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Pointed Roofs #2020

Pointed Roofs Dorothy Miller Richardson was the first writer to publish an English language novel using what was to become known as the stream of consciousness technique In London she began moving among

  • Title: Pointed Roofs
  • Author: Dorothy M. Richardson
  • ISBN: 9781440051432
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pointed Roofs By Dorothy M. Richardson, Dorothy Miller Richardson 1873 1957 was the first writer to publish an English language novel using what was to become known as the stream of consciousness technique In London, she began moving among Avant garde Socialist and artistic circles, including the Bloomsbury group She started to publish translations and freelance journalism and eventually gave up her secretarDorothy Miller Richardson 1873 1957 was the first writer to publish an English language novel using what was to become known as the stream of consciousness technique In London, she began moving among Avant garde Socialist and artistic circles, including the Bloomsbury group She started to publish translations and freelance journalism and eventually gave up her secretarial job Throughout her career, she published large numbers of essays, poems, short stories, sketches and other pieces of journalism However, her reputation as a writer rests firmly on the Pilgrimage sequence The first of the Pilgrimage novels, Pointed Roofs 1915 was the first complete stream of consciousness novel in English, although Richardson herself disliked the term, preferring to call her way of writing interior monologues The failure to recognise Richardson s role is partly due to the critical neglect of Richardson s writing during her lifetime The fact that Pointed Roofs displayed the writer s admiration for German culture at a time when Britain and Germany were at war may also have contributed to the general lack of recognition of the book s radical importance.

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      474 Dorothy M. Richardson
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    1. It will make me simply ill I could never describe to you, said Miriam, with her face aglow, what it is to me to hear some silly man drone away with an undistributed middle term Dorothy Richardson was a modernist Virginia Woolf was a modernist Therefore Virginia Woolf was Dorothy Richardson This would be plain before everyone s eyes, but not everyone has the same eyes They had dreadful eyes eyes like the eyes of hostesses By using those eyes to absorb this text you will gain access to forgotten a [...]

    2. Soa quick comment based on skimming the lackluster reviews for this on GR Most people seem to have problems with what is described as lack of plot or nothing happening or that the narrative is disjointed To critique the work thus is to completely misunderstand it and the intent of its author If we demand that our writers do violence to the disjointed nature of experience by forcing it into a plot we will deprive ourselves of a great deal DR has attempted to record the consciousness and the exper [...]

    3. Pointed Roofs is one of those books which first appears to be about nothing but isn t The plot is thin four months in the life of a young teacher, Miriam Henderson, and four months of her life teaching schoolgirls in Germany in 1895 There s little overt conflict here, just the course of her daily life Trips with the schoolgirls, lessons, piano concerts, poetry readings, Churches, thunderstorms Some tension between her and her supervisor, Fraulein Pfaff The pointed roofs of the title are of the G [...]

    4. 4.5 stars rounded upMy first dilemma is how to review this Richardson s classic has 13 novels I have the four volume virago edition Richardson did call the novels chapters It seems to be a choice between reviewing the whole lot as one novel, reviewing each of the virago volumes or reviewing each novel separately I have gone for the latter option mainly because it gives me a chance to meander a little and go off on tangents, which I am prone to do Dorothy Richardson is not as well known as she sh [...]

    5. I was aware of Dorothy Richardson for a long, long time without ever reading her work.When I was very young and Virago Modern Classics were very new, I remember seeing Pilgrimage , her thirteen novel series, collected in four thick volumes that had covers that were similar but not quite the same They looked like important works the kind of books that I ought to read one day but maybe not quite yet.Years later, I looked at those four big books again and I learned how very significant Dorothy Rich [...]

    6. I enjoyed it, but I wasn t blown away I recognize her trailblazing use of stream of consciousness, but there wasn t enough there there for me Richardson is quite adept at portraying the gyrating opinions in a state of consternation, or even contemplation, but in retrospect I m not totally at ease with her approach to switching back and forth between stream of consciousness and straight narration Keeping in mind that Miriam is just 17 or 18 years old here, and Richardson is experimenting with a n [...]

    7. This first volume from Richardson s 13 volume Pilgrimage introduces us to Miriam Told mostly through Miriam s inner monologue and subjective observations, we follow her transition from daughter in England to governess at a girl s school in Germany Self conscious and unsure, Miriam s emotions ebb and flow from moment to moment, at times in the present, others spent briefly in the past, we know her only as well as she tries to know herself An interesting expedition into the thoughts and feelings o [...]

    8. An interesting entry into streams of consciousness literature, though I find that there were too many characters to keep track of.

    9. Ever heard of Virginia Woolf No doubt you have But have you ever heard of Dorothy M Richardson Maybe not.I for one hadn t heard of her until just recently, yet Woolf undoubtedly owed her a debt of style, for Richardson it was who first introduced the stream of consciousness narrative technique to the Bloomsbury set in her ongoing series of semi autobiographical novels entitled Pilgrimage.Pointed Roofs is the first book of that series, in which Richardson s literary surrogate, Miriam Henderson, d [...]

    10. Mary Olivier, a Life was such an extraordinary experience, I had to find out about the stream of consciousness method, first by actually reading through May Sinclair s essay that made the use of the term famous in 1918, in the journal The Egoist, all issues of which are available online Sinclair says Richardson plunges deep into reality, in the tradition of French writing by the de Goncourts brothers and Marie Claire, and of course Joyce s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man The main thing wa [...]

    11. This isn t the kind of novel I would have picked up if I hadn t of had to read it for uni I really don t like modernist novels that use stream of consciousness, so if that isn t your thing either, then I wouldn t recommend it Even besides those stylistic choices, I didn t think there was anything of any substance to this novel I enjoyed some of it, purely because I thought the descriptions were good in some parts and I could sympathise somewhat with the main character Miriam But most of the time [...]

