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The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn #2020

The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn Nicholas Quinn is deaf so he considers himself lucky to be appointed to the Foreign Examinations Board at Oxford which designs tests for students of English around the world But when someone slips c

  • Title: The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
  • Author: Colin Dexter
  • ISBN: 9780804114875
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn By Colin Dexter, Nicholas Quinn is deaf, so he considers himself lucky to be appointed to the Foreign Examinations Board at Oxford, which designs tests for students of English around the world But when someone slips cyanide into Nicholas s sherry, Inspector Morse has a multiple choice murder Any one of a tight little group of academics could have killed Quinn Before Morse is done, all tNicholas Quinn is deaf, so he considers himself lucky to be appointed to the Foreign Examinations Board at Oxford, which designs tests for students of English around the world But when someone slips cyanide into Nicholas s sherry, Inspector Morse has a multiple choice murder Any one of a tight little group of academics could have killed Quinn Before Morse is done, all their dirty little secrets will be exposed And a murderer will be cramming for his finals.

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    1. The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn, the third novel about Inspector Morse, moves outside the Colleges to an independent organisation The Oxford Examinations Syndicate which runs exams for overseas students The eponymous Nicholas Quinn is a recently appointed employee, though the decision by the committee had only been made after some disagreement, which hinged on the fact that he was profoundly deaf.The novel centres round the small group of people working at this establishment, where there is a [...]

    2. I have been assured by Colin Dexter fans that the Inspector Morse series gets better as it goes along and so I read the third book in the series, though not without qualms Published in 1977, the book is set in the claustrophobic world of the Oxford Examinations Syndicate and centres on the murder of a deaf academic The case is as labyrinthine as the earlier two books in the series, but in this instalment Inspector Morse seems less like a bumbling fool and like a man gifted with the ability to m [...]

    3. In this 3rd book of the Inspector Morse series, for the first time Morse reminds me of the PBS character played by John Thaw He is less fumbling, although still capable of being wrong, and relies on his intuition less Certain aspects of the murder seemed obvious, yet Dexter kept me guessing until the end view spoiler I was satisfied that Roope and Bartlett had done it so the last twist really took me by surprise hide spoiler

    4. 4 starsThis is my third Colin Dexter and am very glad I started reading this series The story begins when Nicholas Quinn gets appointed not unanimously because though he is qualified, he is deaf as an administrator to Oxford s Foreign Examinations Syndicate Before long into the book, Nicholas is murdered Chief Inspector Morse and Lewis are on the case to figure out who from the closed group of Quinn s colleagues could be the murderer As the case progresses, it is interesting to see how Morse and [...]

    5. The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn is the third of thirteen Chief Inspector Morse detective mysteries by Colin Dexter It is a story to read in a single sitting, because the plotting gets into quite a tangle If I put it down, I forget who claimed to be where with whom I have a picture of the author with sticky notes all over his office trying to remember what each character had said and where they were supposed to be.I have enjoyed every one of Colin Dexter s novels He never assumes his readers a [...]

    6. Fun, but I m finding that the books this is my third are even full of red herrings than the television series.

    7. One of the neat features of Colin Dexter s Inspector Morse mysteries is the key role the City of Oxford and its university and many colleges plays in the stories Oxford is not simply the jewel in the crown providing beautiful imagery of spires, gently flowing rivers, and peaceful gardens It is a complex machine processing thousands of students and many thousands who literally would kill for the chance to study there and including thousands of dons, administrators, and behind the scenes supporte [...]

    8. One of the worst detective stories that I have ever read in my life Mr Colin Dexter, your time should have been better invested doing something you were actually good at instead of writing mumbo jumbo like this God I wish I never had read this utter gibberish in the first place.Nothing is coherent in this book Hell, there s not even a clear motive Quinn is murdered because he could lip read This is a detective story of a kind that has no motive at all There are HUNDREDS of suspects and uptill th [...]

    9. Maybe 2 1 2 stars if I want to be kind This was my third and last book by Colin Dexter I have given it a shot, gang I would love for someone to explain to me why these are interesting books I don t see it This was the best of the three, but man did it lose me at the end In many ways, these are Golden Age mysteries with all sorts of sleight of hand to explain away the murder crime I hate that about GA books, and I hate it in Dexter too I do not like Morse I ve read other mysteries with detective [...]

    10. Four stars again for another of Dexter s work because I simply love author s writing After reading few of Dexter s books I have this feeling that author has this tendency to lose himself a bit toward the ending Everything was going great until Dexter put that final twist second final in the story toward the ending the one big blunder by Morse Other than that I loved everything about the book the story, the plot, the humour and the characterisation.Morse seemed like Hercule Poirot at times in thi [...]

    11. My favorite of the three Morse books.On the whole, I really like the series Morse comes across as a real person, making mistakes in deductions, jumping to conclusions, and so forth The biggest reason I wanted to try these books was to get details about Morse to compare them to the Masterpiece Mystery show Endeavour which is Morse as a young detective Some of the details are there, but I may have to read a couple to get the kind of stuff I m looking for The plots are pretty convoluted, but thes [...]

    12. I first read Colin Dexter s Inspector Morse novels 20 years ago as and when I could find them in the library I m now reading then in chronological order.I enjoyed much of The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn Three chapters from the end it was a four star book for me, but the complex and artificial denouement telling not showing , took the edge off it for me.Still a good read, and I do recommend it, but not top drawer.

    13. I am getting deep into detective fiction for some reason at the moment just happened this perhaps wasn t the best one I have read Seemed a little vague on details motive for second murder especially, but also some of the character movements However, great writing style learning for me generally in Dexter and James recently, for holding things back from the reader and twisting the plot in unexpected ways plus they are short 50 books this year might be doable More in the pile.

