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Damaged #2020

Damaged Haunted by the death of her sister and wounded by her ex fianc s accusations Kate Lange throws herself into her new career at a high powered law firm When the grandmother of a lonely private school s

  • Title: Damaged
  • Author: Pamela Callow
  • ISBN: 9780778327509
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Damaged By Pamela Callow, Haunted by the death of her sister and wounded by her ex fianc s accusations, Kate Lange throws herself into her new career at a high powered law firm.When the grandmother of a lonely private school student seeks her counsel, Kate thinks it s just another custody case But then the teen is brutally murdered And it isn t only Kate who wonders if her legal advice led to thHaunted by the death of her sister and wounded by her ex fianc s accusations, Kate Lange throws herself into her new career at a high powered law firm.When the grandmother of a lonely private school student seeks her counsel, Kate thinks it s just another custody case But then the teen is brutally murdered And it isn t only Kate who wonders if her legal advice led to the girl s death.Put on notice by Randall Barrett, the firm s charismatic managing partner, Kate must fight for her career, for her reputation and for redemption.Unwilling to live with the damage she may have caused, Kate pursues the case on her own and unearths some chilling facts.Facts that lead straight to the heart of a legal conspiracy.Facts that lead Kate directly into the surgically skilled hands of the Body Butcher.

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      Pamela Callow

    1 thought on “Damaged

    1. Good start to new series.But you have to be patient, parts dragged on and on Kate Lange established, good attorney, she does really dumb things Like playing investigator and without doing any background checking, giving her house keys to dog walker This sentence doesn t give away anything If you read this book to the end, I ll say you re very patient reader.

    2. Kate was a great character She was strong, tough, brave, determined, intelligent I mean, the woman got herself free of a group of criminals and solved a criminal case all by herself I absolutely loved Randall Even though he was a dick at times When he stole Kate s case notes Oh man, that was bad Yet, he helps her in the end.Kate and Randall totally want each other I was really hoping they would kiss or something at least once Alas, they did not I rest assured, though, knowing that the desire is [...]

    3. Damaged introduces Kate Lange, a lawyer who gets involved in finding a serial killer Due to her involvement with the grandmother of the victim and a slight involvement in a medical law suit, Kate feels that the police are missing something and goes after the killer herself She does a better job of interviewing the witnesses than the police do My problem with this book is that it doesn t know exactly what it wants to be There is suspense, but not quite enough There is medical mystery but not as w [...]

    4. Pftttt To be honest, this wasn t a bad book as such It s just that this particular style of book writing has been done so much better before by the likes of JD Robb Karen Rose, to name but 2 such authors For myself, I don t really have a lot of patience for books like this with the supposedly strong female lead who is actually a bit insipid and boring, and the lead male who is supposed to be the stereotypical alpha male, and all the blah blah blah waffle about hard male bodies and cute butts I m [...]

    5. Damaged is a fast paced medical thriller that introduces us to young lawyer Kate Lange She s trying to overcome her past and make a career at a prestigious law firm when she s faced with a case that will bring up old pain and guilt From a review posted by an eHarlequin member Read HERE.

    6. When I was first approached by a publicist to review Damaged by Pamela Callow, I was a little hesitant to accept I tend to steer away from books that I think fall into the adult commercial fiction genre because they usually end up annoying me But since Pamela Callow was a new author Damaged is her debut novel , and since I had worked with this particular publicist before, I decided to give it a shot.I m surprised to say that I m glad I did I actually ended up enjoying Damaged a lot than I thoug [...]

    7. Don t Think SoOnce I stopped paying attention to the grammatical errors and the awkward use of words, it seemed the book had to get better Well, I hope others enjoyed it The protagonist is pathetic all that comes to mind is a saying heard long ago poor me, poor me, pour me a drink Seriously I also disliked the ridiculous sexualization of every relationship Every relationship Anyway, perhaps Ms Callow s sequels will be better Different I ll be passing on them, I m afraid.

    8. This had the feel of John Grisham s The Client A legal thriller with a flawed but dedicated lawyer along with large cast of secondary characters who get just as much page time The first book in the series introduces us to Kate Lange who has just started a new job with Barrett, Lyons and McGrath Law firm Kate has had to work hard for everything in her life She has an ex con for a father and she still feels guilt for the car accident that killed her sister when she was a teenager She has always wa [...]

    9. Dnf after reading 120 pages Kate Lange is a young attorney in a high powered law firm, who s constantly trying to prove herself to her boss When the granddaughter of her new client gets brutally murdered, Kate throws herself into the investigation while wrestling with her own demons 2 StarsThis wasn t badly written, but I couldn t get into it Sometimes I force myself to finish a book, just for the sake of it, but there was no forcing this one down my throat There was too much gibberish about the [...]

    10. This was brilliant A legal, medical, thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat, with enough meat around the bone to deserve 5 stars.

    11. This book could not decide whether it was a legal thriller, a medical mystery or some sort of bad romance novel The heroine, Kate Lange, has joined a prestigious legal firm She is haunted by a driving accident 15 years before, and her sister s death from the car Kate was driving is mentioned many times It preys on her mind and causes her to blunder into the police investigation, determined to rescue young street girls who are on drugs and disappearing.Her ex is a policeman and they had an unplea [...]

    12. Kate Lange is a first year associate at a high class law firm who is embroiled in a mess a mess she feels partly responsible for a mess made by the Body Butcher The Body Butcher did that grab your attention Kate is trying to make a name for herself at the law firm of LMB, but when she keeps getting handed the piddly little family law cases, she becomes exasperated When her new client, a grandmother who would like to gain custody of her out of control granddaughter, who also happens to be the dau [...]

