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One Shot #2020

One Shot Six shots Five dead One heartland city thrown into a state of terror But within hours the cops have it solved a slam dunk case Except for one thing The accused man says You got the wrong guy Then he s

  • Title: One Shot
  • Author: Lee Child
  • ISBN: 9780440423010
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • One Shot By Lee Child, Six shots Five dead One heartland city thrown into a state of terror But within hours the cops have it solved a slam dunk case Except for one thing The accused man says You got the wrong guy Then he says Get Reacher for me And sure enough, ex military investigator Jack Reacher is coming He knows this shooter a trained military sniper who never should have missedSix shots Five dead One heartland city thrown into a state of terror But within hours the cops have it solved a slam dunk case Except for one thing The accused man says You got the wrong guy Then he says Get Reacher for me And sure enough, ex military investigator Jack Reacher is coming He knows this shooter a trained military sniper who never should have missed a shot Reacher is certain something is not right and soon the slam dunk case explodes.Now Reacher is teamed with a beautiful young defense lawyer, moving closer to the unseen enemy who is pulling the strings Reacher knows that no two opponents are created equal This one has come to the heartland from his own kind of hell And Reacher knows that the only way to take him down is to match his ruthlessness and cunning and then beat him shot for shot.

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    1. Nobody should pick up a Jack Reacher novel and expect great literature I might be wrong but I suspect that that isn t Lee Child s purpose What you get instead is a good dollop of wish fulfilment, good writing, beautiful, intelligent and feisty females who are either integral to the development of the plot or just along for the ride, and implausible story lines One shot is no exception why change a winning formula In Reacher, Child has created a character who is, perhaps, not quite the guy who ev [...]

    2. 4.5 5 You going to shoot me Reacher asked Maybe You should Why Because if you don t, I m going to find you and I m going to make you sorry Lee Child never ceases to amaze me with the depth and cleverness of his writing This is the ninth installment of Jack Reacher series and it still gave me a lot of thrills and chills, as same as the previous ones did How on earth can he come up with such engaging and riveting plot Every twist and turn literally blew me away It s no wonder this book was turned [...]

    3. One shot Jack Reacher 9 , Lee ChildOne Shot is the ninth book in the Jack Reacher series written by Lee Child The book title is based on One shot, one kill, the military sniper s creed The novel was adapted into the 2012 film Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise as the title character This book is written in the third person.In a small Indiana city, a lone gunman in a parking garage calmly fires into a rush hour crowd in a public plaza, committing a massacre of five apparently random victims with s [...]

    4. A sniper guns down five people The evidence against him is overwhelming When questioned by the police he declares bluntly that they have the wrong man Then he says, Get Reacher The cops have no idea who Reacher is, but you and I should know, because, if we are reading in order this is 9 in the series oops I read this one out of order Reacher, however, is on the way already Why Because, the sniper committed the same type of crime during the Persian Gulf War and got away with it under Reacher s wa [...]

    5. Good mystery crime novel with lots of fast paced action and even a bit of romance If you are a Jack Reacher fan, I m sure you will enjoy this entertaining book.As for the movie, it s kind of hard to imagine Tom Cruise as the big and tall Jack Reacher, but I still might give it a try.

    6. I m going to add the same review for all of the Reacher series, so if you ve read this one, you ve read em all If you feel a certain affinity for the lone hero, a man of principle, of unwavering knowledge and assent as to his own actions, than Jack Reacher s your kinda guy Lee Child has created an unforgettable and unique character in his creation of Jack Reacher Jack seems to implicitly understand that he is a unique animal human running around on this planet and that in spite of social convent [...]

    7. One Shot was turned into a vehicle for Tom Cruise and released to theaters late in 2012 I finally read the book and loved it But a little background first Watching the movie was my first exposure to author Lee Child s work And after the opening scene and exposure to the hard bitten dialogue, I was hooked The back and forth got me to recall my obsession during college forays into used book stores hunting for early Mickey Spillane novels The other memory it provoked was watching Humphrey Bogart in [...]

    8. This is the first Jack Reacher book I ve read, and I picked it up because of the upcoming movie I have to say my only problem with it is that now I m going to have to read all of Lee Child s books, and I already have a queue of over 140 to read.It s a really great thriller It s hard to talk about it without revealing too much, hence the spoilers warning My favorite bit is that Jack is not some flawless superman He s trailed throughout the book and only once picks it up That was something I m not [...]

