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Human Blend #2020

Human Blend Marion Virginia seemed like a nice place to live a normal life but she is not a normal girl Laney has special abilities that keep her looking over her shoulder as she makes her escape from the men w

  • Title: Human Blend
  • Author: Lori Pescatore
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Human Blend By Lori Pescatore, Marion, Virginia seemed like a nice place to live a normal life, but she is not a normal girl Laney has special abilities that keep her looking over her shoulder as she makes her escape from the men who had kidnapped her A young doctor s interest is piqued when he witnesses her mysteriously curing a young child s illness He befriends her due to his growing fascination wMarion, Virginia seemed like a nice place to live a normal life, but she is not a normal girl Laney has special abilities that keep her looking over her shoulder as she makes her escape from the men who had kidnapped her A young doctor s interest is piqued when he witnesses her mysteriously curing a young child s illness He befriends her due to his growing fascination with uncovering the true nature of her abilities, but not without harboring secrets of his own Laney s budding relationship with a local boy puts both of them in danger when the men she was hiding from find her All of their lives will change forever as ancient secrets become unearthed DRM Free Be sure to read Earth Blend the sequel to Human Blend Terminal Blend, the final in the trilogy, is due out Summer 2012.

    • [KINDLE] ✓ Human Blend | by ✓ Lori Pescatore
      Lori Pescatore

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    1. Laney Julie is a beautiful young woman with extraordinary gifts that set her apart from others The mystery as to how or why she came to possess these special abilities is yet to be uncovered Haunted by terrible flashbacks and memories of suffering at the hands of her captors, she moves to a small Virginia town hoping to start a new life But will she find peace without ever looking over her shoulder again Upon her arrival Julie is befriended by an irresistible young man, Austin His biggest dream [...]

    2. when reviewing any work, you must consider many factors, including genre, the author s viewpoint, choice of writing style, and his her intention of what they want to bring to the reader, as well as entertainment value this author s viewpoint and intentions were clear, concise, open, honest and delivered with a precision that is rare in new writers we start with a young woman who is on the run, but we don t know what she s running from she tries to begin a new life in a new town she seeks normalc [...]

    3. If anyone is bored to death by reading supernatural fiction consisting only of vampires and werewolves and is planning to be done with this genre, Human Blend is The book for them, the book that will make them change their minds If you are looking for a new breed of supernatural creatures to lose yourself into, again, Human Blend is the book for you.Human Blend is a story about a sixteen year old runaway Laney, who later changes her name to Julie Miller to hide her true identity from the people [...]

    4. Laney looks 16, but is quite a bit older you see, she does not age normally She also has remarkable abilities the ability to heal and the ability to foresee numbers The latter ability makes her very valuable to the men who forcibly took her from her father at a young age and have held her ever since.Now she has escaped them, and in her new life as Julie Miller, an 18 year old, she finds herself in Marion, Virginia, where she meets a boy named Austin Dorsett, and gets a volunteer position at a lo [...]

    5. A runaway with special abilities A young girl with a difficult life An unfortunate child with a dark, mysterious past This is a story of a girl named Laney, who arrives at a small town in Virginia, bearing a new identity as Julie Miller , in hope that she will stand a chance to start a brand new life and experience some levels of normalcy Despite her own fear that everything she feels will just be temporary, she cannot help being attracted to a local college student, Austin Dorsett, and their re [...]

    6. Human Blend was far better than I was expecting.Laney Julie is on the run from the men that stole her from her family Stopping to rest in a small town that catches her eye she decided to stay when she meets a local boy and realises that she might have a chance at a normal life.Laney needs to stay hidden so she assumes the new identity of Julie Miller when she arrives in the small town of Marion Laney Julie isn t just a normal girl though, she has powers that let her see numbers meaning she ll ne [...]

    7. An Entertaining Paranormal Suspense4 STARSI recently ran across the blurb for this book on one of the conversation threads The story concept was appealing and I was looking for a light, fun read with a little romance and a little mystery Julie, the protagonist, is a special young woman who has some very special abilities As the book opens she has just moved into a new town, is scared, but determined to make a new life for herself She had recently managed an escape from the thugs who had kept her [...]

