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July #2020

July Callum heeft ze eindelijk allebei in handen het Ormond juweel n het raadsel over zijn familie Hij hoopt nu snel achter het geheim van zijn familie te komen ook al wordt hij harder opgejaagd dan ooit

  • Title: July
  • Author: Gabrielle Lord
  • ISBN: 9780340996508
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • July By Gabrielle Lord, Callum heeft ze eindelijk allebei in handen het Ormond juweel n het raadsel over zijn familie Hij hoopt nu snel achter het geheim van zijn familie te komen, ook al wordt hij harder opgejaagd dan ooit Het is duidelijk dat zijn achtervolgers hem voor zijn 16de verjaardag, 31 juli, dood willen hebben Maar waarom Hoe eerder Callum daar achter komt, hoe beterDe tijd tiCallum heeft ze eindelijk allebei in handen het Ormond juweel n het raadsel over zijn familie Hij hoopt nu snel achter het geheim van zijn familie te komen, ook al wordt hij harder opgejaagd dan ooit Het is duidelijk dat zijn achtervolgers hem voor zijn 16de verjaardag, 31 juli, dood willen hebben Maar waarom Hoe eerder Callum daar achter komt, hoe beterDe tijd tikt weg voor Callum Ormond.Hij heeft nog 184 dagen

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    1 thought on “July

    1. Deze was weer iets beter dan het vorige deel met meer diepgang en meer ontdekkingen rondom het raadsel.

    2. Met de boekenclub Books Ever After lezen we elke maand een boek van deze serie Zelf liep ik nog achter dus vandaar dat ik Juli nu pas heb uitgelezen Ik vond dit boek niet per se heel bijzonder, maar wel leuk om te lezen Ik ben blij dat er eindelijk n g meer vooruitgang zit in de zaak en ook het einde maakt alles heel erg spannend.

    3. July may be a month where not a lot happens on TV, in the news or in sport but the same can t be said for the seventh volume of Conspiracy 365.One of the best instalments to date, July has terrific pacing and genuine plot progression While the formula dictates an opener with Cal escaping from an inescapable situation on the first of each month just after midnight before finding himself slap bang in another one at the end of the month just before midnight , what happens in between easily hooks in [...]

    4. OMG This book was amazing It is so gripping I couldn t stop reading them.This boy called Cal Ormond lost his father through some un known diseasse He takes over what his father was trying to discover which has run through the family All the way through the series people are after cal and his friends Boges and Winter Each time they find out about the Ormand Singularity something bad happens You must read these books

    5. Eindelijk over de helft Deel 7 al weer van deze 12 delige serie Ook dit keer las ik weer keurig mee met Books Ever After Dit deel was weer iets interessanter als het vorige We lijken weer wat verder te komen in de serie Maakt me toch opnieuw nieuwsgierig naar het einde van deze serie Nog even doorbijten dus.

    6. This is a great book I m not going to give away the end WARNING TO PEOPLE WHO WILL READ THIS BOOK Don t read the end before bed It s kind of disturbing Well, to me These books are pretty easy to read I read this one in one day.

    7. The book I read is Conspiracy 365 July This is one of many books in the series by Gabrielle Lord The text complexity Lexile Level is 790 This book as I said is part of a twelve part series it is the seventh book in the series This book takes place around Callum Cal Ordman a fifteen year old boy trying to uncover a very important and dangerous family secret Cal has many enemies and has to overcome many dangerous obstacles to find what he is looking for The main theme of this book is no matter how [...]

    8. It seems like every somewhat poor book in this series is followed by a spectacular one July is filled with action What was actually quite an un exciting ending to June causes a really interesting start to July with a couple of close calls almost being caught by the police twice Cal decides to go to meet his great auntie in what turns out to be a convent, creating an eerie atmosphere He finds some important documents there and mystery is created as Millicent sings a song about two little lambs, [...]

    9. deel zeven uit de serie Callum leert steeds meer over het raadsel er gebeurt in de maand juli vrij veel oa de sterfdag van zijn vader en zijn verjaardag vond dit een van de betere boekjes in deze serie hij eindigde weer met een cliffhanger.