    13. Kate was a new lawyer at Lyons McGrath Barrett law firm She knew that she was going to have to work hard to prove that she belonged there Having recently ended an engagement to Ethan Drake, detective, she had got a new job, bought a new house, and acquired a dog named Alaska.Barrett was determined to keep Kate practicing family law for 2 reasons He had a bone to pick with Ethan Drake and with John Lyons the partner who had recruited her He assigned her a case with a futile outlook A grandmother [...]

    14. Confession I do not normally read thrillers I like watching them well enough, but I ve never read John Grisham, nor am I likely to So why did I pick up Damaged Damaged is a thriller set in Halifax, my home town, and I will admit that was the draw A big time trade paperback set in any Canadian city is intriguing enough, but one that isn t set in one of Canada s big 3 cities And Halifax So that s what got the book into my lap What kept it there until long after I should have gone to bed was a grea [...]

    15. Embrace yourself for a new kind of thriller Take part legal thriller and part medical thriller, you get an amazing combination of a fascinating thriller That s what Pamela Callow did in her Kate Lange series set in Halifax, Nova Scotia In Damaged, Kate Lange is an associate in a prestigious law firm and stuck with the family law cases with litigation dreams When she received a case of a missing private school student, she s than stuck in family drama, but she has issues of her own haunted past [...]

    16. I think I found a new author to follow This is the 2nd book I read Read her 2nd book, Indefensible, first not knowing it was based on the same character so I went back and read Damaged Enjoyed both books There were actually two stories going on and then they started to connect into one I do think Callow could have given us a better view into the serial killer than she did, developed the story a bit ,his background and how he stalked his victims May have made the middle of the book suspenseful S [...]

    17. An awesome, awesome read from a brilliant new author A definite page turner to keep you reading into the wee hours of the night.

    18. I have recently been in a reading slump and have not been able to find a great, juicy read in a while THEN I stumbled on this series Kate Lange is a fantastic protagonist She is smart, in shape, confident, hard working and doesn t sleep around or waste the reader s time with leading men on I find it to be incredibly annoying when female main characters string along two or three guys romantically and then spend all this time frantically wondering why oh why these guys are interested in them, even [...]

    19. I thought this a rather good first debut There were many intricate relationships between the characters and no one had the full story of what happened when a private school student was brutally murdered Kate Lange threw herself into her new career at a high powered law firm after breaking up with her detective fiance Kate s given a litigation file in which she notices discrepancies and is put on notice that she must fight for her career, her reputation and redemption A legal conspiracy puts Kate [...]

    20. One of my best ever Nook free firdays Although I am not usually a series book fan nor serial killer story fan, it was well written intriguing Kate Lange, an attorney with a damaged past of her own, goes off script to follow the trail of a trio of murders of young street women This covered a bit too much ground, leaving a sub plot or two just dangling or forgotten Written back in 2010, Kate Lange may be worth a follow up read.

    21. Great story, would have given 5 stars except for all of the foul languageally not necessary Would have made the characters mature if that kind of language hadn t been used Won t be reading any of this author.

    22. Kate Lange is one of the newest lawyers at the Lyons McGrath Barrett lawfirm She s got to work hard to prove herself to the partners and to herself She s got a tragic past and after a painful breakup with her ex fianc , she s got a new job, a new house, and an adopted dog This is two stories in one that intersect in a brilliant manner Kate s got a new client a grandmother who wants custody of her granddaughter from her ex daughter in law, who s a judge After giving the best advice that she could [...]

    23. I started this book a long time ago I was not feeling it, so I put it down When I saw a long time ago, I am talking years Not that meant to never come back to this book as I read another book by this author, the second one in fact and enjoyed it I would walk by the book or chance at it from time to time and think, I need to try reading this book again However my to be read pile grew and grew and I would forget about the book again I finally picked it up as I was making a committment to attacking [...]

    24. Kate Lange a young attorney hired by a big law firm finally gets her chance to get her career going in the direction she wants litigation when she s handed a child custody case sought by a grandmother from an upperclass neighborhood When the young girl is found murdered and dismembered Kate finds herself once again dealing with her ex fianc a cop Ethan Kate wonders if she is to blame for the girls death, just as she blames herself for her sister s death 15 years earlier When she is finally hande [...]

    25. DamagedIntriguing story very different and interesting Do NOT understand, however, how these authors think that by putting gratuitous filthy language in their books, not makes them better Those who use this kind of language might like it, but those of us who don t use this kind of language DO NOT APPRECIATE IT S USE Even the female used it in the book I fail to understand why this female author felt the need to use it by all characters and for no purpose, unless she thought the majority of her r [...]

    26. Damaged was really well written, and I enjoyed reading a novel set in my home city Kate Lange is a strong lead character, and I look forward to reading the next installment in her life Her strength comes from the pain in her past, a pain that hasn t let her go She s an interesting character with a lot of depth.My low rating is based on personal enjoyment, not quality of writing It was a bit on the scary side for me near the end, but the profanity is what really caused the rating I can ignore mil [...]

    27. I thought this was a fairly entertaining story about a woman who is haunted by her long ago past and recent past This collides with a serial killer who has connections to her new law firm If you hate the F word, you may want to steer clear as there are quite a few I can t ever give a book 4 stars when the author doesn t have enough skill to write without using that word needs a rating system so I can avoid such books.

    28. A new lawyer with a major case of curiosity that gets her into trouble She tries to investigate a case where she thinks she could have done She doesn t know who she can trust and thus, she trusts no one Can t wait for Pamela Callow s next book with lawyer, Kate Lange.

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