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The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire #2020

The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire In this work the distinguished writer Edward Luttwak presents the grand strategy of the eastern Roman empire we know as Byzantine which lasted than twice as long as the familiar western Roman empire

  • Title: The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire
  • Author: Edward N. Luttwak
  • ISBN: 9780674035195
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire By Edward N. Luttwak, In this work, the distinguished writer Edward Luttwak presents the grand strategy of the eastern Roman empire we know as Byzantine, which lasted than twice as long as the familiar western Roman empire, 800 years by the shortest definition.

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      482 Edward N. Luttwak
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    1 thought on “The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire

    1. Highly enjoyable and very well researched book, there s a lot of information for those that want to learn about the way the ERE fought its wars, conducted diplomacy and how its military differed from the military of earlier periods Summarized More reliance on cavalry and mounted archers at least during the earlier centuries , ambushes and skirmishes than up front pitched battles harder to replace train men and replenish resources Today s enemy can be tomorrow s ally germanic tribes, huns, slavs [...]

    2. A modestly interesting book with some interesting strategic insights and some gaping flaws.It is an easy, flowing read, and makes the analysis of composite bows and court titles seem approachable to the lay reader The author also makes ready comparisons to the modern era, emphasizing the use of comparative diplomacy, prestige, and deterrence to survive waves of invaders and mollify others That seems to be the author s main focus, almost so than Byzantium itself.However, there are some very sig [...]

    3. I was very disappointed with this book The Byzantine Empire has a fascinating history and faced many seemingly insurmountable challenges over the course of its existence I thought a book that described how they accomplished this would be very engaging and fascinating While I still believe that to be the case, that book is not Luttwak s The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire.I found several major problems with this book The most obvious was the organization Luttwak split the book into two sec [...]

    4. In this volume, Edward Luttwak explores the strategy of the Byzantine Empire, as it strove to flourish and sometimes just survive, surrounded by enemies Luttwak begins by saying Page ix This book is devoted to one dimension of Byzantine history the application of method and ingenuity in the use of both persuasion and force that is to say, strategy in all its aspects, from higher statecraft down to military tactics The book begins with the crisis caused by Attila and the Huns This serves as somet [...]

    5. A good study on Byzantium s strategic realities and how the Empire dealt with them While the tools of warfare and communication have changed, the basic threats faced by the empire, and the responses to those threats have changed little since the fall of the Western Empire Rising and shifting geopolitical rivals, the ebb and flow the tax base, and a shrinking military were met with retrenchment, soft power, and proxy wars, making this study relevant to the modern policy maker.However, the author [...]

    6. Exhaustively researched and insanely detailed Luttwak covers the range from strategic planning to physical construction of a compound bow and fodder requirements for various kinds of horses this is the sort of book that makes me despair of ever producing any academic work of real quality On the other hand, it s a bit oddly arranged in parts, and gives the impression that the author s notoriety and credentials have earned him something of a holiday from editors.

    7. Near perfect, that sums up this book to me Does it tell you everything about the byzantines No but I finally got an answer on what byzantine meant Not a simple question nor answer, but I finally got a sense of the dynamics, the policies, concerns, setbacks and opportunities that made the history of the Byzantine empire Edward Luttwak not only made the empire a fascinating subject, he shattered the overpresent idea of the outdated living relic that was the byzantine empire as it is portrayed in m [...]

    8. I must admit, I m very fond of reading books about grand strategy and pondering about the subject, although it is rare to find many books on the subject 1 This is a large book, at a little than 400 pages of material, but it is a worthwhile book to read for those who are interested not only in the history of the Byzantine Empire, but also its contemporary relevance The author demonstrates both his command of elegant prose, his thoughtful command of important sources of diplomatic and military th [...]

