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The Assassini #2020

The Assassini It is In the Vatican priestly vultures gather around the dying Pope whispering the names of possible successors In a forgotten monastery on Ireland s gale swept coast a dangerous document is h

  • Title: The Assassini
  • Author: Thomas Gifford
  • ISBN: 9780553287400
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Assassini By Thomas Gifford, It is 1982 In the Vatican, priestly vultures gather around the dying Pope, whispering the names of possible successors In a forgotten monastery on Ireland s gale swept coast, a dangerous document is hidden, waiting to be claimed And in a family chapel in Princeton, New Jersey, a nun is murdered at her prayers Sister Valentine was an outspoken activist, a thorn in tIt is 1982 In the Vatican, priestly vultures gather around the dying Pope, whispering the names of possible successors In a forgotten monastery on Ireland s gale swept coast, a dangerous document is hidden, waiting to be claimed And in a family chapel in Princeton, New Jersey, a nun is murdered at her prayers Sister Valentine was an outspoken activist, a thorn in the Church s side When her brother, lawyer Ben Driskill, realizes the Church will never investigate her death, he sets out to find the murderer himself and uncovers an explosive secret.The Assassini An age old brotherhood of killers Once they were hired by princes of the Church to protect it in dangerous times But whose orders do they now obey The Assassini marks the triumphant retum of a master at the peak of his powers the first novel in than a decade from the acclaimed author of The Wind Chill Factor.

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      Thomas Gifford

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    1. The Assassini, 1990 , Thomas Gifford 1937 2000 Thomas Eugene Gifford May 16, 1937 October 31, 2000 was a best selling American author of thriller novels He was a graduate of Harvard University He gained international fame with the crime novel The Glendower Legacy and later with the Vatican thriller The Assassini 1999 1378 912 9643111881 9789643111885 1381 1383 1385 1386 1387 1388 20 .

    2. Vorurteilsschwangere Weitschweifigkeit im Whisky NebelEs haben ja schon etliche Leute ihre Begeisterung ber diesen Thriller kund getan, und nicht weniger ihrer Fassungslosigkeit ber die Weitschweifigkeit dieses W lzers freien Lauf gelassen Setze hier trotzdem mein ceterum censeo auf den ganzen Haufen Der Erfolg von Assassini wird mir wohl immer ein R tsel bleiben, der unverhoffte H hepunkt von Thomas Giffords literarischen Schaffens ist sein Bestseller jedenfalls nicht Dieses Pr dikat kommt wohl [...]

    3. The assissini is one of those books you haven t heard about, don t look that special but something makes you try it out anyway For me it was the name of the book and in some way the story, the places.The story spreads itself around Rome, Princeton, the Donegal coast in Ireland and even Paris and Alexandria The church is in the middle of everything, but is full of secrets the past and now And, the Pope is dying and Rome and the rest of the world wants to know who will become the new Pope.A docume [...]

    4. Once again, I wish there was a 3.5 star option This was a book written in the late 80 s that was a precursor to the Dan Brown novels suspense thriller about the intrigues and secret happenings of the church murder mystery and many twists and turns The story is of Ben Driskill, son of a super rich string puller, who was an OSS officer during WWII working with the Catholic Church His sister a nun is killed in their family chapel, and overwhelmed with grief and anger, he goes on a hunt to try to le [...]

    5. Not what I was hoping for The writing was overblown and dramatic and not in a good way , the plot was boooooorrrrrinng, and all the characters were old This just wasn t my thing.

    6. More of a 3.5 stars book the author starts by explaining how it took eight years to write this novel At times I felt it might take me that long to read.A Catholic reporter is murdered after being on the track of a story involving the church and World War 2 Her brother and her best friend come together as they try to pick up her clues and see what she was killed for.Bit of a slow burner, the last third is when it starts to pick up as is revealed and it heads toward the final reveal Which you d p [...]

    7. I can never resist a Vatican thriller There are so many skeletons buried in their closets, and the I learn about the history the shocked I am Well, this fun read is a fictional story about the intrigues in the Church as the Pope nears his death This is an old school thriller one that moves slowly Not a wham bam thank you ma am kind of a thriller, and I enjoyed losing myself in this world for a while This is the first book I have read by this author and I would read of his work.

    8. When I say that all I want to do is curl up on my favourite sofa with a good old murder mystery This is what I mean Plenty of suspects, a past, a present and the blurred lines enough to keep me guessing my type of comfort reading.

    9. This convoluted plot about the inner workings of the Vatican is compelling and intriguing Definitely a book for those who enjoy a very complex plot I liked the detail about how church politics works a subject most people will know nothing about The characters are well developed and the many subplots do not overshadow the primary theme Who dun it Quite shocking revelations at the end but I think this novel would make as good a film as those by Dan Brown It gets better, the times you read it, as [...]

    10. A very slow start, which had me infuriated at times, but the plot builds well with a mixture of twists and predictable bits Sound character development and great location descriptions ie of the Borghese Gardens.

    11. Even though it is a good book, sometimes it was slow and boring There was no need for a romantic relationship at the end, to be honest.

    12. This book was really really exciting I read it some years ago but I can still remember how exciting it was

    13. J ai trouv que ce livre se mordait la queue On revient toujours au m me probl matique, indice, protagoniste, id alismeBref je l ai fini pour le finir pas pour conna tre la fin

    14. Los assassini asesinos en italiano fueron un grupo de sacerdotes sicarios que asesinaban gente por rdenes del Papa Hist ricamente hablando, el Papa Borgia fue el que cre a esta mafia que mataba a quien se le cruzara en el camino de la Iglesia Sin embargo, es tambi n el t tulo de la gran obra de Thomas Gifford, t tulo que define muy bien a los titiriteros modernos que manejan los hilos de la Iglesia y, en especial, del Vaticano.La trama se asemeja mucho al estilo implantado por Dan Brown y su mul [...]

