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Wise Child #2020

Wise Child This engrossing novel about a young girl s apprenticeship to a good witchis set in the British Isles soon after King Arthur s time Mesmerizingin detail high in excitement and filled with unforgettab

  • Title: Wise Child
  • Author: Monica Furlong
  • ISBN: 9780613293860
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wise Child By Monica Furlong, This engrossing novel about a young girl s apprenticeship to a good witchis set in the British Isles soon after King Arthur s time Mesmerizingin detail, high in excitement, and filled with unforgettable characters Thehaunting cover by Leo and Diane Dillon will draw readers into this fineeffort Booklist Reading level 5.9.

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      302 Monica Furlong
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    1 thought on “Wise Child

    1. There is no book central to my development as a human being than this one I can t possibly review it critically Some good points include a lovely style of guardian parenting and a true acceptance tolerance of other faiths I also appreciate that the herb references are accurate, but that s probably because I m a little nutty.

    2. Recently re read this, and found it again to be the rare kind of book that makes me want to work harder and be a better person usually only George Macdonald can do that And it is a wonderful story from an excellent writer, one whose work mainly dealt with mysticism and the lives of certain Christian mystics Furlong had a beautiful mind, and I wish she d written fiction

    3. This and Ellen Kushner s Thomas the Rhymer were hugely, HUGELY important to young me Why, WHY didn t anyone tell 1990s me about Diana Wynne Jones

    4. I heard about Monica Furlong s Wise Child from fellow goodreader Ruby Hollyberry She wrote that a friend of hers attributed this book making her a witch That s a neat as hell description of a book, and of course, I had to check it out I feel some major digressions coming on Wait, is it just gas Nah that was my dog He s a ventiloquist pooter He throws his fart stench to make it look like I did it Crafty little bugger Yep, digressions.A Books making you a witch I love that So my Cherokee great gra [...]

    5. Oh, Wise Child You are so ornery and lazy and lucky Re reading this and Juniper for the first time in several years made me wonder if they had something to do with my desire to do nothing but milk cows and spin dye wool and bake simple foods for the rest of my life Oh, and do magic Duh.But in all seriousness a quiet, calm book that I love to a ridiculous extent I fear the day my copy falls apart and I can t find a new one because it s stupidly out of print.

    6. I love this book I first read it when I was in 7th grade and my paradigm was being shaped It was a soft as new cement at the moment This book reminds me of Boulder Coaster by Acoustic Alchemy it brings back memories of nicking chamomile tea from my grandmother s cabinet, drinking it and thinking about life and such.In this book, Wise Child finds herself living with the compassionate Juniper who treats the ailments of people in a Scottish village even though they look at her with suspicion and fe [...]

    7. Wise Child, come to me, over the land and hill and sea That simple line has become a haunting sing song in my mind, and I ve been unable to forget it ever since I first read Wise Child by Monica Furlong when I was younger It is not a difficult book to read, and it s easy to get wrapped up in Wise Child s story With no one to turn to after her grandmother dies, she becomes the ward of the rud witch Juniper As she spends time with the woman, though, she learns that appearances and rumors often ha [...]

    8. I read Wise Child 15 years ago and loved it so much that I introduced it to our students and staff at our wilderness school, Hawk Circle The Wise Child books have now become a must read for just about every one that comes through our programs I especially love Juniper and her incredibly wise way of teaching and mentoring The story of Wise Child and Juniper has become so potent at our place that I ve started a Juniper Retreat where I will be teaching many of the herbal and healing skills that are [...]

    9. Wise Child has recognizably modern content but an old type of writing for a novel While it s full of good scenes, it doesn t mesh much as a single volume.Pros Author Monica Furlong manages a convincing setting in terms of locale, culture, industry, and character The main character is interesting and captures a striking feeling of truth in her narration The book is full of interesting moments, as well, with some absolutely beautiful passages in the latter half Overall, very unique.Cons It feels l [...]

    10. This was a wonderful book, making me, besides enjoying it, think about housework and religion.pp 36 37 After breakfast Juniper began to wash up the dishes, and she asked me to sweep the floor I fetched the broomstick to humor her, but I thought I d better have the housework problem out with her right away I don t like cleaning or dusting or cooking or doing dishes, or any of those things, I explained to her And I don t usually do it I find it boring, you see Everyone has to do those things, she [...]

    11. Some years ago now, my parents and I purged a bunch of my childhood books I kept some, the books I had loved and read over and over Not long ago, I went looking for the box in their garage because I wanted something from the stash, and I rediscovered the full trove I d saved, and I m grateful to my younger self It s always chancy to re read a book you loved as a child some of them lose their magic when read by one s adult self But this book isn t one of those Like Lois Lowry s A Summer to Die al [...]

    12. This is a middle grade novel for grownups Or rather, it s a novel intended for preteens that, miracle of miracles, expects a lot from its reader, and is just as rewarding at 35 as it was at 11.I read this as a kid and remember liking it, so I was expecting a fun nostalgia trip What I wasn t expecting was to enjoy it even twenty five years later The characters are still memorable, the writing excellent, the story compelling but there s a level of wisdom and thoughtfulness that had me cheering fo [...]

