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Heroes of the Valley #2020

Heroes of the Valley Halli Sveinsson is stumpy and swarthy with a quick mind and an aptitude for getting in trouble Bored with everyday chores and shepherding he enjoys playing practical jokes When he plays a trick on R

  • Title: Heroes of the Valley
  • Author: Jonathan Stroud
  • ISBN: 9781423109679
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heroes of the Valley By Jonathan Stroud, Halli Sveinsson is stumpy and swarthy, with a quick mind and an aptitude for getting in trouble Bored with everyday chores and shepherding, he enjoys playing practical jokes When he plays a trick on Ragnar of the House of Hakonsson, he sets in motion a chain of events that will forever alter his destiny He is forced to leave home and go on a hero s quest complete with hHalli Sveinsson is stumpy and swarthy, with a quick mind and an aptitude for getting in trouble Bored with everyday chores and shepherding, he enjoys playing practical jokes When he plays a trick on Ragnar of the House of Hakonsson, he sets in motion a chain of events that will forever alter his destiny He is forced to leave home and go on a hero s quest complete with highway robbers, terrifying monsters, and a girl who may be as fearless as he is Along the way he will discover the truth about the legends, his family, and himself.

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    1 thought on “Heroes of the Valley

    1. I read Stroud s Bartimaeus trilogy and liked it pretty well, the writing and the originality of the book especially the ending impressed me THIS BOOK I think I can sum up at least in my humble opinion in 3 words OH GOOD GRIEF.Now I am tempted to let my one star rating and those three words sum up my feelings here and move on I see many enjoyed this book actually, predictably I think I didn t, so to be fair to those who would like detail let me add another phrase, seven words this time, been the [...]

    2. Jonathan Stroud simply is not a fan of innocent protagonists as pure as the newly driven snow He has little patience for innocents as main characters No time for guys like Harry Potter or Frodo, who find themselves thrust into dangerous situations that were not of their own making Give Stroud a nicely corrupt kid or a wildly headstrong hero any day of the week Having burst upon the juvenile writing scene with his breathtaking Bartimaeus trilogy, Stroud now scales himself back a little with a sli [...]

    3. Heroes of the Valley turned out to be a good book to listen on audio At first I wasn t sure how much I d like it, but I ended up enjoying it immensely.Halli is a roguish, endearing young hero who wrapped himself around my heart Although he was quite a prankster, he was a good kid at heart He didn t really get a chance to shine until he broke free from the mold of his family and their expectations for him This took him on a journey of self discovery and enlightenment about his world Everyone in t [...]

    4. maaf, tulisan berikut ini adalah dongeng semata, bukan sebuah review Kisah Bangsawan Bunga Mawar dan Bocah Salah AsuhanMari, mari sini semua mendekat Ya, Sobat, kau juga Kau yang sempat membelalakkan matamu tanpa hasil yang keren Kau langsung tahu siapa aku, tentu saja Memang kecantikanku tidak mungkin melayu dalam tiga tahun ini Sekiranya pun pandangan menyedihkanmu ternyata makin kabur, begitu langkahku melewati pintu masuk Penginapan Suka Tidur ini kau bisa mengendus wangi patenku, Moroccan R [...]

    5. Stroud s best book.This a fantasy set in an isolated valley above a fjord where farming and feuding are the primary occupations The culture is based on what can be found in Icelandic sagas, complete with a heavy emphasis on legal disputes The protagonist, a boy with a quick wit and a way with words, is fascinated by the legends of the Heroes who settled the valley and made it safe from the monsters that lived underground and preyed on the new comers He hopes for a exciting life than being a ten [...]

    6. I liked it though it wasn t that good in the beginning and was boring sometimes overall though, it wasn t bad.

    7. Short comment, cause I feel lazy tonight.1 Lys 3 as always 3 2 My jaw is still literally on the floor becauseTHAT ending I reached the end and when the plot twist was revealed I felt so stupid I didn t expect that at all, Stroud, you evil genius.3 Halli you TONTO.4 This was so different from Bartimeus read it if you haven t, people I liked it less than Barty because Bartimeus ending still makes me want to go in a corner and cry like ther s no tomorrow but than Lockwood co Heroes of the valley i [...]

    8. I really, really like Stroud s protagonists They re not like the others In other YA fantasy series we have heroes like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson who are hardly responsible for the situations they get into They are ordinary, unambitious guys who were thrown into adventure by fate They did not wish to be famous or save the world but when the need arose they rose to the challenge Harry survived the killing curse because of his mother and Percy got into scrapes because of who his dad was These [...]