    15. Papst Calixtus liegt im Sterben, hinter den Kulissen im Vatikan werden schon die Strippen gezogen f r den Nachfolger, als am selben Tag gleich drei Morde an Kirchenleuten passieren Der einflussreiche Curtis Lockhardt, ein Priester und die rebellische Nonne Val werden get tet, und laut Zeugenaussagen war der T ter jedes Mal ebenfalls ein Priester oder jedenfalls als ein solcher verkleidet.Vals Bruder Ben selbst ein ehemaliger Jesuit will der Sache auf den Grund gehen und beginnt zu ermitteln Val [...]

    16. Papst Calixtus liegt im Sterben, bereits vor zwei Jahren erfuhr er von seiner t dlichen Diagnose, doch nun geht ihm endg ltig der Lebensodem aus Gleichzeitig ist eine extrem s kulare Nonne drauf und dran aufzudecken, dass die Spitze der katholischen Kirche mit den Nazis gemeinsame Sache gemacht hatte und geraubte Kunstsch tze in Milliardenh he von den Nazis kaufte Ihre Nachforschungen sind schon sehr weit gediehen und nun will sie sich mit ihrem Bruder treffen Noch ehe sich die beiden jedoch seh [...]

    17. Esta es una novela thriller de principios de la d cada de los 80 Lo que me llam m s la atenci n es que el autor se encontr con demasiadas trabas por parte de la Iglesia Cat lica, mientras realizaba sus investigaciones para escribir la novela En realidad no me sorprendi mucho lo que el libro narra acerca de la Iglesia, y su postura pol tica durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial La historia es en el presente, pero la trama tambi n hace referencia a ciertos personajes y su historia en Par s durante la [...]

    18. Decepcionante.Inici la lectura con la inteci n de pasar un buen rato siguiendo una trama detectivesca y hasta de denuncia, pero pude concluir esta novela s lo como resultado de imponerme la disciplina de hacerlo Puedo admitir que en un libro de novecientas treinta p ginas la acci n y el punto medular empiece a desarrollarse hacia la p gina 300 pero, en este caso, no termina de levantar en ning n momento La repetitividad puede agobiar hasta el cansancio, las secuencias de acci n est n muy difumin [...]

    19. Fascinating read, mostly from the point of view of the protagonist Ben Driskill, once a Jesuit seminarian now a lawyer, distraught over the murder of his sister, Sister Val, struggles with his heartbreak and anger his frustration with the Church of his birth with his father, the almighty Hugh Driskill, who apparently considers him a failure even with his closest friends, including the woman he has known since long before she became Sister Pat His revenge consumes him.A dying pope and a hidden ba [...]

    20. Once again, the mysteries of the Vatican church A book I would never thought I would pick it up to read again after reading Dan Brown s Langdon series However, much to some mysteries that Gifford has to deliver back in the 80s, I think this books does delivers what was meant to be delivered Thrilling as it may be, I do have issues with characters popping out of no where without any background introductions Whatever their purposes are, these characters are confusing at some point due to the lack [...]

    21. Un libro bastante denso, con mucha trama Al principio no me enganch nada, casi estuve a punto de dejarlo, m s que nada porque es muy lento de leer una de las razones de la puntuaci n Pero bueno, segu ley ndolo y conforme iba avanzando se iba desvelando poco a poco todo el misterio as que me lo termin No recomendado para los que odian los tochos creo que son unas 650 p ginas m s o menos , las referencias hist ricas continuas, y las tramas que tienen lugar en el Vaticano he de decir que no me incl [...]

    22. I expected something , it had so many good ideas in the plot SPOILER ALERT I quickly identified some of the code names to the characters it was somewhat predictable.But it was a little stretched that Sister Elizabeth could kill one of the Assassini even thou Ben a big man was frightened and avoided direct confrontation.I guess she had a best primitive response in comparison to him Women rule DFather Sardanato deserved a different twist but I really wasn t expecting the Pope to kill Father Indeli [...]

    23. Although this book has been heavily publicised to encash upon the success of Da Vinci Code , in reality it is rather predictable, full of characters lifted from soap operas, unimaginatively narrated and to sum it up boring Also, the entire concept of this book is dated and the onus is to thrash Pope Pius and the Catholic Church Honestly, with eleven years research one can do better and is expected to do better To check the veracity of my observation, please read Angels Demons and spare yourself [...]

    24. I happened across this book I The early 90s whilst on holiday and finished it before that holiday was over A precursor to the famous Dan Brown books, this is a book about shady goings on at the Vatican Murder Intrigue More twists and turns than a bowl of noodles.As a whodunnit , I founds this book thoroughly enjoyable As a book that purports to peer behind the veil of the church, I loved it

    25. A christmas preset from a friend, who, like many people, totally misjudged my taste in books I didn t finish this Actually, I didn t start in a way that would count as starting, as this is clearly popular fiction like The Da Vinci Code , and as such makes me want to run away and scream.No, that s not true I actually love these kinds of books because they get people to read that wouldn t usually read I just don t want to have to read them myself.

    26. This is not my normal genre of reading but having got hooked on playing Assassin s Creed II on Xbox and having found this book lying around in work, I thought it could make an interesting read It s great stuff I enjoyed Da Vinci to the point where I can t remember a soddin thing about it Aside from a few characters that appear out of nowhere, this is a 100 times better than Da Vinci So if you enjoyed Dan Brown, I m pretty sure you re going to love this.

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