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Bone Dry #2020

Bone Dry The opening of deer season always brings a Texas sized wave of excitement to sleepy Blanco County but this year game warden John Marlin is finding mysteries as thick as ticks on a whitetail s rump F

  • Title: Bone Dry
  • Author: Ben Rehder
  • ISBN: 9780312994600
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bone Dry By Ben Rehder, The opening of deer season always brings a Texas sized wave of excitement to sleepy Blanco County, but this year, game warden John Marlin is finding mysteries as thick as ticks on a whitetail s rump First, there are reports of a blonde bombshell who s been raising Cain with hunters, scaring away wildlife and trashing vehicles Then, there s the tragic discovery of a localThe opening of deer season always brings a Texas sized wave of excitement to sleepy Blanco County, but this year, game warden John Marlin is finding mysteries as thick as ticks on a whitetail s rump First, there are reports of a blonde bombshell who s been raising Cain with hunters, scaring away wildlife and trashing vehicles Then, there s the tragic discovery of a local man shot to death and left in his deer blind Further muddying the watering holes are the schemes of a recently relocated East Coast wiseguy now called Sal Mameli, who along with his son Vinnie a wannabe gangster with muscles than brains has been trying to corner the area s lucrative brush clearing market And finally, a feisty old rancher has disappeared, leaving behind a trail of blood and enough questions to keep both John Marlin and the local sheriff chasing their tails for some time to come.Just as he did in his Edgar Award nominated novel Buck Fever, Ben Rehder serves up a generous helping of murder, mystery and down home humor in a place where the sun is hot, the beer is cold, and most every neck is good and red.
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    • [E-Book] ✓ Free Read ✓ Bone Dry : by Ben Rehder â
      201 Ben Rehder
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    1 thought on “Bone Dry

    1. another in the humorous series of books by Ben Rehder set in the Texas Hill Country if you like Carl Hiassen, you will like these books basically, a number of oddball characters interact and some end up dead the very appealing lead character, who is a county game warden, figures it all out and nails the bad guys in the end it s laugh out loud funny in places and moves quickly, so it s a pretty easy read enjoy

    2. I love this author He writes about the cases of the Blanco County, TX, sheriff, and the way he solves his cases Definitely not Andy of Mayberry, maybe a little of Barney though, but a cast of characters that rival Mayberry I love his humor, and, I think I ve actually met a few of the characters in this book.For a riot of a plot, and a ton of belly laughs, this writer is great.

    3. Great author, great series I laughed out loud at least once while reading Rehder weaves a good mystery with lots of local color.

    4. Not a classic, but a darn good book to read in between all the serious books we so like to read I thought it was extremely funny Reminded me about the movie Fargo I know some readers out there may not have liked Fargo probably thought it was too violent But for some reason, I thought Fargo was hilarious Bone Dry struck me in the same vein Just imagine a New Jersey mob type character, with his son cut in the same mold, trying to make a living in a backwater Texas town I couldn t stop laughing eve [...]

    5. Mix a mob guy who s in the witness protection program, a couple of local rednecks, some environmentalists and some local good ole boys in Texas law enforcement and what do you get A pretty funny story with comic capers and hijinks.

    6. More by my newly discovered Austin author this one involves the business of clearing cedars in the drought stricken area of Central Tx that houses our property So once again, interesting to me, and fun to read, but maybe not for those who don t live here.

    7. Sound recording A very funny book and true to the Texas mindset I d never heard of Mr Rehder, but I liked his writing style I seem to remember reading another in the series, but couldn t find the title.

    8. This was the second book in the series and I have the third on my TBR pile Enjoyed it, mystery with laughs.

    9. Ben Rehder spins an interesting and light hearted tale of murder and crime in the Texas Hill Country You ll meet a wide variety of characters in a story that moves at a rapid clip.

    10. Entertaining read Interesting mix of characters and a good description of small town life in Texas Good mystery with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing.

    11. A gritty as a west Texas prairie murder mystery, this Ben Rehder tale is spicy gumbo than cowboy chili, stirring a Nordic blonde eco warrior unafraid to use her feminine wiles, a big city mafioso in witness protection trying to muscle in on a home grown business, and a girth challenged U.S Marshal in love with the mobster s Hispanic housekeeper into the pot with local Blanco County LEOS and locos I didn t read the first in the series, but that s okay Bone Dry was a quick, entertaining read with [...]

