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Mandingo #2020

Mandingo Mandingo is a novel written in by Kyle Onstott The book is set in the s in the antebellum South primarily around Falconhurst a fictional plantation in Alabama owned by the planter Warren Max

  • Title: Mandingo
  • Author: Kyle Onstott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Mandingo By Kyle Onstott, Mandingo is a novel written in 1957 by Kyle Onstott The book is set in the 1830s in the antebellum South primarily around Falconhurst, a fictional plantation in Alabama owned by the planter Warren Maxwell The narrative centers on Maxwell, his son Hammond, and the Mandingo or Mandinka slave Ganymede, or Mede It is a tale of cruelty toward the blacks of that time, contaMandingo is a novel written in 1957 by Kyle Onstott The book is set in the 1830s in the antebellum South primarily around Falconhurst, a fictional plantation in Alabama owned by the planter Warren Maxwell The narrative centers on Maxwell, his son Hammond, and the Mandingo or Mandinka slave Ganymede, or Mede It is a tale of cruelty toward the blacks of that time, containing vicious fights, poisoning, and violent

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      433 Kyle Onstott
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    1 thought on “Mandingo

    1. I read this book many years ago I don t remember the whole story however, I remember it is about slavery in the U.S I think this is a historical fiction because the book actually reflexes many of the atrocities that actually occurred during slavery The characters are not real however, slave owners, overseers, and slaves are a historical fact Slaves had to work as house and field slaves under owners and overseers who saw them as property rather than human beings Slaves had to live in poor conditi [...]

    2. This just might end up being the hardest review I ll ever write because.what can you say about this book It boggles the mind and begs for analysis because it can t simply be a fat doorstopper with barely any plot, sluggish pace, and endless repetition, can it There has to be to it, right Right Even if there isn t, darned if I didn t want to soldier on through to the end, where my reader s patience was rewarded with an OTT OMGWTF climax of all OTT OMGWTF climaxes.The story takes place over the c [...]

    3. This book published in 1957 is apparently very racist and does not take the negative view of slavery that the post 60s civil rights era changed for most people I m interested in reading it from that angle.

    4. This story is not for the faint at heart because it is racism at its worst but it was the way of life in the antebellum South in Alabama plantation Falconhurst Characters were well rounded and language raw Hammond s wife Blanche was not a virgin like all the slaves he like to bed piece of work and played her part well of a vengeful wife and jealous slave mistress on the plantation Hammond was a likable slave owner but he showed too many sides of what the white man was allowed elitist and sometim [...]

    5. Now this book is about fifty flavors of racist, and bigotry just leaps from the pages, yet it is a compelling read Not for the faint of heart or the historically literate, it s like a train wreck once you start, you can t put it down Onstott is not a Great American Writer , but he takes some of the most hated traditions of an evil institutions and blends them into a sexy soap opera and somehow it becomes memorable Don t get me wrong, it s not a Must Read by any stretch of the imagination, and it [...]

    6. I thought this book was a little rough around the edges and may offend some that read it but for me it opened a veil into another time and showed a sad and violent truth I loved this book and have read it than once The characters are very well developed and the storyline is interesting This is one of my favorite books although I wouldn t recommend it to everyone as it paints an ugly picture of the past that some do not wish to see.

    7. I was a hot blooded young adolescent when I first discovered Lance Horner and Kyle Onstott s Falconhurst series, and they hooked me totally These authors built up a kind of fictionalized Deep South comparable to Hardy s Wessex, and while the books varied in quality, they were usually an entertaining read Revisiting the works in adulthood I found a few flaws plots tend to be a bit samey, the dialogue of the Negro slaves can be wearying to decipher, and it s hard to fall for the implication that t [...]

    8. I read this book as a teenager and in hindsight I can say that it made quite an impression on me First it was mature reading beyond my years and second it was a crash course on slavery in America Impressive on both counts.

    9. First published in 1959, before the civil rights movement had changed much in the USA, Mandingo is a book that takes a harsh and simplistic view of slavery in the 1830 s South As the author recreates this period, slaves are animals to be bred, worked, and sold as the owners see fit The N word is used frequently, and slaves are represented as simple minded and devoted to their owners Bored by their rural life, young white men enjoy sex with their female slaves and wagering on fights between their [...]

