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Cose trasparenti #2020

Cose trasparenti Hugh Person giovane redattore di una casa editrice americana torna in Svizzera spinto da qualcosa che ha a che vedere con le apparizioni degli spettri quello della moglie in particolare da lui ucc

  • Title: Cose trasparenti
  • Author: Vladimir Nabokov Dmitri Nabokov
  • ISBN: 9788845911781
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cose trasparenti By Vladimir Nabokov Dmitri Nabokov, Hugh Person, giovane redattore di una casa editrice americana, torna in Svizzera spinto da qualcosa che ha a che vedere con le apparizioni degli spettri quello della moglie, in particolare, da lui uccisa otto anni prima Il caso, regista perverso e giocoso delle nostre vite, muter in castigo e catarsi la catena delle coincidenze inseguite dall involontario uxoricidaHugh Person, giovane redattore di una casa editrice americana, torna in Svizzera spinto da qualcosa che ha a che vedere con le apparizioni degli spettri quello della moglie, in particolare, da lui uccisa otto anni prima Il caso, regista perverso e giocoso delle nostre vite, muter in castigo e catarsi la catena delle coincidenze inseguite dall involontario uxoricida nel suo sonnambolico viaggio a ritroso nel tempo E la piet del narratore assumer Person, con il suo corpo goffo, il suo intelletto limitato dal dolore, la sua anima straziata dagli incubi pi atroci, nell altissimo cielo della trasparenza una misteriosa dimensione dove a esseri e cose dato spostarsi agevolmente nello spazio e nel tempo Non attraverso la psicologia, che agli occhi di Nabokov sempre vicolo cieco attraverso, piuttosto, il prodigio di un linguaggio nel quale si compenetrano nomi, sogni, fuochi, stanze, echi, ricordi Da quel linguaggio anche noi veniamo sollevati in un lieve, traslucido universo dove presente e passato non costruiscono il futuro, dove i fantasmi del pensiero rinnegano beffardi le aspettative create dalla triviale causalit Cose trasparenti stato pubblicato per la prima volta nel 1972.

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      156 Vladimir Nabokov Dmitri Nabokov
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    1. A perfect novella You can have your 1,000 page encyclopedic mammoths of verbose density of such mind warpage that you must compile dictionaries of new concepts and schematized flow charts of character interrelations and I can have them too but sometimes 105 pages of flawless, tautly interwoven pulses of prose is all that s required to send a lover of words into ecstasy Transparent Things also happens to be a concise formulation and summation of the ineffable eternal crystalwork that is Nabokov s [...]

    2. Revolving around man s numerous excursions to Switzerland, this incredibly short novel serves as the perfect paint sampler into Nabokov s later works As with most of Nabokov s work, the plot is weird and highly original and of course his prose complements it perfectly Sometimes I read Nabokov and I come across a phrase or a piece of writing describing something and it makes me stop, because it is so simple but so genius that I cannot comprehend how the human mind ever thought of such a series of [...]

    3. This one is oh so clever without much soul A delicious beginning When we concentrate on a material object, whatever its situation, the very act of attention may lead to our involuntarily sinking into that object Novices must learn to skim over matter if they want matter to stay at the exact level at the moment Transparent things, through which the past shines A thin veneer of immediate reality is spread over natural and artificial matter, and whoever wishes to remain in the now, with the now, on [...]

    4. I read this exhilarating novella in a two hour burst, knees bumped with bliss, hands clasped in delight, eyes lacquered to the page.This is Nabokov s penultimate novel, before the doddery so says Martin Amis Look at the Harelquins, and not including his unfinished posthumous one, The Original of Laura This is part of his trilogy of nympholepsy novels so says Amis again , and shows the cartwheeling prose gymnastics of the last great Russian writer at their finest.Essential.

    5. When we concentrate on a material object, whatever its situation, the very act of attention may lead to our involuntary sinking into the history of that object Novices must learn to skim over matter if they want matter to stay at the exact level of the moment Transparent things, through which the past shines Vladimir Nabokov, Transparent ThingsLike almost every one of Nabokov s novels novellas I ve read so far, Transparent Things has moments of absolute and immortal genius I feel too there exist [...]

    6. There is little here of enduring substance, apart from the spectacle of Nabokov himself This slender volume contains all the Nabokovian elements the unconventional style of narration check the wonderfully pretentious prose, with smatterings of French and Russian and why the hell not throw in a little German and Italian this time check the nymphet and the older man check the Russian migr check there s even tangential reference made to butterflies and chess check check It s safe to say that for hi [...]