    12. Don t mess with the mafiaFun read Hard to keep straight who killed whom, why and when Well worthy reading and reading another too Ben Render does a good job with colorful characters and just as colorful plots We get to know and like the characters The only negative thing I would mention has to do with the format of the book I read There was no spacing when the characters were switched I d be read about one person, then get confused until I realized I was reading about a different character Other [...]

    13. More fun in a Texas frame of mind with than a soupcon of stereotype New Jersey This writer can tangle things up elegantly and somehow keep things straight in his mind and for his reader As I remarked in my comments about Rehder s Buck Fever, I d be reading of his books Well, here s the next and a couple are on the shelf Great fun

    14. Great book I didnt know Ben Rehder and picked up this one based on reviews and was not disappointed As well written as they come in terms of storyline, caracters, and ending Funny as well This book would be great as a movie directed by Tarantino

    15. Roller cistern rideThis book has so much excitement in time I couldn t put it down till I finished You ll never believe this lazy Texas town takes off like firecrackers.

    16. Love this series His characters come to life, and the plots are both complex and funny It s far too rare to find a writer who can actually make one laugh out loud.

    17. Good bookSal Manelli, or salmonella nice touch I thoroughly enjoyed this book The BLANCO COUNTY series are all really good reads

    18. The second Blanco Country mystery Game warden John Marlin is again drawn reluctantly into a homicide investigation It starts quirkily enough and in his wheelhouse a drought has made two prominent local men, Emmett Slayton, crusty old rancher with loveable bumbling would be crook hillbillies Billy Don and Red from the previous book working for him , and Sal Mameli, an ex mafioso in the witness protection program, compete for the suddenly in demand cedar brush cutting business Mameli and his nasty [...]

    19. Excellent story This murder yarn follows game warden John Marlin through his central Texas beat and the myriad of colorful individuals he meets Sure there are rednecks but also stoners, business men, deer hunters, poachers, supermodel environmentalists, mafia hit men, and Guatemalan house keepers Who knew that the central hills of Texas could be so colorful At the core of the story is the murder of local deer hunter This events triggers a sequence of murders that has the local constabulary s hea [...]

    20. This has become one of my favorite light mystery series It has everything action, murder, colorful characters, romance, laugh out loud humor, and a great hero in Texas Hill Country game warden John Marlin The first one in the series was nominated for an Edgar Award and received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal In this, the second, a deer hunter is found murdered in his blind, a rancher disappears, a US Marshall is kidnapped, New York mafia figures try to adapt to Texas wa [...]

    21. Loved this book A good mystery that keeps you on your toes I was able to solve some of the mysteries, but not all of them just like a good mystery The book moves at a good pace.One word of warning for those reading on a Kindle it s not easy to differentiate between sections One minute you re reading about characters A and B You move onto a new paragraph with character C and as you finish the paragraph you realize you re actually in a new scene altogether The hardcopy version may be different Onc [...]

    22. I feel like this series gets a little better with each book Once again, the stories is told by jumping back and forth to different points of view You have a ton of loose ends by the middle of the book, and yet by the end everything is tied up in a neat little package, and you find yourself thinking, I never saw that coming I love the conversations between Red and Billy Don, and how they always end up smack dab in the middle of whatever is going on Another pretty good book.

    23. A Tree huggin Good TimeLike Buck Fever, the different story lines all threatened to spin out of control until chaos erupted In the end there s winners and losers You ll have to read the book to find out who ends up in which category It s a great story with that beautiful Texas twist If you can t point out Pflugerville or Fredericksburg on the map, you might not know what I mean, but you ll still like the book.

    24. I read Stuart Woods novels for a couple of decades, calling his stories my guilty pleasures A few years ago, I decided his is a hack and his books are no longer worth reading.This author, I think, is now my new guilty pleasure He is hilarious, with subjects that are not usually hilarious, and I just like his writing.Like any guilty pleasure, I want

    25. Set in small town in Texas, where a game warden is roped into helping the sheriff solve a murder Characters include a statuesque environmental activist, an organized crime thug in witness protection, two practically brain dead laborers, a housekeeper without green card, and a city cop who thinks he s smarter than the hick cops It was enjoyable and I will probably read from this author.

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