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Ten Little Wizards #2020

Ten Little Wizards As Good King John s wizards are killed it seems that someone with magical talent of his own bears ill will towards the sorcerous society Lord Darcy Investigator in Chief for the King and his sorcer

  • Title: Ten Little Wizards
  • Author: Michael Kurland
  • ISBN: 9780441800575
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ten Little Wizards By Michael Kurland, As Good King John s wizards are killed, it seems that someone with magical talent of his own bears ill will towards the sorcerous society Lord Darcy, Investigator in Chief for the King, and his sorcerer assistant, Sean, must piece together the puzzle before lives are lost.

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      180 Michael Kurland
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    1 thought on “Ten Little Wizards

    1. To begin with, I found this book a worthy successor to Randall Garrett s works, which I adore The writing was well done, the plot was excellent I enjoyed the return, if only at a distance, of the Marquis de London, Lord Bontriomphe, and Lord John Quetzal, who is not only now a Master Sorcerer, but the Chief Forensic Sorcerer of London The idea of a serial killer targeting gasp sorcerers was thrilling, set against the political strains of pulling together the investiture of a new Prince of Gaul I [...]

    2. My first reaction on reading the blurb of this book was OMG a detective story set in an alternate reality where magic exists why haven t I heard of this sooner Once I started reading it was a Yeah I wish I had discovered these earlier but mainly because a few years ago I wasn t overthinking the logic behind fantasy novels that much and was overall less cynic about humanity It s really sad but I simply have massive trouble buying the world the Lord Darcy stories are set in So the main point of i [...]

    3. Having read the original collectionimmediately preceding this one, it is obvious this one was written by author This doesn t in any way diminish the characters or the story, however Kurland s Darcy is slightly less mysterious and he reveals much about Darcy s background and circumstances I was quite happy about this, as I was left impatient to know about the characters at the end Garrett s stories Kurland holds true to the original setting and characters, while adding detail and his own flair [...]

    4. In this book, Kurland took over with remarkable aplomb the alternative history scenario and characters created by his late friend Randall Garrett, and proceeded to introduce new characters and background details, while maintaining Garrett s existing regular characters.The generous amount of background detail gives a satisfying sense of immersion in this 20th century Angevin Empire the characters are varied and quite well presented.The crimes in the book seem rather contrived to me, and crime fan [...]

    5. I found this book by accident at the library book sale I had read the original series by Randall Garrett in fact, I had just finished reading it again , so I was interested in how this would be.At first, I was a little disappointed Like so many sequels written by other authors, the writing just didn t quite measure up to the original Then I started getting interested in the story By the end of the book I found I had enjoyed it very much in its own right, and had stopped making comparisons to the [...]

    6. An enjoyable mix of mystery and fantasy Michael Kurland has done a pretty good job of recreating the world inhabited by Lord Darcy originally featured in stories such as Too Many Magicians written by Randall Garrett The style is the same although I thought the characters were perhaps not developed in quite as much depth The plot was interesting although the denouement seemed to come about all in a rush at the end which seemed a little abrupt to me Overall I enjoyed this book and will definitely [...]

    7. 2 Stars Just Ok Based on a fun alternate history concept in 1988, the Plantagenets still rule and the dynasty has thrived and has an empire and a fun mystery concept magic exists as a science and is used to collect crime scene evidence but not to solve the case The book is fun, but overall, the characters, dialogue, and narration are too wooden, and the setting too flat, to draw the reader into a full experience of the book s world This book is an authorized sequel as the original author, Randal [...]

    8. Kurland did a really good job of recreating Randall Garrett s style Who channeled Doyle s Holmes so well it was scary Ten little wizards suffers only a little for being a full length novel rather than Garrett s usual short story.I ll admit I figured out the mystery before the end, but I enjoyed the trip I ll probably read Kurland s other Lord Darcy novel if I can ever find it.

    9. Very much in keeping with Randall Garrett s original Lord Darcy stories One impossible murder is unusual enough, but four in the space of a month Lord Darcy must solve the crimes while uncovering a plot against His Majesty s life, in a castle crowded with guests for the upcoming investiture of the new Prince of Gaul.

    10. In all not a bad book Even though Michael Kurland s writing style is different from Randall Garrett s he did a good job of recreating Garrett s style for this book It was a good mystery but it wasn t hard to pick out who was the mastermind of plot Still a fun read.

    11. Though I love the Original Lord Darcy books, this one isn t quite in the same league I give it an A for effort, a B for getting us back to Plantagenet World, and a B for character and plot.

    12. A good further tale of Lord Darcy Not quite like Garrett but still a worthy read a welcome addition.Good actions scenes, great descriptions and twists.

    13. Just another bit of evidence that trying to write about someone else s characters is a task that usually turns out badly.

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