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Steinbrenner: The Last Lion of Baseball #2020

Steinbrenner The Last Lion of Baseball If you love the New York Yankees arguably the most storied franchise in all of sports or even if you re just a fan of baseball history or big business bios this biography of the larger than life tea

  • Title: Steinbrenner: The Last Lion of Baseball
  • Author: Bill Madden
  • ISBN: 9780061690310
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Steinbrenner: The Last Lion of Baseball By Bill Madden, If you love the New York Yankees, arguably the most storied franchise in all of sports or even if you re just a fan of baseball history, or big business bios this biography of the larger than life team owner for the past four decades is a must for your bookshelf For than 30 years Bill Madden has covered the Yankees and Major League Baseball for the New York Daily NewIf you love the New York Yankees, arguably the most storied franchise in all of sports or even if you re just a fan of baseball history, or big business bios this biography of the larger than life team owner for the past four decades is a must for your bookshelf For than 30 years Bill Madden has covered the Yankees and Major League Baseball for the New York Daily News, and he brings all his insights and inside connections to Steinbrenner the definitive biography of one of New York s most intriguing and long standing sports figures, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.

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    1 thought on “Steinbrenner: The Last Lion of Baseball

    1. Whenever I contemplate reading a biography, I always consider the author, and if they had a relationship with the person being written of I prefer not to read what Lester Bangs classified as puff pieces , instead, opting for an author that owed no allegiance to the subject Bill Madden covered the Yankees as beat writer for New York s Daily News, spanning thirty years Given the controversial nature of Steinbrenner, the only realistic way Madden could write this book was to do so, head on In my vi [...]

    2. I liked it at first but I think I picked the wrong time to read a book that is mostly a lunatic billionaire yelling a lot.

    3. Detailed account of Steinbrenner and his relationships with managers, players, former players, fellow owners.

    4. This is a good portrait of George Steinbrenner written by someone who was there Madden has put together a fascinating portrait which should be of interest to Yankee fans and anyone interested in the modern business of sports Steinbrenner was clearly a smart, talented businessman whose passion for winning helped revitalize a franchise that had become moribund His insistence that the franchise operate in a first class manner from upgrading training facilities to making sure the luxury boxes were p [...]

    5. This is a fairly detailed book about George Steinbrenner that draws heavily on anecdotes from his business associates, family, former employees, and others that were within his sphere of influence Quite a bit of the material was just condensing and rehashing of news stories from Steinbrenner s four decades of owning the Yankees, but there were some great behind the scenes stories too.Madden does a good job showing the irrationality of Steinbrenner and leaves us with the impression that it all st [...]

    6. It s funny I m 28 and started following the Yankees seriously around 1994, the strike year, so all I ve known is unthinkable success and stability Certainly that s how the Yankee brass wants you to remember the Steinbrenner era just look at the YES Network s love fest for the man on their Yankeeography show all the guests tripped over themselves to out praise Steinbrenner.Sometimes you have to be reminded that immediately preceding the 15 years of winning since the strike ended was a period of m [...]

    7. Allow me to preface this by saying I am not a fan of George Steinbrenner or the New York Yankees But to deny what the man did for baseball would be outrageous When this book first came out, I knew it was something I wanted to read I head off, however, and when I recently invested in a Kindle, this was the first book I got.I m glad I did.I like the way Bill Madden wrote this book from the eyes of everyone else, but at the same time with glimpses from Steinbrenner as well This might be the best bo [...]

    8. I guess I am in agreement with a majority of the ones who have read and critiqued Bill Maddon s depiction of Steinbrenner I am also a lifelong Yankee fan who cringed everytime Steinbrenner opened his mouth to the press on a Yankee disappointment because it usually led to the firing of one manager after another One would have thought he would have mellowed after the second banishment, but he kept on going There were some wonderful moments in the book that Maddon wrote to show Steinbrenner in a be [...]

    9. This is a well done biography of Steinbrenner, and I walk away thinking we have perhaps recently been engaged in bit of revisionist history about him Without hammering the reader, the parade of GM after GM, manager after manager, and insane rant after insane rant reminds us that Steinbrenner really was a bully Most baseball followers know the higher visibility dealings with Billy Martin and the string of managers, but some of the details of other staff are amazing He made an employee carry a bag [...]

