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Incredible Hulk - Volume 1: Son of Banner #2020

Incredible Hulk Volume Son of Banner Gamma fans rejoice the rumors are true The INCREDIBLE HULK book returns as written by acclaimed Planet Hulk and World War Hulk scribe Greg Pak Get ready for Bruce Banner as you ve never seen him the

  • Title: Incredible Hulk - Volume 1: Son of Banner
  • Author: Greg Pak Fred Van Lente Ariel Olivetti Michael Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780785142515
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Incredible Hulk - Volume 1: Son of Banner By Greg Pak Fred Van Lente Ariel Olivetti Michael Ryan, Gamma fans rejoice the rumors are true The INCREDIBLE HULK book returns as written by acclaimed Planet Hulk and World War Hulk scribe Greg Pak Get ready for Bruce Banner as you ve never seen him, the Son of Hulk in a whole new world of smash, and an insane new adventure that changes everything for everyone s favorite Green Goliath Collects Incredible Hulk 601 605.

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      164 Greg Pak Fred Van Lente Ariel Olivetti Michael Ryan
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    1 thought on “Incredible Hulk - Volume 1: Son of Banner

    1. Incredible Hulk 601 605Ariel Olivetti Giuseppe Camuncoli supply the art for these issues, and both artists make this a great read Ariel Olivetti s style is a natural fit for the Hulk franchise and Greg Pak s script is smart and also quite funny Seeing Skaar Hulk s son sipping on a milkshake in a diner was definitely a sight to see And Juggernaut even takes the time to text Banner to let him know he s coming for him another good bit The main idea behind this storyline is that Banner wants to trai [...]

    2. Big Hulk fan and this was an enjoyable ride The Wolverine effect is still strong but it didn t overshadow this warm tale of a radiant young doctor and his half alien son who wants to kill him.

    3. If You Enjoy This, Check Out War MachineOther Useful Reviews Lloyd s review Book Info This collection contains Incredible Hulk issues 601 605 and Dark Reign The List Hulk.ABSOLUTE RATING 3 5 stars STANDARDIZED RATING 3 5 starsAs outlined in greater detail in issue 601 i.e the first in the volume , this volume deals with Skaar s training to kill his father the Hulk But oddly enough, Skaar s mentor is none other than Hulk s alter ego Bruce Banner I m probably missing something obvious here, but wo [...]

    4. Here is the first volume of writer Greg Pak s most recent run of The Incredible Hulk as of 2012.Bruce Banner as the Hulk is a thing of the past He no longer transforms into the Hulk upon getting angry, but as the potential for this transformation is not completely gone, the Hulk s son, Skaar, from the planet Sakaar, waits for the transformation by tagging along with Bruce Banner through all manner of adventures Skaar has vowed to kill the Hulk if and when he emerges from Banner s form.The duo tu [...]

    5. Very nice art with a fun story, just the way I likes em.Basically a roller coaster ride of a book with alot of laughs.A couple of unnexpected reveals , well at least for me Rick Jones is a Monster and he s married too Geez, I m way behind on my Marvel history.Oh, and Hulk has a son Banner is a bad ass Like I said, I am waaaaaay behind.Still, not being in the know , didn t keep me from enjoying this story and liking the art.

    6. Loved it Nice blend of action and classic Marvel humor My favorite part had to be the scenes between Wolverine, Banner, Daken, and Skaar The father son moments between those four werewell, you can imagine.

    7. Fun, bordering on the goofy, but Ariel Oliveiti s art takes this and anything else he works on to a new level A higher level that is Some of the writing was thrilling and some was a little bit silly, but is was a very fun read

    8. Apparently cured of his transformations following a fight with the Red Hulk, Bruce Banner takes to the road again, this time with a clear purpose Seeking out the Hulk s abandoned and vengeful son Skaar, Banner decides they are long overdue for a father son bonding session, which includes a raid of one of Norman Osborn s facilities and confrontations with the Juggernaut, Wolverine, and Moonstone.After redefining and rebuilding the Hulk in the PLANET HULK and WORLD WAR HULK storylines, Greg Pak tu [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this Hulk story even if there was no Hulk to be found within its pages The story is that the events that set off the World War Hulk storyline centered around the death of Hulk s wife Little known to our Hero was that she was pregnant when she died Yep, Hulk had a kid He spent his young life killing monsters and such before coming to earth to meet his pop and kill him.I have no idea why I m sure it s explained somewhere else Actually, it was mentioned a few times in the comic its [...]

    10. For Banner, having been cured of the Hulk seemed to be a dream come true But having to be the father to the Son of The Hulk well, that is a challenge he is not sure if he is up too On a personal note, I really enjoyed this book up until the visited Arlington, Texas Yeah when you start to bring the Skaar to my hometown, and have him fight in a streets that DON T exist, and go to a bar outside of town that NEVER exists, surrounded by mountain ridge yeah, I start to be a bit offended It is one thin [...]

    11. The son the Hulk sired and abandoned on an alien planet has come to earth for revenge, but Bruce Banner can t change into the Hulk any , and the son only wants to kill the Hulk The solution Bruce Banner starts training his son to kill the Hulk so he s ready whenever the Hulk comes out again It s an interesting take on the super powered father super powered son road trip genre, and the art by Ariel Olivetti is good other artists have some pages that aren t as good , but it s not essential reading [...]

    12. Not my favorite Hulk book The idea that Banne is dangerous than the Hulk is absurd, so please don t try and sound cool Bruce If there s one thing I ve always hated in comics it s redux characters and that s what Skaar is, a redux Hulk Except he s not as powerful or as interesting so he automatically gets a BORING stamp from me Some decent moments in the book that coincide with Dark Reign but otherwise, eh, it was just kind of there.

    13. After 40 years of telling the same stories, it s going to be difficult to keep superhero comics interesting There s just so much the Hulk can smash They ve exiled him to another dimension, made him smart, made him dumb again, made him microscopic, shoot him into space Now they give Hulk a son with daddy issues Don t worry Everything will be back to the old status quo in a year or two.Nice artwork, though.

    14. Anyone who has enjoyed Hulk comics since the 1960s or 1970s will probably love this new take The characters have changed, but the changes not only respect the old stories they use them to tell even compelling stories Greg Pak is the best Hulk writer since Peter David, and has actually surpassed him with this arc.

    15. So, I have been getting these collected hardcovers from the library and sort of read this one out of order The art in this one is pretty awesome, and the stuff with Banner is pretty good too, nice set up for the volume I read first accidentally Ha.

    16. The Dynamic between Banner and Skaar is interesting and the artwork is great but the story lacking in many ways.

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