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Puff, the Magic Dragon Pop-Up Book #2020

Puff the Magic Dragon Pop Up Book Everyone s favorite dragon now FLIES from the page Filled with fantastic pop ups and gatefolds this interactive book gives kids a new way to enter the magical land of Honalee Wondrous things happen o

  • Title: Puff, the Magic Dragon Pop-Up Book
  • Author: Peter Yarrow Lenny Lipton
  • ISBN: 9781402779190
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Puff, the Magic Dragon Pop-Up Book By Peter Yarrow Lenny Lipton, Everyone s favorite dragon now FLIES from the page Filled with fantastic pop ups and gatefolds, this interactive book gives kids a new way to enter the magical land of Honalee Wondrous things happen on every page Puff s head and tail lift up, dolphins slide in and out of a paper sea, and the boat with billowed sails becomes 3 D It s absolutely enchanting

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      199 Peter Yarrow Lenny Lipton
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    1. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* says:

      y, is for Yarrow5 StarsOh man, I can t believe I never wrote a review for this one This was my absolute FAVOURITE childhood story Nothing, to this day, brings instant childhood nostalgia to my eyes quite like this story song I remember my tone deaf father singing me this song, I remember the lilt of his imperfect voice, the feel of his hand running through my hair, EVERYTHING I think everyone is familiar with this one, I don t know that I need to go into what this is all about I have had the ble [...]

    2. I loved this book as a child of 6 being read to by my mum But.It is soooo sad and I remember howling my eyes out til I could hardly see straight I wouldn t let her stop reading though I had to know what happened even though I knew what happened because hey, what kid born in the seventies didn t grow up being lulled to sleep by Peter Paul and Mary, right Anyway, as an adult, we know that Puff is a metaphor for childhood imagination but as a kid it goes whoosh over your head and all you know is yo [...]

    3. My daughter got this book and companion music CD for her birthday, and I have to say that I greatly enjoyed reading it It is the classic, well known lyrics to the Peter, Paul and Mary song, set to beautiful drawings But much to my delight, the final pages, where the song becomes sad, the drawings give a beautiful hope for the future of Puff.

    4. Love it Love it Love it What marvelous memories I have that are attached to this song Beautifully illustrated So well done, Mr Yarrow, and I thank you There is a four song CD of Peter, Paul, and Mary with Bethany and Rufus Truly divine

    5. This 50TH BIRTHDAY edition of the song written in 1959 by Peter Yarrow and Leonard Lipton is a delight for the eyes in this wonderful picture book It is a special reminder of a song that many in my age bracket sang and sang again and still do today Although the song has some sadness to it, this storybook version has a new ending Puff, the Magic Dragon was originally sung by Peter, Paul, and Mary in 1960 They continued to sing it at concerts for years and years to come The song is the story The s [...]

    6. Awards N AGrade levels prek and upSummary Puff, the magic dragon and his friend Jackie have many adventures, climbing and running and playing in the water While Puff is typically viewed as an outcast, every so often a child sees the good in him and forms a friendship, once again filling Puffs days with joy The classic song set to gorgeous images will entice another generation of children.n Review A take on the classic children s song Puff, the Magic Dragon, invites children to follow along with [...]

    7. Also a book that closely follows the lyrics to the theme song to Puff, the Magic Dragon Really liked the song as a kid I also looked up the video and brought back memories of childhood.

    8. Puff the Magic Dragon, lived by the sea, And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honalee sang Peter, Paul and Mary in a 1963 recording Well, here is the song presented in storybook style with absolutely delightful paintings by Eric Puybaret.It is a story of an ageless dragon, Puff, and his playmate Jackie Paper, a little boy who loved that rascal Puff and bought him presents as they frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honalee.Despite Puff s gigantic tail they managed to trave [...]

    9. Yarrow, Peter Lipton, Lenny Puff the Magic Dragon New York Sterling Publishing Company Inc 2007.Genre Fiction, Dragon Tale This book is based off the old song known by most, Puff the Magic Dragon This version tells the tale of a dragon who plays with his friend Jackie Paper They do everything together until Jackie Paper grows up and Puff the dragon In this book however it seems that Jackie Papers daughter comes to take Jackie s place as the dragons best friend This book is a very simple read It [...]

    10. I love this story because of the beautiful illustrations and text that tell the same story as the song made famous by Peter, Paul, and Mary The song beautifully depicts the cycle of childhood imagination and provides a singable melody for young toddlers and children The singable melody and enchanting pictures in this storybook tell a beautiful ongoing story of childhood fantasy After recently rediscovering this classic childhood story, the book took on new meanings for me since reading it as a c [...]

    11. Peter, Paul and Mary had a folk song in 1963 called Puff the Magic Dragon, which this book, written by two members of the band, is based on It s a very short story with a lot of repetition having not heard the song I can t rightly compare and contrast, but it didn t flow quite right in the book as I m sure a song would The art work is absolutely lovely, though, in such a vivid style that it is captivating than the words were.Blog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy

    12. I know this is a classic or whatever but I just didn t like it The illustrations were beautiful paintings, but it s such a sad story This magical dragon gets forgotten by his friend because his friend grows up Judging by the pictures, it seems that another child comes along soon to play with him, but it never even says that in the story It s sad and not fun to read The copy we got from the library had a CD in the back, but as soon as the song started, my toddler told me to stop it because he did [...]

