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Piratica II: Return to Parrot Island #2020

Piratica II Return to Parrot Island Pirate queen Art Blastside returns in another swashbuckling tale of derring do

  • Title: Piratica II: Return to Parrot Island
  • Author: Tanith Lee
  • ISBN: 9780525477693
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Piratica II: Return to Parrot Island By Tanith Lee, Pirate queen Art Blastside returns in another swashbuckling tale of derring do.

    • [AZW] Ñ Free Read ✓ Piratica II: Return to Parrot Island : by Tanith Lee ¹
      287 Tanith Lee
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      Posted by:Tanith Lee
      Published :2020-04-14T17:48:33+00:00

    1 thought on “Piratica II: Return to Parrot Island

    1. ti i momentul la n care i place at t de mult o carte pe care vrei s o termini, dar nu po i pentru c profesorii i dau 100 de exerci ii de f cut pentru acas Exact asta mi s a nt mplat i mie, dar, din fericire i ntr un sf r it, am reu it s o termin Ca s fiu sincer , mai bine nu o f ceam nceputul c r ii ne prezint via a pe care Art o are cu so ul ei, Felix Phoenix pentru c da, a reu it s scape de la a fi sp nzurat i asta doar cu ajutorul lui Felix, cu care s a i c s torit Revenind nceputul o are n p [...]

    2. Art Blastside is back and this time the tables are turned Art and Felix have gotten married and live in a huge mansion granted them by one of Felix s father s former friends Art is miserable and longs for the sea, so when offered the chance to become legal pirates privateers only preying on Franco Spanish ships she takes it despite Felix s protests So she and her crew reboard the Unwelcome Stranger along with some additions Felix and Art do nothing but fight and it eventually leads to his stalki [...]

    3. A fun follow up to the first one The girls are a little older now I love Tanith Lee s writing style She uses parentheses in text to give ideas, alternates, and elucidations in the most charming way I wish I could explain it better, but I don t feel I can do it justice I will be reading these aloud to my kid s as soon as interest is shown.

    4. Returned unfinished Blah blah blah Fan fic o rama Fortunately, I have the luminous Housekeeping to attend to instead.

    5. Art Blastside is back indeed But life isn t quite what she expected Married to her beloved, she is the adored celebrity of free England, possessor of a fine mansion and stunning possessionsd bored out of her brains When the government asks her to return to the sea, this time as a legal pirate privateer , she jumps at the chance The ole crew is rounded upd off they go But Piratica is not the only one to take to the sea, Little Goldie Girl is back with a vengeance and new faces appear, as a myster [...]

    6. I feel like the author could have done a little bit better with the writing and the shift between charters on the second book I really loved the first one for the main character Art but the sequel was a bit of a disappointment Art in this one was just not as strong and so a wimp I feel that maybe the author wanted us to realize the Art has feeling and isn t just some tough chick That the author wanted a realistic situation at hand That Art s code and lifestyle was really not something that cou [...]

    7. As the second in a series, it didn t quite live up to the first book However, the characters are well drawn, and the action is consistent, moving you through the book I was so relieved to read a book that didn t putz around the first 300 pages and then have a quick action sequence at the end, as if to make up for the fact that nothing happened the other 300 pages This book also had a different flavor from Tanith Lee s other books it lacked the grandeur and evocative language that can be found in [...]

    8. The first one I found really amusing but this one I got kind of annoyed with It was well done but the fact that she was trying to keep it a middle school aged book was obvious If you want to write a book for 10 14 year olds don t write about the naval battle at Gibraltar And that one pirate just won t die He got shot and fell off a cliff in the first book Just let him be dead And the fact that they are pirates that attack ships in a pirate fashion but none of the ships fight back and at the risk [...]

    9. Tanith Lee has an interesting fanciful way with words, from Fringlish, to off kilter alternate world place names to ship names Art heads back to the sea, but the plot somehow plodded and though I m used to Lee s heroines being on the cranky side, she just isn t very interesting Muck was good fun though.

    10. The tone of this book is strange On the one hand, you have naval battles and creepy ghost hunting pirate ships, but on the other hand you have the entire population of England dressing up as pirates and ships named for exclamations people made just as they were christening them Peculiar.

    11. I didn t actually finish it From the beginning, it wasn t as good as the first I quickly lost interest and honestly have no desire to read the third after seeing its reviews I d be incredibly disappointed I think That s what I get for being a hopeless romantic I suppose.

    12. Efter den f rsta fantastiska boken var detta en mindre besvikelse Men det kanske bara var fel tidpunkt f r att l sa den h r.

    13. Where the first one was fun, this one leaned a bit towards the so silly its actually pretty dumb category I mean, mostly, it was still fun It was just a little even dumber.

    14. I loved it just as much if not than the first It illed me a little inside to hear of Piratica and her Felix arguing.

    15. this book was really hard to get into, and kind of boring in parts But the idea is so refreshing and unsexist, and the characters are so lovable and funny, that the book was still pretty good

    16. Slower to start than the first book, but once it got going it kept my attention An enjoyable light read, with lots of puns and silliness.

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