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A Feral Christmas #2020

A Feral Christmas Jaguar shifter Brent is on the most important mission of his life to find his missing brothers Separated years ago when their family home was attacked by the Ravens Brent has never forgotten his l

  • Title: A Feral Christmas
  • Author: Stephani Hecht
  • ISBN: 9781554874446
  • Page: 452
  • Format: ebook
  • A Feral Christmas By Stephani Hecht, Jaguar shifter, Brent, is on the most important mission of his life, to find his missing brothers Separated years ago when their family home was attacked by the Ravens, Brent has never forgotten his lost siblings and will do anything to bring them back home Then he finds out that one man holds the key to their location, a Hawk shifter named Daniel.Daniel has been on theJaguar shifter, Brent, is on the most important mission of his life, to find his missing brothers Separated years ago when their family home was attacked by the Ravens, Brent has never forgotten his lost siblings and will do anything to bring them back home Then he finds out that one man holds the key to their location, a Hawk shifter named Daniel.Daniel has been on the run from the Ravens ever since they nearly eradicated all of his kind Hiding by living as a human, the last thing he wants is to be sucked back into the shifter world Then he wakes up to find a Jaguar shifter in his bedroom, demanding his help Even though he wants to refuse, Daniel takes one look at the desperation in Brent s eyes and knows he has to help.Even the smallest child knows that cats and birds don t mix It still doesn t stop the two men s growing attraction to each other Even as they fight new and old enemies, their feelings of love grow Will they be able to overcome a lifetime s worth of hatred and prejudice to be together Or will they have the pay the ultimate price for love

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    1. I liked this second story in the Lost Shifters series as much as the first The uphill struggle these two main characters have to face is even bigger than the first couple s.Brent is a feline shifter and Daniel is a hawk shifter Not only do they have to overcome the fact that cats and birds supposedly don t get along, Daniel is also seen as one of the bad guys , since the hawks helped to take away the shifter children twenty years ago This doesn t stop Brent from being attracted to him, and leads [...]

    2. Jaguar shifter, Brent Hawk shifter, DanielDaniel is one of the bad guys because apparently the hawk shifters helped to take away the shifter children twenty years ago after the ravens attack.Brent is the second in command, brother of the Feline s leader Mitchell and he is looking for three of his lost siblings Daniel may know where their location is.Cats and Birds DO mix Sylvester and Tweety have been lying all along.

    3. 4.5 starsThe second book of the series features Brent, second in command, who is on a mission to track down a Hawk shifter, in order to get information about the lost feline shifters The Hawk, Daniel, is deep in hiding after being cast off by his pack after the decision to save the feline kids twenty years ago I am completely smitten with the Lost Shifters series sigh I really love how Brent and Daniel get together cuff, kinky g More so that Brent whom I always picture will be the top is actuall [...]

    4. I really liked this story It was really funny and low angst with a lot of sexual tension Brent and Daniel have to be near the top of the horniest shifters list They were wanting to do each other 5 seconds after meeting even after one dude stabs the other And they could not keep their hands mouths off each othereven in the middle of gun fired wide open parking lots cough Anyway, it was a cute story and the characters were sweet and of course they fell in love like 10 seconds after laying eyes on [...]

    5. I didn t like this as much as the first The instalove was truly ridiculous one guy had only been conscious maybe an hour, hour and a half, when he decided he was in love with the guy who had kidnapped him, who incidentally was also in love, although he had been at least awake for like eight hours while the other guy was drugged And it wasn t even fated mates, either That at least I can handle, because who can argue with the universe But this THis even stretched credibility for me, and I m very f [...]

    6. I could not open FERAL CHRISTMAS fast enough, because that s what shifter books does for me make me want and with the bonus info that the shifters were a secret arm of the government military the plot only thickens and I was certainly wanting .This book is Brent s story Brent is the comic relief of the outfit and he can be a little hard to stomach because of his too laid back and too comical mannerism Taking onboard a mission on his own to find the one person who knows exactly what happened to [...]

