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Mourning Diary #2020

Mourning Diary A major discovery The lost diary of a great mind and an intimate deeply moving study of griefThe day after his mother s death in October the influential philosopher Roland Barthes began a diary

  • Title: Mourning Diary
  • Author: Roland Barthes Richard Howard
  • ISBN: 9780809062331
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mourning Diary By Roland Barthes Richard Howard, A major discovery The lost diary of a great mind and an intimate, deeply moving study of griefThe day after his mother s death in October 1977, the influential philosopher Roland Barthes began a diary of mourning Taking notes on index cards as was his habit, he reflected on a new solitude, on the ebb and flow of sadness, and on modern society s dismissal of grief TheseA major discovery The lost diary of a great mind and an intimate, deeply moving study of griefThe day after his mother s death in October 1977, the influential philosopher Roland Barthes began a diary of mourning Taking notes on index cards as was his habit, he reflected on a new solitude, on the ebb and flow of sadness, and on modern society s dismissal of grief These 330 cards, published here for the first time, prove a skeleton key to the themes he tackled throughout his work Behind the unflagging mind, the most consistently intelligent, important, and useful literary critic to have emerged anywhere Susan Sontag , lay a deeply sensitive man who cherished his mother with a devotion unknown even to his closest friends.

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      Roland Barthes Richard Howard

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    1. 2013 is the ten year anniversary of my mother s death.Pre dawn, Las Vegas, August 17 I m sorry to wake you, my sister s voice through the receiver, but Mom died last night C.S Lewis No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.Barthes conjures words wrenched from suffering A day s events are distilled and filtered through the lens of loss Every ache, an intensity that wounds anew Barthes At each moment of suffering, I believe it to be the very one in which for the first time I realize my mou [...]

    2. This is a book that was very meaningful to me, but it is not something I would widely recommend It was such a personal read that I even had trouble discussing it with friends.When Roland Barthes mother died on October 25, 1977, he started writing notes about his grief This mourning diary covers nearly two years, and some passages were so moving and powerful that they felt poetic This book was published after Barthes death tragically, he died just a few years after his mother, due to complication [...]

    3. That s how I grasp my mourning Not directly in solitude, empirically, etc I seem to have a kind of ease, of control that makes people think I m suffering less than they would have imagined But it comes over me when our love for each other is torn apart once again The most painful point at the most abstract moment Roland Barthes, Mourning DiaryI doubt I d have picked this book up had it not been for my uncle s recent death Grief isn t the sort of thing I exactly want to think about but in this ca [...]

    4. Barthes mother died on October 25, 1977 Her son, Roland, being an invalid type had been nursed and coddled by her most of his life, but in their years of his mother s illness adopted the role of nurse himself Barthes relationship with his mother was one of extreme intimacy he lived with her his whole life, and when she passed the world as he knew it changed irremediably TO chronicle this change he kept a mourning diary in which he scrawled away, inconsistently over the proceeding two years, shor [...]

    5. Nell Ottobre del 77 Roland Barthes perde sua madre il padre era morto quando lui era piccolissimo e forse questo fatto, unito a screzi e difficolt di rapporti col resto della famiglia materna, aveva reso il loro rapporto esclusivo dandogli una connotazione pi simile ad un rapporto di coppia che filiale Dal giorno successivo alla morte e per circa due anni Barthes tiene una sorta di diario sono annotazioni di stati d animo, sprazzi di ricordi, brevi riflessioni Frammenti di un discorso doloroso e [...]

    6. The existence of this book is interesting ethically at least because it is invasive reproduction of a writer s own private scribblings on index cards sutured together for the sake of commercial ends Ethics aside, the content is really staggeringly aphoristic, infinitely quotable and full of concise instantiated grievance The observations however require a specific frame of mind to read and the fragmentary nature of the notes does mean that a linear reading is almost fruitless, except if reading [...]

    7. Seit Mam.s Tod keine Lust, irgend etwas aufzubauen , au er im Schreiben Warum Literatur der einzige Bereich der Vornehmheit wie Mam es war.

    8. What separates me from maman from the mourning that was my identification with her January 22, 1978 I have not a desire but a need for solitude.March 19, 1978 M and I feel that paradoxically since people usually say Work, amuse yourself, see friends it s when we re busy, distracted, sought out, exteriorized, that we suffer most Inwardness, calm, solitude make us less miserableProust explains that he could be happy only in his misery I ve never been able to tell this to anyone March 24, 1978 Suff [...]

    9. Barthes recorded his experience of mourning on little slips of paper over the two years following his mother s death He expressed so many things exactly as I ve thought them the existential shock of her sudden nonexistence, the confusion over the present tense, the fear of the catastophe that has already happened and CANNOT happen again, the confusion of finality in the midst of your own numbing, ongoing ness, the agony and guilt of symbolic rebirth, the sudden marking of before and after, and w [...]

    10. En ao t dernier, nous tions pass s Urt sur la tombe de Roland Barthes et de sa m re, Henriette Binger Le hasard veut que le Seuil, avec la coop ration de l IMEC, publie aujourd hui le Journal de deuil que le fils a tenu la mort de sa m re en 1977, et ce pendant deux ans Br ves notes sur la douleur pour la plupart, les textes de Barthes abordent abordent parfois, mais tr s en surface, les oeuvres sur lesquelles l crivain travaillait l poque Barthes s interroge aussi sur la douleur, sur le souveni [...]

    11. For writers grief is either a blessing or a curse because they are able to articulate with exacting detail, the nature of their sorrow This is a lovely book.

    12. I have taken my time reading this because I needed to put myself in a certain mood to be able to fully appreciate it.This was an extremely beautiful and heart wrenching journey This diary is so raw and vulnerably honest You can feel his mourning in your bones.

    13. Sad and beautiful I wonder if we all feel this way when we lose person meaningful to us If so, I m already saddened and afraid There is something terribly genuine about this book maybe the fact that it wasn t supposed to be published, that was written on slips of paper throughout the period of almost two years and that this period of grief was very unhealthy for Barthes and thwarted him from leading any normal social or academic life he was leading prior to this event What is even sadder, perhap [...]

    14. I began reading this journal on the eve of a difficult break up and was amazed at how appropriate Barthes expressions and ruminations on grief were to me at the time Finishing the collection months later, it is hard not to see the writings as slightly histrionic and over wrought To read this when happy is almost to find it unrelatable to read it while in grief, well that is to find many degrees of resonance I think this journal is of value, though, even for the reader who is happily exempt from [...]

    15. His meditations on loss, mortality, grief, and love are necessary, emotional, pure, outside of any pretentiousness Easy possible to read in the sense of the mourning being so open you re able to look it in the eyes, so no paralysing fear of not knowing.

    16. A quick read of the notes Barthes made to himself the two years after his mother died He died not long after in an unfortunate accident, and I wish he had a chance to compile his thoughts They are scattered, they are long lasting, a very good capture of what mourning is really like.

    17. Since this is a diary, that by the way was not meant to be published, I knew going in that it would be a slightly different read than usual, but let me just say that it was a bit strange Roland Barthes, a literary theorist, philosopher, and linguist, wrote this immediately after the trauma of his mother s death There were some wonderful quotes, which I m listing below, but other than that, this was quite boring I may have appreciated it somewhat if I was familiar with Barthes s work Some quotes [...]

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