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The Bear's Embrace: A True Story of Survival #2020

The Bear s Embrace A True Story of Survival An extraordinary story of survival and recovery by a woman who was attacked by a grizzly bear On a sunny fall day in Patricia Van Tighem and her husband Trevor began a hiking trip in the Canad

  • Title: The Bear's Embrace: A True Story of Survival
  • Author: Patricia Van Tighem
  • ISBN: 9780375421310
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Bear's Embrace: A True Story of Survival By Patricia Van Tighem, An extraordinary story of survival and recovery by a woman who was attacked by a grizzly bear.On a sunny fall day in 1983, Patricia Van Tighem and her husband, Trevor, began a hiking trip in the Canadian Rockies with a two thousand foot climb through rocks and forest The next morning, in a landscape dusted by snow, they crossed paths with a grizzly bear and their lives weAn extraordinary story of survival and recovery by a woman who was attacked by a grizzly bear.On a sunny fall day in 1983, Patricia Van Tighem and her husband, Trevor, began a hiking trip in the Canadian Rockies with a two thousand foot climb through rocks and forest The next morning, in a landscape dusted by snow, they crossed paths with a grizzly bear and their lives were forever changed.That Van Tighem survived at all is a miracle, and her account of the attack is vivid and startling But her recovery was just as disturbing Her numerous reconstructive surgeries were painful her facial disfigurement isolated her and the nightmares that haunted her carried their own psychological burden Yet she was eventually able to accept her unthinkable experiences, and to put her life back together as a survivor, a wife, and a mother.With honesty and eloquence, The Bear s Embrace tells of the unpredictability of life, of bravery, terror, rage and love, of what it means to look and feel different in a culture that values perfection Uncommonly affecting, often astonishing, The Bear s Embrace is an inspiring story of human perseverance and self knowledge.

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    1 thought on “The Bear's Embrace: A True Story of Survival

    1. I bought The Bear s Embrace after hearing Ann Kingman talk about it on Books On The Nightstand Episode 38, Remarkable LivesI knew when I started this book that it would be painful to read, so why put myself through it I thought it might give me an insight into what it takes to survive and thought surely it would end feeling hopeful It was not to be as simple as that Each reader will take something different from The Bear s Embrace For me, that Patricia Van Tighem can share her story in an effort [...]

    2. This book both terrified and touched me so deeply, I finished reading it in less than 24 hours I live in the same city as the author, and also have a adventurous spirit, therefore many of the locations and hikes she describes in the book are places i have been, places close to home for me I, like trish and trevor, visit the mountains often for hikes and skiing For this reason, this story terrified me, thinking that such a horrific experience could quite literally happen to anyone Hearing on the [...]

    3. This story is so much than what I was expecting What Patricia endured is truly mind boggling Her journey is written in a way that is honest, transparent and straightforward Her struggle was just as much, a mental one as well as physical.The author was able to pack so much into some of the very short paragraphs I found myself going back to re read parts, slowly thinking and imagining what things were like for her.As a society, we are so often used to reading stories of triumph and overcoming adv [...]

    4. This book is a moving account of a woman who was used as a chew toy by a grizzly bear Ms Van Tighem went through hell Not only was she fighting the pain and nightmares of the bear attack, she was also in an even gruelling well at least in my mind anyway battle with healthcare and the systems plural as she used healthcare in different provinces and countries supposedly designed to help people.It is no secret that Ms Van Tighem s demon of pain and depression finally won out The surprise though, i [...]

    5. Terrifying, heartbreakingwhat she went through is tragic I found this really hard to read, despite it being written so welle hike that she gets attacked on is one I did earlier this summer We hike often with our kids and I just couldn t get the what ifs out of my head Obviously even sadder is that she eventually committed suicide in 2005, after years of operations and pain.

    6. It is amazing Patricia and her husband Trevor survived the bear attack She is both strong and weak in her survival and dealing with the aftermath With the way she has written this book you can feel the raw emotion of heartache and strength This is not a quick read due to the subject but a quick read because you just don t want to put it down I highly recommend this tear jerker.

    7. Well written autobiography describing the author s life long struggle with depression as a result of being attacked and disfigured by a bear A hauntingly tragic story.

    8. This book was difficult to finish because I really wanted some kind of happily ever after ending, the kind you get in fiction instead of real life The actual ending was abrupt and left me with an unfinished feeling, as though the words were still unwritten The beginning was fairly detailed, so the contrast with the ending was marked I am not certain how I would like to see it improved Perhaps it would be best viewed as a volume written for the good of the writer rather than the reader although t [...]

    9. I read this book a few years ago and think about it often It was very well written and you really could feel what the author went through Harrowing but good.

    10. This was an amazing and terrifying book to read It brought out all of the emotions much sadness and pain I m sorry this had to happen to someone.

    11. Patricia Trish van Tighem a vicacious, pretty young nurse and her pediatric resident husband of three years are out hiking when they are mauled by a grizzly bear This is the story of the ensuing 15 years including the many surgeries Patricia went through and her depression that ensued as a result of the pain she has had to endure along with the disfiguration caused by the attack Trish and Trevor had everything going for them when they, two experienced backpackers, took a well deserved weekend of [...]

    12. What a personal account of a harrowing incident The late Patricia Tighem wrote this with raw honest, So that not only are you grabbed from the very first chapter,you are taken on a life after accident journey to the depths, of how this horrible incident left a woman who should have been cared for on than the physical levels by the medical community Instead each Drcame less interested in her own description of her pain And sadly, interested in what the limits of medical science had to offer For [...]

