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Books Burn Badly #2020

Books Burn Badly On August Hercules the boxer stands on the quayside at Coru a and watches Fascist soldiers piling up books and setting them alight It is a moment which transforms a young group of friends who

  • Title: Books Burn Badly
  • Author: Manuel Rivas Jonathan Dunne
  • ISBN: 9781846551468
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Books Burn Badly By Manuel Rivas Jonathan Dunne, On 19 August 1936 Hercules the boxer stands on the quayside at Coru a and watches Fascist soldiers piling up books and setting them alight It is a moment which transforms a young group of friends, who just weeks before had spent their days sunbathing beneath the lighthouse, into a broken generation Out of this incident during the early months of Spain s tragic civil war,On 19 August 1936 Hercules the boxer stands on the quayside at Coru a and watches Fascist soldiers piling up books and setting them alight It is a moment which transforms a young group of friends, who just weeks before had spent their days sunbathing beneath the lighthouse, into a broken generation Out of this incident during the early months of Spain s tragic civil war, Manuel Rivas weaves a colourful tapestry of stories and unforgettable characters to create a panorama of twentieth century Spanish history For it is not only the lives of Hercules the boxer and his friends that are tainted by the unending conflict, but also those of a young washerwoman who sees souls in the clouded river water and the stammering son of a judge who uncovers his father s hidden library.Rivas depiction of life under Franco s dictatorship reveals violence and betrayal but also irrepressible humour and love, and stands as a testament to the indomitable freedom of the human imagination.Few novels become classics during their authors lifetimes, but in Books Burn Badly Manuel Rivas has produced an astonishing masterpiece This is a poet s evocation of his native land and its collective memory As the singed pages fly away on the breeze, their stories live on in the minds of their readers.

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      483 Manuel Rivas Jonathan Dunne
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    1. Todo comeza e remata co auto de fe que os falanxistas celebraron na d rsena da Coru a o d a 19 de agosto de 1936 A partir de este horror vanse debullando os personaxes desta novela, tanto os ficticios como os reais O anarquista Polca, gaiteiro e enterrador, Terranova, o cantante de tangos, ou o boxeador, Arturo da Silva e o seu mulo Curtis, o H rcules do Papagaio, o fot grafo Leica, por parte dos vencidos E o xu z Samos, o polic a Ren, o censor Dez, na parte vencedora Pero tam n os seus descende [...]

    2. El esp ritu de libertad creativa de la II Rep blica, encarnada especialmente en una pandilla de j venes deportistas y literatos de A Coru a, sobrevive la insurreci n militar, las masacres, y la pretendida extirpaci n de su memoria por el r gimen franquista, para la enorme frustraci n de los represores obsesionados con ese proyecto Es una gran novela, no s lo por su grueso 610 folios sino por su complejidad y sus logros en presentar las maneras de pensar y de amar y odiar, temer y esperar de gent [...]

    3. I can count the number of books I have started reading and not finished on the fingers of one hand This book is one of them I got to page 218 of 545 and realised that I just wasn t enjoying it Normally when I m reading a book I hate to put it down and can t wait to pick it up again Not with this one I hated picking it up.I think at times the book suffers from poor translation Although I don t speak Galician, I do speak Spanish and Portuguese and I could often read the Galician wording below the [...]

    4. A panic purchase and evidence perhaps that W.H Smith s at Heathrow Airport might want to consider a considered attitude toward supply chain management, this is far from a bad book but, at the risk of confirming people s opinion of me as a bit of a thicko, a really difficult one to get into.Each sentence is lovingly crafted in the translation at least, although I have no reason to believe that the original Galician is any less accomplished but therein lies the problem if the author wanted to wri [...]

    5. Quiz s porque, como se ala Lupercio Leonardo de Argensola, los libros han ganado m s batallas que las guerras , porque, parafraseando a Ricardo Le n, los libros hacen pensar y el pensamiento nos hace libres o porque las guerras empiezan por las palabras , como afirma el escritor de la obra que rese o hoy, la quema de libros ha sido un acto recurrente a lo largo de la Historia Tal vez por esto mismo, Manuel Rivas trueca Los libros arden mal en un homenaje a todos los libros quemados, destruidos, [...]

    6. M is por motivos extraliterarios que polos libros que lle ti a lido uns millores e outros peores non podo dicir que fose un admirador incondicional de Rivas, pero r ndome evidencia un novel n cunha prosa bel sima e narrando unha historia longa, con personaxes perfetamente debuxados se acaso p olle un pequeno reparo seu manique smo tan bos os bos, tan irremediablemente maus os maus e unha trama moi traballada que lamentablemente, por outra parte segue de actualidade hoxe Un punto adicional para m [...]

    7. I struggled with this book because of the length and sheer beauty of the writing I kept re reading passages I feel in love with the characters Olinda, Polka, Hercules,Gabriel, and O And the rest, such a melange of supporting characters that at times I found it hard going But the sheer beauty of the prose as a poet i found it quite intoxicating I was sad when it ended, the author had transported me into another world that felt so real Just like my first experience of Bolano, in fact I d like to r [...]

    8. Most likely Books Burn Badly merits a higher rating At times I found it riveting, but the majority of the effort was a flailing though endless noodles of dialogue and description which simmered without the benefit of elucidation.

    9. Maravilloso dominio del lenguaje.Manuel es el rey de la palabra La mima, la rescata del olvido, la despierta del letargo y la eleva a un nivel de consciencia mundano.No tenemos nada igual en Espa a.