    13. This book was recommended to me by one of my young friends She said it was one of her favourites I think if I had read it when I was younger first, I would have put it at the top of my list too I probably would have dreamed of having a life like Wise Child.It s a lovely coming of age story A slower, softer kind of fantasy that explores how a young girl, over time, learns about witchcraft I like the authenticity of Wise Child s struggles She doesn t like the hard work, but slowly begins to see th [...]

    14. I wish I d found this when I was still little, because I think I would have absolutely adored it then Coming to it as an adult, I didn t get quite so absorbed.While I still very much enjoyed it, I didn t feel particularly connected to the text Juniper at times seemed a little too idealized, and despite the fact it was told from Wise Child s first person POV, I felt a sort of odd disconnect between the narrator s voice and the actual tale It is being told from the adult Wise Child s perspective, [...]

    15. Wise Child is abandoned by her parents and the only person in the village who offers to take her in is Juniper, the strange woman who everyone says is a witch because she isn t married, doesn t go to Mass, and heals the sick.There is beautiful imagery in this book, which is why I ve always liked it the descriptions of the colors and plants and other items are wonderful The character of Juniper seems a little too perfect, but Wise Child balances that out with her childhood stupidity I always foun [...]

    16. Hands down, all time favorite book growing up I still read it on average once or twice a year even now If you know any kids around fourth or fifth grade that somehow haven t read HP yet, get this to them first It can t compare with the blatant magic high fructose energy of HP This is a natural setting where the magic otherworldly happenings sometimes have a real explanation, but it s up the reader to decide what to believe Loves

    17. Wise Child is an endearing YA novel about a 9 year old girl who is mentored by witch named Juniper Set in ancient Briton, the novel is engaging and well written The protagonist is orphaned and then gets taken in by the wise and kind Juniper Wise Child gets taught the fine arts of herbology, magic, and witchcraft Her beautiful mother, Maeve, wants to take her back, and Wise Child is torn between being loyal to her mother and learning the art of witchcraft from Juniper There were many fine YA nove [...]

    18. wat ben ik blij dat ik dit waanzinnig mooie en goede boek eindelijk gelezen heb wat ben ik verliefd op dit verhaal, wat een talent, wat een verhaal

    19. Research gewijs opnieuw uit de kast gehaald Het valt me op hoe traag het verteld is, hoeveel pagina s er naar beschrijvingen van huis en tuin gaan Maar geen klachten daarover die stukken vind ik vaak nog het mooist.

    20. read these books a long time ago, should really read them again, I don t remember much from this series, except for the feeling they gave me Something with a cave and hunderds of herbs hanging from the ceiling of a cottage The fact they stayed with me for all these years, makes me think they should get at least 4 stars.

    21. Wise Child is the first in a young adult trilogy set in ancient Scotland The Wise Child of the title does not bear that nickname out of respect at first it s a sarcastic term for a child who thinks they know than others She s spoiled and lazy In the care of her grandmother because her father is at sea and her mother has run away to greener pastures, she finds herself out of a home when the old woman dies When the nine year old is auctioned , she finds herself taken in by Juniper, an outsider wh [...]

    22. I ve thought a lot about what I want to put in this review and keep coming up short It s hard to describe how important this book was to me as a child This, by the by, was probably my gateway book to this genre Quickly followed by Garth Nix and Tamora Pierce and Robin McKinley This book focuses on women in a way I desperately wanted to see Juniper was kind and strong and most of all MAGIC But magic in a quieter way than expected and that was so enchanting, because if she wasn t flashy with magic [...]

    23. An exquisitely well crafted novel I simply couldn t put it down It was a lovely introduction to pagan witchcraft for young readers with the right balance of light and dark aspects It managed to convey a sense of mystery and wonder, without ever becoming saccharine for an instant Furlong writes with a delightful sense of humour, and conveys a subtle sense of each character s personality, without going into belaboured descriptions I had read Juniper years ago, and although I liked it well enough t [...]

    24. Easily a 4.5There s nothing like a good story And this was a good story It s short, sweet, and has the right amount of character development that leaves you longing for just a little Reminiscent of books like The Witch of Blackbird Pond one of my absolute favorite books as a preteen and even, if I dare, to the writing of Susan Cooper if only in vibe , Wise Child really hit me in all the right places It s an older children s fantasy One that I wished I read as a child, but can appreciate as a a [...]

    25. I was completely obsessed with this book when I was little My mom read it to me, chapter by chapter, before I was really able to read chapter books I read it tons and tons of times after that It s the story of a young girl living in Scotland who is forced to live with Juniper, an enigmatic single woman The woman turns out to be a witch, who teaches Wise Child witchcraft Fun fact when I was little, I thought that Cornwall where Juniper is from was somewhere near India, mostly due to the depiction [...]

    26. An engaging story written so eloquently at moments I was moved to tears Although I wish I had known about this book when I was younger, I truly enjoyed reading this as an adult and am so thankful it was recommended to me The underlying themes in this book regarding the connection between humans, nature and animals speak so strongly to the depths of my soul Furlong painted a picture so vividly that I could easily imagine myself living with Juniper and Wise Child in their cottage in the woods gard [...]

    27. In counterpoint to my harsh review of Great Terrible, I offer up one of my all time favorite books I am open to the possibility that this book may be every bit as insufferable to my friend as her favorite was to me It is similar in may ways, a story of an outcast girl discovering her was and magic powers as well Wise child speaks to me because I identify with her moods and process than just about any character I have read The life she leads with Juniper is a secret dream of mine Love it, love i [...]

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