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Murder Goes Mumming #2020

Murder Goes Mumming A house party a jolly crowd and a double murder Everyone called it a blessing that old Granny Condrycke died so peacefully in her sleep at Christmastime and the whole family agreed to go ahead with

  • Title: Murder Goes Mumming
  • Author: Alisa Craig Charlotte MacLeod
  • ISBN: 9780385178877
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Murder Goes Mumming By Alisa Craig Charlotte MacLeod, A house party, a jolly crowd, and a double murder Everyone called it a blessing that old Granny Condrycke died so peacefully in her sleep at Christmastime, and the whole family agreed to go ahead with the holiday festivities at Graylings, the isolated ancestral mansion on the cliffs overlooking Bay Chaleur But while the Yule log burned, the bowl of wassail speed cheer anA house party, a jolly crowd, and a double murder Everyone called it a blessing that old Granny Condrycke died so peacefully in her sleep at Christmastime, and the whole family agreed to go ahead with the holiday festivities at Graylings, the isolated ancestral mansion on the cliffs overlooking Bay Chaleur But while the Yule log burned, the bowl of wassail speed cheer and warmth, and the house guests dressed up for a merry mumming parade through the ancient halls, someone was planning a murder Another murder, that is, since a detective Inspector Madoc Rhys already knows that Granny didn t go gentle into that good nightd before the snowy evening was over, a killer might give Death a second Christmas corpse.

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      309 Alisa Craig Charlotte MacLeod
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    1. I liked A Pint of Murder, the debut novel in this series featuring Detective Inspector Madoc Rhys of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and his lady love, Janet Wadman But the winsome second entry in the series, Murder Goes Mumming, proves even better.Pressured into a house party in an isolated part of New Brunswick, Madoc and Janet find themselves trapped at the mansion called Graylings by a heavy storm The Condrycke family use cutting humor and nasty practical jokes to cover up some pretty dysf [...]

    2. In early October I was a little rough on the first book in the Rhys series, A Pint of Murder, since I was slammed with a spoiler before I even started to read it but now I look back at it with delight In this second installment, Murder Goes Mumming, we get to learn ooooh so much about our dear hero, Madoc Rhys of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police We learned a lot about his sweetheart Janet in the first book so it was nice for him to finally get of a backstory, too And the fact that there s a g [...]

    3. 3.5 stars fun than the first, A Pint of Murder, but not as tightly plotted or funny as MacLeod s other brilliant Christmas mystery starring Prof Peter Shandy, Rest Ye Merry.Madoc Rhys and Janet Wadman are a cute couple but their middle aged mannerisms fit Peter and Helen Shandy better

    4. Murder in a stately home in Canada A happy read, enjoyable characters and s very satisfying murder in a country which does not have the death penalty.

    5. Rhys Madoc is a Canadian Royal Mounty from a respectable titled family in Wales He has just become engaged to Janet when the couple is manipulated by his mother in to spending the Holidays with the grand, but eccentric Crandyke family in northern Canada Not long after their arrival at the family estate, Granny Crandyke dies, but in her memory the family decides to continue with the Christmas celebrations Madoc suspects that Granny did not simply die of old age, but was helped along by one of the [...]

    6. A quick, fun read that a Canadian Mountie from a rich family and his fianc , who spend Christmas at an out of the way estate where the fun and laughs are a bit brittle and murder is on the menu I ve read some of Charlotte McLeod s Peter Shandy series, set at the fictional Balaclava Agricultural College, and have always found them light, fun reads This is the first of the Madoc Rhys books I ve read and the second in the five book series and while light and with some fun moments, I don t think tha [...]

    7. Murder Goes Mumming, 1981, by Charlotte MacLeod aka Alisa Craig 2nd in the Janet Wadman Madoc Rhys series.Janet and Madoc met in A Pint of Murder, and promptly fell in love In this book, their love affair continues, with Janet finding out all sorts of unexpected facts about the man she thought was simply a diligent Mountie The sweet young couple get invited to the estate of Janet s boss for Christmas, and find themselves staying with a family of blonde giants who endlessly make boisterous jokes [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book Madoc and Janet are fun characters This is a classic country house murder All the characters are cut off by snow and a big storm The book takes place in New Brunswick, Canada which is a nice change of pace Madoc is a Royal Canadian Mountie and he and Janet just got engaged I like how much in love Madoc and Janet are Madoc s mother and the rest of his family are important people so his mother arranges for the couple to spend Christmas at a beautiful old house miles from [...]

