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After You With the Pistol #2020

After You With the Pistol Cult classics in the UK since their first publication in the s Kyril Bonfiglioli s wickedly fun mysteries featuring the Honorable Charlie Mortdecal degenerate aristocrat amoral art dealer seaso

  • Title: After You With the Pistol
  • Author: Kyril Bonfiglioli
  • ISBN: 9781585675630
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • After You With the Pistol By Kyril Bonfiglioli, Cult classics in the UK since their first publication in the 1970 s Kyril Bonfiglioli s wickedly fun mysteries featuring the Honorable Charlie Mortdecal degenerate aristocrat, amoral art dealer, seasoned epicurean, unwilling assassin, and general knave about Piccadilly are favorites of Stephen Fry and Julian Barnes, among others Charlie s back in After You With a PCult classics in the UK since their first publication in the 1970 s Kyril Bonfiglioli s wickedly fun mysteries featuring the Honorable Charlie Mortdecal degenerate aristocrat, amoral art dealer, seasoned epicurean, unwilling assassin, and general knave about Piccadilly are favorites of Stephen Fry and Julian Barnes, among others Charlie s back in After You With a Pistol , along with his new bride Joanna, and his thuggish manservant, Jock He s also drinking too much whiskey which makes it all the difficult to figure out what the beautiful and fabulously wealthy Joanna is up to when she tries to convince Charlie to kill the Queen Suffice it to say, Joanna is not quite what she seems.

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      324 Kyril Bonfiglioli
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    1. After you with the Pistol the second Charlie Mortdecai novel by Kyril Bonfiglioli, soon to be a major film starring Johnny Depp Some of the nastiest, funniest and most enjoyable crime writing of the last fifty years Guardian,Charlie Mortdecai degenerate aristocrat and victim of his own larceny and licentiousness has no idea Until it is made clear to him that he must marry the beautiful, sex crazed and very, very rich Johanna Krampf The fly in the ointment is that Johanna thinks nothing of involv [...]

    2. It s a shame that Bonfiglioli only wrote three true blue Mortdecai novels The first, Don t Point that Thing at Me ended on a cliffhanger the threat of a Sam Peckinpah esque shootout Who knows It s probably where Bonfiglioli wanted to leave it after all, the British edition is entitled, Mortdecai s Endgame The third, Something Nasty in the Woodshed, endedah, ended And in such a satisfying, but downbeat, way Your favorite characters mine, at least in the parlance of the Internet, YMMV got out aliv [...]

    3. How lucidly one thinks, to be sure, when one has taken just a suspicion of brandy than one should So says Charlie Mortdecai, who is Kyril Bonfiglioli s central character in this and other novels, and he knows His life abounds in at least a suspicion of many things than the rest of us would find reasonable or even affordable a wealthy and beautiful wife who has the strong desire for him to assassinate the Queen of England a mysterious American who wants him to spy on his wife waiters in Chinese [...]

    4. Just brilliant I ve been meaning to read this for the past year and didn t know what to expect.It s extremely funny, Mortdecai is such a great character and the mystery is as convoluted as they come Early on I was laughing so hard and frequently that I had to put the book down and ask myself how likely it was that I would even finish the book, but as the end drew near the jokes were a little less frequent and I had to work hard to put fix the events in to my idea of what the plot was But still, [...]

    5. The second of Bonfigliolis Mortdecai books picks up immediately from the first, with the dissolute and shady art dealer in the clutches of various agencies who wish him harm He manages to extricate himself by promising to marry the gorgeous Johanna and keep tabs on her activities.Johanna manipulates Mortdecai into a series of increasingly dubious activities from assassinating the Queen, training at a camp for lesbian warriors and smuggling heroin out of China As the plot proceeds it just gets si [...]

    6. I shall sum this novel up in one word Hmmm One word not the same word but said once on each occasion Superb.Again one word to sum up this novel.Fantastic.Brilliant.Excellent.You see my predicament Hard to to justice to this novel or the author Think a randy Bertie Wooster Equal parts Tom Jones the Henry Fielding chap not the Welsh singer.ough.Think a busted nosed bruiser in place of Jeeves whose name is Jock Strap Think unlikely tales that pervert the course of literature Mayhem, murder and nake [...]

