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How to Get Out of Your Own Way #2020

How to Get Out of Your Own Way Actor singer songwriter Tyrese Gibson crafts a memoir filled with every emotion and life experience one could possibly imagine With personal experiences paired with reflective questions based on his

  • Title: How to Get Out of Your Own Way
  • Author: Tyrese Gibson
  • ISBN: 9780446572224
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How to Get Out of Your Own Way By Tyrese Gibson, Actor, singer, songwriter Tyrese Gibson crafts a memoir filled with every emotion and life experience one could possibly imagine With personal experiences paired with reflective questions based on his extremely popular blog piece, The Love Circle , Tyrese hopes to inspire readers to pursue their dreams and not let life s obstacles stand in the way HOW TO GET OUT OF YOURActor, singer, songwriter Tyrese Gibson crafts a memoir filled with every emotion and life experience one could possibly imagine With personal experiences paired with reflective questions based on his extremely popular blog piece, The Love Circle , Tyrese hopes to inspire readers to pursue their dreams and not let life s obstacles stand in the way HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY is organized into a series of fundamental questions that helped Tyrese redefine who he was as a human being, and evolve into a new man Tyrese stresses that life becomes infinitely richer when one takes the time to know him or herself and understand the true meaning of peace and fulfillment This book is a guide to helping yourself, using his experiences as a learning tool It s not about talking down to people, it s about elevating them, Tyrese says Some of Tyrese s chapter based questions include How much do you love yourself How much do you want for yourself Why do men cheat What is your bottom line Are you ready for the next level Quotes and Reviews Tyrese wholeheartedly shares his life experiences and how he discovered a new road map of conscious compassion and love to define his true potential Deepak Chopra, author of The Soul of Leadership HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY is a triumph Tyrese will shock and amaze you with how he overcame the odds and became a superstar This star of the Transformers sequel will show you how to transform your life in this amazingly candid book Rev Run I ve watched Tyrese for many years I ve watched him succeed I ve watched him fail I ve seen him as a beneficiary of serendipity, and I ve watched him suffer at his own hand And in the recent years, as we ve become friends, I ve witnessed Tyrese Gibson learn how to get out of his own way as he wrestled his destiny from the fickle hands of fate Will Smith

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    1 thought on “How to Get Out of Your Own Way

    1. How to Get Out of Your Own Way by Tyrese Gibson deserves a solid 3 stars I chose to bypass the chapters on men, women, and intimate relationships because I know that Gibson does not think the way I do and, therefore, I chose not to aggravate myself by reading his thoughts on male female interpersonal relationships However, I did read a little bit of the chapter where Gibson advised women to talk the fathers of their children into behaving like fathers, which is by far the most inane thing I ve e [...]

    2. Sister Souljah Omar Tyree Iyanla Vanzant John Singleton Eckhart Tolle Terry McMillan These are the handful of writers who have influenced me through their words over the years Influenced me in my decisions and ideologies, my passions, and my goals After reading How to Get Out of Your Own Way I can now add Tyrese Gibson to this list.It didn t take me long to read this book In fact, in less than a day, I was engrossed in his words from start to finish, and closed that book with a literary satisfac [...]

    3. Gibson s How To Get Out of Your Own WayA few months ago I saw Singer, Actor and Model Tyrese being interviewed on Windy City Live and he peaked my interest when he started to discuss his recent New York Times best selling book How To Get Out of Your Own Way When I went searching to buy the book, I looked at the cover and said to myself, what could this guy tell me to motivate me to be a better man and person, so I passed up buying it Fast forward to May 3, 2012, I had passed one of my certificat [...]

    4. This book is very basic and common sense He is not giving you much advice that you havent probably already heard before You can get the same type of advice listening to a preacher or talking to your mom or a good friend There wasnt much in this book that was very deep or revealing of new information that I havent already heard before This information is so basic like for example stay away from negative people, forgive others and stuff like that Who hasnt heard that before in some form or fashion [...]

