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Century of the Soldier #2020

Century of the Soldier A re issue of a classic fantasy series back in print for the first time in almost years By the mid sixth century of Ramusian reckoning the great struggle is approaching its climax For the victor t

  • Title: Century of the Soldier
  • Author: Paul Kearney
  • ISBN: 9781907519093
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • Century of the Soldier By Paul Kearney, A re issue of a classic fantasy series, back in print for the first time in almost 10 years.By the mid sixth century of Ramusian reckoning the great struggle is approaching its climax For the victor there will be supremacy for the vanquished, cultural annihilation Fighting that war, Corfe of Torunna will find that court intrigue can be as murderous as any martial foe TA re issue of a classic fantasy series, back in print for the first time in almost 10 years.By the mid sixth century of Ramusian reckoning the great struggle is approaching its climax For the victor there will be supremacy for the vanquished, cultural annihilation Fighting that war, Corfe of Torunna will find that court intrigue can be as murderous as any martial foe The monks Albrec and Avila will explode a bombshell of secret knowledge which will change the continent irrevocably And Richard Hawkwood will return with the discovery of a New World The sixth century is the crucible of history The century of the soldier.

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      432 Paul Kearney
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    1 thought on “Century of the Soldier

    1. This review covers the whole Monarchies of God series I loved the first book in the series and while the whole series didn t quite live up to that book it is still a very strong, well written military fantasy series that has a bit of everything great military and battle scenes, political machinations, religious factions battling each other and some of the seven kingdoms, magic and horror And GRRM has nothing on Kearney when it comes to killing off characters.8 10

    2. This is one of my favorite series of all time and Corfe is one of my favorite characters Paul Kearney writes some of the most emotionally charged scenes I ve ever read Do yourself a favor and buy The Monarchies of God series.

    3. I really wanted to give this series four stars but Mr Kearney screws us near the end of the story The series is, to me, that good up to this point As I noted in my review of the earlier omnibus books 1 2 , his writing is good solid military fantasy.As the story winds down it feels as if the writer lost all enthusiasm for this project The problem is he hooked us and he really needed to finish strong rather than turn his back and give us the finger So what, specifically, am I complaining about Bar [...]

    4. A great clash of civilisations is underway From the east and north come the Merduks of Ostrabar, having overthrown the Holy City of Aekir and now prosecuting the invasion of Torunna Stymied before the guns of Ormann Dyke, the Merduks have now outflanked the fortress through a seaborne invasion and threaten to destroy its defenders from the rear From the west an army of the Fimbrian Republic marches to Torunna s relief, but the ultimate fate of the kingdom rests in the hands of a lowly cavalry co [...]

    5. Dentro da literatura de fantasia contempor nea, um dos maiores desafios dos autores manter v rias narrativas paralelas e centenas de personagens sem inflar muito o n mero de p ginas A dramatiza o de cenas, a necessidade de mostrar de maneira cinematogr fica os acontecimentos, algo exigido pelo leitor de fantasia contempor nea, faz com que a maioria dos autores gastem muitas p ginas, tanto na exposi o, constru o do cen rio quanto na dramatiza o Mas, ao terminar a saga Monarquias de Deus, de Paul [...]

    6. An unhappy marriage between two separate tales which seem to fall into two quite different genres This collection of the final three books in this series is even less enjoyable than the previous two Unlike the previous two books, which despite the problems had me interested to read on and see how the story developed, these were a turgid mess of mostly all too predictable dreariness which I really had to slog through and force myself to finish reading.The main storyline gets rounded up in the fir [...]

    7. I had to give this one five stars for the mere fact I read it in only a few days It kept me that engrossed I found myself again mesmerized with the detail put into the tactical side of the battles whether on the ground or in the naval combat Kearney does an excellent job in bringing these scenes to light and makes you truly gain an image of the leaders plotting and seeing all that lies before them as if sitting in front of a chessboard I would have to warn though that if you think George Martin [...]