    7. Well this one starts with a bang Snow storms and shit blowing up D Works for me 4.5 stars that I ll easily round up to 5 I actually really like Brent and Daniel together despite the unrealistic insta love I give a lot leniency with that in shifter books than others though so it really doesn t bother me too much here.One of their brothers may have been found and returned home to them, but Brent knows there are three waiting to be found Not to mention all the other shifter children lost in the R [...]

    8. LOVED the dynamic between the two men BDSM focused solely really on the D s and informal as hell Daniel taking charge just made sense and it fit the story well Not a mine, mate but still a mine book so insta yes but very engaging I am enjoying the continuing story of what happened to the Lost Shifters and how the world is building Looking forward to 3

    9. I couldn t imagine anything difficult than what the main character experienced in the first book of this series, until I got into this second installment Not only are the main characters still battling the nasty Ravens, but the love story is between a jaguar shifter and a hawk shifter Cats and birds do not get along Just ask Tweety and Sylvester, if you don t believe me In A Feral Christmas the author addressed the ongoing battle between the feline shifters and the Ravens, but also introduced a [...]

    10. 3.5 StarsOne fateful night twenty years ago, Ravens came in to slaughter many feline shifters and their young Mitchell, Brent, and Cassie were separated from four of their litter mates and believed them dead Recently, they located and reunited with one of the missing litter mates, Jacyn Through his dream walk, they learned that a hawk shifter, Daniel, was present on that terrible night Brent is on a mission to locate Daniel to learn the whereabouts of his other missing siblings Daniel has been o [...]

    11. 3.5 stars I liked this book better than the first book in the series as it goes a little further in developing the history behind the Lost Shifter children I also liked Daniel and Brent as a couple better than I liked Logan and Jacyn from the first book.Brent, the brother of the Coalition of Shifters leader Mitchell, is sent to find Daniel, the Hawk Alpha and leader who was allied with the Ravens 20 years ago Mitchell and Brent now know that Daniel holds the key to the location of the missing sh [...]

    12. 2014 Re read Okay, so it was quick and nowhere near perfect.But I really liked the protagonists and their interactions There s just something about Daniel, and Brent grew on me fast Their sexual dynamic worked for me too since it feels like a counterpoint to Brent s aggressive as in cocky attitude and Daniel s quieter, calmer nature.With that, while I d have liked it to be longer, I can take the formal and fiddly issues and by that I mean editing and grammatical errors in stride.2010 Review view [...]

    13. Original review can be found at Inconceivable Book Reviews May contain spoilers for the first bookThe next book in the series, A Feral Christmas, picks up where the last one left off and the cover has improved With the information that Jacyn provided at the end of the first novella the cat coalition finally feels as if they are on the right track to finding the rest of their missing shifter they just have to find the right hawk first Catch is, this hawk shifter has been missing for almost as lon [...]

    14. This is book two of the above series Jacyn has three siblings who are missing along with a bunch of other cat shifters who disappeared when their parents where slaughtered 20 years ago By undergoing some wacko drug therapy Jacyn remembers that it was hawk shifters who saved the kids and they need to find the hawk alpha to find out what happened to all the kids Brent, second oldest is tasked to go and find Daniel and get the info Brent finds him and there is immediate attraction They are attacke [...]

    15. I m giving this book a 4.5 stars.This time the story center around Brent, Jacyn brother, and his mission to find a Hawk shifter that has something to do with the lost shifter but there is another reason as to why he wanted to take this mission Daniel, who is a Hawk shifter, was the leader of the massacre two decide ago and also the one who save all the children from the same faith as their family When Brent found he discover that Daniel is his mate and can t believe because their kind is at odd [...]