    10. This was a very readable and informative, yet uneven, portrait of George Steinbrenner It excels at sketching out specifics of Yankees history from the early 70 s up until the 2000 s, but largely leaves the rest of Steinbrenner s life untouched You will get incredibly detailed reporting of his 9 to 5 life, but little else that might explain what really made him tick.I came into this book already essentially detesting him, thinking of him as the person who turned the Yankees into the most hated te [...]

    11. Having started watching the Yankees during the strike shortened season of 1994 I have really lived a charmed life watching the Yankees No losing seasons and multiple championships Bill Madden s book about Steinbrenner does a great job telling the story of the man who created the Yankees I know.Since his death, I have been hoping that George Steinbrenner would get nominated to the Baseball Hall of Fame and would be a lock to get in But after reading this book I am not sure he is deserving of that [...]

    12. Steinbrenner The Last Lion of Baseball is a comprehensive look at Steinbrenner s ownership years with the Yankees It is a well researched and balanced book that paints a full portrait of the former Yankees owner from the questionable business practices he employed to the abusive personality he unleashed on many a manager, player, and front office employee Later in life, Steinbrenner would seem to mellow and attempt to make amends for his past grievous sins, but he would have much to atone for.Th [...]

    13. I feel that that is a very fair depiction of the man George Steinbrenner was Madden did not hold back and did not sugar coat in his book As a life long Yankee fan born in the late 70 s, I really enjoyed the behind the scenes stories that Madden wrote about Steinbrenner certainly was an interesting man, he was definitely a bully, definitely passionate about winning, and definitely made many a mistakes while running this organization, but he also was the main reason, be it directly or indirectly t [...]

    14. One of the impressive biographies I have read Deep in texture, Steinbrenner is a fascinating character in the world of Major League Baseball The anecdotes and stories of the Yankee owner from 1973 to present day are a noteworthy collection to the new age of baseball There are passages that made me audibly laugh Author Bill Madden has written the authoritative biography of The Boss It is an impressive read with impeccable reporting Steinbrenner is an intriguing character and this book is a compl [...]

    15. This is a 3.5 3.75 rating for me I read this in print and listened to it on audio concurrently, due to the book s length.This was an interesting and comprehensive sometimes a little too comprehensive in the amount of minute detail look at Steinbrenner s life There were some parts that seemed to skip around, or jump ahead in time without explaining how someone arrived at the Yankees, and some parts were a bit repetitive Overall, though, Steinbrenner was an interesting personality and I enjoyed hi [...]

    16. I approached this as a baseball fan and as a fan of business books It s interesting to see how organizations operate and are managed This story was the story of the bully as boss Did he have redeeming traits Some, but they sure didn t overwhelm the bullying of his employees in the narrative of this book If this were a novel, the antagonist would have had second thoughts prior to the end It doesn t seem to have happened here That left the end a bit unsatisfying, no send off, just a fading away to [...]

    17. I thought the book was extremely well done in the early years of Steinbrenner s ownership It focused on his true business genius of how he was able to put the deal together and remain on top and in charge in spite of numerous challenges and problems My only complaints are that as the years went by the author focused and on what Steinbrenner did wrong and not a word was given for what he did right It is well known that he was a bully and The Boss , but for everyone time he continuously intimida [...]

    18. This is a very readable history of the Yankees from the early 70s through 2009 as told by Bill Madden, who covered the team for the Daily News Yankees fans and I am one did indeed sometimes hate what George Steinbrenner did, particularly the constant firings of the manager and some really stupid acquisitions, but we can t deny that he changed the team s mindset It s interesting that so many people who he fired not just managers, at all continued to work within his organization and or continued t [...]

    19. Steinbrenner was both good guy and a bad guy I suspect he was bipolar based on his behaviors towards all his employees On the one hand, he could be calling some employee an idiot because it was pouring rain in New York and the game had to be canceled On the other hand, he would give former employees jobs and pay them salary because they needed a job, independent of whether the person was qualified or there was even a job that needed to be done.He also started the Silver Shield Foundation silvers [...]

