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A Marriage at His Convenience #2020

A Marriage at His Convenience The ideal husband if only it were for realAmber s multimillionaire Greek boyfriend Lucas Karadines informed her that he was getting married to someone else Five years later Amber has put Lucas behi

  • Title: A Marriage at His Convenience
  • Author: Jacqueline Baird
  • ISBN: 9780733589898
  • Page: 243
  • Format: None
  • A Marriage at His Convenience By Jacqueline Baird, The ideal husband if only it were for realAmber s multimillionaire Greek boyfriend, Lucas Karadines, informed her that he was getting married to someone else.Five years later, Amber has put Lucas behind her until she inherits half his company Lucas, who s now single again, knows the only way to keep control is for him to marry Amber But how can she consider mThe ideal husband if only it were for realAmber s multimillionaire Greek boyfriend, Lucas Karadines, informed her that he was getting married to someone else.Five years later, Amber has put Lucas behind her until she inherits half his company Lucas, who s now single again, knows the only way to keep control is for him to marry Amber But how can she consider marrying him at his convenience when, five years before, she was worthy only of being his mistress

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      243 Jacqueline Baird
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    1 thought on “A Marriage at His Convenience

    1. Hero and heroine get together in what she thinks is a relationship Really he s just keeping her as his mistress.Heroine lives with one of the hero s relatives, and his boyfriend Hero thinks that she s really a slut but hasn t had a chance to exercise her slutty tendencies living with two gay men So sure she was a virgin when he slept with her, but only through lack of opportunity.Hero is going to marry a good little virgin girl who s going to stay at home and be the perfect wife and give him goo [...]

    2. Letters to SantaDear Santa,I m an aging Greek hero and this is what I want A hot virgin mistress who still has sex with me after I dump her.A virgin fianc e who helps me seal a business deal and make my dying father happy This fianc e should turn out to not be a virgin with a drug habit To get rid of her, I want her to divorce me for her rehab doctor.A hot only had sex with me second wife who has sex with me even before I explain myself or even try to grovel.This hot only had sex with me second [...]

    3. Typical Jacqueline Baird fare with a bona fide douchebag H and a beautiful na ve h who just cannot tell him to FO at least not effectively I picked up this book in my rubbernecking mode, as I enjoy a good trainwreck now and then, and the bad reviews were persuasive So yes, while I was getting and revolted by the minute, I just couldn t put this book down His grovel cannot be called satisfactory as he did behave quite unforgivably imo but he did turn into a new smitten leaf in the last quarter. [...]

    4. I know everybody hates this one but srsly peeps a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do to get her some, the poor thing was withering under the lash of celibacy and wanted at least one time before death it wasn t like the HP fairy was going to bring her anybody else Remember this is HPlandia and HP rules apply she was a virgin, she was dumped, she had no hope of new romance the girl was normal in her drives too, so I totally get she had to take the lurve club while it was available, I supp [...]

    5. Paix o Inesquec vel Bianca Dupla 775.2 portuguese edition paperback The hero kicks to curb our heroine as yesterday s trash and marry another The other woman would be the perfect woman for him to marry and he considered the heroine unworthy of being his wife and mother of his children A real prick.She discovers that he s marrying someone else at a party where our heroine is presented to the bride to be He didn t even finish the relationship with her and he is already with another woman It was a [...]

    6. The worst book by this author I actually felt embarrassed as a woman because this female had no shame or pride for herself Will never read this awful degrading book again

    7. Let me get this straight years earlier, he dumps you in public as he announces his engagement to little Miss Perfect Virgin Wife apparently forgetting the fact that you were a virgin when he made love to you for the first time Smashes your heart to smithereens as he deems you not marriage material and you have to be around the happy couple as she s preggers with the child you wanted Now, he has to have you cause his life was empty and he s a tad disallusioned Uh huhre.Kiss myOkay Let me finish t [...]

    8. Proving everything that is sick and wrong with the virgin heroine, abusive hero trope It is not romantic when a woman gives her virginity to a man who is using her for sex and treats her like garbage, it is disgusting and abusive His coldness, vicious treatment, the way he broke up with her and flaunted a fianc in front of her face was not just cruelis hero was actually a mentally disturbed sociopath Core story is a virgin heroine celibate for years but treated like a whore and left for another [...]

    9. This was a quick read I found the blurb to be very interesting I was hoping for a fiesty h and a groveling H Unfortunately I got neither.The author did a really good job of portraying the angst and emotional aspects of the story The H is a real bastard His treatment of the h was ruthless I don t have a problem with that if there is sufficient groveling and the h doesn t just fall into line with him I found myself being irritated with the h because she made things way too easy for the H In the en [...]

    10. This is really a two star but I upped it because of the angsty goodness at the beginning Man, it was very heart wrenching reading about Amber realizing that Lucas, the man she loved, was marrying another woman, one he claims to love The two star comes from the fact that Lucas was a total ass in the beginning of this book He treated Amber horribly My goodness, he ripped her heart out and barely apologizes for it in the end He says, I know I hurt you but really He should ve been on his knees beggi [...]

    11. This would be a one star if I based it on the H or even the usual gripe about no grovel If ever an H needed to grovel, crawl over hot coals for forgiveness, this guy is it And if ever an h needed to grow a pair, she was it His assumption he only had to kiss her and she would give in was an insult to her pride, her self esteem But that s exactly what she did time and time again, though she talked tough that s all it was So much hot air.Yet, the angst and the cruelty kept me hooked WowI must have [...]