    7. The second book in the Mortdecai trilogy is the silliest, and the most anti PC, and consequently the most fun This time out, Charlie, no longer master of his fate, is pitted against his wife s consortium of dominant women, the C.I.A and a triad of Chinese waiters As a cat s paw in an effort to stop an international conspiracy, Charlie is beaten, imprisoned, and groped by schoolgirls The scotch flows, the quips bandied about, and Charlie ends up at unwitting hero at last These books could not be [...]

    8. What if Bertie Wooster had a wife And what if he had some espionage training The result might be something like this adventure.

    9. Dle o ek v n mi byl dost fuk p b h, ale u vypr v n jsem se skv le bavila a hlasit sm la, kdy na to p i lo Mrz m , e u m v c knih od Bonfiglioliho ne ek

    10. What is the book really about A rather weird book, one that probably would have been unendurable if not read as a recorded book read by Simon Prebble, an excellent choice for this mishmash of a ridiculous and largely incomprehensible spy drug smuggling assassination parody tale, narrated by the protagonist, supposedly a former art dealer who was also a WWII resistance fighter Charlie Mordecai presents himself as a too too sophisticated British aristocrat or wannabe aristocrat who is recruited by [...]

    11. This is book 2 of 3, but the only one I could get on audio The beginning definitely feels like you re jumping into the middle of a continuing story and are supposed to know who s who and what s going on I did not appreciate that His emulation of Wodehouse, at least in character voice, is spot on and delightful The application of that voice to a spy story was nice The crafting of the plot however was nowhere close to the Wodehousian standard So, all in all, I found it merely a pleasant read Simon [...]

    12. Everyone s favorite art dealing shister is back Along with the usual creative savings plans and public school references, our hero seems to have acquired himself a wife who he can t quite trust Good thing for him, and the oyster industry , she s a keeper Spies, guns, international escapades, drugs, jail, and too many Chinamen fill these pages Audiobook

    13. As wild and funny as the first in the series, but less unexpected Not to say I saw it all coming or anything, but I m starting to get the hang of the character Like knowing Sherlock Holmes is going to find his man in some flurry of deduction and cunning, you can be sure Mordecai is going to wind up embroiled in some conspiracy of fools over drinks and polite misunderstandings.

    14. You know some terrific fun is in store when the narrative action begins with the attempted assassination of the Queen Well, maybe that doesn t sound fun But it is In this story at least Probably not in real life.

    15. This book holds some funny discoveries which every slightly feminist womam will like Nevertheless it is greatly without the dear Jock Therefore one star minus.

    16. There is a lot in all of these Mordecai books All of them deserve re reads, because of, 1 jokes missed the first time 2 good jokes that you want to read again.

    17. It is hard to review a book that is part of a collectionwithout giving away anything, so beware the spoilers especially if you haven t read the first book Now that I ve read all three of the Mordecai trilogy books, I must say that the second book is the one I rate highest, and now that I checked, the second book does have the highest average rating on GoodReads too So I did enjoy and laugh out loud at poor Charlie s mishaps and think that the plot and twists in the second book have been absolute [...]

    18. This is my favorite of the three books featuring art dealer thief Charlie Mordecai Charlie is convinced to marry spirited heiress, Johanna, and to report on her activities He is told she is up to something, but not given any clues as to what He has a complicated set of instructions to carry out in order to reach his handler which include dialing a phone number and asking for daddy because mummy is feeling poorly He despises both the handler and the message.Johanna s first request, made when he w [...]

    19. After You With the Pistol is the second book in the Mortecai trilogy, and it is no worse than the first one The story in this book is coherent than in the first, and makes for a reasonably good genre parody Mortdecai has been spared his life in exchange for marrying a slightly crazy, very rich American woman As part of the deal he also finds himself acting as a double or triple, or maybe quadruple agent His wife then requests something very special from him on their wedding nightThe writing in [...]

