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The Things a Brother Knows #2020

The Things a Brother Knows The story of a young marine s return from war in the Middle East and the psychological effects it has on his family Finally Levi Katznelson s older brother Boaz has returned Boaz was a high school

  • Title: The Things a Brother Knows
  • Author: Dana Reinhardt
  • ISBN: 9780375844553
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Things a Brother Knows By Dana Reinhardt, The story of a young marine s return from war in the Middle East and the psychological effects it has on his family.Finally, Levi Katznelson s older brother, Boaz, has returned Boaz was a high school star who had it all and gave it up to serve in a war Levi can t understand Things have been on hold since Boaz left With the help of his two best friends Levi has fumbled hThe story of a young marine s return from war in the Middle East and the psychological effects it has on his family.Finally, Levi Katznelson s older brother, Boaz, has returned Boaz was a high school star who had it all and gave it up to serve in a war Levi can t understand Things have been on hold since Boaz left With the help of his two best friends Levi has fumbled his way through high school, weary of his role as little brother to the hero.But when Boaz walks through the front door after his tour of duty is over, Levi knows there s something wrong Boaz is home, safe But Levi knows that his brother is not the same.Maybe things will never return to normal Then Boaz leaves again, and this time Levi follows him, determined to understand who his brother was, who he has become, and how to bring him home again.Award winning author Dana Reinhardt introduces readers to Levi, who has never known what he believes, and whose journey reveals truths only a brother knows.

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    1. I ve always been interested in how the relationship between guys works, especially brothers It s a relationship I can t experience myself, so my interest is peaked when I see a book about brothers.In this story we have two brothers, Levi and Boaz Boaz is the older brother who is perfect in every way, well at least in Levi s eyes Their family is surprised by Boaz s decesion to join the Marines and fight in the Iraq war They plead with him not to go, but his mind is set, he s going It s been a who [...]

    2. I could easily read another couple hundred pages of this, but at the same time I think it s just long enough.It s concise, but beautifully written in its dryness the kind of writing that once in a while just hits you with a particularly piercing and visual sentence.It tells the story it wants to tell nothing , nothing less in about three hours of reading It s complete, but clearly, tangibly just a beginning.The relationship between siblings is something that s always fascinated me, and I love th [...]

    3. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooBoaz is coming home That s what the reader learns early on Boaz is everything that the narrator, Levi, is not Boaz was the star athlete at school He could have his pick of colleges and scholarships And at least according to Levi , he had the most gorgeous girlfriend in the world But against everyone s wishes, especially their parents , Boaz enlists in the Marines.The Katznelsons had relocated to the United States from Israel Boaz s parents can t understand his [...]

    4. I am currently on page 46 of 242 in The Things a Brother Knows So far I have enjoyed the book since it fits my tastes and is a realistic fiction book I will give a brief idea of the book so far without any spoilers This book is about a boy whose intelligent and successful brother enlists in the marines rather than going to any high level college of his choice The book doesn t show what happened durring the war, but what happened after His brother won t leave his room and has changed a lot since [...]

    5. This is one of those books I think everyone should read As a wife of a military man and coming from a long line of military folks, I m already biased toward this book That said, I ll admit that this book was hard to get into at the beginning It moved slowly, was a bit confusing and aggravating the way nothing seemed to happen or change BUT, thinking back on the times I ve faced similar circumstances of soldier homecomings, this is exactly what it is like The author has done an amazing job of por [...]

    6. A well written teen novel about soldiers returning home and the families who await them Boaz left home three years ago to enlist and fight in an unspecified foreign war His 17 year old brother Levi is struck by how different the returned Boaz is from the outgoing, popular boy that left Written from Levi s perspective, the author explores multiple relationships in order for each brother to realize what they know about each other and themselves This isn t a long book, and much of the story is buil [...]

