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Desert Places #2020

Desert Places Novelist Andrew Thomas finds his peaceful life transformed into a nightmare by a mysterious killer who has framed him for the murder of a young woman whose body is buried on his property covered in A

  • Title: Desert Places
  • Author: Blake Crouch
  • ISBN: 9780312934781
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • Desert Places By Blake Crouch, Novelist Andrew Thomas finds his peaceful life transformed into a nightmare by a mysterious killer who has framed him for the murder of a young woman whose body is buried on his property, covered in Andrew s blood, and who threatens to turn Andrew over to the police unless he does what his unknown adversary wants A first novel Reprint.

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      Blake Crouch

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    1. BEFORE WAYWARD PINES THERE WAS DESERT PLACES What did Keats say It s beauty Not just pretty truth We have black hearts, but they re beautiful When Andrew Z Thomas receives a bizarre letter in his mailbox explaining that there is a dead girl buried on his property, soaked in his blood, he at first thinks it is a prank being perpetrated by one of his fans He is a horror writer and used to receivingunusualletters, but this one was different After several stages of smirking at the audacity and shive [...]

    2. This is the fifth book I ve read by Blake Crouch and the only one that s taken me than a few days to read, for reasons I can t quite ascertain The story is told from a first person perspective, which I m not a big fan of mainly because of the restrictions and if the character irks you, well, you re stuck with the idiot Luckily, it worked out okay in this instance Although, the antagonist was charismatic than the protagonist Well, of an interesting character, anyway.When suspense author Andrew [...]

    3. Excellent book Raw, taut, suspenseful, shocking, fast paced, terrifying, thrilling, unpredictable, intense and seriously disturbing I stayed up all night reading it so I could finish I gave myself a huge headache but it was well worth it I ve been hoping there d be a sequel, that s how good it was.It s earned a rare 5 stars from me PS Forgot to say, this is one of the most violent and disturbing books If you can t handle serious violence and deeply disturbing situations, then don t read this boo [...]

    4. Warning Spoiler Alert Read at your own risk Andrew has some serious skeletons in his family closet Well, at least one His twin brother Orson vanished years ago Now, he s back He has been a busy boy since his disappearance and wants to get reacquainted with his brother Evidently, calling and grabbing a bite of lunch was too easy Unless, of course, it was going to be liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti Ahhhh, the joys of family They were so close when they were kids Like peas and carrots [...]

    5. Blake Crouch could extract flop sweat from a cold stone He delves into some of the darkest playgrounds imaginable, the type most readers peruse and find themselves questioning the author s morals I took my sweet ass time getting through the first 25% of this book, not because the writing or story were bad, but because I read before I go to bed What I m getting at is, I read to relax, but a racing pulse does not a sound sleeper make Once I hit the end of the first section of this book, I couldn t [...]

    6. 3.5 RatingI recently read The Pines by Blake Crouch and was that impressed I immediately bought Desert Places Locked Doors from the Andrew Z Thomas series.Desert Places was his debut novel written some eight years before Pines and brings us into the world of a successful psychological thriller writer who suddenly has the tension and horror of what he writes about bought very much to reality.Andrew Thomas has all the trappings of a success, a lakeside property, no shortage of money, friends and a [...]

    7. Pretty crazy and violent tale about a novelist who receives a letter informing him that he has a body buried on his property, with his blood on it and his missing paring knife is the murder weapon.Aaaaand we re off Blake Crouch can sure write a thriller I was glued to the pages of his Pines series, and after that I was sure I d read of him and here I am at his first novel.For a first novel this is impressive stuff While most people probably wouldn t have bought into Andrew s way of doing things [...]

    8. I read Abandon by this author and absolutely loved it Really really did not like this one Please please give me any reason at all why he didn t just call the cops when he got the note Please please give me any reason at all why he went to see if the body were really there and then when it was why he dug it up HONESTLY Is this guy a moron or what I never did like him because he was so stupid Everything he did was stupid and he never had a good reason for any of it I thought there was going to be [...]

    9. I m stopping right here page 113 because this story just got REALLY sick and I need to be able to sleep at night The only thing that would prompt me to continue reading any of this is the fact that Blake Crouch is such an excellent writer, and I got drawn in in spite of myself Darn it, I want to know what happens to Andrew in the end I may have to break my cardinal rule and peek at the last page Maybe someday but not today.

    10. This was of a 3.5 star book I picked this up hearing that he is a good friend of J.A Konrath and figured it had to be good.which it was, just not nearly as much as J.A in my opinion Now dont get me wrong, I can get into the dark side of books describing murder in detail, gore, etc , however I felt like I had to go to Confession after finishing this book I guess with a lot of books in this genre, the author comes across as knowing the back story, yet it reads like a suspenseful novel and keeps t [...]

    11. LOL Blake Crouch seems to have a particular writing style that he excels at If you can suspend disbelief for a while his books are insanely entertaining I m not sure if he was an only child or took some mad drugs or what but his imagination is really out there This book was no exception.Author Andy Thomas has his life turned upside down by a strange demand from an unknown person He is to travel to Denver without telling anyone or he will be framed for murder There are bodies buried in his proper [...]

    12. I really thought hoped this would end up going a different direction Alas, no I might read the next two, but not right away It was good, though.

    13. I read this one as an ebook which I hate reading I use the app on my iPad and it has a terrible glare during the day and at night I find it too bright even with the screen brightness turned down I want to start out by giving Blake Crouch praise for another amazing book He is extremely talented He writes with such clarity that I can vividly picture the scene I am reading sometimes it s a little stomach turning This books takes you on a wild ride It s about an author named Andrew Thomas and his ps [...]

