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إسحاق نيوتن والثورة العلمية #2020

  • Title: إسحاق نيوتن والثورة العلمية
  • Author: Gale E. Christianson مروان البواب
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 403
  • Format: None
  • إسحاق نيوتن والثورة العلمية By Gale E. Christianson مروان البواب, .

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      403 Gale E. Christianson مروان البواب
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      Published :2020-05-16T12:10:42+00:00

    1 thought on “إسحاق نيوتن والثورة العلمية

    1. The biography, Isaac Newton , by Gale E Christianson, is truly a good read The major events in Newton s life were portrayed using extremely evocative words, making his life story play like a movie in my mind Newton s life as a legendary scientist, or natural philosopher , intrigued me a lot and showed me a side of Newton I had never anticipated It saddened me I didn t know that Newton, considered a respectable member of the Royal Society of London, indirectly led a young scientist, Gottfried Wil [...]

    2. Most excellent As an avid reader of old texts, Newton believed in a concept called the prisca sapientia, or wisdom of the ancients, a doctrine popular among certain scholars during the Renaissance This doctrine held that the great truths of nature had been known to some of the most brilliant and morally upright thinkers of the dis tant past Such thinkers included the Greek philosophers Plato and Democritus, the medieval scholars Albertus Magnus, Arnold of Villanova, and Roger Bacon, as well as s [...]

    3. This book is called Isaac Newton, and it is by Gale E Christianson This book is all about Sir Isaac Newton and how he became one of the best scientists of all time He is known for his influence One of his famous quotes was There is no such thing as failure, there is only neutral and exceeding expectations He is said to be one of the most influential scientists who ever walked on the face of the planet.Isaac was a English mathematician, astronomer, and physicist who not only worked on the science [...]

    4. Issac newton is considered by many to be the greatest genius of all time, he revealed the nature of light allowing us to explore the universe He enabled us to calculate motion and predict change and distilled the force that unites the whole universe into a precise mathematical formula Issac newton was also a complex, difficult and secretive man Newton denied that god was trinity, he had studied the bible thoroughly than any scientific question and he concluded that false texts had been inserted [...]

    5. This is an excellent digest version of the life of Newton, well suited to the reader who wants to know about the remarkable scientist but feels no need for extreme detail I learned quite a bit.

    6. One never tires.This individual is without question the pinnacle of the human intellect Working alone during the so called annus mirabilis , the clockwork of nature has never been exposed by one man, so reassuringly and in so much detail I never tire of reading Newton at his full cerebral prowess and can fully understand the people who lived and knew Newton thought he was a living God Great read as an introduction to this true genius.

    7. Isaac Newton And the Scientific Revolution , Gale E Christianson is about the life of Isaac Newton Christianson shows Newton s thoughts methods and accomplishments in the course of a 147 page book Some of the accomplishments that Christianson highlights is Newton s laws of gravity, his theories on light, his creation of the first telescope and much Newton s very interesting life is shown through out this book as well, starting with his birth to his lonely, tragic childhood, to the days of his i [...]

    8. Perhaps one of the best Christmas presents ever given to the world would have to be the birth of little Isaac Newton on Christmas morning of 1642 Newton, it seems, was always somewhat odd A loner However, he never knew his father and his mother left him when he was just three years old, so you usually get out what you put in With Isaac the world got mathematical calculus, frustrated forays into alchemy,the force of gravity as well as a new insight into the structure of light Not bad for a reclus [...]

    9. In the words of Statler Waldorf, It was short I loved it Newton was smart as shit, a control freak, and an asshole I am happy I learned the other side to the man behind the myth It s unbelievable how great the lengths he would go to in order to be given credit, beyond just finding the truth behind the science Now, if only I could go back to my physics days and understand it all, and how he derived the theory with 17th century tools This was an easy read, concise enough for a half day reading.

    10. Talk about passion Isaac is a personality that I will never forget He illustrated the extreme passionate life Are his accomplishments worth the very life he had to devote He could not find a release from his research it was all or nothing We all need to understand the passion and dedication that very special people have to invest for accomplishment The other view is, did Isaac have to basically give up any sort of life to make his scientific achievements the discoveries may have come to him if h [...]

    11. This book managed to introduce me in Newton s life Since I didn t know much about him before, it helped, but many of the details and info s were based on suppositions It had just enough Newton theories to convince me he was a genius without losing me in the forest of physics It s mostly for the non initiated, the things you find out from a Discovery documentary.

    12. Decent introductory on the man s life, seemed like a fair take on most of the big issues Especially liked the open treatment of his behavior as head of the Treasury and using his position to end a rivalry with death.

    13. A great book with insightful views on Newton s life It does feel a little rushed though, almost like watching a documentary in fast forward The last few pages left me almost emotional by realizing what an incredible person Newton was It s worth a read.

    14. Where does genius come from I was curious about Newton so this was an interesting book Took a while to read.

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