    8. Laney escapes from a life where she has been used by others for their own personal gain Having escaped as far away as possible, Laney, now Julie Miller, finally gets to experience the life she never had before She is immediately befriended by two individuals Austin, a teen who soon becomes than just a friend, and Eli, a doctor who is fascinated and intrigued by her supernatural abilities She finds a job as a volunteer at a local hospital and develops numerous great relationships, however, Laney [...]

    9. Human Blend was a little sci fi than I usually read However, it caught my attention from the very beginning and there was never a point where my attention was lost Laney Julie, the heroine, is being hunted by the bad guys who kidnapped her as a child and used her special abilities for their own ends She makes her way to small town Marion, VA where she meets some strange yet interesting characters, Eli, a doctor without a heartbeat, Marcus, another doctor who seems to be just like her and may ho [...]

    10. Giving away an author signed copy to readers ages 18 and older here fireandicephoto 23.5 stars I have really mixed feelings about this book From the beginning the relationships seemed WAY too rushed until you find out a little tidbit of info near the end However, there were several points during my read that I almost put the book away and didn t finish due to content I really wouldn t want my teen reading this book While pitched as YA fiction with 18 year old main characters, I think it is writt [...]

    11. Laney s gifts have her running scared from a man that uses her to benefit his pocket book After creating a new identity, which she calls Julie Miller, she starts fresh in the small town of Marion, Virgina Her only hope is that she will finally be safe.Battling the darkness of her past and the many questions she has about herself, she sets out to live a normal life Right away she meets Austin, who shows her around Marion She gets a volunteer job at the local hospital, reuniting with her passion f [...]

    12. Human Blend was so intriguing I was wrapped up in it as soon as the story started All the characters were well developed and fun to read about.Julie was so amazing Who would think that a girl trying to run away from her past would still have the capacity to care for other people Her experiences didn t hold her back from making her own new life and this made her a wonderful lead.I really loved Eli too His protectiveness was endearing to me and he had such great chemistry with Julie Austin was gre [...]

    13. Lori takes her new story, Human Blend, in a fresh new direction She introduces a new character concept to the Paranormal community Her heroine, Julie Laney, is a very special and confused young lady She is in possession of special abilities that she herself does not understand, but some very bad people covet All she wants is a normal life This book takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster as Julie Laney learns to lead a normal life, and learns to trust and love again It is full of action [...]

    14. I had first gave Human Blend 4 stars, even though I wanted to give it 4 1 2 now I m changeing it to five even though I still say 4 1 2 This is because I refuse to take away a star for things so minor when truth be told, I very much enjoyed this book The story was very well thought out and the plot extreemly different than other books I have read The end left me hopefull for a 2nd soon I hope Alot of new things were introduced in this that I found interesting.

    15. Human Blend is an exciting, suspenseful tale that will keep you guessing And Laney Julie is a strong, resourceful heroine I am looking forward to the next book by Lori Pescatore.

    16. Just when everyone starts grousing that paranormal has been done to death and there s nothing else to explore, along comes something new Human Blend by Lori Pescatore introduces a new breed of supernatural being to readers, one that s fresh, exciting, and unique Pescatore builds suspense over what kind of beings her characters are by delaying full revelations until later in the novel.Human Blend starts with an eighteen year old named Laney on the run While not really eighteen, she ages slowly, s [...]

    17. This book turned out to be something quite unexpected I was ready for a YA paranormal read, but usually that sticks to the line of fairies, shifters, vampires, and the like Lori Pescatore s take on YA fiction was certainly something that I hadn t read before I am a sci fi and fantasy fan as well, but am used to those books being written well within the lines of their respective genres This book is a fantastic blend of both genres.I ll try to explain my view without giving too much away The lead [...]

    18. More like a 4.5Laney s been used her entire life, but her escape allows her to live for the first time In a new town, with a new name, Laney, now Julie Miller finally gets to experience the life she never had before She finds a job, meets friends, and even finds herself a boyfriend, but all of that could slip through her fingers if her pursuers catch up with her And let s face it, pursuers don t give up that easily.Lori Pescatore s self published novel is a thrilling mystery with a paranormal tw [...]

    19. I thought Laney s abilities were rather cool And later on in the book when the reader, and Laney herself, discovers why she has the abilities she does, that was neat, too There are exciting things that happen in the plot, a lot of characters with unique skills that make them interesting to read So while I liked the concept of the book, I had a hard time reading it because I thought the characters were underdeveloped and acted in ways that made no sense to me For example Laney is hiding from an e [...]