    13. The author and her husband a nurse and a doctor went hiking in 1983 a happy go lucky young couple in their mid 20s In the midst of their hike, they were attacked by a grizzly and were fortunate enough to make it to medical facilities in time for their lives to be saved Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of their return to passably normal lives The bear nearly destroyed both the carotid and the femoral arteries of her husband, but he eventually regained the use of all his limbs and had su [...]

    14. I chose this book for a category of my 2016 Reading Challenge to read a book where an animal plays a large role in the story I fear I didn t choose very wisely The story was a compelling one about a young woman who was mauled by a bear in the Canadian woods while backpacking with her husband She survived, and went through hellish recovery, many surgeries, and found herself altered in ways that had nothing to do with her physical appearance.Unfortunately, she s not a very good writer, so the stor [...]

    15. I thought I had poorly rated and reviewed this book when I read it years ago, but it appears I didn t write a review of it at the time I recall that I got rather fed up with Van Tighem s inability to function even years after her attack, but now, I m reconsidering When I think about how even mere images from the news or horror movies can haunt me for ages, I can definitely feel for her and her experience After having a bear rip your face off, blind and disfigure you, and having to live in chroni [...]

    16. Patricia Van Tighem and her husband survived a horrendous grizzly bear attack This is a story of coping in the aftermath She endured many, many surgeries in the years following the attack, bouts of severe depression, regular nightmares and constant stares when in public because of her scars It s definitely not an uplifting, positive book but her story is an eye opener to the dangers of the wild, dealing with depression and the stigma in society of physical scars, blemishes and disfigurement.

    17. This was very well written not an easy read I cried with her and for her, for all that she had to endure The courage of this woman is jaw dropping, inspiring I think everyone who looks after the sick and injured should read this book It is so insightful to how not to deal with severe trauma patients I ll just add another Wow because I haven t really processed the whole story yet, I think this one story will settle deep inside, providing a subconsious emotional well that will be drawn upon for ma [...]

    18. Wow This book made me have a knot in my stomach I so feel for Patricia An incredible story of a young woman and her husband being attacked by a bear What she endured through her life I will never forget A book about living with mental illness and describing exactly what it feels like So glad in this day and age mental health is looked at differently It really mad me want to yell and scream at those doctors and nurses in that phyc ward God bless Patricia s family and I so hope she found peace.

    19. This is a very emotional book to read It is heart wrenching and painful to read what this woman went through but at the same time I am really glad that have read it because, although it s a really sad true story, it makes one realize how precious our health and life is It has also made me a little wary and respectful of the usually unaggressive Black Bears that I see quite often in our neighbourhood as we live in a residential area of Vancouver in the foothills of the forested Coastal Mountains [...]

    20. This story of a woman who survived a grizzly bear attack is one of the most gripping true life tales I have ever read I came away with so much admiration for this brave woman who, following the attack, endured years of illness and depression, all the while trying to raise four children and be a loving wife So desperate will you be to find out how her story ends, that I can almost guarantee you will not want to put this book down An unforgettable testimony to one remarkable woman s spirit.

    21. it is full of tragedy so that is really sad but i LOVE to read about how people deal with REALLY hard tragedies i am nearly always inspired and am helped to deal with the difficulties in my life that is what this book did it is a pretty amazing book i REALLY liked reading it, even though it is sad because, like, i said, it was very inspirational, too and just reading about the outrageous experiences that patricia went through was VERY interesting.

    22. This book is a fascinating read, but at times a difficult one The author survives a grizzly bear attack, and endures multiple surgeries and long hospital stays to recover from the damage inflicted by the bear She ends up suffering from severe PTSD and debilitating depression as a result, which comes through heavily in the later chapters, but it s still an amazing story Apparently the author eventually committed suicide Very sad.

    23. Very sad story, but I like reading about real life struggles of the human process We all struggle differently, and when we come out on the other end stronger, it s beautiful Unfortunately she fights with an unbearable depression and awful anxiety after being attacked by a grizzlyd she fights it the rest of her life

    24. Recommended by Ann and Michael of Books on the Nightstand, I read this book from start to finish in one sittingI really appreciated the author s intimate sharing of her mental suffering and was quite taken in by the story Such a personal story Read if you like understanding how others endure tragedy.

    25. An vivid account of a grizzly attack in Wateron Lakes National Park Waterton is one of my very favorite places on earth and is where Dave and I were married This particular attack takes place at Crypt Lake, a notoriously beary place in the park The story takes you through the LONG healing process of the victims.

    26. Very interesting book on how much a person can be changed by the tragedies that happen to them and how the affects can linger forever I have a terrible fear of bears so this was even complelling to me.

    27. If you are like me and enjoy a gory survival story from time to time, you will like this one I don t mean to make light of this woman s ordeal at all Remarkable courage and love and perseverance here.

    28. Very honest and revealing of internal processes I got stuck in the repetition, though I m sure the author did too, in her life however I longed for some kind of resolution or further depth by the end of the story.

    29. Fascinating yet disturbing Would read again and recommend An true story of survival by a woman who was attacked by a grizzly bear Title comes from Indian legend a nurse once told Patricia those who survive a bear attack absorb the power of the bear.

    30. The story of a woman s survival after having been attacked by a bear She lost the left side of her face and endured years of reconstructive surgeries, constant pain and depression for the remainder of her life Such a gripping story that I finished it in a day

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