    9. Madoc and Janet are engaged now, after his mother proposes for him and gives him a ring to give Janet They are invited to a Christmas house party by her current boss, primarily because he has discovered Madoc s illustrious relatives The Condrycke family are a strange bunch, from the elders Granny and Aunt Adelaide to the teenage boys smoking pot in the billiard room Squire s children are a fun loving lot, playing pranks and laughing at everything, although many don t find their antics very funny [...]

    10. It s not one of her best works, but far from her worst The characters are quirky but not tremendously interesting and the book is too short for any realdepth of character or exploration of their personality But there are several fun moments and laughs, so not a waste of time.

    11. In the second book of this series, newly engaged Inspector Madoc and Janet are spending Christmas snowed in a wild and crazy family who love practical jokes, overeating, and drinking excessively This invitation and acceptance was Madoc s mother s idea, not theirs Now, the family s matriarch is dead and Inspector Madoc thinks it s murder, not by natural causes like everyone else assumes The family doesn t realize anything is wrong, or that they have a Mountie in their home who is quietly investig [...]

    12. Ms MacLeod presents a facetious look into the high life in Canada, complete with mumming, a yule log, high tea, butler, a fascinating myth, practical jokes, an aunt with amazingly accurate presentiments, a huge house occupied by extended family, and, of course, a couple of murders, and then she throws in a romance as icing on the cake Personally I was happy to get a closer look at the infamous Roy and see him get some comeuppance, although not as much as I had hoped This book made me want to rea [...]

    13. 2 in the RCMP Inspector Madoc Rhys series This was one of the two Canadian situated mystery series the other was The Grub and Stakers series written by Charlotte MacLeod as Alisa Craig These enjoyable mysteries are seasoned with humor and a touch of the absurd.RCMP Inspector Madoc Rhys and fianc Janet Wadman are invited to spend the Christmas holidays at the Condrycke family estate in northern New Brunswick Amid the jollity and frivolity, Granny is found dead Madoc s doubts are confirmed when Au [...]

    14. This is so sweet a story that it barely registers as a mystery Janet Rhys are pushed into a holiday stay by Rhys s well intentioned mother Unfortunately the friends have pursuits of their own for the holiday that are less than cheerful Rhys Janet are to in live and plainly reasonable to be snowed by the family histrionics.

    15. A Canadian Mountie Inspector Madoc Rhys mystery It s Christmas, Madoc has just gotten engaged, and he and Janet are invited to a remote country estate for the holidays He soon finds himself in the middle of a family filled with friction which leads to murder.A good story line filled with interesting family members as Madoc unravels the mystery.

    16. Such an enjoyable read, though this book is pretty much from Madoc s point of view and he gets almost all the action and the sleuthing I m sorry that Janet has become less than a full partner in crime , but it fits with the time.

    17. A better Christmas read than I expected after reading the first in the series.This story sure has a lot of crazy characters Madoc just too easily solves these cases to allow me too much belief in him but it sure makes for enjoyable reading

    18. Marco and his fianc Janet are invited to a country house party for Christmas by friend s of Madoc s mother Little do their hosts know one of their guests is a Mountie so when not one but two murdered are done Marco must step in to prevent mayhem An excellent tale.

    19. Very much enjoyed this second book in the Madoc Janet series, much so than the first one There were a number of related characters to keep straight so I had to draw up a family tree for easy reference Will continue the series, but there are only 3 to go.

    20. Charlotte MacLeod writes fairly innocent murder mysteries, this time the lead character is RCMP Detective Inspector Madoc Rhys It s a country estate snowed in for Christmas and DI Rhys tries to solve the case It s an old fashioned style and a pretty good read.

    21. I really enjoyed this book Charlotte Macleod writing as Alisa Craig has a wonderful style She fills her novels with a lovely mixture of character development, plot twists and cozy fun If you like cozy, funny mysteries, I think this is the book for you

    22. Although I enjoyed the storyline, the gratuitous cursing in this book was beyond distracting and decreased the book s overall value to nil, a true waste of time No of this author ever

    23. Enjoyed the book Negatives were keeping the numberous characters straight and the really llllloooooooonnnnnnggggggg explanation of whodunnit that came out of left field.

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