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The Hapless Child #2020

The Hapless Child An undiluted tragedy

  • Title: The Hapless Child
  • Author: Edward Gorey
  • ISBN: 9780926637054
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Hapless Child By Edward Gorey, An undiluted tragedy.

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      364 Edward Gorey
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    1 thought on “The Hapless Child

    1. This is the perfect book to read to your child when they are going through one of their whiney It s not faaaaaaaaair phases Really You want to see unfair Here, let me tell you a little story about poor Charlotte Sophia If that doesn t shut them up

    2. A rather macabre version of A Little Princess by Francis Hodgson BurnettCharlotte Sophia had a charmed life with loving well to do parents Her blissful existence ends when her father is called to fight in Africa When she learns of his death, Charlotte s mother falls into a fatal decline and she is left orphaned.The family layer ships her off to boarding school where she punished by teachers and bullied by fellow classmates Charlotte eventually escapes from the miserable place but things don t im [...]

    3. The most depressing and harrowing children s book I ve ever read Father killed in war, mother presumably commits suicide because she s so depressed, the uncle dies from a brick falling on his head, the child is bullied, robbed, sold in the white slavery sex work to a drunk, goes blind, stumbles into the street and gets run over by her actually alive father who doesn t even remember what his child looked like The art is creepy and beautiful The story is succinct and powerful But the audience for [...]

    4. A medida que iba disfrutando de la obra he visto similitudes con algunas de las obras de Durero en cuanto a t cnica se refiere Si hablamos de est tica Tim Burton podr a ser una buena referencia Son reminiscencias, pero est claro que el estilo de Edward Gorey est perfectamente definido y es reconocible para el lector profano que empieza a degustar sus obras.Antes de realizar esta rese a he investigado un poco por la red y por lo visto muchos padres que piensan que las ilustraciones implican que u [...]

    5. Gorey s specialty is writing horrific stories about the bad things that happen to unfortunate children His books seem designed to give little kids nightmares, and I have a hunch that they are often successful They are sick, deadpan, mean spirited and often hilarious This is one of my very favorites Tis the story of a young child who has a tragic and very brief life, every page packing on another misery for the little tyke to deal with, culminating in the child s unceremonious and highly ironic d [...]

    6. This is the only one of the kids die stories in Amphigorey that didn t improve significantly on a reread for me Although I did find the little lizard critter in each pane, and that was enjoyable So there s that Maybe if I had read A Little Princess at some point I would enjoy it I will revisit if I happen to read that one Reread in Amphigorey reviewing separately.

    7. Her only other relative, an uncle, was brained by a piece of masonry , October 22, 2014This review is from The Hapless Child Hardcover Lovely little story for an adult or child, telling the story of little Charlotte Sophia, whose life drastically alters from living with parents who were kind and well to do B w illustrations portray her awful life the humour for the adult reader coming from the non arrival of the expected happy end

    8. A grimly ironic tale by Edward Gorey, wherein a young child is orphaned, and in the antithesis of A Little Princess, endures great hardships without the happy ending.The real interest in Gorey s work isn t so much the story as the morbid artwork He s well known for his sketch like drawings It was Gorey who did the much loved introduction to PBS Mystery Gorey couldn t have been much of a child lover, if his stories were anything to go on But they re amusing, and rather timely.

    9. At some point Edward Gorey sat down and thought to himself, Frances Hodgson Burnett and Charles Dickens those two were too lighthearted with their children s stories This is like The Iron Tonic But With A Tiny Child.

    10. Lo le en el sill n de la librer a del MALBA porque sal a re caro Ahora es lo primero que quiero encontrar en la feria del libro because idgaf C mo se hace para en tan poco texto y algunas ilustraciones uno se ponga tan triste y de una manera tan morbosa Ni idea, pero este tipo lo logr.

    11. I bought a bunch of Edward Gorey books for a dollar at a library sale I thought they were for kids Not so I didn t know who Gorey was at the time and then later found out how much people worship him for being so ironic and creepy Whatever I m selling them.

    12. Like Oscar Wilde said of the Little Nell story One would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at it Likewise, the Hapless Child.Would have reviewed when I read it, but they didn t have a reading social network at the time.

    13. Sort of like passively snuggling up to a running brush grinder, in a comforting sort of way.

    14. That story was very sad, but the signature matter of fact tone which Gorey uses to present the story adds charm if you can find a book in which a child suffers charming One of the better Gorey books, in my opinion.

    15. It is a very interesting book ort and sweet but the poor girl doesn t have a happy ending Edward Gorey is a very unique author Am going to read some of his other works For those who do not know him He is the artist of the drawings that were shown at the start of Mystery Theater on PBS.

    16. A wonderfully macabre take on A Little Princess It s Gorey, so don t let the short length fool you into thinking this is a picture book for kids.

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