    9. Un libro che dedica sette pagine a spiegarmi in cosa consistesse l arco composito, innovazione portata nel secolo V d.C dalle popolazioni della steppa al bacino mediterraneo, non pu essere cattivo Ma solo a patto che riesca a farmi leggere quelle sette pagine con vivo interesse, senza farmi rendere conto del fatto che mi sono appena sciroppato una mini monografia su un tema delirantemente astrusoHo comprato questo libro 25 euretti ahi perch penso che il ruolo e l importanza dei bizantini sia sta [...]

    10. DettagliatissimoLuttwak si classifica come uno storico eccellente questo testo ne l esempio Malgrado abbia poco apprezzato, in buona sostanza, il testo precedente La grande strategia dell impero romano , questo sui romani d Oriente mi sembra di gran lunga pi ponderato Al contrario del caotico Bisanzio , letto qualche giorno fa, in cui si trattava del gossip sugli imperatori dei romani d Oriente, questo testo rimane fortemente critico sulla strategia che ha condotto al successo un impero sopravvi [...]

    11. What can America learn about strategy from a vanished empire whose very name means devious Almost everything, according to The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire, by Edward Luttwak A leading strategic theorist and intellectual provocateur, Luttwak s previous writings include the much praised Strategy the Logic of War and Peace and Coup d tat A Practical Handbook Here he brings his keen research and analytical skills to explaining how Byzantium, surrounded by hostile powers that possessed sup [...]

    12. Edward Luttwak took two decades to write The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire And the time and love he put into this book shows it It traces the Byzantine Empire politically and militarily from creation through final destruction However, it concentrates on the period from founding through the First Crusade Of particular interest to Luttwak was how the Byzantine Empire managed to survive multiple invasions by horse based armies coming out of the steppes No other European and few other middl [...]

    13. Luttwak lo si vede spesso e volentieri in TV, ospite di tolcscio pi o meno interessanti, a parlare del pi o del meno Spesso di politica internazionale Non sicuramente un uomo a pelle simpatico ed tendenzialmente destrorso e reazionario Tuttavia, non scambiamo l intelligenza e la competenza con la simpatia Spesso queste cose non vanno a braccetto, e spesso la simpatia solo un artificio ad uso del politicante avido e consumo dell elettore livido, una maschera di cera da indossare quando si va in o [...]

    14. Naturally, therefore, often than not, the great names of strategy Napoleon, most notably ultimately failed We have seen how preoccupied the Byzantines were with the need to maximize every possible tactical and operational advantage, while studiously trying not to depend on military strength any than they had to.It s funny the Roman Empire is the most famous or infamous empire in the Western tradition, known even by Eastern observers, having lasted over five hundred years and conquering around [...]

    15. A very detailed and mind changing book when it comes to changing preset ideas of what is a difficult and no end in sight situation and how such apparent disadvantages as a center position in a general battlefield fluidity of movement , apparently stupid decisions as keeping you enemies weak rather than destroy them you being surrounded by enemies means that destroying the ones around you at the moment only makes room for the new ones , marital allegiances and pragmatical decisions rather than re [...]

    16. I ve read several of Luttwak s books This is not the best, although its not the worst either.The book is in three sections Invention of Strategy, Diplomacy, and Art of War The first sections are a survey of the Military and Diplomatic history of the empire The last section is an extended annotation of surviving Byzantine books and documents Only the first two sections are worth reading In general, I have several issues with this book The writing is unclear, the use of maps and diagrams is poorly [...]

    17. On virtually any scale one uses the Byzantine Empire is amongst the most successful continuous governments in history Despite it s various flaws, its sheer staying power has always amazed me Most start the clock for this empire with Theodosius 1 r 379 395 , while some would point back to Constantine s transfer of the Roman Empire s capitol to Byzantium in 324 This of course must bring to mind that the term Byzantine Empire is a modern convention The Byzantines called themselves the Kingdom of th [...]

    18. Edward Luttwak publie aujourd hui La Grande Strat gie de l Empire Byzantin exactement apr s son chef d uvre intitul La Grande Strat gie de l Empire Romain.Le r sultat est tout aussi probant et r ussi Le livre est crit dans un style brillant Luttwak est la fois plaisant et fascinant lire, car on sent derri re chaque ligne l ampleur du travail sous jacent.Le livre s ouvre sur l analyse du contexte Les ennemis de l Empire tait capable de vaincre ses arm es et ses flottes lors de batailles, mais ne [...]