    12. I re read this last night and yet again couldn t put it down JB can really write some cruel, ruthless heroes, but she doesn t always quite manage to show how much in love the hero is with the heroine Not showing that he suffered because he missed the heroine and realised his mistake makes it harder for me to forgive his behavior I gave this book four stars because it made me go through a roller coaster of emotions and it is memorable I love it and I hate it

    13. I hate you Amber After the way that bastard left her she should have payed a really good psychiatrist or something to get over it and never fall into his trap but then after those 5 years she falls easily but instead of showing backbone she becomes some bitchy creature that I hate even .

    14. the hero is an S.O.B the heroine, at least at first, isn t a doormat what is with these heroines staying chaste for 5 or years, especially when the hero dumps them for other, suitable ha ha women

    15. Story line from the back cover The ideal husband if only it were for realAmber s multimillionaire Greek boyfriend, Lucas Karadines, informed her that he was getting married to someone else.Five years later, Amber has put Lucas behind her until she inherits half his company Lucas, who s now single again, knows the only way to keep control is for him to marry Amber But how can she consider marrying him at his convenience when, five years before, she was worthy only of being his mistress I am a big [...]

    16. ABSOLUTELY AWFULSPOILERSAmber and Lucas had been seeing one another for a year She s in love with him, she thinks he s in love with her, but she s stupid, and gets stupid as the story progresses Then without telling her he gets engaged to another woman When confronted by Amber he tells her the girl he s marrying is suitable as wife material He marries the new woman but the marriage only lasts 5 years He then goes back and blackmails Amber into marrying him He also lets Amber believe his first [...]

    17. Eww the heroine was a cold vicious bitch I hated her with a passion and for once I thought the other woman was a decent woman who didn t deserve such contempt and criticism by the bitchy hypocritical heroine No wonder I avoid this author.

    18. Either you love this one or you hate it I am in the minority of those who like this one The H is a huge jerk and sees things in black and white especially in how he thinks things are and or should be When he dumps h in the most arrogant callous manner, she retaliates view spoiler she cuts the crotch out of all his business suits hide spoiler While trying to live up to his Greek heritage, his father s expectations, etc H marries a young, virginal Greek heiress H did not anticipate h finding out t [...]

    19. There are various of romance stories but this book has an interesting plot which attracts me when i first read it I love how this story starts and the flow keeps going I just love the woman character here and also the man these two tell me indirectly lots of things It d be even better if the story has complicated problems and plots so it has long plot and words I just wish that Harlequin Presents has longer stories and make the stories continuing from this part to another part because we know [...]

    20. This is a book.For a full review, please go to mlleelizabethoklikes GoodReads s policies no longer comply with my review policy Therefore my reviews will be posted at BookLikes going forward Thank you for following my reviews here I hope to continue discussing books with you on BookLikes.

    21. This is exactly the sort of book that we ladies should pray is never used as an indicator of a woman s feelings I admit that I have read than my fair share of Harlequin novels, and by this author as well, but this is a book that struck me as harsh.Harlequin books have always been a guilty pleasure, a quickie on a weekday night when I don t have the patience to start resume anything else And thanks to my cravings, I ve read most of the plots offered by MB Yup Read em all.But this book is honestl [...]

    22. the book was definitely a 5 star at the beginning bcoz then amber had a backbone and it was so good so entertaining it lost one star when the story continued 5 years later amber dear what happened u gave in so easily u want a 2nd chance after the abominable way he treated u u gave him ur best ur virginity ur love n he pissed on u just a whore he usedt good enough 2 be his wife he even had the knack 2 present u 2 his ideal future little wife then after 5 years he wants u backbcoz he was disillusi [...]

    23. A Marriage of his convenience I really want to than like the book It is well written and it has all the elements that tugs my heartstrings I m not so sure he was worthy of redemption I just can t get over that part He reduced her to state that even the scraps of his affection was something she could settle with The betrayal spanned 5yrs and I think to that point he should have been man enough to leave her be I didn t think he had a strong reason or rather excuse for his behavior.

    24. this book was soo bad that it deserves negative marking hero is a dirt bag and heroine is plain stupid doormat with no self respect.ey deserve one another I can t believe that the author has the audacity to call this a romance

    25. The whole book could be summed into this statement The hero was an idiot, not just an idiot, an absolute idiot He spent over three years regretting his decision and then he lied, cheated and manipulated to get the heroine back for he realized he loved her.

    26. I m calling this one crazy old school even though it s newer because of the plot If you re looking for an asshat hero and a whackadooddle plot this one is for you.

    27. I didn t enjoy this book I felt most of it was rather disjointed and the two characters spent an inordinate amount of time having sex It was like they built their relationship upon sex rather than mutual respect and love And when it came right to the end, I really really could not see the love both of them claimed to feel It seemed to me to be something like lust Or rather, purely lust.This is one of the rare books where I dislike both the main characters Lucas was a not very nice person To put [...]

    28. Mientras le a esta novela, me atravesaron muchos sentimientos Ganas de matar y de insultar a los protagonistas, principalmente, y luego de put3ar con ganas a J Baird por hacer a una mujer TAN TAN sumisa y est pida.El argumento es una porquer a Amber est enamorada de un griego con el cual convive que la quiere embarazada y descalza en la cocina, pero ella es una empresaria que quiere seguir as hasta tener un hijo Entonces, l decide que ella no es material de esposa y aunque fue virgen deduce que [...]

    29. Lucas and Amber Lucas is a douche bag I didn t feel that he redeemed himself by the end It seemed like the author thought we should feel sorry for him, but no, as far as I m concerned he made his bed and he can lie in it Lucas had an affair with Amber many years ago But his father was dying and he didn t think that Amber was wife material because she liked sex with him too much, despite her being a virgin when they first met So he dumps her to marry, what he thought was a good little wifey, but [...]

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