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Dreaming the Serpent Spear #2020

Dreaming the Serpent Spear Britannia AD The tribes of Britannia are ready to seek bloody vengeance Twenty thousand warriors are poised to reclaim their land from their captors Now is their chance the Roman governor has marc

  • Title: Dreaming the Serpent Spear
  • Author: Manda Scott
  • ISBN: 9780553814088
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dreaming the Serpent Spear By Manda Scott, Britannia, AD 60 The tribes of Britannia are ready to seek bloody vengeance Twenty thousand warriors are poised to reclaim their land from their captors Now is their chance the Roman governor has marched his legions west, leaving his capital and a vital port undefended There is no going back But to crush her enemies legions for all time, Boudica must do than leBritannia, AD 60 The tribes of Britannia are ready to seek bloody vengeance Twenty thousand warriors are poised to reclaim their land from their captors Now is their chance the Roman governor has marched his legions west, leaving his capital and a vital port undefended There is no going back But to crush her enemies legions for all time, Boudica must do than lead her army in the greatest rebellion Britain has ever known She must find healing for herself, for the land and for Graine, her eight year old daughter Colchester is burning London has been destroyed Amidst fire and bloody revolution, the Boudica and those around her must fight to keep what matters most now and for all time.

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    1. I have absolutely loved this series Sometimes my pernicketyness about getting the history exactly right is just blown away this is one of those times Besides, I like Dark Ages historical fiction because so little is known so, that part of me is less easily triggered it s very annoying when an otherwise great book keeps bringing me out of my dazey haze to be irritated Miss Pedant Anyway, I was cross throughout that the author kept calling Londinium Lugdunum , which was Lyons.In this case like in [...]

    2. No fiction has captured my imagination and occupied my mind, waking and dreaming, to the extent that these four books have, for a very long time Which is why I have read all four straight off, without taking a break to read something else in between I wrote about the first book, Dreaming the Eagle, some time back, so what I said there still stands Scott has created a world of warriors and dreamers where to kill or to die in battle is the highest honour, for both men and women It is her great ach [...]

    3. I have a love hate relationship with the works of Manda Scott Her subject matter and overall plot design is often engaging but the quality of her writing can be dreadfully variable Some days she gets it together enough to move me, but on others she buries herself under laughable purple prose and melodrama I much prefer her camp action thriller series about the Emperor s spy, which is essentially a lighthearted James Bond in sandals She s so much enjoyable when the bar is lowered.The ambitious [...]

    4. Brilliant and Mind Blowing Wow what a journey Boudica goes through in raising a war host to fight against Rome Even with many of the sacrifices to the gods and the dedication from the tribe warriors to include some of the Roman Soldiers who turned to Boudica s side the war was a brutal ending with great loss on each side.The story that the author weaves is brilliant This is not a fast pace read, it is filled with lots of details and must be savored to get the full effect of the feelings towards [...]

    5. This last book of four almost left me in tears at the end Especially the reconciliation of Valerius and Corvus before the battle major lump in throat A big thumbs down for history, however can t change what happened I guess Great read for anyone who likes historical novels All four books for me personally were a joy to read Well done Ms Scott

    6. Finished this series again last night I am always reading them, even while reading other things I cry the whole way through all four because they are so profoundly moving, engaging and of the spirit Can t live without them Thank you, m So much You don t even know.

    7. Dreaming the Serpent Spear is the fourth and final book in the Boudica series by Manda Scott This has been a captivating series about the warrior queen Boudica as she spearheaded the Celtic struggle to defeat the Roman occupation of Britannia This final book coalesces the threads from previous books and brings them to a culminating, climactic battle in which Boudica is killed and the Celtic warriors are forced to retreat in defeat Although history tells us the Boudica does not live to see the ex [...]

    8. I got half way through this fourth and last in the series and read into a quagmire It was a struggle for me to finish this As often happens in series, an author will drag out a book to make it into a book Given the pace of the first three books, I m thinking this tale could have been made to end in book three Manda Scott is an excellent writer and did her research, but sometimes enough is enough.

    9. I love historical novels about this period I started read this quadrilogy a few years ago but stopped because the last two books hadn t been released yet A few weeks ago I got the last two and read the set all the way through Scott is a very good writer and the subject is interesting but her modern agenda tends to weigh down the narrative More time than is wise is given to the interaction between these barbarian savages and the ancestors and ghosts of the dead who seem to plague their every wak [...]

    10. I to halfway through the book and and said stuff it hid it away in cupboard so that daylight may never look upon this book again.I read the other books and i couldn t help but feel bored Bored out of my skull, sure, we you can kill romans who doesn t want to But it would have been nice to add say, a little romance some side plots We all knew the main plot for the series, thats all well and good But add something else to it, just about all the characters were flat as pancakes The only character t [...]

    11. Altogether despite a shaky or rather TIMID book one start this is a top shelf five star series of books exploring the ancient dreamworld of our celtic ancestorsPersonally, I would have liked detailed descriptions of of the battles early in the series and integrated narrative evidence of the Tribal Hedonism that smears itself all over this fourth novel in the series There s also a very weird Joan of Arc vibe to the visions and messages the heroes receive throughout each book the gods just seem [...]

    12. Very enthralling final book in the series.Things really paced fast in the third book and I went into the last one without pausing as it was all fresh on my mind I just devoured the pages and even cancelled everything to sit down and read the final 150 pages in one afternoon.I was not sure of the true ending so had an open mind how it would end by the author The final battle scenes were engrossing and some of the most exciting I ve read.I felt sad when it ended and would like to know how the char [...]

