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Trundle's Quest #2020

Trundle s Quest The Sundered Lands are a vast collection of islands adrift in the sky Trundle the hedgehog has been living peacefully on one of them until Esmerelda Lightfoot persuades him to set off with her to find

  • Title: Trundle's Quest
  • Author: Allan Frewin Jones Gary Chalk
  • ISBN: 9780340988091
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trundle's Quest By Allan Frewin Jones Gary Chalk, The Sundered Lands are a vast collection of islands adrift in the sky Trundle the hedgehog has been living peacefully on one of them until Esmerelda Lightfoot persuades him to set off with her to find the six lost crowns of the ancient badger lords.

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      110 Allan Frewin Jones Gary Chalk
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    1 thought on “Trundle's Quest

    1. cute little book with illustrations magical adventure filled with talking animals such a cozy world building.

    2. A slim book that s full of adventure, it was a quick read that in some ways felt too slight, but only because it had so much substance in other ways Jones has created an intriguing world of which we only scratch the surface, interesting characters that we could definitely spend time getting to know better, and an engaging, action centered plot that we speed through at breakneck pace, reaching the end all too quickly So my main complaint is that I liked the book so much that I wanted there to be [...]

    3. An exiting adventure set in magical land where ships fly and two unlikely heroes set out to fulfill an ancient prophecy and find the six crowns Can Trundle and Esmeralda fend off the evil pirates and overcome unforeseen obstacles in time to save their world Young readers will enjoy jumping aboard the sky boats with these two courageous hedgehogs as they set out on an unforgettable journey full of danger, and action Trundle s Quest is set in a world unlike any I ve read about before It s a unique [...]

    4. It s nice to find a fantasy that isn t over four hundred pages Many students love the big thick ones, but not all of them can read those kind of books This is an appropriate book for reluctant readers who need constant action to keep them reading The action starts in chapter one with Trundle, a humble and content lamplighter, is abruptly drawn out of his peaceful life into a world of pirates, theft, and slavery The action doesn t stop, leaving the reader waiting for the sequels luckily the secon [...]

    5. Excerpt from review below You can read my full, in depth review here thebookpixie 2011 Trundle s Quest is an exciting, swashbuckling page turner that forms a very promising start to what I believe is going to be an excellent MG series.Trundle s Quest is action packed and full of adventure I can honestly say I haven t read anything quite like it and the combination of piracy and what we consider wild creatures works very impressively I found it very easy to get pulled into this world that Jones h [...]

    6. If you loved the Redwall series then you will enjoy this book It is very similar, but not as lengthy The writing is good,less detail than the Redwall books,and would suit a younger child like a 4th grader who might enjoy a great fantasy adventure story The young hero, Trundle, loves his life as a lamplighter He has a simple life on an island where people are good and kind and grow cabbages His life is turned upside down by the arrival of Esmeralda who tells him he needs to help her with her ques [...]

    7. A sweet and fairly easy read, The Six Crowns Trundle s Quest pleasantly surprised me It s always nice to find a fantasy story that younger readers can enjoy as well Weighing in at less than 200 pages, this is the perfect fit.Trundle is a humble lamplighter who loves his job His quiet existence is very much to his liking Enter Esmerelda A princess whose sole purpose in life seems to be adventuring and, unfortunately for Trundle, causing lots of trouble These two unlikely heroes set of on an fanta [...]

    8. My nine year old and I picked this book as something different to try It s the first in a series so we thought if we liked it we would have similar books to keep us reading Humble hedgehog to fighting for his life hedgehog, this book is action packed with lots of twists and turns Trundle goes on a quest searching for 1 of 6 crowns, which may or may not even exist We found ourselves cheering in this little hedgehog as he faced many scary characters and impossible challenges However, the language [...]

    9. Reviewed by Kira M for TeensReadTooTrundle is a lightkeeper whose highlight in life is going home to his cabbage soup and tea One evening, when he goes home for the night, he meets Esmeralda, a Romany hedgehog who is on the run from a nasty group of pirates.She claims that Trundle is the lightkeeper in a prophecy that involves the two of them finding the six badger crowns that will save the world The pirates who are after her, however, are bent on her not reaching her goal.Can Trundle and Esmera [...]