    7. Lightning Review Apparently I don t know how to use the second reading function Whatever One of my absolute favorite Nabokov s and probably his most flat out mean spirited Which, naturally, translates to a whole ski lift full of fun I m pressed to think of another writer who excelled so greatly at getting off on doing horrible things to his characters, and here he pretty much outdoes himself on that order Likely Top 3 Nabo for me Oops, I m rapping Revelation pretty women are generally vacuous pe [...]

    8. A novel will always find it difficult to stand firm on the sole pillar of style Nabokov s attempt to achieve this is exemplary, here not any than elsewhere And perhaps the fallout is intentional All English novels by Nabokov have to feel, in varying degrees, like experiments in style rooted in a dark satire.Plot less prose, basically Some smug verbiage in the garb of all all knowing narrator There is no story that one can promptly recite, though I find it worthy to elaborate the novel s key ide [...]

    9. Transparent Things is an EP remix of elements from Pale Fire, Lolita Love, murder Tracks include 1 Moby s Love Remix2 Orbital s Murder Remix3 NIN s Memory Mix4 Angelo Badalementi s Dream Mix vocals by Julee Cruise European version includes 5 Hotel of Flames Dance Dub Mix uncredited, but an ASCAP search revealed that it was performed recorded by Aphex Twin and Robert Fripp.

    10. As a resident of Geneva, I think of this book whenever I see a No Dogs sign The French text says CHIENS INTERDITS but, as Nabokov asks, why exactly should it be illegal to cross a poodle with a dachshund And his comments on the sad decline of Swiss hot chocolate are all too true Note to unwary tourists if you see chocolat chaud l ancienne on a caf menu, don t assume this refers to real, old fashioned, hand made hot chocolate It means, rather, that they will charge you CHF 5.50 for a cup of tepid [...]

    11. 2.5 starsSince around the fourth week of last August, I ve opted to read this paperback due to its seemingly manageable pages and large fonts however, I found it less readable than his Lolita Penguin 1995 in terms of its obscure plot in which I found intolerably chaotic till I came across this informative synopsis that follows on a page inside the back cover of his The Luzhin Defense Vintage 1990 Transparent Things revolves around the four visits of the hero sullen, gawky Hugh Person to Switzerl [...]

    12. Following his longest novelistic work, Ada, Nabokov gave us his smallest, Transparent Things a miniature Faberg egg of a novel, highly ornamental, highly sophisticated in design, but with an elegant simplicity Within this ovoid coruscation of Nabokovian bravura and prosodic flourish, is a jeweled miniature of the master s oeuvre a sort of encored farewell to literature, although he would go on to write Look at the Harlequins and begin, but not finish, Laura This novelette is a sort of pell mell [...]

    13. I won t call this facile because, you know, who s to say That there s depth of a sort here is clear given Geoff Wilt s and MJ Nichols s reactions among others, but it seems possible there s a disconnect between that depth and the surface, the connection only there for those with intimate former knowledge of Nabokov Me, I have no such knowledge I ve barely gone near the guy since I was 19, when Lolita made me shrug and move on without further thought Until now, I hadn t quite understood that shru [...]

    14. It is generally assumed that if man were to establish the fact of survival after death, he would also solve, or be on the way to solving, the riddle of Being.

    15. There was a point probably during Ada where Nabokov s fiction lapsed into the self absorption and solipsism, where his stories became vehicles for him to exhibiting his idiosyncrasy and neuroses, where, instead of being transported into aesthetic bliss, the reader is instead transported into the malevolent madness of Nabokov s characters that is not to say that the novels are necessarily bad or aesthetically displeasing, indeed, there are than enough purple passages to keep the reader going, ra [...]

    16. At least four stars because It s Nabokov in full late period stylistic glory I ve felt let down by a lot of Nabokov s work, but I keep reading him because I still remember the sense of occult glee I felt while walking home from the library at age 18, reading the opening pages of Lolita which I d checked out with the vague sense that it was the sort of thing one should have read before going to college my first intimation that literature that musty cathedral might be closely connected to my own [...]

    17. Writing two pages about the history of the pencil priceless Recycling over and over again main characters and their circumstances madness, murder seems to confirm the inferiority of content as opposed to style, narration theory and the intricate relationship between reader and writer.All of Nabokov s books are special, if only for their rich vocabulary and often puzzling mind games played by the author, but these cat and mouse twists become eventually tiring And like Joyce, one cannot avoid wond [...]