    12. I forgot that stream of consciousness was not my thing and nearly lost consciousness altogether whilst enduring this tedium It may well be great literature, but I am not an objective reader.

    13. This was one of the most amazing reading experiences I have ever had Pointed Roofs is a 1915 novel written by Dorothy Richardson It was the first book published in English written in the stream of consciousness narrative style It s also the first volume in a thirteen volume autobiographical series.The story is of a seventeen year old English girl who travels to Germany to teach in a school as a governess Through the thoughts of Miriam, the young girl, we are privy to her feelings about her new l [...]

    14. This book is significant in that it is the first stream of consciousness narrative, but it is not for me Perhaps if I were to go on and read the others in her semi autobiographical series I would enjoy it , but as it stands it was rather boring.

    15. Pilgrimage Pointed RoofsHow I came to Dorothy M Richardson was funny The title of her for volume set on Pilgrimage pointed this was an author who wanted to share her life story But that was not the point, having read John Bunyan allegorical The Pilgrims Progress I hoped that the two were somehow connected I had seen Dorothy highly recommended for her art and form in the subtle way she wrote her life story No doubt, there is so much that can be said about the work she did in her writing I will ju [...]

    16. I bought the first volume of Virago s four volume edition of Dorothy Richardson s Pilgrimage years ago, after reading an article almost certainly in the Guardian probably, in fact, this one mentioning Richardson along with other authors I already enjoyed, such as Rosamund Lehmann Though I might have bought it anyway, as I ve always been predisposed to acquire Virago Modern Classics In any case, I bought it years ago and didn t get round to reading it, and then last week I found myself sitting in [...]

    17. These notes were made in 1992 First published 1915 Though she disliked the term, Richardson is accurately described as a stream of consciousness writer A heavy value is placed on immediate and accurate response to the stimuli of the outside world, and to the realistic, associational movement of thought and conversation Under the influence of all this detail meaningless detail, in that it is not patterned to serve a plot as in conventional fiction it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking not [...]

    18. Pointed Roofs Pilgrimage is a fairly beautiful book, in terms of prose and sentiment and lyricism unfortunately, it didn t move me as it might have if it was a cohesive, motivated experience I read it as a curiosity, and until I get a chance to re read it and reconsider my assessment, I will always see it as a mere curiosity.Richardson creates a vivid sense of place, and she establishes the POV character s state of mind admirably One of the defining features of the POV character is that her vi [...]

    19. I went into this book very excited because I am a huge fan of stream of consciousness writing, with this being one of the first appearances of the writing style Also, the premise is very cool in that the book is the first in a series of thirteen novels that Richardson worked on her entire life The only real downside to the book is that, since the story is set over a period of four months if I remember correctly , the story itself can feel as if not too much really happens That being said, this b [...]

    20. Chose this book because I was attracted by the title Sorry to say I was not familiar with Dorothy Richardson.British author associated with the famed Bloomsbury Group POINTED ROOFS 1915 was her first novel and the first complete stream of consciousness novel published in English Here we meet Miriam Henderson, a young Englishwoman whose family has fallen on hard times In order to help out, Miriam accepts a job as a governess at a boarding school in Germany So interesting to follow Miriam s observ [...]

    21. Given this book s importance, I wanted to like this one a lot than I did The sections that go into Miriam s mind were great, but aside from that the writing didn t grab me I can dig a book with no plot, but the prose better either be mind blowing or at least humorous I think the biggest problem I had with this book is that I didn t feel anything for any of the characters here Hell, I wasn t even mad at anyone, just constantly bored and wanting something to happen This is honestly of a two star [...]

    22. I m not a big fan of stream of consciousness and for that reason, I really struggled with this book which is told in that form I found the lack of plot rather dull and found it hard to remain engaged and even now struggle to remember what happened.I just read a plot summary of this book and realised I had completely missed something really important view spoiler that Miriam was expelled at the end because Fraulein Pfaff felt her to be a rival for Pastor Lehrmann I didn t even know any of that wa [...]

    23. So I had to study this book for my Modernist Women Writers class and I understand the merit of the writing and how you can dig deep into it and try to get some meaning The issue was the depth you had to dig and the amount of weird stuff you had to get through In our class we worked from the Sinclair idea that Richardson is doing this thing, and she doesn t care if you like it or not Another question, is it really literature Is it just continuous writing This is the first in thirteen books, that [...]

    24. 1000 novels everyone must read the definitive list Family and SelfSelected by the Guardian s Review team and a panel of expert judges, this list includes only novels no memoirs, no short stories, no long poems from any decade and in any language Originally published in thematic supplements love, crime, comedy, family and self, state of the nation, science fiction and fantasy, war and travel they appear here for the first time.

    25. I can t believe I never even heard of this until recently, given how much I love modernism I like Miriam s moments and I enjoy the stream of consciousness, and I get that there is a quietness in terms of plot, but I just wish that less time was spent on discussing blouses and time getting to know Miriam or how she perceives some of the other characters closely.

    26. I liked this, though I m afraid the experiment with the stream of consciousness throughout the book sort of failed There were times I thought it was really appropriate, though, even if it didn t make this an easy read, but it was also a very interesting read that made me think about narrative techniques

    27. it presents the overflow of ideas of Mrs Miriam during the time that she spent as a teacher in a scgool of girls in Hanover The writer, from what i have found, is considered as the first writer to use the technique of stream of consciousness In general, it was a good novel to read i enjoyed reading it

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