    10. A prophecy is foretold that the Princess of Darkness and the Lamplighter must find the Six Crowns of the Badgers of Power Thus begins Trundle s quest with Esmeralda to escape pirates and ruffians while locating these hidden crowns The illustrations by Gary Chalk are reminiscent of those from the Edge Chronicles with billowing sky ships in lovely black and white Similar to the Redwall series, this story centers around animals in this case two hedgehogs but makes an easier read for younger childre [...]

    11. Trundle, a hedgehog and an unlikely hero gets pulled along by Esmerelda on a quest to find the 6 crowns of the badgers and to bring the floating worlds back together The only problem is that they don t know where to start looking On the way they get mixed up with pirates, slave drivers and A great, short fantasy book that pulls you in from the first page The suspense kept me reading until the end I love the way that cause and effect in this story shape the whole story and make it seem like a se [...]

    12. A very good intro to adventure children s book I read it in just a few hours It was just a short book, the start of a series I was a little disappointed because the cover seemed to imply that it was only the one book However, I have gone back and purchased 2 , a present for my soon old enough nephew, and a separate copy for my classroom books I think that this book would be appropriate for first grade and up For younger ages it might work well for a read aloud at home or in a classroom A very go [...]

    13. The description on gives a great synopsis so I won t But I will say that this book will be very appealing to those readers who enjoy animal fantasy books Reminiscent of Redwall and the Hobbit, this is a good choice for younger kids It s short and has black white illustrations scattered about This is the first in what is sure to be a series and I think those who enjoy book one will be clamoring for the next Ages 7 10 ish AM

    14. A fabulously written chapter book that I read to my 6yo Full of alliteration, it was wonderfully fun to read out loud It s sort of like a Lord of the Rings type quest in a world populated with animals Written for kids, the violence isn t too bad is is certainly not graphic Both of my boys loved it so did I We will be reading the rest of the series.

    15. This little chapter book takes the reader straight into adventure from the first few pages and the action does not stop until the end of the book Even at the end it carries you on to want to read the next one since it is a first in a series It certainly will appeal to young readers who like a lot of action.

    16. A short adventure fantasy book which comes in a series This J chapter book is for readers that can handle about 20pages per chapter This book is action packed and has some fun songs and some short alliteration that is fun to read out loud You can order this material at the colona public library Ashley

    17. Asher 7 almost 8 ADORED this series of six books Wonderful animal adventure Funny dialogue Interesting characters The language used in this series is rich and varied, not at all dumbed down An excellent read aloud, especially if you re good at character voices.

    18. I hate to give this 4 stars, as I would only give it 2 It is shorter, easier Brian Jacques Redwall , but lacking in the depth but not the gore Both boys, however, gave it 4 stars the 7 year old AND the 11 year old.

    19. Two young hedgehogs work together to reunite the six crowns of legend and right the wrongs of their island worlds In this story they pursue the first of the six and battle nasty pirates lots of harrowing escapades and adventures.

    20. I didn t love this fantasy fiction novel about two hedgehogs trying to go on a quest They are running from pirates which apparently gives them license to steal things, especially things they need for their quest It felt like a giant chase scene.

    21. I was glued to reading this Full of adventure and suspense Written very well I loved Trundle and I love that he loves books Only bad thing is I d say it was a bit violent, mostly for it being a children s book.

    22. This seemed rawther violent for the reading level Oh yeahe pirate ship just exploded and there are slimy little bits of pirate everywhered oh look Someone s head And this is meant for elementary school

    23. I was trying to get my 3rd grader to read longer chapters books and we came across this one She really enjoyed it and finished it When she finished she wanted to get book 2 right away Also, I read it after her and I thought it was action packed and cute.

    24. Perfect for fans of Geronimo Stilton who are not quite ready to tackle the really thick Redwall books or the Mistmantle Chronicles Also good for animal fantasy fans who want a super quick, action packed read.

    25. It was an okay adventure book for young readers Lots of action Lots of illustrations Has a reluctant hero and a somewhat pushy, bossy female character Will definitely be part of a series.

    26. I liked this story about a humble hedgehog being told he is destined to help find the six badger crowns A bit of magic, a bit of adventure, and some pirates all make for a pretty good tale.

    27. It s short, but full of imagination and totally worth reading The illustrations are fun, too Unique blend of fantasy, steampunk, and a bit of space travel.

    28. I couldn t get into this book, which made me sad because the blurb on the back cover made the story sound really cute 0

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