    9. So, halfway through this book I wasn t really sure I was enjoying it all that much I could admit that it was probably a good book, but I was annoyed that it was so departed from the Bartimaeus trilogy, which I LOVED Mostly, I think I was annoyed that it just wasn t funny It wasn t supposed to be funny, but I wanted it to be.The other problem was that I was having a hard time cheering for a main character that I didn t really like or relate to in any way, a foolish young boy who derides responsib [...]

    10. What a great read Spanning the edges of several different genres, Heroes of the Valley is so delightfully Stroud esque that I couldn t put it down.Halli Sveinsson lives in a valley founded by 12 Heroes long ago, who fought the vicious Trows for mastery of the land Now 17 generations later, Halli questions the Hero stories he grew up with, and seeks to know the truth Through a strong friendship, revenge, and many adventures involving courage, quick thinking and as always with Stroud, a lot of wit [...]

    11. Jonathan Stroud emang slalu bikin kaget sebelumnya crta ttg bartimeus yg endingnya lumayan bikin hati tersayat2dan sekarang, certa ttg Halli Sveinsson, keturunan salah seorang dari 12 pahlawan, bikin emosiku naik turunJonathan Stroud kayaknya bukan pengarang yg suka menjabarkan klo tokoh utama certanya itu sempurna, atau kuat, atau hebat malah si Halli ini awalnya dia terkesan lemah banget kecuali fakta ttg dia yg suka berbuat onar dan nakal di kediaman klan nya.tika malam terbunuhnya Brodir, pa [...]

    12. This was an amazing book, with very likeable characters despite their numerous faults and interesting events It was written beautifully and had many elements of an old tale being told, the simultaneous legend of the heroes of the valley at the beginning of each chapter, and to a lesser extent, the story itself I found the beginning a bit jumbled, since you weren t really sure who the story was about But once it got started, I liked it and The main character, Halli, seemed too unpredictable and [...]

    13. Nothing like Stroud s other books but just as good.This book reads like a historical novel set in a time where people lived rather isolated lives for there s fairly little magic involved The mythology of the people in this tale resembles stories told about Vikings but there are no direct clues that indicate the author really meant to create vikings I d rather like to think that they live in their own world, a world where wisps of magic are still lingering.The story develops slowly, focusing on [...]

    14. Well, I know that I shouldn t get my hopes to high whenever I read a book from the same writer who previously wrote an amazing book in advance, that is to say my favoritism for the Bartimeus trilogy And so, although I hope for the comical, humorous book in the Heroes of the Valley, I still tried to continue to read it further despite that it s just not as exciting as how I ve read Bartimeus I kinda like Halli because he s someone who develops his personality through experience, and I guess I lik [...]

    15. Ini kisah tentang Pahlawan di suatu lembah dimana 12 klan hidup berdampingan Tersebutlah Halli Sveinsson, keturunan dari Svein sang Pendiri salah satu Klan Halli lahir di pertengahan musim dingin Kepercayaan di sana mengatakan bahwa anak anak yang lahir di pertengahan musim dingin kelak akan menjadi anak yang berkaitan dengan hal hal gaib dan rahasia.Di sekeliling Klan klan, ada deretan makam makam batu yang memanjang membentuk barisan pertahanan Tersebutlah Trow, jenis makhluk yang tidak ada sa [...]

    16. Terlambat sehari dari yang ditargetkan sudahlah DDari buku buku Jonathan Stroud yang saya baca, ratingnya Bartimaeus Trology Prequel ASDFGHSAJJSA BAGUSNYA GAK NGERTI LAGI Heroes of The Valley BAGUUUUUS The Leap PusingThe Last Siege Meh, ngebosenin.Setelah dibawa jungkir balik sama Bartimaeus, baca The Leap dan The Las Siege bikin saya kecewa, jadi saya tidak berharap banyak sama The Leap Di luar dugaan, ceritanya oke, meski nggak segreget Bartimaeus Trilogy.Halli Sveinson, gempal, berkaki pendek [...]

    17. Well written, but somewhat unsatisfying One thing I always look for in a young adult book is what ideology the author is presenting to the intended young reader This book is a cleverly written story of the progression of a restless young boy into a responsible, if adventurous, young man The author belittles violence borne of pride and considers self sacrifice and self defense even deadly as noble and honorable This book similar to the Bartiemeus trilogy certainly encourages questioning the statu [...]

    18. A younger son, Halli Sveinsson rebels against his parents and village s expectations through a series of endless mostly harmless pranks and escapades But when his beloved uncle is murdered by a rival house, Halli sets out to avenge his uncle, a quest that will have startling repercussions for all of the residents of the valley.I love Jonathan Stroud s books He s the king of the snark, and he doesn t disappoint in this one Halli has turned insult into an art The dialogue brought tears of laughter [...]