    5. Title How to Get Out of Your Own WayAuthor Tyrese GibsonRating 3Headline Self Help or Biography I was excited to read what was marked as a biography by singer actor Tyrese Gibson, but to my disappointment, it came off as a self help book Gibson shared some insights into his life before the now infamous Coke commercial that started his career at the age of 16 When Gibson wrote about life in Watts and the dysfunction within his parent s marriage those were the best chapters of the book in my opin [...]

    6. I think in the end, you still don t have a sense of who Tyrese is, and how he got himself out of his own way, and why I should read this book Lots of preaching and advice, and page filler of similar information, but no depth, no real sense of who Tyrese was, and is His real experiences are what readers want to know about, so they can learn from that, not from his recycled advice that I am sure every young kid who gives this book a chance has heard already I understand he is a private person, but [...]

    7. Once I started reading How to Get Out of Your Own Way I could not put down the book I was deeply engrossed Not because it was Tyrese the entertainer, but Tyrese the human being Shedding his personae and getting real about life.He tackles subjects that have been swept under the rug and regardless of one s background Dysfunction knows no boundaries Tyrese is a portal to bring this to the light Tyrese is part of a movement to take responsibility of our own happiness In my opinion, it could only pro [...]

    8. I was excited to read this book and was very let down by it The writing was poor, the chapters were all 30 50 pages long and I don t know about you but I don t like stopping in the middle of a chapter The chapter about his childhood was irrelevant to the rest of the book I felt like he took quotes from other people and copy and pasted them into these pages Not original and didn t tell me anything I haven t heard 1000 times before.

    9. Tyrese Gibson shares his life trials and triumphs There was a friend, Sameer, who planted the seed to get his mojo going to write the book We need the push, encouragement, or someone to put it in us to go forth Later, there was Angie who saw the good in him regardless of the madness God has created some of us to see this in people we meet, and hopefully it will stir something inside of them to pursue their dreams, goals and make it a reality We need to have a heart for others from the very start [...]

    10. WowI ve learned so much about Tyrese and his story growing up This book is like a reminder of how to live righteous and to the fullest The advice on love, sex, and school will be beneficial for me I bought this book for my niece and I know she will love it Great job, Tyrese.

    11. Since I started reading this book I had tabs on nearly every page marking favorite quotes Needless to say if I was to copy all them down I d need than a page to get them all written So unfortunately fortunately you ll have to read this book to read the rest of them Although, I have seen many of the author s films, and heard a multitude of his songs countless times, I was quite interested in seeing what he had to write about After reading numerous tweets from readers from all walks of life about [...]

    12. I m not big on self help books but this one made for interesting light reading Tyrese Gibson, for those of you who don t know, is a major film actor and singer Although, he makes it clear from the beginning that he didn t write this book for a pat on the back , but because there were a lot of people out there who needed to hear it There s a lot of useful advice in here for those looking to help themselves be stronger, and better people For example, I think one of the best talking points Tyrese b [...]

    13. I m pretty sure that I m not the intended audience for this book I did guess that going it, but I figured I d at least give it a chance Who knows, they may have been pieces I could connect with And while there were items that made sense, overall I think if I was a teenager living in the ghetto or one without a lot going for me, I would have appreciated this a lot .For me, I think the worst parts were the chapters on cheating Basically Tyrese s viewpoint is that all men cheat and it s pretty rare [...]

    14. Ok maybe not a masterpiece work on self improvement, self empowerment and relationships, but this book does offer some words of wisdom for anyone who is willing to give it a try My favorite parts start with the prayer at the beginning where he actually thanks Father God and not just some higher power or greater being He is genuine enough to offer what feels like real prayer Chapter 1 feels like memoir but I guess we needed to get a little of his background to understand where he truly came from [...]

    15. I was super excited when I saw that I won this on first reads I ve been a fan of Tyrese since I saw him in the movie Baby Boy So I was very happy to get his book and read about what his life has been like It is a book written to inspire the reader to look at their own life and see if they are able to do something to make their own lives better It is written as a series of questions that you have to ask yourself, which tyrese answers for himself based on his own life experiences Seeing how each c [...]

