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Novels and Social Writings #2020

Novels and Social Writings Contents The people of the abyss The road The iron heel Martin Eden John Barleycorn Essays

  • Title: Novels and Social Writings
  • Author: Jack London
  • ISBN: 9780940450066
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Novels and Social Writings By Jack London, Contents The people of the abyss The road The iron heel Martin Eden John Barleycorn Essays

    • [E-Book] ☆ Novels and Social Writings | by × Jack London
      271 Jack London
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    1 thought on “Novels and Social Writings

    1. Most people know of Jack London as being the writer of The Call of the Wild and White Fang The books contained in this collection are no less well written and wonderful, even if lesser known.The People of the Abyss is an account of Jack London s visits to London s slum areas known as The East End It is comparable to George Orwell s Down and Out in Paris and London Despite the twenty or so year s difference between the two dates of publications, many things remained the same for the poor working [...]

    2. London is a human before he is a writer He lives what he writes and not too many writers have such a passion for living and humanity as London This is for real The Road and The People of the Abyss are obviously two of the strongest points of this collection and London doesn t lie when it comes to trying to live He has a desire that few have and that it actually pushing the world around him outside of its own boundaries to make a better life for us all He understands that we all have our own nast [...]

    3. This, sadly, is my first experience with the works of Jack London I absolutely loved The People of the Abyss Having been a visitor to many big cities since I was a toddler has given me a different way of viewing our nation s homeless In The Road, I thoroughly enjoyed his tales of life as a tramp riding the rails all over the country I am currently reading The Iron Heel and it is one of the best books I have read in a very long time.

    4. Please see my reviews of the individual books in this volume.Of the four essays published here, the best are The Scab and Revolution Although London continued to misread Marx s labor theory of value or ignore it , The Scab is notable for showing how scabs are not merely union phenomena, but also occur in the system of capital as well, and in the relations between nations interestingly, in both of these essays he stops short of drawing the full conclusions that Bukharin would draw 20 years later [...]

    5. This Library of America edition combines several of Jack London s less known writings, autobiographical, fiction and essays People of the Abyss is a nonfiction denunciation of what we now call income inequality, the destitution of his day Martin Eden is a sort of fictional autobiography, and The Road, about hoboes and their society, and John Barleycorn, about alcoholism, are nonfictional accounts of his life.The Iron Heel is a brilliant alternate history story of revolution and class struggle in [...]

    6. Note that I only read The Iron Heel Intrigue, uncertainty, blood and guts An interesting take on and look at socialism at the turn of the last century Good reading if you re planning a people s revolution.

    7. I accidentally let this book run overdue so am taking it back today It makes me think I must be just another person, not all that incredible from this I dislike the prole lit.Maybe I should take it back out in a few years, since the tales do interest me.

    8. I appreciate Jack London s quest for social reform but find it hard not to speed read through these long drawn out stories His rightful claim to fame, I think, are his novels of wildlife, and living in the wild.

    9. amazingly enjoyable reading John Barleycorn is a great piece especially if you ever do any drinking If you have only ever read Call of the Wild, this is some enlightening stuff.

    10. Reading the closest thing Jack London every wrote to an autobiography, John Barleycorn So far most of it takes place in Sonoma Co San Mateo, SF and Oakland.

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