    10. This book was my introduction to slavery as it was practiced here in the United States long before my family came to the American shores While not a novel of high style , it is a novel that showed the brutality of slavery long before Alex Haley even thought about writing Roots Given the background of the author in dog show judging , he gave a unique perspective of a master who treated his slaves worse than one would treat a dog Warning, this book is BRUTAL and makes Roots look like a walk in the [...]

    11. This was in a pile of what I ll call my Mom s trash books along with the Harold Robbins and Jacqueline Susann I would read anything within hand s reach then as there was only the school library or a very small town book store All I can say is What an eye opener for a young Canadian girl While I knew the book itself wasn t fact it taught me a little than school was teaching me about our southern neighbours I ended up reading the whole pile that Mom had as it was fascinating yet sickening at the [...]

    12. My father had all of these books and they were quite sensational in their day, so I sneakily read them as a teenager I read Mandingo again a few years ago and was able to view it as a much older adult It is very racist and yet the white characters are not portrayed sympathetically either The writer does not form sides he writes the characters stories almost dispassionately and the reader is left to form his own opinion as to each character s merits or failings, and the culture of the times It is [...]

    13. When I read this in the 1970s I was quite surprised to learn that it had been published in 1957 It portrays slavery and racism in the 1800s and, in that portrayal, it is sure to offend post 60s sensibilities As the historic conditions of slavery go, this is mild except, maybe, in the minds of our contemporaries The plot is strong and the writing is competent so it s no struggle at all to read I won t recommend it for anyone in particular, though If you read it just keep in mind that it s a novel [...]

    14. Now we are adding books from my father s extensive booklist not so well known authors with not so noble plots Certainly this story is a compelling one and from an awful time in our country s history when folks could own other people and do terrible things to them A story of bigotry, lust and hatred.

    15. I was in middle school when I read this and I found the duality fascinating and disturbing Wow, I had forgotten what the cover even looked like, but I remember the title and the dog eared pages of scenes that got passed around the lunch table

    16. I m adding this because I want to add a new category miscegenation sensation And because Tracey reminded me of it the book, I mean.

    17. This was an agonizingly long novel with no seeming point except to draw out the double standards of Southern Culture and the social ills of Southern White Men.

    18. Enjoyable and graphic read set in the 17th century Suspect you be hard pressed to find a copy The Kitchen House recalled my memories.

    19. Fascinating To my mind a much vivid illustration of the evils of slavery than the politically correct prose of recent years.

    20. I m marking this a read, although I didnt actually read it, my mother did and then gave me a blow by blow verbal accounting of the story The ending has haunted me for years.She had found it in a pile of discarded paperbacks at the laundromat I was about 12 and I remember her reading a few pages, gasping and then throwing the read pages into our woodstove in sections as she read it I asked to read the discarded pages but she said it was too terrible probably so for a 12 year old , but I got the p [...]

    21. Pretty much trash writing I always seem to have found a copy of this series during the late 60 s and 70 s in variuos hospitals and service clubs and would read it if there was nothing better around It sure beat Reader s Digest or Norman Vincent Peale.I first noticed it at a drugstore paperback rack Somebody always turned it around so that the cover was not displayed Must have been really upsetting to some people The series is very heavy into a SM theme using racism as an element I think the writ [...]

    22. I read this book 35 years ago in high school It was confiscated by my English Teacher, Mr Ayre Incidentally, I checked this book out from the public library It was a controversy all those years ago Amazing book about life and the trials tribulations of one man s life The reason why we should never give up hope I am going to read it again.

    23. Read this before I was a teenager, my Dad was into this kind of book and I would grab it and read some whenever he laid it down I remember feeling so naughty reading it, I had no true idea of what slavery was about until this book opened my eyes Shocking reading for a pre teen and just as shocking to read it again now that I m an adult.

    24. I read this book a long time ago It s brutal in places, not surprising since it was set in a time when people owned slaves Since this was the mentality at the time, I have to say that it s a fairly true description of what went on then, a historical novel that captures the terrible treatment of some humans at the whims of others.

    25. This is the book that opened my eyes to the Joy of Reading I was in my early 20s reading to fall asleep This one wouldn t let me doze off I could see and feel the story unfold That was a lifetime ago.

    26. I was given this book by an older cousin when I was in my teens and it opened a whole new world with which I was unfamiliar Had I had a book cover to put over it I would have used it I suppose it would seem mild today.

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