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And This Is Laura #2020

And This Is Laura The twelve year old member of a family of overachievers wishes she were special in some way too Then she discovers she possesses psychic ability

  • Title: And This Is Laura
  • Author: Ellen Conford
  • ISBN: 9780316153546
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • And This Is Laura By Ellen Conford, The twelve year old member of a family of overachievers wishes she were special in some way too Then she discovers she possesses psychic ability.

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      169 Ellen Conford
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    1 thought on “And This Is Laura

    1. Laura is boring Laura is plain Laura is average Laura has ES FUCKING P This is why the book about her rather her popular, overachieving siblings They can t give you tomorrow s winning lotto numbers

    2. I read this book in middle school, and I found it again at St Vincent De Paul Loved it Laura feels that she s ordinary She gets straight As in school, but feels that isn t enough Her sister, Jill, bowls and has been in every high school play Brother Douglas is on the debate team and plays piano Dennis, the youngest, is counting to a million and recites commercials And This is Laura the title comes from Laura, who worries that when she is introduced, that her mother and or father will introduce h [...]

    3. Fast paced and fun, this doesn t plow any new ground The protagonist is the only person in a large family who feels talentless, until she realizes she s got a Gift she can see the future It s a super quick read, and engaging throughout.

    4. Childhood favorite, to reread Reminded me of Paula Danzinger, good hud, not so dry or so New York, functional families.

    5. As Laura copes with her family, she just stands in the background, not sharing the popularity of her own bloodYou see, in Laura s family, they have great, cool talents that others are very fond of Whereas Laura is just announced as that only And this is Laura that s it Not like her siblings or even her parentsBut as time comes, filled with yearning to at least be an ounce extra ordinary, she finally gets her wish She gets an excellent talent, however quite weird it is s only later on that she fi [...]

    6. Found a paper back in a donation box and read for comfort I loved Conford s works as a middle school student, and find that they are still great realistic fiction choices, with little twists I would like to find in updated versions today They are definitely dated, with references and lifestyles that are not reflective of a world 40 years after publication Butgh Love

    7. Another great choice for reissue from Lizzie Skurnick I really didn t think I had read this as a kid until I got to the part about the little brother s pith helmet unless there s another book from this era with a kid brother and a pith helmet, because I remembered nothing else about this But I remember having no idea what a pith helmet was.

    8. I just finished this today, and I remembered why I loved this so much as a kid It says something about Ellen Conford that I read her book in 1988 and in 2008 holy crap, 20 years later and still enjoyed it It s up for grabs if anyone wants to read it It ll take you less than a day to read, trust me.

    9. One of my favorite Ellen Conford novels, which I ve read many times since I was a kid Even though the main character is twelve, and just started junior high, she s smart, witty and hilarious Her motley and multi talented family members add a lot of flavor, and her quest to stand out among them makes for a fun read.

    10. I haven t read this in forever may have to check it out again , but this was the story that started my love for fantasyeven so than The Wizard of Oz I love how Laura is a normal girl with one extraordinary quality A good, good book.

    11. Loved this book A girl with psychic powers developing at the onset of pubertyI could relate So happy to finally remember the name of this book, it s stayed with me all these years Ellen Conford is a wonderful writer

    12. A bit of a stretch with the whole psychic angle and a 12 year old girl discovering her powers.It wasn t outstanding literature, but I enjoyed it When I was between the ages of about 10 14 the supernatural type of stuff fascinated me I would have LOVED this book back then.

    13. One of my favorite Lizzie Skurnick books so far I read this as a kid and liked it as an adult I appreciated the non saccharin warmth of it.

    14. I m rather surprised that people rate this as high as they do It wasn t horrible, but it wasn t all that great, either I found it a bit boring.

    15. Laura dislikes being the only ordinary member of the family Then she discovers she has psychic powers and getss visions of the future Grades 4

    16. Cute, compulsively readable story about a girl who wants to stand out in a family full of exceptional children Ellen Conford is just the best.

    17. Not sure if this is one of the first Ellen Conford books I read, but definitely one of my favorite.Okay so they re all my favorite, actually What s your point

    18. One of my favorite books during the tween teen years loved its message about how we are all extraordinary, even when we think we re not I ve always remembered it

    19. Constance, it occurs to me that this hasn t come up previously in our ongoing discussion titled Books Where They Put On a Play.

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