    7. Jamie PoormanAPA Citation Reinhardt, D 2010 The Things A Brother Knows New York Wendy Lamb.Genre Contemporary realistic fiction.Format Print Hardover, 245 pages Awards Recipient of the Sydney Taylor Book Award Recipient of the California Book Award Named one of Kirkus 2010 Best Books for Teens School Library Journal 2010 Best Books of the Year Booklist Children s Editors Choice List One of NPR s five best teen books of the year ALA Top Ten Best Fiction for Teens listSelection Process Booklist an [...]

    8. Summary Levi s older brother Boaz has returned from a tour of duty in the war on terror Levi and his family are puzzled by his behavior he is remote and uncommunicative, shutting himself up in his room all day and refusing to rejoin family life Levi is frustrated with his brother and feels anger and dislike towards him for acting this way Luckily he has the support of his friends Pearl and Zim Levi sneaks into his brother s room and finds maps with mysterious markings When Boaz announces that he [...]

    9. Levi is a junior in high school, and as the novel opens, his older brother, Boaz, is returning home from his tour of duty with the marines, in Iraq Boaz has been gone for a long time after enlisting right after high school , and has effectively cut off communication with his family Upon his return home, those communication lines are still cut Boaz spends all his time in his room, and Levi knows that he s working on a plan involving the computer and maps, but has no idea what it could be.When Boa [...]

    10. I very much wanted to give this book a higher rating, but I think couldn t because some parts of it annoyed me.I ve read Dana Reinhardt s other books and thought they were really good of course, I read them back when my taste wasn t so good, so you never know , and already got used to the author s strong female main characters I feel like because this book was narrated by a guy main character, Reinhardt changed up her style to fit a guy s point of view While I m okay with the change, I didn t li [...]

    11. The Things a Brother Knows, by Dana Reinhardt, is about a brother that goes off into the marines during the Iraqi war Boaz decides to leave his family behind, going off to fight a war no one really understands When Boaz finally returns, Levi, the main character, and Boaz s younger brother is worried about Boaz Boaz is now distant from everyone, stuck in his room, only coming out to eat When Boaz finally leaves his room he tells his family he is going to travel the Appalacian trail Levi, however [...]

    12. I am generally skeptical when reading books that have to do with the military and the current on going conflicts As an Army wife, I m usually appalled by the lack of understanding that seems to be rampant in many of the books or I m put off by the fact the many of the books on this theme seem to be written for the single purpose of protesting the war without any thought to actually writing a good story So, I was a little wary of reading The Things A Brother Knows.I m happy to say that I was plea [...]

    13. Levi s brother Boaz joined the Marines at age 18, a sudden and surprising decision for him He comes back after three years at war as Bo, who sleeps on the floor, hides in his room at all times, and refuses to ride in a car anywhere There absolutely needs to be books about this, because how many people see a brother, a husband, a son, a cousin, or a friend go to war and come back a different person The basic plotline is a good and important one.What didn t connect for me were the characters Boaz [...]

    14. My day was horrible until I opened this book and started reading it Once I started reading it, I just couldn t stop I don t know what it was The plot, the characters, the ending, or just the whole book in general, but I loved it This is the type of book I ve been looking for I wish there were books like this one, where the main relationship is between two brothers, and not between girlfriend and boyfriend like most books these days The book was beautifully written The thing I love most about Le [...]

    15. A solid story about a boy about turn 18, whose brother returns after three years overseas I believe Iraq as a Marine The family dynamics were interesting, and the pain that accompanies someone returning home with PTSD is something many will relate too The family s desperation to have their brother son grandson back and back to normal is tough to think of but realistic Some of the language can be a bit flowery definitely a woman writing , yet this prevents the message from being too heavy The nar [...]

    16. Levi s brother Boaz joined the Marines after high school and spent three years fighting overseas Now he s home, but everything has changed Levi has become a mini celebrity because of his brother s return girls notice him at school, he gets the job at the video store that everybody wants But inside, Levi wonders if people knew how it really was at the Katznelson house now, would they still be so excited Because Boaz went straight to his room and didn t come out for three days Even now, he won t t [...]