    10. Translated from Galician, an account of teenage life during the Spanish War Maybe it was the quality of the xlation how many people speak Galician , but I gave up after 100pp, and I very rarely give up.

    11. I love Manuel Rivas This book is a bit of a puzzle, a poem and an obfuscated history The story shifts characters so frequently some of which are recurring and others just drop out which may be toward the point it is hard to know where to focus attention and I can see that it could be challenging if you are not already interested in the author or subject of the Spanish civil war There is some patience required and a rough knowledge of the subject helps greatly It is a history that is quiet, not t [...]

    12. Un libro fabuloso que no podr terminar de leer porque la vida sigue pero lo recomiendo a los que tienen el tiempo y nunca han le do nada de Galicia Es la mejor introducci n a un imaginario nico, que se sit a en la Guerra Civil con la quema de libros por los facistas en La Coru a, pero que en realidad es ancestral y se lee en ecos de voces que resuenan en la historia Voces de mujeres, la lavandera, la bruja, el ni o y, de fondo, siempre el r o, el mar, la relaci n interrumpida del pueblo con su t [...]

    13. I suspect a great many of the issues that I had with this book, which I really, really struggled to read, were simply due to the translation, which wast good, really You get the sense that it was translated word for word, rather than in the spirit of each sentence, and so has become quite laborious and torturous It s a shame, but having to work so hard to understand what was going on rather spoiled everything else.

    14. This is an unusual and uneven book but I couldn t get enough The Spanish Civil War s impact on individuals in Coruna is told through short episodes, untidy narratives and it is the portraits of individuals which grip Th

    15. A very absorbing read set in the post Spanish Civil War period I was very intrigued by the characters and the various stories being told in this quilt patch work novel.

    16. This novel takes place in northwestern spain, Galicia, in the towns of compestela and coruna mainly, from 1936 to or less now Its cast of characters focus mainly on the very poor, but also the cops, franco and his wife Carmen, the secret police, rich people, tourists, fishermen and farmers and fishwives To start off the re conquest from liberal, progressive govt the fascists started out burning all the books of the liberals of the town That act chokes all that comes after, for you see, books bu [...]

    17. He aqu la historia dram tica de la cultura La pesadilla que vive la ciudad no es una ficci n S , es verdad Est n quemando las bibliotecas de los ateneos, del centro de estudios Germinal, del se or Casares El humo no levanta el vuelo Es pegajoso Huele a carne humana En esta novela, las vidas de los libros, las personas y el lenguaje se cruzan y entrelazan en un intenso relato de suspense que transcurre desde el siglo XIX hasta nuestros d as, entre la atrocidad autoritaria y la indomable libertad [...]

    18. Comenc a leerlo Hab a partes que me gustaban y me hac an tener esperanzas y otros grandes tramos de pesadez No s si fue por la poca en que lo intent leer o si fue el libro S que lo dej antes de alcanzar la mitad del libro y eso es algo extremadamente extra o en m y que sigue esperando por m en la mesilla de noche desde hace varios a os Tengo intenci n de volver a leerlo alg n d a para as saber si soy yo o es l Espero haber sido yo porque el tema, el contexto hist rico, la ambientaci n o la ubica [...]

    19. At first I found the character portrayals frustrating they were so distant, and so devoid of solid context that I couldn t keep track of them names are used sparingly here the book is mostly structured as fuzzy and poetic montage of memories, and people are addressed differently if at all depending on who s speaking It would have been difficult to get invested in them if Rivas didn t do such a good job of assigning them their own subtle and recognizable quirks, hopes and obsessions The narrative [...]

    20. It s strange because I almost gave up on this book twice The writing, the vignettes and the characters drew me in, but despite getting to the end, I really feel that I could not put the whole plot together It was long and so many connections existed among the characters and so much happened over such an extended period of time, that I felt that I could not put the puzzle pieces together to see the big picture I really enjoyed the writing and the creative story elements.

    21. thoroughly enjoyed this, but could do with another read of it as I found it easy to lose track of who was who Not sure if that s down to me not paying attention ir the style of writing it would skip from one protagonist s POV to another s quite often and suddenly.It s piqued my interest in the Spanish Civil War and Franco s dictatorship not an area of history I ve had much knowledge of before I don t know how accurate the historical references are, but I do want to find out .

    22. This book takes a long time to read It s a long book, but it also needs a serious attention span And unfortunately, right now I m off in lah lah land So I m hoping to keep at it, and in the summer concentrate harder It s beautiful, the story illicits visceral reactions I m just not awake enough to read it these days.

    23. I tried I really did After all, the absolutely glowing blurb on the cover promised much I figured maybe it would be one of those slow burners that needed a bit of perseverance After around 100 pages , I gave in and decided it just wasn t meant to be Even now I probably couldn t tell you what it was about or what the characters were about.

    24. Initially, I was a bit overwhelmed by the scope of the novel, but as I became acquainted with the various characters and their stories it all merged into one very intriguing and complex historical tapestry of Spain during Franco s regime.

    25. Beautiful language, same as with some other books I ve picked up lately My reading focus is turned to low and just couldn t get past the first chapter Would like to try again

    26. A d a de hoy, la novela que m s me ha gustado de Rivas es sta Totalmente cautivadorahierbaroja.wordpress 20

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