    9. 4 stars You need to suspend disbelief, but it s still a fun, tough guy storyORY BRIEF A sniper kills five people leaving a downtown office building Several pieces of evidence point to James Barr a former army sniper James says You ve got the wrong guy Get Reacher for me Coincidentally Reacher comes to town for his own reasons Reacher saw the story in the news He knew Barr when they were in the army together fourteen years ago Some bad guys don t like Reacher being in town and try to harm him Of [...]

    10. If you are already a Jack Reacher fan the number of whom which I assume is now increasing each day the last book A Man Wanted debuted at NYT No 1 position this September then I don t need to tell you this Jack Reacher books are entertainers not much intelligence there but very catchy and very interesting Makes for great holiday in flight reads.One Shot is very fast, very smart and totally un put down able Very vintage Reacher coffee and eggs and diners, dollar stores, bus depots, hitch hiking an [...]

    11. The first few pages were painful Lots of self consciously terse sentences as if worried about scaring off slow readers A sample from page 13 The garage was always packed He knew that That was why they were extending it They were doubling its size It was used by shoppers That was why it was quiet But soon things pick up and the plot moves along swiftly and smoothly Reacher is a bland but likeable protagonist, notable mainly for being a loner and an expert investigator, but you wouldn t want to ha [...]

    12. My Rating 4.4 5 One Shot is definitely one of the best Jack Reacher novel It s what you call a novel you can t put down I read the whole 500 pages in like 10 hours It has to be a record for me as I never done that before The story is first class and the characters are fantastic and again please don t go around poking at the literary sense of the novel It has good writing but not great or excellent As always Jack Reacher kicks ass I watched the movie a couple of times and I loved it even when I h [...]

    13. Everyone I know who has read this book or rather series before seeing the movie says the same thing, I can t believe they put Tom Cruise as Jack ReacherI mean, the guy is supposed to be huge But having never heard of Jack before watching the movie, I say Tom is a better Jack than Jack is A guy that big and tall would have a much harder time melting into the crowd and being a drifter than plain old ordinary Tom Plus, it seems likely that 5 locals would think they could out fight Tom, than some j [...]

    14. Another good entry in the Jack Reacher story While he has some misses, the regular hits are worth the strike outs I came to this one after the seeing the film, so it felt a litttle like reading a novelisation rather than reading the novel the film was based on Suddenly things are a little bit spoiled for me for a start, I m imagining short arsed Tom Cruise as Reacher which just isn t working for me although he was a lot better in the movie than I d been expecting , and knowing what s going to ha [...]

    15. When the Jack Reacher movie trailer first came out, and I found out it was based on a book, I was intrigued enough to pick it up Unfortunately, my logical brain assumed they would adapt the first book in the series, Killing Floor, and so I read the wrong book, as they took the screenplay from this book, the ninth in the series Anyway, while I liked that book well enough review here , this book showed how much the author has improved since writing it, his first published book The plot was tighter [...]

    16. I had always wanted to read a Jack Reacher book Ever since I have read the lone short story Second Child, featuring kid Reacher He was a kid in that one, but already smart and kick ass He was action packed and no bullshit, and I liked him instantly Now move forward to 4 years and finally I have him read A full story, no less One Shot I had watched the movie before, but thanks to my dull memory, forgot all the key points, even the ending itself Lucky me So I could enjoy the story anew It was fast [...]

    17. One Shot is the ninth book in my biggest guilty pleasure series Jack Reacher Since picking up Killing Floor, I have been slowly working my way through the Jack Reacher books I say slowly, but it s of an ebb and flow when it comes to my reading of the series There was a couple of weeks between Killing Floor and Die Trying three months between Die Trying and Tripwire four months between Tripwire and Running Blind five months between Running Blind and Echo Burning a couple of days between Echo Bur [...]

    18. This is a book I came across while waiting in a hospital waiting room, I do not usually touch magazines or books at doctors or dentists but the title interested me so i picked it up, The couple of pages was this Bio of Jack Reacher this character though not extraordinary had specific skill set, Within the first couple of pages I was so engrossed in the story line and who Jack Reacher was as a person and what made him Him I did not hear my name being called, I can proudly say I am now a Lee child [...]