    16. I love this book Tyrese is open honest about his shortcomings as a person He tells you exactly what he is thinking that they are all only his opinions He brings about new ways to look at life I love his faith determination to live his life on his own terms My favorite parts are his selfishness views his top 5 approach Tyrese has insight into the world of money than I thought he would share which is inspiring I like that even in telling you his point of views he let s you know his decision may n [...]

    17. There is some really great advice in this book I do wish he there was of Tyrese in it than just his advice, but none the less, a good read I did start tuning out at the cheating chapter, mainly I felt like there was not mention of personal responsibility, just the general men will be men , as if they have no willpower I understand the difference between men and women, but it came across at least to me that people are just skin deep And from a someone who has a strong faith, I honestly expect a [...]

    18. His life story is remarkable, and he has some very wise things to say about love and relationships, but unfortunately the rest of the endeavor falls flat under the weight of clich s and self contradictory pseudo philosophy I have no doubt of his sincerity in writing about the lessons he has learned, but if all our problems could disappear if we just get out of our own way, we wouldn t need lessons.Overall the advice in the book is self centered humanism with a vaguely Christian gloss Tyrese, spe [...]

    19. Surprisingly, I liked this book He s not a psychotherapist, he s an actor singer, so don t read it expecting anything than that It was like sitting with a friend who s giving you positive advice If you go into it thinking nothing than that, you may enjoy it I never really thought of Tyrese, I don t like him or dislike him, but after reading this, I have to say it did give me a new found respect for him If you re looking for something to give a little positive uplift, give this book a try s an [...]

    20. Served its purpose for me Was in a motivating mood The only chapter that bored me was the cheating portion The repeated messaging and less examples did it Everything else held my attention quite firmly Written as if you were having a one on one conversation Found his childhood memories and mentors highlights of he book Impressed and looking forward to the book in which he is to partner with Reverend Run, touching on manhood.

    21. I see a lot of reviews saying this book had basic information , but in all honesty this book changed many aspects of my life I thought different before reading this book and it taught me several ways of thinking which I m thankful for.Regardless of if Tyrese s advice was basic or not, it may just save a life or two from committing some of the worst mistakes in life.5 stars for helping me get my mind out the gutter.

    22. Wonderful story of Tyrese Gibson s life and the motivating factors that lead to his success and fame Very relatable to anyone s life and the factors that cause many of us to stand in our own way and not live the life we want to He discusses how our fears can stop us dead in our tracks from doing what we meant to do.He could have stayed in the rough neighbourhood where he was but instead choose to fight his way to celebrity status and doing something he enjoys for a living.

    23. I think thought this was a very good book He is no psycologist or psychiatrist, but I think this can fall in the category of self help book and a good one at that I would advise people against taking everything in this book as gospel particularly the stuff on why men cheat But Tyrese does a very good job of making you think about your life and how you might be holding yourself up from the life you want.

    24. Tyrese breaks it down for us, saying everything we ve already maybe subconsciously known, but PUTS IT IN OUR FACE to cause action If you are ready to take an honest look at yourself, your life and the choices that you ve made that have put you in a holding pattern, this book will change your life If you are not ready to take honest inventory of the choices you ve made in life, move onto something else.

    25. Not much for self help books but this one is definitely worth attention Well written and blunt it will become something you pick up and re read when you need a good kick in the ass Some great business and life advice I was always a fan of Tyrese as an actor but he is a fantastic speaker and mentor as well.

    26. Ok I might be partial because I love tyrese the singer and actor but I give him credit it was a decent self help book I think he held back a lot in sharing his personal experiences but I can understand he is In the public light Tyrese if u read this thanks for the advice about taking a look at the top five people In your life.

    27. I thought the book was a very interesting book some chapters seem that it was a repeat from the last chapters, it is a very inspiring book and has lots of meaningful words It was great to find out what Tyrese Gibson had to go through to become a million dollar celebrity This book is very inspiring i would recommend for anyone to read Its very uplifting.

    28. Loved this book I read it as I was going through the process of publishing my own book, and it was confirmation for just about everything that God was preparing me for Its a must read for everyone, but especially if you are trying to be successful This book will help you begin to transform your thinking so that you don t self sabotage your blessings.

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