    8. As the rating suggests, and despite everything I ll say past this point, I definitely liked what actually was in this book However, what s missing from it would be enough for another Song of Ice and Fire Even worse than in the first volume, potentially important characters are barely even mentioned and secondary ones may be introduced and then completely forgotten, entire storylines are reduced to mere glimpses, major plot points may either be limited to a quick presentation of their conclusions [...]

    9. Kearneys world building is although a little bit unimaginative pretty solid and I m not really sure about how much I like is characterization but this man really is a master of writing military fantasy The battle scene s are among the best I ve ever read and his description of armies and commanders tickles all the right spots of my imagination The main problem is that the fantasy aspects of the story are at most mediocre and that s where the end of the book fails The military conflict that is th [...]

    10. The second half of Monarchies of God was still pretty good, but no where near as strong as the first two books The pace begins to rush, plot lines are paid no than base lip service, and some of the story lines end in very anti climatic fashion Consisting of three books, the omnibus starts very strong The third book is just as good as the first two If you liked them, you will have no problems with the early portions It is the forth book middle section of this omnibus where things go downhill The [...]

    11. Century of the Soldieris the omnibus edition of The Iron Wars 1999 , The Second Empire 2000 and Ships from the West 2002 , and is the concluding volume of Paul Kearney s re issued THE MONARCHIES OF GOD It is as compelling and readable as Hawkwood and the Kings, and while it does not enjoy five star status with its predecessor, it is an excellent conclusion, and I stand by my statement in my previous review any person who loves good epic fantasy must read these books.In many ways,Century of the S [...]

    12. War with the invading Merduks continues to rage and several conflicts within the kingdoms as well as within the church have erupted How will all of this resolved Especially when the true threat from the Western continent is still looming over everyone.Eh.Like the first book in this duology, this is actually multiple books in this case three packaged together The first two, while at still overflowing with plot, managed to be cohesive and interesting and would have merited stars on their own Unfo [...]

    13. This omnibus contains book three to five The Iron Wars The Second Empire Ships from the West in the Monarchies of God series.Today December 25th, 2010 I finished The Iron Wars which is far beyond to be a typical middle book of a series The story continue with full power and pace I m so glad that the series has been published again Even without knowing the last two books I can say that this is one of the best series I read so far Kudos Paul KearneyFull review of all books in the series is in prog [...]

    14. Epic This type of books, although rare, is the reason why I love fantasy Great characters, great plot, great style I cannot ask for .Court intrigue, discovery of a new world, great military action, multi dimensional characters, multi threaded story, very realistic and mature style of story telling, all make this series one of the best I ve ever read.Even though I had a few minor problems with the last book, I loved The Monarchies of God series I was so sad to turn the last page I m going to miss [...]

    15. It s a quick solid read and the battle scenes were done well The last book is sorta rushed and feels somewhat disjointed The plot could have easily been spread out to 2 or 3 books Some people characterized the ending as somewhat depressing, but I was fine with it and found it satisfying for the most part.

    16. Enjoyable romp through this faux fantastical version of European history set in an alternative Late Middle Ages Kearney s devices of magic and versions of Christianity Islam as brothers of the same Prophet are all designed to uphold military virtue and cast aside faith as a mere device of power Soldiers die as brothers in arms, not as martyrs.

    17. High quality, one of the better epic fantasy series I have read Diverse cast of characters, most of whom change and evolve over the years covered in the books Highly recommend to any fan of the fantasy genre.

    18. Excellent, despite the abrupt ending It almost felt like Kearney was rushing to finish the story, and the last half of Ships from the West suffers for it Despite this, it s hard to find fault with anything else.

    19. The last three books of the Monarchies of God which make up this omnibus were fantastic.My only complaint was the short ending I liked the ending but I really could have gone for a longer epilogue.

    20. I enjoyed the last part of the series I found Corfe such a likeable character The habit of killing off main characters is a little frustrating The final ending is worth the read.

    21. superb book, i enjoyed every second of it and couldn t stop reading amazed by the authors skill in creating a universe so much like ours yet totally different.

    22. This is a very underrated series, it had me hooked from page one The fate of some of the characters is really heartwrenching.

    23. The conclusion and final battles Good writing, gripping story but felt a bit rushed at the end A solid fantasy.

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