    10. 1 read in order,2 there is a reminder of what happened last month at the beginning,3 fast paced,4 ends in the middle of something exciting going on You will want to jump from one Book right into the next.Seems similar to 39 Clues though I think if I remember right that the kids were younger in that book This one is better because it is all written by the same author 39 Clues began to feel like it wasn t thought out much ahead of time because of the authors thing I never finished it because I sta [...]

    11. June s book really dragged on and on and almost had me calling it quits on Callum s saga But July exceeded my expectations Locked in a freezer by a kid that wants revenge a sword fight in a convent bell tower being buried alive this is what I m talking about In addition to the fun action, there was definitely progress in the Ormond mystery in this novel than there has been in past installments I am geared back up and ready to read on.

    12. This book was awesome I just can t wait to see what happens next The ending of this book was so cool I am anxious to see what happens next I would suggest this book if you like action and excitement This series is similar to the Alex Rider series, and I also suggest the Alex Rider series These series are the best books I ever read in my opinion I rate this book 5 5 stars because of the action and excitement, there is also a little mystery I wonder what happens in the last book, well I better kee [...]

    13. 3.5 starsThis review contains spoiler for the previous books in the Conspiracy 365 series.We ended June with Cal stuck in a fishing net, cops in close pursuit and him slowly drowning with the Ormond Jewel in his backpack We begin July with Cal being saved by a bunch of fisherman from the net of their latest catch The captain helps him evade the police in return for his service on his fishing boat, but the crewmen are a fishy lot see what I did there lol, wink, wink and Cal doesn t know if he can [...]

    14. The title of my book is Conspiracy 365 July and the author s name is Gabrielle Lord The genre of the book is adventure Callum Ormond has light yellow hair and wears a white shirt, black pants and a book bag Callum likes having help from other people helping him solve his family secrets People treat Callum badly because they think he tried to hurt his uncle and younger sister, but he was set up The setting first starts at a dock and Callum is on a jet ski He is being chased by the cops and jumps [...]

    15. Conspiracy 365 July continues that story of the juvenile fugitive on the run Cal hasn t done anything wrong, and only a few of his best friends believe him Even his own mother doesn t believe him Cal is working hard with Boges and Winter to solve the Ormond Riddle by the end of the year With two major criminals after him, Cal must use all his wits to escape the ever increasing danger he lives with every day.Ah we are finally getting some answers Yet, because there are still five books in this [...]

    16. Cal gets stuck in a fishing net and almost dies when it finally comes to the surface letting him breathe He s helping load boxes of fish into the freezer when suddenly Threeo comes out of nowhere and locks Cal in the freezer, he ends up using explosives to escape Now he needs to get to Redcliffe to see his great aunt Millicent He finally made it there, but finds out she is a nun in a convent and hasn t spoken in twenty years Cal and Bodges are trying to figure out all this Ormand mystery stuff a [...]

    17. This book is one of my favorite book so far of the 365 series by Gabrielle Lord The series starts like there s this kid named Callum Ormond his dad dies and he goes to where his dad was barried and when he comes back he notices that his Uncle was bleading from the back of his head and his sister Gabby was in a Coma her hand and her forehead were cold as ice Then he ran away because the cops blamed it all on him and he has rivals that want him dead before his sixteenth birthday he also has to fin [...]

    18. The book Conspiracy 365 July by Gabrielle Lord was the best book of this series by far The book starts out with Cal being dumped into a fishing boat after almost drowning After escaping the cops once again, Cal escapes to his hideaway After a few run ins with his arch enemy Sligo, Cal finds a way to meet his great aunt Millicent Upon arrival, Cal learns she is in a convent of nuns and hasn t spoken in 20 years After somehow speaking to her, Cal leaves with important documents from her possession [...]