    19. Left at work, I was reading this on breaks Standard blah action book with the impossibly talented and cool hero A clever set up is wasted by too much reveal too quickly.The writing is terse but too long I will explain, no, there is not time, let me sum up If you think you are writing like Hemingway for your action book and you actually were, the book wouldn t be over 400 pages He writes short sentences Even fragments But there are too many of them Writes the next sentence Notices a cat on the wi [...]

    20. I have a lot of books and not enough space so I read this only to get it off my bookshelf I have 5 other Lee Childs and this book was going to decide the fate of the others Do they stay or do they get traded in at the used book store Not only am I keeping my 6 Lee Childs in my book collection the wife and I have about 1200 books I m adding Lee Childs when I come across them at the used book store This book is as Badass as Jack Reacher is The excitement and suspense and action and mystery never [...]

    21. I am going thru the series for the 2nd time.This time an audio narrated by Dick Hill.The story was just okay and there was not a lot of Reacher violence, but there was enough.One problem for me was that I kept seeing Tom Cruise as Reacher As Reacher fans know, Child goes to great lengths in EVERY book to tell us just how big and imposing Jack is So casting of Cruise, who is 10 inches shorter at 5 7 , Child sold out.Another criticism, which is what you can do on a second pass, is the great observ [...]

    22. Spinechilling and intensely gripping this is one of those books that will make the hairs on your arms stand up, which you are unable to put down Lee Child is one of the greatest writers of this genre, and who not only so deserves all the great acclaim that he receives but also is an author whose books deserve to be on your bookshelves Often seen as an American writer, for he includes such idioms of the American thriller, his skill and accomplished ability as a master of his craft is apparent Jac [...]

    23. I picked this up because I needed something to read I wasn t impressed with the first several pages because I had a difficult time sorting out who was speaking, but as I got into the book, I began to like the main character, Jack Reacher An ex military officer and policeman, he was cut loose under what I assume to be the Clinton administration He s a drifter whose presence has been requested by a former Army Sniper that he caught committing murder in Iraq, but got off on technicalities.There has [...]

    24. One Shot by Lee ChildI almost didn t read this since I had seen the movie In spite of the dubious decision to cast Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher I thought the movie was well done Talk about a reach though, tiny little Tom Cruise for great big Jack Reacher, gotta wonder who made that decision I m guessing they are not fond of reading Regardless, this book is another Reacher justice book Cross the wrong line and justice is in Reacher s knurly, rock hard hands Once again Lee Child has crafted an excel [...]

    25. pg 120 485 will take me about 11 hours Just did a 2 hour reading spree today, which is rare Well, I m not bored yet He seems to know how to tell a story, or it s so much like the old detective tv shows I grew up with, it s pushing my buttons My first Lee Child My version has Tom Cruise on the cover Get with it, pg 203 485 What are these guys, mafia pg 384 485 Still having fun with it, except for the murders Should finish it soon.I found the Tom Cruise version I had to search for the isbn number [...]

    26. I ve only read a few of these Jack Reacher books, but, I m going to read a bunch They are very good and an enjoyable read.Don t let the movie version of this put you off The book is way better And, Tom Cruise just didn t give the character enough Reacher, is, to begin with, 6 4 Cruise might be 4 6 , so, just not enough man to do it Reacher is a commanding presence Again, something that Cruise didn t give him.I m hoping that this isn t the only book that Gunny Cash is in A very good character On [...]

    27. Number 9 in the series was a good one IF you aren t a fan and haven t read the others this might be one you need to wait until you have but regardless you find Reacher at his wandering best self as he stumbles into intrigue and mystery than any other crime solver would have to plot and plan to get into seems like these sort of things just seek him out from some power form above or something like that

    28. Di tutti i Jack Reacher che ho le ho finora 3, 4 boh tutti ovviamente in ordine sparso e senza seguire la sequenza della saga che tanto non serve, questo qui quello che mi piaciuto di pi.Ha veramente tutta la tensione al punto giusto un continuo ribaltarsi di prospettive, colpi di scena, cambi di inquadrature, imprevisti Reacher un po meno gigione anche pi gentiluomo, in un certo senso e un po pi giustiziere della notte fuori dal sistema e questo mi piace Cos la vicenda non si perde tra le conqu [...]

    29. 3 1 2 stars Welp, this was the last book from Child I hadn t read I ve now read them alld with no Reacher tales to look forward to I feel totally empty, alone and hollow BWAHAHAAHAA But seriously, GET WRITING LEE I miss you already runoutandgetyousomereachermang

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