    19. The Bartemius Trilogy was a very complex young adult series morally, in plot, and in theme and it is good to see Stroud sticking to high standards While this novel is aimed at maybe a slightly younger audience than the trilogy, it has enough exploration of gray areas to be a worthy successor In an isolated valley between mountains and descending to the sea are twelve houses named for each of the twelve ancient heroes who settled the valley and drove off the Trows vicious underground creatures wh [...]

    20. I didn t hate this book and certainly it wasn t a badly written one but I couldn t connect with it either I may come back and revisit the story so I could write a proper review But at this point I just felt that the plot was so disjointed that I had a hard time getting into it By the time I managed to find a comfortable place to sit in the story, it was over very quickly not long afterwards I may have picked the wrong Jonathan Stroud book to familiarize myself with his writing I should have pro [...]

    21. This is an unusual book, with the plot driven less by action than by character building and introspection This may be the reason why I liked it so much I tend to enjoy the exploration of the personalities at least as much as the story itself Take this as both a recommendation and a warning if you want a fast paced, action packed book, this isn t for you If, however, you love a good character a realistically flawed and self aware person as much as you like action, read this book.I would also reco [...]

    22. Komentar pertama dan wajib sebagai pembuka AKHIRNYA ADA NOVEL FIKSI FANTASI YANG TAMAT DALAM SATU BUKUUU yang udah bokek ama buku fikfan bersekuel orz Pujian untuk pengarang dan penerjemahnya Gara2 satu buku ini aja, saya ngefans ke mereka berdua Untuk penerjemah sih, ini buku kedua D Gaya tulisan didukung terjemahan yg jg oke Stroud klop sama selera saya Itu pertama Kedua, saya harus bilang ceritanya simpel, tapi bagus Tandingannya hingga detik ini mungkin cuma Moribito Seirei no Moribito dan Y [...]

    23. ya Tuhanya ingin sekali membaca ini dan bingung harus mencari di mana harus mendapatkan novel ini tampaknya saya telat membeli pula, HUH Setelah mendapatkan novel ini langsung kubaca dan menikmati membaca yg begitu lama mengalir penuh laga, petualangan milik Halli Sviensson, mempertahankan harga diri atau mau mencoba seprti kisah Svien yg terkenal pahlawan di klannnya Tokoh2 nya bagus, terasa sekali, juga alur cerita yang enak dibaca.

    24. dnf nach 120 Seiten Ca Ich habe andere B cher des Autors gelesen und war wirklich gefesselt von seinen Geschichten diese war leider komplett anders Ich kam nicht rein in die Geschichte, es war iwie de und man hatte keine Lust weiter zu lesen, und man hat nur Bahnhof verstanden daher war dann auch kein Bed rfnis mehr da weiter zu lesen hade.

    25. This book is very entertaining with cuteness, innocence, sadness, struggle and romantic story of Halli and Aud An adventure with stories of eye opening Sign to my favorite list D

    26. They re only stories, he would say, What do stories matter But he wasn t stupid He knew as well as Myrddin that in the end stories are all that matter Here Lies Arthur The heroes, the Trows the stories that bind us, Halli The stories we live by, that dictate what we do and where we go The stories that give us our names, our identities, the places we belong, the people we hate Heroes of the ValleyStory seems to be the theme of my reading lately see here for , and these two books made for interes [...]

    27. Halli Sveinson, aged 14, is the second son in one of the 12 main houses in the Valley Somewhat squat his short legs are a running joke and swarthy, he is a trickster and a trouble maker from birth Brought up on tales of the Heroes, including his own ancestor Svein, who rid the Valley of the man eating Trows untold years ago, he chafes at his boring, placid, rural life.When an annual Gathering of representatives from all the Houses is held at the House of Svein, previous bad blood between Halli s [...]

    28. Halli lives in a valley founded by 12 Heroes long ago who fought monsters, called Trows, for mastery of the land As the second son in his family, he s a bit of a prankster, seeking attention from a village that would rather see him remain quiet and out of the way than have fun But when his uncle is murdered by the arbiter of another house, Halli embarks on a quest, seeking revenge for his fallen kin Along the way he begins to question his family s history, the legends of the Trows, and his feeli [...]

    29. How do you see your tale s hero Tall, handsome, a knight in shining armour, the one with the brains and the brawn to make things right If you are interested in the typical heroes, then do not pick up a Jonathan Stroud book But if you need something new, something different from the others, if you are willing to bear a protagonist who has a better chance of burning himself than achieving any of his goals, then you may very look forward to a Jonathan Stroud adventure After having completed the Bar [...]

    30. I ll be straight up with you, I didn t like it Not only did I not like it, I also didn t get it I m not just saying this so I can get another reading log done because what I m saying is true I read the book and spent days trying to understand the text but I just couldn t do it I got the main ideas It was about a short boy looking for adventure and his family has a bad history with trows and that he saves the day and gets the girl blah blah blah, but I got lost There were times when I understood [...]

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