized and the reality picture is portrayed Teen pregnancy is a serious issue with our students today Ten times than it was 20 years ago We need to talk with students about teen pregnancy and STD s Not just one Health class They need this lesson every semester No soap box Our students will LOVE The Test

    16. Have you ever saw a TV show, a relative, or read a book about a girl 16 year old pregnant without any help from the Baby s dad Well you have met this realistic fiction book The Test by Peggy Kern This book was meant for Mature people, very pessimistic, and what young girls go through everyday Overall, I thought this book was wonderful, intense, and a lesson to learn.This book takes place at Bluford High and 4 years earlier because she comes to Bluford High school and tell the girls there her Hig [...]

    17. EhMan Book Report10 30 14American StudiesThe Test by Peggy KernThe book The Test is about a girl named Liselle who is pregnant when she was 16 years old The book talks about how she tell the student her story and hope they don t make a mistake just like she did The book start off with Liselle going back to the same school she attended and talk about her story with kids She started talking about her trying to hide her pregnant because she don t know if it was true that she was She s struggling wi [...]

    18. Liselle Mason is back in her old school were she first found out she was pregnant Her old principle has called her back to give a pep talk to the girls at that school She is nervous because she used to be one of these little girls fast and tied up in all types of drama When she first gets to the room a few girls give her a hard time, but that all changes when she goes into depth about her life story Liselle was just as innocent as all these girls until she found out she was pregnant All that cha [...]

    19. Meh This wasn t as good as some of the other Bluford books Mostly because I m just not a fan of the whole teen pregnancy thing I sympathize with anyone who has to go through it am pro choice all the way , but it just gets frustrating reading about a girl who knew darn well what the consequences would be and still did it to impress some guy anywayme guy whose friends treat her like crap and he doesn t even stand up for herwith no protection Just because she didn t want to make him wait I am facep [...]

    20. This book is very intense It s about a girl named Liselle She is sixteen years old and goes to Bluford High She always feels dizzy and nauseous, so one day she went into the girl s restroom and took a pregnancy test Liselle couldn t believe there was a blue plus sign on the test She read the back of the box and the blue plus sign meant positive She was in shock as she left the school to go home She was scared to tell somebody, so she kept it to herself The next day she fainted in the lunch room [...]

    21. For use in schools and libraries only Liselle Mason is in trouble For weeks, she ignored the changes in her body and tried to forget her brief relationship with Oscar Price, her moody classmate at Bluford High But when Liselle s clothes stop fitting, and her brother notices her growing belly.One day she felt sick, rushed to the bathroom to throw up not knowing why she was so sick out of nowhere So after school she went to the store to buy a pregnancy test, went home and it was positive She thoug [...]

    22. I really liked the book, It was about a girl that found out she was pregnancy She didn t know how to tell her friends nor did she know how to tell her mom Her mom was already going through a lot with trying to keep her job and to make sure she keep them fed So Sarah was scared and confused, The only person that knew she was pregnancy was the girl that found her in the bathroom at the school with a pregnancy test in her hand Her own best friend Monique didn t even know, Sarah didn t want to tell [...]

    23. I think this book was a perfect book that showed the struggles of young teenage girls Liselle Mason is called in by her principal to talk to the young girls at Bulford High and tell them the struggles she went through while she was a student at Bluford A rush of nervousness washes over her as she begins to talk, looking at the young girls reminded her of her time at the school Liselle noticed the changes in her body and later found out she was pregnant.She didn t want to believe it so she disper [...]

    24. the test was about a girl named darcy who was pregnant she was junior in high school and she was going through everything her babys dad was a boy named oscar who was acting shady about the whole situation darcy felt like she had no were to turn that everyone was against her everytime she tryed to talk to oscar he blew her of and oscars cousin made fun of darcy so one day she was fed up with oscars non since so she ran away for a week to her cousins house her caousin had gotten pregnatn two years [...]

    25. i just got done reading this called the test and the girl got in trouble because she was pretending that she was not pregrant and didnt tell her momd so she passed out on the school floor and the school nurse help her and they call the girls mom and told her what happendd her mom came up there in she was like is your stomach hurt the girl says no and her mom was like is you pregrant she says no but she is and she dont want to tell her mom but her mom take her to the docter and she say can yall t [...]

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