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Strega Nona's Magic Lessons #2020

Strega Nona s Magic Lessons The popular Big Anthony tries once again to use Strega Nona s magic with the usual hilarious and disastrous results Played for laughs successfully Booklist

  • Title: Strega Nona's Magic Lessons
  • Author: Tomie dePaola
  • ISBN: 9780152817862
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Strega Nona's Magic Lessons By Tomie dePaola, The popular Big Anthony tries once again to use Strega Nona s magic with the usual hilarious and disastrous results Played for laughs successfully Booklist

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      Tomie dePaola

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    2. I have been reading the Strega Nona series ever since I was a child and there were many Strega Nona books that I have really enjoyed over the years One of my favorites was this little gem called Strega Nona s Magic Lessons by Tomie dePaola and it is about how Big Anthony wanted to learn magic like Strega Nona, but might have to go through drastic measures to learn magic Strega Nona s Magic Lessons is a truly clever and hilarious story for Strega Nona fans Bambolona, the baker s daughter was extr [...]

    3. Once again, Big Anthony is at it again and is trying to do magic This story tells about how Bambalona comes to work with Strega Nona and becomes her apprentice The story is funny and the illustrations especially with Big Anthony in a dress are hilarious We really enjoyed this story in the Strega Nona series by Tomie dePaola, and we will certainly look for the last few books in the series we have not yet read.

    4. This was an entertaining and amusing little tale that had nice illustrations to go along with it I d recommend it if you were a fan of Tomie de Paola Taken from my book reviews blog reviewsatmse 2008

    5. Big Anthony always makes me laugh I can t believe he thought he could fool Strega Nona I hope he learned his lesson.

    6. Poor Big Anthony So much of what he wants out of life is beyond his grasp He wants what he sees and hears without any thought to the labor needed to acquire it or the consequences of something done half heartedly And in the days before Ritalin, only a compassionate Strega is able to protect Big Anthony from his inability to concentrate and his knack for getting himself into messes Strega Nona s Magic Lessons is another Tomie dePaola picture book in the Strega Nona series In this book, Strega Non [...]

    7. I have to admit that I have not read Strega Nona proper, and therefore lacked the necessary back story to fill in the gaps of this book I did not realize how much the two depend on each other, as I feel like this book drops the reader midway through the story Perhaps it s unfair to review this without first reviewing Strega Nona however, I feel that this story could, and perhaps should, have been independent That being said, I think children will find enough humor in the depicted events to find [...]

    8. This book was a wonderful story about a young girl not settling for her hard life with a lazy father She asserts her independence and goes to a sagacious old woman named Strega Nona for help Strega Nona immediately offers to show her how to perform magic A young man named Anthony comes into the story and wants to learn magic too, but he can not because he is a boy Thus, he decides to pretend to be a woman in order to learn the magic But Bambolona and Strega Nona trick him and he reveals that he [...]

    9. Though I vaguely remember reading these books when I was younger, I now realize why they may sometimes be questioned or challenged This book is about Strega Nona who knows magic and teaches it to people that come to her for help Bambolona, the baker s daughter, gets tired of having to work so hard and decides to go to Strega Nona for help Strega Nona quickly accepts her as a student However, when Strega Nona s male servant asks her to teach him the magic, she says that she cannot teach him This [...]

    10. This book is full of problem and solution Bambolona does not want to work in her father s bakery any, and Strega Nona agrees to teach her magic Big Anthony also wants to learn magic, but Strega Nona says she can t teach him because he is a male and can t be a Strega So, Big Anthony decides to put on a dress and try to learn magic He thinks he has them fooled until they trick him into thinking that he has turned Strega into a toad Kids will find this story funny, and discussion of problem solutio [...]

    11. I needed a short story because I wanted to finish the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge on time, and I have a final tomorrow but, at the same time, I wanted to finish the challenge with something meaningful So, I went looking through the book collection I had as a kid, and, suddenly, remembered the Strega Nona tales And I knew it was just what I was looking for.Adorably drawn and wonderfully written, Strega Nona is what had encouraged me to write A horrible story called The Spooky Swamp, in second [...]

    12. Strega Nona s Magic Lesson takes some creative turns in the extended odyssey of Grandma Witch and her two assistants, Big Anthony and Bambolina Big Anthony becomes perturbed when Strega Nona agrees to mentor Bambolina in the ways of her nature based magic but refuses to do the same for him, and when Big Anthony tries to find a different way to learn the secrets of being a Strega , the result is a funny story that readers will remember well I would give one and a half stars to Strega Nona s Magic [...]

    13. This book is filled with problem solution conflict The first problem is that Bambolona doesn t want to work any The solution is that she will go to Strega Nona for help The problem of who will take over the bakery work was solved by Big Anthony, and there are many problems and solutions throughout the story The illustrations depict the events for each page very well and the exaggerated features on the characters are fun to see It is a good book for first through third graders.

    14. Strega Nona is very kind to Bambolona After Bambolona is worked to death in her father s backery, she takes off and finds comfort in learning magic Anthony, a man intent on finding ways out of work than actually working, dresses up like a woman to also learn magic from Strega Nona I enjoyed reading this book and appreciate the feminist message behind the text Bambolona and Strega Nona have agency and Anthony falls behind He was not willing to do the work.

    15. I wasn t quite sure what the theme of the book was supposed to be for a while Now I m realizing that this is a sequel to an earlier book If I d read the earlier one first, maybe I would have caught on faster The ending was clever and fun, and I liked that it helps if you notice subtle details in the pictures There is also a good moral to the story Namely that there are no shortcuts to success.

    16. This is when we are introduced to Strega Nona s apprentice, Bambalona Of course she has every right to be the disgruntled baker s daughter, manning the entire bakery operation She is completely relieved and grateful for Strega Nona s help Big Anthony s ego gets in the way again, and he learns a big lesson, but not until he tries and fails to trick Strega Nona into giving him responsibility Strega Nona and Bambolona turn the tables on him and teach him a good lesson

    17. This is one of my favorite stories It is the story of Strega Nona and her helper Big Anthony Big Anthony wants to learn Strega Nona s magic secrets Of course Big Anthony gets into all sorts of trouble This is an Italian folk tale that people have told for many years Reading stories for different cultures is a great way to help children learn about the cultures.

    18. Odd little book Read to my 4 year old, she didn t quite get all of it, but she enjoyed the trickery once it was revealed to her at the end Think I should have gotten one of the other Strega Nona books first, didn t realize when I grabbed this off a library display that it was part of a series.

    19. I truly enjoyed this book, simply because I enjoy anything that is remotely similar to Harry Potter Fantasy and Sci fi are my heart and soul when it comes to reading books, and this book definitely has both.

    20. In this story we meet Bambolona, the baker s daughter, who has finished with baking all the time and decides to learn magic from Strega Nona Big Anthony become jealous and pretends to be a girl so he, too, can learn magic Of course, Anthony is found out, and apologizes.

    21. Strega Nona trains an apprentice Big Anthony disguises himself as a girl so that he too may be taught Strega Nona s magic, though he bumbles through his lessons as well as he did during his chores Funny and a great read aloud.

    22. This is a nice book I think it will teach the students to be good at all times because you will never know what may happen A great problem solving book.

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