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The Book of Want: A Novel #2020

The Book of Want A Novel When Moses descended Mount Sinai carrying the Ten Commandments he never could have foreseen how one family in Los Angeles in the early twenty first century would struggle to live by them Conchita a

  • Title: The Book of Want: A Novel
  • Author: Daniel A. Olivas
  • ISBN: 9780816528998
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Book of Want: A Novel By Daniel A. Olivas, When Moses descended Mount Sinai carrying the Ten Commandments, he never could have foreseen how one family in Los Angeles in the early twenty first century would struggle to live by them Conchita, a voluptuous, headstrong single woman of a certain age, sees nothing wrong with enjoying the company of handsome and usually much younger men that is, until she encounteWhen Moses descended Mount Sinai carrying the Ten Commandments, he never could have foreseen how one family in Los Angeles in the early twenty first century would struggle to live by them Conchita, a voluptuous, headstrong single woman of a certain age, sees nothing wrong with enjoying the company of handsome and usually much younger men that is, until she encounters a widower with unusual gifts and begins to think about what she really wants out of life Julieta, Conchita s younger sister, walks a traditional path, but she and her husband each harbor secrets that could change their marriage and their lives forever Their twin sons, both in college, struggle to find fulfillment Mateo refuses to let anyone stand in the way of his happiness, while Rolando grapples with his sexuality and the family s expectations And from time to time, Bel n, the family s late matriarch, pays a visit to advise, scold, or cajole her hapless descendants A delightful family tapestry woven with the threads of all those whose lives are touched by Conchita, The Book of Want is an enchanting blend of social and magical realism that tells a charming story about what it means to be fully human.
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    1. Ahh The Book of Want This is Daniel A Olivas first and I believe a wonderful debut novel Using both social and magical realism, Mr Olivas relates the story of a Mexican American family covering three generations.Olivas sets the story in Los Angeles with some of the back story taking place in Mexico The novel begins with a prologue set in Mexico where he introduces Bel n the matriarch of the family and her young daughter Conchita, the rest is divided into ten related, self contained chapters, and [...]

    2. Daniel A Olivas s debut novel is a book begging to go on beyond the last page while offering us many chapters that are novels unto themselves THE BOOK OF WANT offers an ambitious story stretched over decades and generations Each point of view mujeres mejicanas with desire in their hearts, Latino men with mental strength, and young Chicana os who study the wor l ds around them brings us to a deeper understanding of the landscapes in around Los Angeles It is easy to appreciate the rich stories wit [...]

    3. Another one of those books I had to force myself to finish Argh The writing style was easy, the dialogue flowed okay as well The problem was that each chapter was like it s own short story Was it meant to be a collection of related stories That would have been better.It jumped back and forth in chronology covering several generations And I suppose each featured characters that had Want in their lives But there was no cohesion.Then there was the lone chapter about an abducted child was that the o [...]

    4. It s likely that this book is the much debated subject of some literature class at a swanky, progressive university Assuming I was actually accepted there in the first place, I can confidently say I would have failed this class spectacularly Thought it would be a quick read because the book was so thin, but it dragged on for several days Each chapter on its own gave the hope of interesting characters and decent writing, but the jumble of the whole left a disappointed taste in my mouth Did Not Ge [...]

    5. I was enchanted by this novel in stories, which displays such tenderness, playfulness, sensitivity, and yearning Conchita, Julieta, Manny, Mois s, Rolando I felt such affection for this crazy cast of L.A based characters My favorite story was How to Date a Flying Mexican, which is formatted as a list of rules Rule 1 Don t Tell Anyone about the Flying Part or mini cautionary tales for sexy free spirits who fall in love with their widower neighbors Hilarious and magical, it s a touching and refres [...]

    6. A series of warm, big hearted stories threaded throughout by a quirky and kind sense of humor These stories are held together by the common links of family and love relationships that the characters forge slowly but surely throughout a lifetime and showcase all the different types of love that enrich our lives friendships, past loves, the love between siblings, and the comfortable but poignant love between long time spouses about to part.

    7. Excellent debut novel Olivas interweaves the stories of two sisters and one s husband, as well as the mother of the sisters when she was a young woman to join into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts An author to watch

    8. A post modern novel that was interesting to read but not as profound as I was led to believe when I decided to read it I especially enjoyed the interviewer s notes on pp 97 100.

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