    16. I was tempted to give this one a 4 because of the story and characters, but settles on 3 because of the writing Stephani Hecht has an amazing imagination but is a bad writer Not the worst I ve seen, and I do keep reading her works so apparently I guess it s good enoughBrent and Daniel are an enigmatic couple, and Brent the jaguar shifter starts things off on a wonderful foot by handcuffing Daniel the Hawk shifter to him and blowing up Daniel s house The first is humorous the second, kind of seem [...]

    17. Book 2 in the lost shifter series The feline coalition now know that the hawk shifters saved many feline children from death in the raven attack twenty years ago But they placed those chldren with human adoption agencies Brent Mitchell s brother is sent to find Daniel, a hawk shifter that they hope can tell them where to find the missing chldren.I like Brent he s funny and sarcastic, and maybe a little over keen on explosions Daniel is less than impressed when Brent arrives, blows up his house a [...]

    18. So, book 2 in this series and it just getting better and better We met Brent in the previous book, he is Jacyn big brother, and now he is on the mission to find the Hawk shifter who might know were all the lost cubs are Ohhh but he wasn t specting that say shifter was hot as hell Daniel had been on the run for 20 years now, he had learned how to hide his tracks and that is the reason why he didn t expect the feline at his home and even less the attack.Brent and Daniel s story is very cute, becau [...]

    19. Oh man, I wanted to like this series I do love me some shifter novels, and these especially appealed because they sounded interesting enough and happen to feature big cats instead of the standard werewolves But yikes The books completely fail to deliver I mean, I like the ideas and the general storyline, but I m really not impressed by the execution Too much sex, too little story character development, poor writing Way disappointing all around But what s even disappointing is how this kind of c [...]

    20. Now that Jacyn, the first lost shifter has come back home, it s time for Brent, his older brother, to get his story Brent is a bit of a smart ass and a fun character and his pairing with an Alpha shifter was interesting Especially since the shifter is a hawk Can you say opposites attract A kitty cat and a birdie However, it worked well in this case I liked Brent and Daniel, the hawk shifter is a bit of a Dom and surprisingly Brent liked that quite a bit.There s a bit of action, some family drama [...]

    21. I am fast becoming addicted to these little books they are really exciting stories with plenty of action both in and out of bed They have the trifecta of brilliance, a search for lost family members finding true love and fighting a war against evil how can these books not be winners The fact this couple is a cat and a bird is kind of like saying that nothing can get in the way of true love and to be fair this book gave me some real laugh out loud moments with the bad bird puns I look forward to [...]

    22. Summary for series review Brent, 2nd in command of the jaguar shifters, searches out the head of the Hawks, Daniel As he is hoped to have information leading them to find the lost jaguars The Hawks hid the children with humans after the Ravens killed most of the adults and left the Hawks to clean up Daniel gave the order to not kill the children and hide them instead Daniel was cast out by the Hawk elders his family for being weak At the end, Daniel s brother Colin, and several other hawks shows [...]

    23. I liked it a lot and enjoyed the characters, the tightness of the littermates , the humor and the passion But like the first novella in the series, it s MUCH too short There s 18 short stories or novellas in the series and the Kindle versions mostly seem to be around 4 5 or so No way I can afford to read the whole series of short stories so that sucks I m very annoyed because I m already hooked and will have to stop here It certainly does not encourage me to look at anything else by Ms Hecht.

    24. Stephani Hecht is a terrible writer I don t feel like pulling any punches here, because to do otherwise would be a disservice to my fellow readers These books are awful, but have their own compelling pull I wanted to carry on to see what happened next, even though the writing was making me insane, the characters were all the same, and the sex was becoming incredibly redundant It wasn t until I got to the third book based on Shane seriously, again , that I finally hit a wall and couldn t read any [...]

    25. A Feral Christmas Lost Shifters, 2 was a cute and quick read It reminded me loads of Tara Janzen s books in that her secondary characters are what will keep you coming back for It was a little shorter than I would have liked and occasionally lacked a little depth, but was an entertaining read I ll definitely be going back for as Rat s story has to be a bit of a winner sharrow.wordpress 2010 02

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