    20. This is a pretty balanced portrait of a pretty unbalanced man I was surprised how often Madden s narrative had me empathizing with Steinbrenner The whole Howie Spira thing actually made me feel bad for him, for example But make no mistake, the man comes across as tempestuous, as somehow both fickle and relentless, and as just plain nuts in this book It made me appreciate the genius of the Seinfeld caricature I d recommend this to people who enjoy baseball history and biography, even if they don [...]

    21. Bill Madden wisely focuses on the facts and less on armchair psychology, but there was one anecdote that won t leave my head As a birthday gift to his dad, young George Steinbrenner, newly independently rich, donates a building to MIT, his father s beloved alma mater The building is named for the elder Steinbrenner When he shows his father the gift as a surprise for the old man s birthday, his father grumbles, That s the only way you could ever get into this school No wonder The Boss was such a [...]

    22. I have been a die hard Yankee fan since I was old enough to say Yogi When Mr Steinbrenner bought the Yankees from CBS I wondered how a shipping executive would rebuild the Yankee dynasty I guess that pushing your employees to the limit at every moment possible is one way to do it What makes Bill Madden s book so interesting is that he elucidates Mr Steinbrenner s softer, charitable side Mr Steinbrenner was an extremely complex man and in my opinion the book is well worth reading if this sort of [...]

    23. I am a huge Yankee fan, but I was very disappointed in this book Madden spent almost the entire book on the 70s and 80s, and then breezed through the good years that I remember the 90s where we won so many world series, with iconic players and the Core Four I really did not need to know about EVERY SINGLE trade or cancelled trade deal that he did, or every single conversation The book is so incredibly detailed, but too much soI didn t think it focused on the right parts of Steinbrenner s life, o [...]

    24. Not a Yankee fan but a baseball fan especially in the late 70s and 80s I decided to purchase this book after Steinbrenner died in July and recalling how he went from a villian to a hero late in life The book was a straight forward recap of his history as owner of the Yankees Even though Steinbrenner was not always a nice guy and led a rich and full life, at the end of the book when the end is near, I was sad.

    25. Book gave a lot of insights in what drove Steinbrenner Loved the inside stories about George how one day he would fire you and then the next day tell you it was all a mistake I thought Bill Madden should have shared stories from the late 1990s and early 2000s Seem to have covered the early and middle years of Steinbrenner s Yankee ownership but not the last few years Deftly stayed awayed from the last 3 4 years when Steinbrenner was clearly ill to the public.

    26. If you like the Yankees and the era of George Steinbrenner, this is a must read Much of the book is about early Steinbrenner days leading up to his ban from Baseball and following return It does cover of the modern era including his relationship with Jeter, Torre, and ultimately Torre s departure and eventual choice of Joe Girardi Not being a huge fan of the Yankees and only knowing the periphery, I found the book a fun and interesting read.

    27. Great inside look at the personality of the Boss Being a lifelong Yankees fan this was especially great since I grew up i the era when our team just sucked The Boss will always be remembered for his outbursts, his competitiveness and his philanthropy Fascinating book that focused mainly on anecdotes and facts and allows the reader to make up their own mind regarding the legacy of Steinbrenner.

    28. I was looking for a book about The Boss, but I was never ever able to find one Then one day listening to WFAN, Mike Francesa was interviewing Bill Madden and it got me very interested in this book Telling the story of how Steinbrenner took, what is called 10 million, but is really 8 million and less from his pocket and turned it into a billion dollar industry For a Yankees fan and a baseball fan The Last Lion of Baseball is a must read.

    29. This was a very educational book I really enjoyed reading about the life of George and what he did with a team that was sometimes struggling and sometimes not I can not say that I would always agree with him or that I would have ever survived working with him, however I did learn and get inside into how one of the best teams in baseball regained that title I think Madden did an amazing job telling this story in a way that did not get boring and did not candy coat things.

    30. This is a devastating biography of a sad, filthy rich man In the beginning I finished each chapter exclaiming to myself what a dick In the middle I started to like him a bit, he is cartoonishly stupid But by the end I only had pity for him, but little empathy The book would be better as a magazine article, since it is somewhat one dimensional If you hate the yankees, is worth a read, some of the stories about Steinbrenner are hilarious.

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