    19. Gabrielle Lord did an outstanding job writing this story There many hardships with Cal One of them is when he is being chased and makes it to his great aunts nun apartment Cal is a very nice kid and wants too see how his mom and sister are doing Later in the story he finds out that his sister is still in her coma At the beginning of the story Gabrielle does a good job explaining how he is feeling On board one of the workers says they caught a merman In the net he lies and all cut up In this seri [...]

    20. Cal can, and does, get himself in to tight spots Luckily, he has his trustworthy friend, Boges who can put him up in a mansion for a few weeks while he lays low Winter Frey is always in the background, too, helpful untrustworthy He isn t sure yet But, he does know if he is going to solve the Ormond riddle, he has to get in touch with Great Aunt Millicent and take back the Ormond Jewel Winter helps him sneak into Sligo s place, and along with the help of Repro, he steals back the jewel He s on h [...]

    21. July Conspiracy 365 is the seventh book in the Conspiracy 365 series by Australian author Gabrielle Lord This month, Cal finds himself in a fishnet, a freezer, a mansion, a school bus, a convent, a funeral parlour and finally, a very tight spot He escapes by pure luck, ingenuity, with the help of Repro s detonators, and on a motorbike whilst being shot at, all the while desperately trying to make it alive to his sixteenth birthday He somehow manages to lose everything he has gained in his search [...]

    22. This book was great It s full of action and adventure In this book Callum escapes the police yet again when he goes to see his Great Aunt Millicent He then figures out she is a nun and hasn t spoke in 20 years He needs to talk to her about the Ormond Riddle and she finally speaks and gives Cal an envelope They give him a place to sleep, but he finds zombie Sliogos thug searching for him in the nun habitat He pushes zombie off the top of the building and kills him The police show up and Cal knows [...]

    23. Conspiracy 365 July by Gabrielle Lord is about a teenager named Callum Ormond who is constantly trying to get killed Callum was escaping from the police and got on a fisherman boat Full of crooks and hide Callum Callum then works on the docks and someone captures him but then escapes Conspiracy 365 July by Gabrielle Lord takes place in modern time and in Virginia What I really like about this book is all the adventure and that what s going to happen next moment This series of books is the best s [...]

    24. This book is great It is a book on Callum Ormond The book started in the ocean He was stuck in a fishing net He is struggling to get air There is tons of fish in the net He s being scratch and cut open but can t do anything about it Finally the net is rising The sailors are wondering why the net is so heavy The sailors see Cal in there net and one of them goes to call the police, but another guy say not to He said they will keep him and make him work for them This author is one of my favorite au [...]

    25. The title of my book is Conspiracy 365 July The author is Garielle Lord The genre of the book is fiction The setting takes place all around a city The main character s are Cal, Boges, and Winter but Winger and Boges are side characters but still appear a lot The book is about a boy named Cal He is on the run and has very little people able to help him He is trying to run away from big criminal gangs and the cops I rated this book 5 stars because I absolutely love this series and find it very int [...]

    26. My teen s favorite part is the birthday party I liked the scenes in the nunnery and the escapes, but this book took the series on a darker turn when SPOILER somebody actually dies.Also, I saw one of the other reviewers on the last book mentioned having a hard time with all the deceit and theft in this series, and yes, that s right, it is present I took it as of Cal s desperation than as him being a role model, but I could understand talking through that issue with young readers Another issue to [...]

    27. Another sweet adventure More of the mystery is coming to light and I love what is being discovered And the cliffhanger in this novel was pretty cool I also like that Cal ended up in a convent for a little while Even though he wasn t too fond of the order, it was still a pretty accurate and good representation Still lying and steal here and there but Cal does want to do the right thing and pay back what he takes from those who help him Need to know the end but am only a little over halfway to bei [...]

    28. Conspiracy 365 is the next book in the conspiracy 365 series In the last book, Cal gets trapped in a fishing net Then in this book he escaped from the fishing net and goes on the run.This book was very good It had a lot of action and adventure I like how the author put a lot of action in a very short book I also liked how the author made the book very suspenseful I would recommend this book to people that like action and adventure I would recommend this book to people that read this book to peop [...]

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