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  • Title: Fag Hag
  • Author: Robert Rodi
  • ISBN: 9780140295344
  • Page: 169
  • Format: None
  • Fag Hag By Robert Rodi, None

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      169 Robert Rodi
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    1 thought on “Fag Hag

    1. I m a big fan of this book, because I think it s deceptively subtle and complex than it appears.Summary Natalie Stathis, manipulator extraordinaire, is fixated on beautiful but aimless Peter Leland, who is fixated on nothing That changes when Peter meets libertarian Lloyd Hood, and their growing attraction pushes Natalie to new levels of scheming to keep them apart At first a light comedy, the story turns darker as Natalie resorts to increasingly extreme measures to stay in Peter s life Althoug [...]

    2. I originally read this book back in 1993 shortly after coming out At the time, this was a very well loved book that took a traditional theme absurdity via satire and added a gay twist Reading it again today was a bit of a nostalgia trip that shines a light on how much the world has changed for LGBT people and their friends Ghettos are a relic of the past, the thought of an LGBT person without liberal politics isn t ridiculed and the term fag hag has passed from usage Regardless, this was still a [...]

    3. It s always very odd how something can just sweep you up, capture you, envelop you and take you on a journey A very grandiose opening, I must admit, for a three star rated book, but an interesting thought just occurred Maybe sometimes it s not the book itself but the situation in which it is read I m sure I m not the only one to devour books ravenously simply because they are the perfect accompaniment to sitting outside on a summer weekend as this was They are not over complex, the characters ar [...]

    4. Though there were parts of this book that made me giggle and sometimes laugh out loud, the text as a whole left me a little cold The novel, a lot like one of the main characters, seemed to work way too hard to be quirky funny and the result felt a bit mean than satirical There s something to be said for exploring the dark side of the straight girl gay guy friendship a staple in almost every chick lit novel and Hollywood romantic comedy but Natalie, the chubby of course fag hag of the title, is [...]

    5. I was getting involved in a few books I didn t like and had to turn to a Robert Rodi for a guaranteed winner I read this years ago but didn t remember much as I re read it here.I feel uncomfortable while reading about women who have crushes on gay men, or about gay men who marry or date women It was so great to be able to come out, I hate seeing anyone in or any suggestion of it Consequently I was reading this book at first feeling uncomfortable, almost reading through my fingers as I didn t wan [...]

    6. Possibly the hardest Rodi book to book, in that it deals with what at first may sound like a comical theme but, as Rodi writes with such empathy and his characters are so well rounded, the books takes a much darker tone and I really felt Natalie s life spiralling out of control The ending is bittersweet and the book is still worth reading, despite being a great departure for Rodi, for any Rodi fan.

    7. Took me back in history to a carefree, trippy and zany time of my life Had a hard time putting this book down until it was finished I can always connect with Robert Rodi s sarcasm and wit as if he were a part of my own family.

    8. I highly enjoyed this book as a fag hag myself It s funny, but I feel like I must warn that it gets rather insane by the end, much like most of Rodi s books.

    9. Got it for free I don t remember a lot Darker than I wanted it to be And mean spirited But, there be truth in it I think I like Maupin s world a little bit .

    10. I knew zippy about this book or author when I started the book honestly, I picked it up because it was 1 in the iBooks store, and it s hard to resist a book for 1 I ve been in one of those weird moods where I can t find a book to hold my attention, so I figured I d get about ten pages into this and then wander off to another book But that didn t happen at all I traipsed right through it, engaged from start to finish Usually I m not at all a fan of books with dislikable protagonists, but I actual [...]

    11. This book is something AMAZING I am a somewhat new reader trying to make myself read and this book made me want to keep reading and reading The story is absolutely out of this world, and as a gay man, such thing kind of scares me This book was able to transform me into a reader, and THAT is saying something haha

    12. Fag Hag is the name given to women who hang around gay men They are usually described as overweight and incapable of having a normal relationship with straight men Mr Rodi starts the book as a comedy and then slowly it turns darker and darker an innocent reader may miss the early signs that something is in the air Being from Chicago, it s nice to recognize the Chicago scene which is also a character in the book.In this story, Natalie, a fag hag, falls for her gay friend Peter She has fallen in l [...]

