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Marching Through Georgia #2020

Marching Through Georgia The first book of the Draka series The Eurasian War The fleets of Imperial Japan raid the coasts of a United States that stretches from Panama to the Arctic The Nazi war machine takes Moscow and

  • Title: Marching Through Georgia
  • Author: S.M. Stirling
  • ISBN: 9780671720698
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Marching Through Georgia By S.M. Stirling, The first book of the Draka series 1942 The Eurasian War.The fleets of Imperial Japan raid the coasts of a United States that stretches from Panama to the Arctic The Nazi war machine takes Moscow and sweeps east to the Urals To the south the Domination of the Draka is a giant forge with serf manned factories pouring out tanks, airplanes and artillery as the Janissary lThe first book of the Draka series 1942 The Eurasian War.The fleets of Imperial Japan raid the coasts of a United States that stretches from Panama to the Arctic The Nazi war machine takes Moscow and sweeps east to the Urals To the south the Domination of the Draka is a giant forge with serf manned factories pouring out tanks, airplanes and artillery as the Janissary legions gather for the final triumph and revenge.

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      253 S.M. Stirling
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    1 thought on “Marching Through Georgia

    1. I was looking forward to this because I had heard a lot about how terrible the Draka are And, as is so often the case, they didn t live up to their billing I also thought, as an early book, this would likely go deeper into the cool idea Stirling has, and have less of the surface adventure story that he usually delivers On that, I could not have been wrong.The story is basically a drawn out battle with nearly impossible odds between a Draka paratrooper unit and Nazi mechanized infantry Sterling [...]

    2. Fun alternate history, but doesn t quite deliver on the awesome premise It s basically about a country called the Domination kind of like if Rhodesia had existed much earlier and turned into a huge empire with stunningly advanced technology and a huge slave labor force In this short novel we learn via infodump how the Domination came into existence and then witness its existence into WW2, determined to cut a fresh piece of empire from Europe by wresting it from the Nazis The plot itself is all a [...]

    3. I read this book first 10 years ago I can t finish it today S.M Stirling has endured quite a bit of criticism for this book to the extent that he began the title page to his later non Draka book Conquistador with this quotation There is a technical term for someone who confuses the opinions of a character in a book with those of the author That term is idiot I don t make any presumptions as to Stirling s opinions That s THE cardinal sin of literature analysis Leaving the author s work as separat [...]

    4. One of the best alternate histories What if the British Loyalists, the Confederates, and most of the oppressive losers created a militaristic society South Africa turns into the Domination of the Draka, where from childhood, kids are trained to fight By the 1940s, they ve subjugated Africa and come into WW2 against the German s, ostensibly as allies of the US What happens in the next books is extremely disturbing but an interesting analysis of what can happen when people don t fight for freedom. [...]

    5. A really interesting alternate history about what might have happened if the British had moved their Loyalists from the USA to South Africa at the time of the American Revolution The White slave owners took over from the Boers and with additions along the way created a revolutionary society with slavery being a large part of it This story takes place in WWII when the Draka defeat the German Nazis and take over Europe Can be hard to read in places.

    6. Meh I was excited when I read about the summary, but the actual book fell flat of my expectations Not a recommendation.

    7. An interesting and unusual alternate history of a portion of WWII Stirling proposes an additional colony of Europeans taking deep hold in Africa after the American Revolution In the ensuing century and a half, the Draka for Sir Francis Drake have taken over and fairly brutally enslaved most of the continent The 10% of so of citizens are trained for war and conquest from early childhood and many of them realize that they Must continue in conquest until they rule the world or die trying, since the [...]

    8. Kind of creepy It s a reasonably fleshed alternate world, but its alternate ness, while explained, isn t really believable Basically it requires that a society with buckets of slave labor dedicate itself toing ultra hard at all times to become military badasses, as opposed to leisure The internal logic makes sense, but it s just not an evolutionary stable system It only works if you pretend human nature is something it isn t It s also a little uncomfortable to read just due to the political anti [...]