    17. I thought The Things A Brother Knows was excellent It was a book about dealing with the struggles of a brother who comes home from war and he is like a whole different person In my opinion, the author did a really good job on focusing on the relationship between the two brothers In the beginning, Levi and Boaz the brothers are very distant and barely speaking to each other Eventually though, their relationship starts to heal and the brothers become closer This book was also cool because it was a [...]

    18. The Things a Brother Knows explores the power of the relationship between brothers Levi Katznelson anxiously awaits the arrival of his older Marine brother, Boaz, to return home from his three year stint fighting overseas When Boaz arrives home he distances himself from his entire family, refuses to ride in a car, and stays holed up in his room for days Despite the fact that the Marines released Boaz and declared him healthy he is clearly suffering from post traumatic stress disorder Boaz tells [...]

    19. Tender, modern tale of two brothers trying to find out who they are.Boaz has recently returned from the war, deemed healthy and sent home However, his family quickly discovers that there is nothing healthy about him He sleepwalks through the day, thrashes and screams at night and refuses to travel in cars.When his younger brother Levi finds out Boaz is planning on walking from Boston to D.C he drops his summer job and joins him without permission.Crisp dialogue and believable characters make thi [...]

    20. When Levi s older brother, Bo, returns from war, he is withdrawn and doesn t leave his bedroom Everyone claims he is an American hero, and Levi wonders if any of them understand what he is going through.There isn t a lot of plot in the book, but the writing is fantastic As with her other books, Reinhardt does a great job showing rather than telling the reader I tossed between three and four stars, but the book made me cry, so I think that makes it four star worthy.

    21. A beautiful story of two brothers, as well as a touching look at war and post traumatic stress disorder Levi s older brother has come home from serving as a marine in the Middle East, and Levi is unsure how to relate to him now Boaz is quiet, keeps to his room, does not engage in conversation, and Levi senses Boaz is planning some kind of mysterious trip But when he lies about it to their parents, Levi realizes he has to do something.

    22. Yet another of the YA novels I ve had on my shelf for work for a bit A very satisfying, quick read The characters were real and honest and true, if maybe a little cliched Having had a brother come back from a conflict a different person, I felt Levi s need to find the person his brother had been Loved the descriptions of first love, too.

    23. A different take on a going to war story The point of view the younger brother observer is strong, as are the secondary characters It also has a strong male point of view, especially from a female writer I don t feel as if we got to know Boaz as well as some of the other characters he s the centerpiece of the story, but just as absent in it as he is to his family.

    24. This is the very latest book by Dana Reinhardt, and it is a must read It weaves in elements of suspense with a teen s perspective, proving that we don t always know what others do I loved it I also appreciate that while the story s backdrop is the Iraq war, its purpose is not to preach but is instead to show to power of friendship and family.

    25. What started a little slow for me, something that felt like a middle of the road title throughout a lot of the book, really nailed it at the end This is a book that is powerful, that slaps you in the face when you aren t ready for it The quiet before is deceiving.Full review here stackedbooks 2010

    26. Pretty powerful conclusion I wasn t quite sure where the author was going with the story for a bit, but she tied it together in a very meaningful way

    27. This book felt like a roller coaster that crashed and fell apart at the end There were a few plot twists throughout the story, which kept it alive To me, the most important part of a story is the ending Unfortunately, the ending is what threw the entire book off and made it horrible, in my opinion The Things a Brother Knows starts off with a seventeen year old boy named Levi, who has mixed feelings about his brother s homecoming Boaz served three years for the marines in Afghanistan When he came [...]

    28. As the shelf reads Young Adult that doesn t cross over The story doesn t have any meat on its bones First this, then that Went here, went there There is zero character development everybody is flat as a pancake The loving family is oblivious, but I m 15 and I see everything the adults don t notice, becasue I am so much concerned with my distant brother than his mom or dad or grandpa Only a 15 year who s never left home is alert, concerned, informed and compassionate enough to notice the DRASTIC [...]

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