    14. Desert Places was my first Blake Crouch read and it was enough to make me want to track down and read everything else by him I am always overjoyed to discover a new horror thriller writer that actually has writing skills This book was full of interests that most horror fans seem to have One of these is how would you react if someone sent you a note saying that there is a dead body buried on your property and they can make one phone call to the police to put you away for a very long time if you d [...]

    15. Terrifying concept and had me on the edge of my seat for awhile At one point, the interaction with Luther in a bar is limited to a vague sentence and it s pretty much a pivotal moment so I didn t really care for that was kind of anti climactic for me from there on out but still enjoyable.

    16. Desert Places is an engaging read until 3 4 of the way through the book, which is where it goes off the rails in ways that brings the whole experience down.Blake Crouch is magnificent at pacing Desert Places wastes no time in getting to its hook and plot, and once there, it barrels through, escalating the situation in an exciting read that was hard to put down I devoured this book quickly than I ve finished any book in some time.However, much like a summer blockbuster, sometimes that excitement [...]

    17. What can I say, this book will entice and grab you by the collar or whatever, it s fast and delightful and sick and furious, by 59% I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack from this story, I was actually shivering like a drunk snow man when I walked into my kitchen and told my boyfriend what I was reading this afternoon this was probably my 5th Crouch book and I am in love he took my eye balls and rubbed them viciously though many, many words that formed some intense ideas, I m cr [...]

    18. blurb Greetings There is a body buried on your property, covered in your blood The unfortunate young lady s name is Rita Jones In her jeans pocket you ll find a slip of paper with a phone number on it Call that number If I have not heard from you by 8 00 P.M the police will receive an anonymous call I ll tell them where Rita Jones is buried on your property, how you killed her, and where the murder weapon can be found in your house I do believe a paring knife is missing from your kitchen I stron [...]

    19. Andrew is in for one hell of a ride He just opened a letter that told him there is a murder victim buried in his yard and if he doesn t do as instructed he will be framed for the murder.What this bestselling author at first believes to be a prank becomes the beginning of a nightmare he cannot escape.The book is almost nonstop suspense and terror I white knuckled my way through it in a couple of sittings, jaw dropped most of the way through A few people told me it was slow in the middle, but I ve [...]

    20. I used to have a copy of this book in my classroom library when I taught high school One year, this total non reader kid kept telling me how he d never read a book in his life, he d never read a book, etc etc I gave him a copy of this book He was hooked Loved it Read it two or three times Then, one day he came to school and told me, literally with a tear in his eye, that he d been carrying it around in his back pocket, fallen in a mud puddle, and ruined it He gushed about how much he loved it, h [...]

    21. On a tranquil May evening in North Carolina Andrew Thomas, a semi famous novelist Strolls down his drive to check his mailbox Inside he finds a note Greetings there is a body buried on your property The unfortunate young ladies name is Rita Jones.Your blood is all over her In her jeans pocket you,ll find a note with a phone number you have one day to call the number If i don,t hear from you i,ll call the police and tell them where she is buried and how you killed her and where the murder weapon [...]

    22. This took me a long time between start and finish because at times I put it down and wasn t going to read it but then I wanted to know what happened so then read on The problem I had was just at times I thought, this author must be one sick person to even think up this stuff This one was graphic in a few places and dark Not that it wasn t a fascinating story just even as an adult, wasn t sure I wanted to be reading this at night, with this as last thing on my mind, then have gory nightmares I di [...]

    23. I picked up this book because this series links with another series I am reading The final book in each series pits the killer from this series against the police officer from the jack Daniels series by J A Konrath I was not a huge fan of this book, I did not connect with any of the characters I found all of them quite bland, being used to the witty banter between the characters in the other series this book seemed quite empty Now I have to decide wether to continue with this series As It would [...]

    24. I m not going to tell you a single detail about this novel, only this Blake Crouch quite simply is a marvel Desert Places is as good as anything I ve read all year It s filled with palpable suspense, and non stop action It s a stay up all night thriller that will have you chewing your fingers down to the quick, even as you re reading its last paragraph It s so riveting, you won t be able to put down this book Crouch is the most exciting new thriller writer I ve read in years He ranks right up th [...]

    25. Desert Places is about a writer that becomes threatened by a serial killer, end of story Any would be a spoiler This book takes off like a demon on speed and does not stop Even the ending leaves a person wondering Yet strangely in a good way Not like in some books where the reader is left hanging knowing another installment is coming This time the reader must decide if all is well Very fast paced short read.

    26. If you ever feel like there isn t enough darkness and depravity in your life, this is the right book for you There are sections of this book that create disturbing mental images in your head that you can t un see Aside from the disturbing nature of the book, the plot line is forced through the terrible decisions made by the main character If you have read Blake Crouch s Dark Matter and you are looking for something just as good, look away far away from Desert Places.

    27. This was my 6th book in a row by this author Well that s something I am not sure I ever did as an adult Not even Stephen King made mewanttoread 6 books in a row.Finished this book this morning Having trouble with my space button Yes for the first time I threw coffee over my laptop I acted very quickly but my words are all without spaces so this is going to be short.Loved Run and Liked this book.3.5

    28. What a completely engrossing and utterly messed up book Halfway through I was thinking this can t be real, somebody in this story is snowing the narrator and reader Nope Excellent but not for sensitive people AT ALL

    29. My very first Blake Crouch book I absolutely loved it I couldn t put it down I read it in two days Must read for sure

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