    9. The first and strongest of Stirling s Draka series A fascinating look at a fictional race of conqueors The Draka society is multi layered and detailed while the military sequences are exciting and well written There are problems with the story however The Draka would have to be the luckiest people in the history of the world to achieve the level of power that they have reached at the start of the novel Stirling wants his creation the Draka to be strong and almost invicible As a result he creates [...]

    10. What if Britain had taken Capetown during the Revolutionary War and sent Loyalists from the US there after they lost What if later Confederates joined them And Nietzsche And a few other dissident racist and egomaniacs Why, the colony would grow to conquer all of Africa by the time of WWII, under a system of brutal slavery and repression, ruled by an elite with a Will to Power and a desire for world Domination Let Hitler actually defeat Stalin in Russia, but at a high enough cost that the Draka c [...]

    11. DNFI just couldn t do it The story is incredibly interesting, a country basically made up of all of history s losers Loyalists, Confederates, etc the world building is amazing in how detailed it is the characters are well rounded and 3 dimensional.So why did I give up It s so damn SLOW The book stars in April 14, 1942 at 4 am it s a military operation, so they give out the time , by the time I gave up at roughly 160 pages it was April 14, 1942 at 7 AM Almost two hundred pages just to cover 3 hou [...]

    12. This is a good alternate history novel I don t normally go in for those, but I like everything Sterling writes I m looking forward to book 2 in this series The setting is 1942, and there is an extra world power taking advantage of the mutual destruction the Germans and the Russians are doing to each other I thought the characters were well drawn, and the battles and action were well written My only struggle was that the stars of this show are evil, and even the likable members of their tribe are [...]

    13. An alternate history romp through the mountains of southern Georgia return The world took a different turn after the end of the American Civil War The die hards of the south did not give up They moved to South Africa and built the strongest, most militaristic dynasty the world has every known return The time is now the 1940 s and the Straka hold sway over a third of the world return In southern Georgia the Straka have opened a new front against the declining Nazis A young Straka Centurion learns [...]

    14. This is one of Stirling s earliest dystopian novels, and the first of his Draka series The action takes place in April 1942 as the alternate world Domination of Draka battles Nazi Germany for control of the Caucasus Stirling s Drakans are possibly chilling than even the Nazis a militaristic oligarchy atop a serf based economy, and they re dedicated to world conquest By the end of the book they have absorbed three continents Within lots of detailed military narrative but some surprisingly multif [...]

    15. An alternate history tale in which the British loyalists from the American Revolution relocate to South Africa, they are then joined by the survivors of the Confederacy Before you know it the Domination of the Draka have consumed the African continent with their military strength and totalitarian slave based Empire Our story is set during the Eurasian War 1942 The Draka are battling the Nazis in the Caucasus Imagine a civilization evil than the Nazis First of Stirling s series.

    16. Apart from the author s obsession with telling the reader about the minutiae of military technology, and how some weapon you ve never heard of is slightly different or better in this story than in reality, its a very readable book To be honest, I found those parts which dealt with the history and culture of the Draka to be engaging and enjoyable than the actual war in the Caucasus, but the latter wasn t badly done either.

    17. Loyalists from the American Revolution are resettled in the Cape Town colony and become a continental military power known as the Domination of the Draka MTG is a closeup of the Draka as they push into the German occupied Caucasus region during the Eurasian War, 1942.

    18. This was a surprising book I did not expect anything from it, but Stirling created an interesting alternate history that is completely plausible It is certainly worth reading and comparable to many military sf novels.

    19. I love alternate history stories This one shows what could happen if you had a country as efficient and dedicated as the Germans but not run by madmen Extremely great storyline, highly recommended.

    20. That would be Georgia in the late USSR Interesting concept Feudal society in modern world Stirling leaves many of the historical facts in place, but adds a superpower based in South Africa Good enough to start the second book.

    21. I enjoyed this book but I have to admit to enjoying the bits of culture and the appendices the most and skimming a bit through the military parts Ah well, still good.

    22. S.M Stirling has an amazing imagination.I don t have enough military background to really understand this series Too bad for me.

    23. Una novela de guerra en una linea temporal alternativa que no tiene nada de inter s y si mucho de aburrimiento.

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