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Z The assassination of Z a leftist delegate to Greece s Parliament sparks an exploration into the lives of the hired killers bourgeois witnesses and political figures behind the killing

  • Title: Z
  • Author: Vassilis Vassilikos
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • Z By Vassilis Vassilikos, The assassination of Z, a leftist delegate to Greece s Parliament, sparks an exploration into the lives of the hired killers, bourgeois witnesses and political figures behind the killing.

    • [AZW] ß Z | By ½ Vassilis Vassilikos
      Vassilis Vassilikos

    1 thought on “Z

    1. Perhaps this is one book where the material is subversive enough that I understand why there are elements in this world who would like to see this banned And for that reason, also for the reason that I came across this novel by virtue of seeing the list of 1000 novels that people should read in their lifetime by The Guardian, I decided to pick this up from the library.So what is this about This novel presents a rather thinly fictionalized account of the assassination of Greek politician Grigoris [...]

    2. Toplumlarda Ortak sa duyunun tesi bir karanl k Ne bir izofrenin ani k ge i lerinin ne de im eklerin da tamayaca kadar yo un bir karanl kze varmak i in bir kanala girmesi gerekiyordu Bunca su ortada kalmaz Bunca verimli kaynak kimse onu de erlendirmenin bir yolunu bulamad diye kurumaz Di erlerine inand n zaman hayat ne kadar da g zeldir Sen bana el ele tutu al m dedi inde hayat ne g zeldir Ruhu paslanmam bir insan i in A K her zaman a kt r A k her bir y z n, her bir ift parlak g z n ard nda hep a [...]

    3. Brilliant novel about the murder of a leftist parliamentary deputy in early 1960s Salonika a political killing in a Greece on the edge of the coup that brought the Colonels to power Vassilikos Z is also the source for Costa Gavras film of the same name one of the great political thrillers of the 20th century The novel is complex, and told through multiple viewpoints and conflicting voices, with the streets of Salonika and Athens as players as important as army officers, bureaucrats, and hired th [...]

    4. Kind of like the 60s version of Rashomon it s all the depositions and newspaper accounts of the assassination of a Communist MP in Greece by some thugs paid by right wing politicians I ve wanted to read this ever since I saw the movie in high school With the exception of a psychedelic interlude that immediately dates the book to the 60s, Z will likely activate your hippie hell no we won t go gene, if you have one.

    5. The film took me by surprise in just how gripping it was and the book did the same It s narrative is interesting as it follows the account of a fictional assassination which fills in for a real one that took place in Greece in the 1960 s Shocking to think that this can take place in the western world so recently.

    6. This book was written during the trials of those accused of the assassination of Z in Greece in the 1960s Sometimes the floral writing got annoying, but the pseudonyms were rather interesting depending on the translation from Greek If you re very interested in getting into the nitty gritty of Greek history, this is a key book to read.

    7. I m surprised that this book doesn t have reviews I love the narration it s emotional and exhilarating I m a beginner in political novels, but I love this book for its narration anyway The only thing is that there were so many characters I sometimes lost track But it s not that big a deal, and I m really, really glad I actually bought this book.

    8. When a true story, that has shaken Greek Political system and society, comes to a well written book, it is our obligation to read it

    9. Z l orgia del potere racconta la vicenda, realmente accaduta, dell uccisione del deputato di sinistra Grigoris Lambrakis che nel libro viene chiamato Z vivo in greco L omicidio, architettato dalla polizia in collaborazione con un organizzazione di estrema destra, grazie a vari tentativi di insabbiamento e depistaggio all inizio viene archiviato come un tragico incidente Ma, dopo l arresto di due dei responsabili, un giudice decide di vederci chiaro e aiutato da un testimone volontario e un giorn [...]

    10. An incredible affirmation of lifeAnd an extraordinarily exploration of grief in all the unchartered waters.My late parents sourced an early English translation of this amazing book for my 21st birthdayMy extraordinary edition was published in 1969 by Macdonald Co Publishers Ltd.This a book which will stay beside me for the remainder of my days.It is heartbreaking.

    11. Wow this is a great book full of political intrigue Set during the military junta in Greece in the 1970s and based on a real murder, the action is fast paced and full of shadowy characters Great read.

    12. A book that needed to be written The story of truly heroic figures who fought, sometimes successfully and other times not, against what can only be called the forces of darkness.

    13. The letter Z was banned by the Greek government for two years This excellent book tells the story of the political assassination and attempted coverup that led to that ban.

    14. Maybe it s because I lack the context for the political events and the times when this novel was first published, but I found this book to be an insipid, over the top political tome that was virtually unreadable I knew nothing about the story in advance, but the title caught my eye when looking at the online library and I thought that a 50th anniversary edition must mean that the story had some enduring virtues I was wrong.

    15. Vassilis Vassilikos Greek is a prolific Greek writer and diplomat A native of the northern Greek island of Thassos, Vassilikos grew up in Salonika, graduating from law school there before moving to Athens to work as a journalist Due to his political activities, he was forced into exile following the 1967 military coup, where he spent the next seven years.

    16. A hist ria passa se aparentemente em 1963, durante a ditadura grega ou um pouco antes disso, n o percebi bem porque o Papandreu acaba por ir para o governo durante o livro, o que n o faz sentido se fosse ditadura Um pol tico diferente, m dico de forma o, que chamado em todo o livro Z para o impersonalizar , deputado da E.D.A partido de esquerda humanista, por isso sem op es de esquerda direita mas que alinha com os partidos da esquerda vai a Sal nica cidade grega do norte que vive a crise econ m [...]

    17. Maybe like 4.25 stars This is a lightly fictionalized story of a political killing of a radical ish Greek politician in the early 60s I came to it after seeing the movie which is French Algerian, takes place in an unnamed country, and is very good The best part of the book is the first part, which tells the story of the hours leading to and shortly after the murder It s in several very short chapters, each adopting the point of view of one of the witnesses demonstrators counterdemonstrators pol [...]

    18. The premise of the book is great the only let down is the somewhat stilted writing, if I remember correctly.

    19. I would give 3.5 stars.This novel chronicles and fictionalises the events and the actions of the protagonists surrounding the assassination of the Greek leftist deputy Grigoris Lambrakis in 1963 Most of the chapters of this novel are linked to each other through the meeting, often accidental or coincidental, of the various characters involved in this important political event in Greek history, giving the narrative a feeling of deductive investigation The novel, while providing a very good insigh [...]

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