    20. Our degenerate Terry Thomas esque aristocratic anti hero returns in another farce As before, he s a victim of his own excesses The storyline revolving around an unwilling marriage to a sex crazed woman hellbent on world domination isn t one meant to be taken seriously.This series has something of The 100 year old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window about it, except the protagonist isn t as likeable he s a bit of a sociopath The story is seen through Mortdecai s eyes If you can t stand him, you won [...]

    21. This is a stupid, ridiculous mess of a book I loved it 2 in the Mortdecai series, and it s probably better to have read 1 first There are a few specific references back to 1, but mostly it s so you already know Mortdecai and Jock Note that this was written in 1979 reissued 2014 in the form I read , so there will be a few things that are less politically correct than current readers expect Not much though Mortdecai keeps getting manipulated be several different people into impossibly difficult si [...]

    22. I read this last year A book borrowed from the public library This one I purchased from Waterstone as a pair as the price was good Second reading was better than the first This is the second in the series of books written in the seventies which never reached a wide audience and which now have become cult classics Cult is fine but acceptance on a wider scale is better This book is twisted but funny I implore all to grab this and the other three or is it four in the series Kyril Bonfiglioli is was [...]

    23. All the Honorable Charlie Mordecai, Art Dealer, wants to do is settle in with a brandy soda and a good meal, but people just keep expecting him to do things Like smuggle heroin or perhaps dental powder into the States, undergo rigorous training with a militant feminist group, and assassinate the Queen Bonfiglioli s very witty, very British voice keeps what would otherwise be a trivial and uneven espionage story brisk and amusing comedy of manners, but only just that His prior book outreached its [...]

    24. DNF at 22%.This sounded so promising, but alas, it won t be the one to get me out of my book slump I think this was a clear case of It s not you it s me I can see why many people loved it and found it hilarious I did think it was pretty funny at times, in a ridiculous bizarre way I just couldn t get over how insufferable the MC was He was the worst mixture of extremely conceited grade A coward He kept making sexist racist classist comments and I KNOW that that s who the character was supposed to [...]

    25. Written seven years after Don t Shoot and Something Nasty , this story is set immediately following Don t Shoot and well before Something Nasty Wish I d known that before opting to read them in the order they were written.Regardless, I really like Charlie Mortdecai and it might be nice if there were than the three existing books but, really, while I don t read Wodehouse s novels for the plots, Wodehouse took care to develop a basic framework for connecting the short stories that make up the no [...]

    26. The second volume in Bonfiglioli s marvellous Mortdecai Trilogy I think this is possibly superior to the first volume in the series Don t Point That Thing At Me but lke the earlier book the plot still doesn t quite convince me However, Bonfiglioli s strength isn t really plot, although he does action sequences incredibly well What he s really a genius at is blithe wit, suave nastiness and an utterly convincing evocation of a world long gone the 1970s This is absurdist crime writing at its very b [...]

    27. In this installment, Mordecai meets his match, again and again What would a man do for love well, okay, maybe lust Funny in the manner of screwball comedies, but with a darker sense of humor NOTE Although this is listed as the third book in the series, it really ought to be read second Follow this with Something Nasty in the Woodshed If you read them the other way round, it s not the end of the world, but if you care about the characters, you ll want to avoid making the same order faux pas I mad [...]

    28. This book should be studied in writing classes for how to maintain a high level of pace without losing the reader It picks up right where the prior novel left off, an unusual choice but it probably enabled him to go full on with the pace without tiring the reader or straining the novel I missed the involvement of other characters as Mortecai has his adventures largely alone but it allowed for of his character development I didn t laugh as much as the first one but it was madcap fun to read.

    29. The phrases hilarious romp and rollicking yarn come into their own as far as the books of Kyril Bonfiglioli are concerned James Bond meets Wilt as penned by a still addicted Will Self Hilarious but not to be taken too seriously, with a good respect for the story arc of the book sequence, albeit with outlandish plot twists which serve mainly as a stage for the stylish antics of the first person narrator Charlie Mortdecai, recently brought to the big screen by Johnny Depp.

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