    20. 4 1 2 starsLaney has had a terrifying and mysterious past Kidnapped from her father and used and abused by evil men because of her unique abilities, she has escaped to a small town in Virginia to begin a new life as Julie Miller Still plagued by broken memories of her traumas, she s determined to live a normal life and, although terrified to form close relationships for fear of exposing others to harm by the pursuers who have found her before, she is unable to ignore the kindness and charm of lo [...]

    21. Human Blend is a type of book that I would never thought of reading because it is different from what I usually read However, I gave this book a chance and LOVED it Laney has been running away from the guys that had captured her for a long time She is now on the loose, so she changes her name to a Julie Miller to try to live a normal life But how normal is she when she can do things not many people could do Laney has some special powers she was borned with She knew little of what she could do an [...]

    22. I did not know what to think going into this book The book has an interesting cover and a unique plot that keep me interested.Human Blend is about Laney Julie who has a combination of unusual abilities She was kidnapped as a child so she s never been taught how to use her abilities, where they came from, or exactly what they are All she knows is to do whatever she is told to stay alive She has tried several times to escape, but each time they find her, anyone that has come in contact with her or [...]

    23. Review posted on mundiemoms 2.5 Stars From the beginning Human Blend seemed very interesting and original I was really enjoying the story and I liked the main character a lot, but it kind of changed for me about four chapters in It became a little bit of a struggle to get used to the writing, it changed from just one point of view to several all of a sudden I found that even though the storyline intrigued me I kept getting distracted by little flaws in the writing here and there, some of the sen [...]

    24. This book had a catchy title, a promising synopsis, and an interesting promise of science and healing The major problem, however, was the writing.Had this book been written by a mature writer, I would have raved and gushed over it As it is now, however, I am reluctant to buy its sequel because I cringed as I made my way through the pages Much of the book was telling instead of showing, with choppy sentence structure, characters that were so close to being rounded that it made you cringe with th [...]

    25. I really enjoyed Human Blend I am so glad the author contacted me to review this, as it would have gone completely under my radar otherwise The cover is nothing special and would have never caught my eye, but inside hides a fast paced and thrilling story The protagonist, Laney, has lived almost her whole life in captivity, forced to use her mysterious healing powers and her ability to see numbers to aid a group of criminals She has finally escaped to a small inconspicuous town and is trying to f [...]

    26. Julie as a character was really fun to read She was a strong girl with a strong personality and knew how to take care of her self She also had a love for helping people which I thought was great With everything going on in her life all she wanted to do was lead a normal life and help the people around her.When Julie comes to the town of Marion, she never intended to meet Austin He immediately is drawn to Julie As Austin and Julie become friends, it becomes apparent to Julie that she is getting t [...]

    27. I have learned that some great stories come in the form of self published material This would be one of them.Human Blend is the story of Julia, otherwise known as Laney in her previous settings, and her struggle to be normal With abilities that far surpass that of a normal human she knows she is different despite her lack of knowledge about her true capabilities or her origin Laney finds a fresh start as Julia after she finds herself wanting to settle in a small town She has a rule of not gettin [...]

    28. Ever since Laney was a little girl , she has had powers and once others develop an awareness , it s not safe for her any This part reminded me a bit of Smallville when they put the boy who Clark Kent befriended in Season One in an institution as of course , people with special powers are seen as abnormalities When Laney decides enough is enough, she decides to escape to the smalltown of Marion, Virginia Home of Mountain Dew All set with cash and a new identity as Julie Miller, she is set to star [...]

    29. I was hooked early with the underlying, back story suspense which began on page one Then, I became simply enthralled with the characters and the present mystery surrounding them all while hints of the back story continued to rear its ugly head For most of the book, the paranormal elements were so subtle, yet completely understood I believe the settings had a lot to do with that early on Eventually, Ms Pescatore let me in on exactly what the characters were, and I am not too proud to admit that I [...]

    30. My thoughtsAuthor Lori Pescatore is a fresh face in the world of paranormal authors She introduces readers to an exciting new world of mysterious beings Human Blend is a very original story of a girl who is hiding from her past The heroine Laney, changes her identity and tries to make a new life in a small town in Virgina Unfortunately for her, this is not as easy as it sounds Laney has the special ability to heal illness and pain in others Her character is very multi dimensional I noticed a ver [...]

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