    14. I ve never watched Morse on TV, so I didn t have any expectations before I started reading this The mystery was somehow too confusing in my opinion, but Morse is an interesting character, though a bit annoying sometimes My favorite character was Quinn, who seemed like a good person Maybe I ll try some other books from Colin Dexter someday.

    15. I have always loved Morse and did enjoy this story, but had worker out the killer early on, I have a feeling a may have seen it on tv.

    16. A high 2, in that this book had its moments, but the plot was so complex and convoluted that it was hard to follow Colin Dexter s plots are very similar to the best of Christie and Marsh he s been the only author I ve read to match their ingenuity This one ultimately failed, but a good try and will definitely continue to read the series One other note Dexter s writing is misogynistic Not sure if it improves over time, but in his first three novels his portrayal of women is troubling But, I m of [...]

    17. Tulihan t m kin luettua, vaikka muistinkin juonen suurinpiirtein etuk teen, koska katsoin tv sarjan uudestaan jokunen vuosi sitten, kun se tuli uusintana Kirjojen Morse on aika kki v r tapaus, teeveess sek h n ett Lewis olivat olivat paljon sympaattisempia Muutenkin kirja tuntui jotenkin tuulahdukselta menneest ja eik ihme, sill se on alunperin ilmestynyt jo vuonna 1977 Siksi huvitin itse ni kuvittelemalla kirjan henkil t 70 lukulaiseen lookiin Lis ksi oli mielenkiintoista huomata, ett kirjassa [...]

    18. I enjoy watching the PBS show Masterpiece Theater, especially when they show an old Inspector Morse mystery or its sequel , Inspector Lewis Colin Dexter is the clever British novelist who penned the original books that were used to develop the screenplays This was an interesting novel for me and I was not disappointed.

    19. Excellent Morse is just as sure of himself as always but he makes some poorly thought out intuitive leaps based on what he thinks he has deduced and finds himself having to retrace his steps than once much to his short lived chagrin Morse is nothing if not supremely confident though so he muddles through One of my favorites in the series.

    20. Een voor mij onbekende schrijver met een zeer interessante en aangename schrijfstijl Het verhaal was interessant, met een hoop twists op het eind Een hoop zag ik niet aankomen en ondanks dat ik geen idee had wie de moordenaar was, bleef ik geboeid lezen Ik heb de eerdere boeken niet gelezen, maar zonder voorkennis van boek 1 en 2 kun je dit boek wel lezen.

    21. A really complicated story with lots of twists and turns I was totally baffled and couldn t work out who the murderer was until the very end when clever Inspector Morse spelt it all out Very enjoyable.

    22. The silent world of Nicholas QuinnAgain brilliant story by Colin Dexter He has his audience gripped to the book right til the end I look forward to reading the next book of inspector Morse seires.

    23. It was the first ever Colin Dexter book I read and I don t quite know what to think I used to love the Morse TV shows but somehow this book wasn t completely what I expected Maybe the gritty air of younger detective novels has made me expect action than older books offer.

    24. Aka The one with the syndicate An easy to read piece of fluff which falls down a bit at the denouement if you think too hard about it Still, it s Morse, permanently pissed, porn pursuing Morse way hardcore than he was on tv , and I still think of John Thaw when I read him A nice distraction for a couple of hours.

    25. Le do para el reto de Retos Lectores, un g nero que nunca hayas le do sub g nero en este caso, Campus Mystery Novel.El miembro de una organizaci n que se dedica a administrar ex menes de ingl s para extranjeros es asesinado Le toca al inspector Morse y a su sufrido asistente, Lewis, descubrir al culpable Entre interminables ca as, cachos, sospechas de corrupci n y estudiantes rabes que salen muy bien en sus ex menes.Cuando leo una novela vieja, trato de ubicarme en la poca y no juzgarla con una [...]

    26. Silent World of Nicholas Quinn Silent World of Nicholas Quinn 4.0 out of 5 stars Hearing only one of our senses, July 6, 2013 This review is from Silent World of Nicholas Quinn Audio CD The mystery begins with a cocktail party for the very well educated of Oxford Among those attending are Nicholas Quinn Nicholas has a hard time communicating with the rest of the crowd due to his deafness His hearing aid seems to be giving him trouble than it s worthd then he observes two people discussing somet [...]

    27. Morse is back, baby It s pretty natural for me to be a Colin Dexter reader, because I m such a huge fan of both Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Dexter isn t as good, but he s still pretty damn good he has the same attention to detail that the other two writers had, but he does occasionally slip into cliche Still, with no Conan Doyle to read and precious little Christie, I can t help but love his work.This book focuses on the murder of a deaf guy called Nicholas Quinn, who worked on t [...]

    28. The characters in this novel, based in Oxford, remind me of my own days miscast in academia, working amongst a group of idiosyncratic individuals But Morse, the detective, is the character with the most foibles in the book A heavy drinker like Rebus in Ian Rankin s novels he is a recognizable human who makes mistakes, though his hunches in the end do solve the novel s mystery I like the author Dixon s approach to this character His famous fictional detective makes plenty of false assumptions and [...]

    29. Per me il numero uno dei giallisti , questo Dexter Si fa letteralmente fatica a mettere gi il libro e ogni capitolo un nuovo colpo di scena Morse prende delle cantonate pazzesche, torna sui suoi passi, viene smentito, ma risolve comunque un caso veramente intricato, degno di un appassionato di enigmistica Quale appunto l autore L ambientazione inglese di fine anni 70 oltremodo affascinante e tra impermeabili zuppi di pioggia autunnale e case dai soffitti nani con cucina sul retro e portafinestra [...]

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