    13. SPOILER ALERT This book was infuriating It certainly was not a hilarious tale bitchy without being savage because the main character Natalie Stathis was to put it simply psychotic Can someone please explain to me how breaking into your supposed best friend s house in a disguise and holding him at gunpoint while pretending to rob him and later trapping him in a sound proof room in your basement to make him fall in love with you is bitchy without being savage I only read the whole thing in the vai [...]

    14. I wish had half stars, because I think this book deserves about 2.5 stars, and not 3.What I really loved about this book is its writing style which is a very weird blend of everyday, simple and yet sophisticated writing I liked its sincerity, and it captures very realistically the kind of world it portrays The characters were exceptionally well presented, and I think because of Rodi s ability to describe them with such merit, you won t find two people who ll read this book to agree on how they f [...]

    15. This could have been a good book the premise is entertaining enough if handled well straight woman in love with her gay best friend tries to sabotage his relationships so he won t leave her but Natalie was such a horrific character that I had no sympathy at all for her from the first page I spent the book rooting for Peter, her best friend, and Lloyd, his gun shop owning libertarian survivalist boyfriend Which I am pretty sure what not what Rodi intended for me to do although if it was, he succe [...]

    16. A dark, nasty, gloriously bitchy revenge tale centered around a well written female character Natalie Stathis is a fag hag, hopelessly in love with her friend Peter, a gorgeous gay artist Her only goal in life is to make Peter love her, an idea obviously doomed to failure from the start When Peter meets the love of his life, who just happens to be a gun shop owning gay Libertarian named Lloyd, who reminded me way, way too much of someone I used to know and, if memory serves, actually gave me my [...]

    17. I enjoyed the story the lengths Natalie went to were amusing but also very sad The characters were interesting and complex, though a few were lighter and perhaps obvious stereotypes I felt like slapping her time and time again for the stupid and mean things she did, but I could see it came from her obsession It was good that the author showed exactly what damage Natalie did to herself as well as those around her and gave her some healing without it being too trite by the end of the story.

    18. I read this because I loved the author s Dogged Pursuit the writing, wit and likeable characters Yes, I know it was not fiction Fag Hag IS fiction, and thank heavens, because the protagonist is thoroughly unpleasant I loved the gay man she loved , and his lover, but Nathalie Ugh Still, I ll read another by author Robert Rodi, I do like the way he writes.

    19. This is the story of Natalie, hopelessly in love with her best gay friend, Peter The book was funny but it is a black comedy, as Natalie goes to ever elaborate and disturbed lengths to break up Peter s relationships I found it hard to actually muster up much sympathy for Natalie although I love happy endings so was glad to see some redemption at the end.

    20. I read this a long, long time ago, but the female lead character s low self esteem has stuck with me for 20 years Perhaps that means that she was a well written character, but it depressed me to no end The desperate she got, the less I wanted to pick up the book and finish.

    21. Upon seeing this book on my desk at work, a colleague suggested that someone s elderly mother had been reading the same thing We got a big laugh out of that On topic, it s a fast read about unrequited love, and dysfunctional relationships I give it four glittery pumps up.

    22. I thought that the Natalie character was very believeable an innocent led by her heart to do some truly incomprehensible things A fun read, description of feelings and urges instead of just facts might have made this art.

    23. I loved the 90s in Chicago backdrop I loved the adult woman in love with her gay best friend Then the love stopped Fictional sociopaths are not funny and the extreme satire was not worth my time I had too high of hopes.

    24. A story of love and obsession.Discusses important points that will make you reconsider your stand if you have any in societal and political issues It will also make you aware of fag hags.Smart.

    25. As a fag hag, I thought it appropriate that I read this It was kind of fun and mindless, of a beach read than a great book.

    26. I love this book Natalie is crazy, wacky, and twisted, a real bunny boiler I really enjoy the way Robert Rodi describes each of his characters A real fun and thrilling read.

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