    18. Nabokov is having himself a grand old time here He utilizes his mind boggling vocabulary, facile turns of phrase, and sly smirking humor with an almost lazy ease, and at times, a heavy hand It is at times laugh out loud funny, in a particular sort of zany way Outrageous quirks Satire in between parenthetical asides That sort of thingEVER.unlikeable characters are not necessarily a bad thing, but it was hard for me to sympathize with the sardonic affection nabokov has for them as omniscient narra [...]

    19. An odd, little sliver of a book just barely than 100 pages Kind of a search for love and memory, whose traces might be transparent, but whose meaning is anything but Captures the kind of square peg trying to fit a round hole feeling much of life has Wasn t until the last 20 pages or so that the book really caught me and sent my thoughts in motion.

    20. Zbog belgijskog slikara i jednog pasusa posve enom ulozi znak navoda, dobija etiri zvezdice Vagao sam izme u trojke i etvorke.

    21. Reminiscent of his better known Pnin, Vladimir Nabokov s 1972 short novel Transparent Things is, like much of Nabokov s writing, full of humorous wordplay, back and forth movements in time, unreliable narration, and mockery of its characters Much of this book s humor comes from its copious use of parantheticals and from poking fun at the very use of such parantheticals It s hard to say why Transparent Things doesn t get the same respect Pnin does, but it should I may have enjoyed it even than I [...]

    22. Transparent ThingsFraudio rosado Read by Christopher Lane pub 1972summer 2013tbr busting 2013short story 105 pages murder and madnesstongue in cheeksleazy paedophillic undertones againfrom wiki This short novel tells the story of Hugh Person, a young American editor, and the memory of his four trips to a small village in Switzerland over the course of nearly two decades.Hugh Person is a Who person, another dislikeable character that flooded in from the Nabokovian nib Fantastic use of language sh [...]

    23. Wow Lolita gets all of the press thanks to its scandalous subject matter and it s an amazing novel , but Transparent Things deserves to come out of its shadow So tightly constructed this is Nabokov s third to last novel counting the one that came out posthumously , and he is at the height of every single one of his powers linguistically, structurally, philosophically As soon as I finished I turned back to page 1 and re read it.Almost finished with the mission to read all of his novels in chronol [...]

    24. Men have learned to live with a black burden, a huge aching hump the supposition that reality may be only a dream How much dreadful it would be if the very awareness of your being aware of reality s dreamlike nature were also a dream , built in hallucination One should bear in mind, however, that there is no mirage without a vanishing point, just as there is no lake without a closed circle of reliable land Vladimir Nabokov is probably the author I respect the most.I ve only had the pleasure to [...]

    25. This is a chronicle of a melancholy and masochistic journey of a lone man to locations of poignant personal significance, in retrospect, in his tragic life If you are a fan of Nabokov s, the main character is a version of the often seen neurotic, intelligent, and soul sick young man, who is bound by a passion into a path that seems always thwarted The leading man is awkward, self critical, and highly intelligent Nabokov knows how to render a chance turn of events wherein the anti hero falls desp [...]

    26. My copy of this book is wasted because it s fallen off the bed into bad book positions so many nights, split open behind the bed board or splayed under a glass of water I have read some passages in it a hundred times, and nothing cures insomnia like trying to memorize Nabokov s intricate strings of ridiculous analogies and metaphors Ridiculous but brilliant For instance, e way he fumbled for things in the bathwater of space, groping for the transparent soap of evasive matter Oh my god, that is a [...]

    27. This little book is so full At just over 100 pages long, the plot is dangerously intricate and the complex narrative techniques require an attentive reader No one writes love, memory, and lonely curiosity quite like Nabokov It s some other kind of terrifying love story he seems to write again and again a trench coated memory the isolation of objects, the seduction of the past, and the eminent presence of death Even if the plot evades you, read it for the fervent language alone.

    28. Expertly written every word deliberate and beautiful The themes of memory are universal but under explored by other authors The strict categorization of all females as either nymphettes or skotinas brutes is off putting, and the tired Lolita romances bothered me.

    29. O poveste cam dezl nat , un personaj, Hugh Person, ciudat i dezechilibrat emo ional i mintal, ndr gostit de o Armande lipsit de consisten i logic , pe o care o sugrum n timpul unui vis, personaje secundare de umplutur o carte care ncepe promi tor, captiveaz inclusiv printr un savuros umor negru, ca apoi s e ueze ntr un final pripit de tip tragedie n fl c ri Cam severe impresiile, dar n mod cert romanul nu este memorabil ntre scrierile nabokoviene i nici de recitit Ar fi fost cel pu in dificil, c [...]

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