    13. I have that horrible feeling now the one you get when you ve been rushing through a book to find out what happens and when you do and it all ends you realise you should have savoured it because this was the last in the series An amazing end to a brilliant story What can I say I highly recommend these books to anyone The characters are so well created and I find myself nodding and grinning along with them, the plot is intricate and all though this wasn t the fastest paced book of the four it is [...]

    14. It s over It was sad, as I expected, but it could have been worse One of the fascinations of reading the Boudica series is that Scott will bring events right up to the point where you think it can t get any worse and she is going to have to pull away except she doesn t and the worst does happen Of course, heroic things happen It couldn t be a book about iron age warriors without heroism But somehow, even when they do it is still sad Oh, maybe I m just sad the series is over I will say that Scott [...]

    15. I really enjoyed the final book of the Boudica series This book sets the scene for the final battle, which is utterly epic The ending was a shock to me, not what I was expecting at all I love the character developments in this book Each character comes to the final battle scarred and broken in their own ways, having been through the worst, yet the fire and passion that burns within them, to save their land and fight alongside the Boudica is awesome and very well written I love everything about t [...]

    16. The dreamer aspect left me completely cold But I ve enjoyed following B n Valerius through the whole tetralogy He seemed to me to have the most character development Boudica s revolt and final battle were both VERY exciting I could visualize the whole scene Boudica s end as told in this novel sounded much plausible than Tacitus s saying she poisoned herself The author has a gift for descriptive prose I realize she played with history, but it irritated me she located both Lugdunum and Canovium i [...]

    17. Would have been 4 stars but the extra is for Valerius and Corvus by the river Yep I cried at that just a little bit Their final meeting in battle wasn t as intense and heart wrenching as it could ve been, but I suppose it was Boudica s story, not Valerius More s the pity, such a great character.Also noticed Scott left out some of the grisly parts of the sacking of the Roman cities, like cutting off women s breasts and sowing them to their mouths I suppose this could make readers empathise less [...]

    18. The word Dreaming in the title of all four books in this series is important The dream like quality moves these books towards fantasy than would normally be expected of historical fiction Unlike Pauline Gedge s covering of the same ground, Scott occasionally delves into magic to advance her plot Scott s Boudica and Caradoc are both very different characters than Gedge s An absorbing read.

    19. As Cunomar becomes the leader of the shebears, Graine heals and again gains her powers as a dreamer, and Breaca regains her power and motivation the Roman commander is tasked with taking Mona or dying As he leads the legions to attack Mona in the west the way is clear for the Valerius and the Eceni to assemble the tribes to destroy Camulodunum leading to the final clash in the war for ancient Britain This is a well written and well researched highly recommended series.

    20. The four books in this series, of which this is the last, are superbly written Densely packed with battle action and the human interactions of both sides, although firmly on Boudica s team, the books are incredibly moving I fought back tears than once and felt myself ride with Breaca, Valerius Ban and Corvus, and dream with Luan Mac Calma and Airmid The songs of the Eceni and the tribes who fought with them are still alive.

    21. A fantastic end to an amazing series of books I cried when I finished it and felt an enormous sense of loss The characters had become like family to me I wasn t much of a reader before so I am incredibly grateful to Scott, not just for the books but also for igniting a ferocious appetite for literature.

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed this last book in the Boudica series I am greatly impressed with Manda Scott s talent as a story teller and am now having difficulty finding a book that promises to engage me in it s characters and their adventures the way Scott s books have over these past several weeks Any suggestions, my fellow readers

    23. I have to say I m head over heels in love with this series One of the best parts for me has been watching the different characters grow Most of them have been with us for two or three books at least now and they ve all come so far As a final piece to a stunning series this worked beautifully.

    24. I loved these books Now I m off on a boudica tangent Great for lovers of historical fiction, king arthur, roman warfare, etc Not for those with a weak stomach for the realities and gore of war.

    25. Enjoyed this final volume very much Satisfying way to end Reads as fantasy as much as historical fiction, but that is bound to happen with such a long gone period.

    26. The brutal conclusion of the third book has left Breaca lingering near death, flogged and beaten, and her eight year old daughter Graine traumatised by her rape at the hands of Roman legionaries They are damaged both in body and mind, with Breaca having lost her shimmering insight as a leader, and Graine finding herself suddenly shut off from her dreaming Both of them must heal, and those who love them try to find the time to let them do so Graine goes to Mona, where the dreamers can care for he [...]

    27. I took a very long time to complete this book knowing what was coming Absolutely loved this entire series I had no knowledge of ancient Britannia before and am completely enthralled Manda Scott brought the Boudica to life and the magical Celtic culture that surrounded her An empowering story The characters will be with me a long time If only

    28. Fabulous series for transporting yourself to the ancient world of the Celtic tribes and the Romans you feel like you are living amongst them and can picture every scene, touch taste, smell and sound The details show Manda Scott s huge grasp on the subject believable characters and actions.

    29. In this the final novel in Manda Scott s Boudica series, the entire historical credibility of the novels falls apart for this reader Scott seemingly abandons research in favour of complete immersion into lucid dreaming and its alleged effects upon the physical world Her portrayal of pre pubescent Grainne, who was raped by half a century of Roman troops, goes beyond any hope of credibility If the child lived after such brutality, it is highly likely she would have been so traumatized both physica [...]

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