    13. Puff the magic dragon even the title gets a child excited Magic AND dragons This story is taken from a song which I remember singing quite joyfully as a child The story has followed through from here and tells the story of a dragon named Puff who lives by the sea, he and a little boy go on a variety of magical adventures, but when the little boy grows up Puff is left feeling lonely but when a girl comes along curiously looking into the cave it all changes The artwork is lavished in dark greens a [...]

    14. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this I love the way that the book ends The song ends so sadly, yet the book s illustrations paint a totally different and sweet ending There is a CD that you play while you flip through the pages and it is just so sweet I think actually, I know that I loved it even than the boys did This was a great, random find at the library.

    15. Both of my kids five and 18 months loved this one immediately I love it because the pictures give a happy ending to what is otherwise the saddest song in the world.We ve had the book in our house for about eight hours and I have already lost my voice from reading singing it over and over It s a hit.

    16. This a great read for teaching phonemic awareness in the category of rhyming It is also an excellent read for teaching the value of friendships This fantasy poem is wonderful for addressing standards which focus upon phonemic awareness.

    17. I have not listened to the cd yet but the book was beautiful I still wonder about Little Jackie Paper though.

    18. Couldn t read the words because the song kept screaming out very popular in its day 1963 youtube watch v Y7lmA

    19. My mom went to high school with Paul Stookey, of Peter, Paul Mary who wrote sang this song I think everyone knows the song.

    20. Puff, the Magic Dragon By Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton published by Sterling Publishing Company Inc New York copyright 2007.1 Awards the book has received This book has not received any awards.2 Appropriate grade level s This book is appropriate for children from Kindergarten 1st grade.3 Summary This book is based on a Peter, Paul and Mary song which is about a dragon and his friend The dragon loves his friend Jackie and they go on many adventures together They are very well respected in the la [...]

    21. 1 This book has not received any awards.2 This book is appropriate for grades preschool 2nd grade.3 This newer childhood song has been transformed into a beautiful picture book that tells the story of Puff, the magic dragon and his many adventures With his friend Jackie, they travel the land of Honalee, and frolic in the autumn mist Peter Yarrow, the original song maker, creates a story that follows the repetitive sing song of this beloved song.4 Due to the repetitive nature of this book, childr [...]

    22. Appropriate grade level s Kindergarten 1stOriginal 3 line summaryThis book is a song with beautiful painting to pair with it It is one of the most well known songs and liked The book makes the song come alive throughout it s illustrations Puff and Jackie travel in boats together to see the royalty.Original 3 line reviewThis is a fun song and is enjoyable to sing in big groups The first time I read this song was in this book and not too long a go It made me laugh to read it and it is still very e [...]

    23. 1 Awards None2 Preschool 2nd grade3 This version of Puff the Magic Dragon brings the song to life through reading The song book follows the story of Puff, Jackie Piper, and the land of Honalee Puff and Jack embark on fantastic, magical, and exciting adventures.4 Puff the Magic Dragon is such a nostalgic song that is such a classic to bring about for young children It unleashes the imaginations of everyone and never fails to put a smile on everyone s faces The rhythm and sounds is so comforting a [...]

    24. I remember my mum singing this song to me a lot when I was a wee dragonet about thirty odd years ago and was reminded once again of Puff, through seeing a picture of the book s cover on Pinterest I then went on YouTube and watched a video created by Nana Kate s Corner where the story was read aloud I picked this version as I liked Nana Kate s accent D I loved the story, and the illustrations of the dragon were gorgeous I felt sorry for Puff when his little friend grew up and left him behind but [...]

    25. 1 This book has won no awards2 Ages 3 73 Puff the Magic Dragon lives in a land called Honnah Lee Together him and Jackie Paper go on incredible adventures Soon Jackie Paper grows up and no longer plays with Puff, the Magic Dragon.4 Puff, the Magic Dragon was a favorite song of mine as a child I was so happy to see that it is a book, and there are such beautiful illustrations to go along with such a beautiful song It actually makes me tear up, and I think that s what makes it so great.5 This book [...]

    26. Awards NoneGrade Level Prekindergarten 1stSummary There is a dragon that lives by the sea near a land called Honalle A little boy comes to visit him and brings him food Puff is a nice dragon and does not harm anyone, he just enjoys frolicking by the sea.Review The song in this book has such a nice melody Even humming the words to the song, I feel can be soothing The illustrations were vibrant and appealing to the eyes.Possible In class Uses 1 Teacher can teach the students the words to the song. [...]

    27. Awards n aAppropriate grade level s birth 1st gradeSummary This is the story about Little Jackie Paper and his adventures with Puff the Magic Dragon Together they fly around the land of Honnah Lee and see princes and pirates In between each verse, the same chorus is sung and repeated 6 times Review This book has the same chorus that has two repeating lines so it is very easy for kids to learn and sing along to I also like all the colorful illustrations this books has It makes it easy for emergin [...]

    28. 1 Awards the book has received none 2 Appropriate grade levels preschool 1st grade 3 Original 3 line summary Puff the Magic Dragon tells a story about a dragon named Puff and his best friend, Jackie Paper Jackie and Puff do a lot of activities together, until one day, Jackie disappears and is never seen again This makes Puff very sad, until a new child comes along and makes him her new friend 4 Original 3 line review Children who are ages 3 to 6 will love this book The illustrations are adorable [...]

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