    19. I ve been delving into serious history as I work on my numismatics, and so picked up this book last year to look at the other side of my numismatic interests.This is some serious history And an intense analysis of some very interesting original source material concerning strategy and tactics I actually have a copy of the three sources that Lutwak spends time dissecting in the second half of the book I ll add them to the list in my I want to read it section s equivalent of Umberto Eco s Library s [...]

    20. Facinating comparative defense of the Byzantines over the Roman Latin empire they lasted longer though geographically they were far exposed with very little strategic depth, and their enemies were far formidable than the Romans enemies the Azars and Huns and Mongols made the Allemanis look like a private school cheerleading squad.On the other hand, every time Luttwak wows you by showing how much cleverer he is than Gibbon, etc I remember how he confidently predicted that the Allies would need [...]

    21. Much of this book is great fun to read and one gets the impression that Luttwak had great fun writing it But while the book displays examples of Luttwak s best qualities, it also has examples of his worst Entire chapters are ill informed and uninformative Chapter 7, The Geography of Power , contains no maps Chapter 9, The Muslim Arabs and Turks , contains a multitude of lazy stereotypes that are either unsourced or have questionable sources This book also could have done with much robust editin [...]

    22. Thorough, well researched account of the Eastern Roman Empire s strategy, and its use of military force, intelligence, and diplomacy to execute that strategy I liked the sections on intelligence, diplomacy, culture, and religion the best, but he also included a lot of information about military strategy I would recommend this book to someone who already has a basic knowledge of Byzantine history, as it got a little confusing in places, and the author didn t generally follow chronological order.

    23. While exhaustive and interesting, I m not sure that this books is right for the casual student of Byzantine history The extensive exploration of military texts and diplomatic titles for neighboring leaders can get tedious and repetitive after awhile The information is interesting, however, and resents a view of the Byzantine Empire that contrasts is sharply with its Roman forebears though the distinction would likely have been lost on them If you have a serious interest and plenty of time to kil [...]

    24. Very good, but not as good as The Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire Luttwak needed a much tougher editor in parts, GSOTBE read like an overview of primary and secondary sources GSOTRE was a leaner, tighter read, with far fewer spelling and grammatical errors, and fewer awkward turns of phrase.That said, it s worth the work Luttwak has a good grasp of the material, and his understanding of grand strategy is impressive.

    25. This is my first book on the topic It covers everything from land management, diplomacy, strategy, tactics, religion and tactics I do wish was made of military history and campaigns as well as varied maps The maps included left a lot to be desired Nonetheless, I would recommend this book.

    26. Amazingly detailed reconstruction of the Byzantine Empire that lends much light to the management of a nation much powerful than any other of its contemporaries Lessons for the present are most certainly to be learned from the past I also truly appreciated how Luttwak made extensive use of his primary sources, and made the reader want to investigate the texts for herself.

    27. Great book Details the transformation and adaption of the late Roman empire that continued in the eastern Mediterranean for a thousand years after the western Roman empire fell The strategy included doing with fewer troops, using diplomacy, religion, and prestige of the empire to overawe the various threats to the empire Well worth the read.

    28. Impressive book on the strategies of the Byzantine government on how to rule, how to fight and how to conduct diplomacy Basically, avoid battles, buy off enemies and hope for the best Clearly it did not work in the end, but for 1000 years, this strategy worked If you are not into the Byzantine Empire, you probably ought to pass on this.

    29. Livre tr s int ressant sur la diplomatie de l empire byzantin, sa gestion des diff rentes vagues d invasion et sa vision du monde La deuxi me partie du livre porte plus sp cifiquement sur l approche tactique et est moins r ussie.

    30. Luttwak focuses on the general narrative of Byzantium in this book He spends time detailing the military, social, political, and cultural realities of the Byzantine Empire and outlines why it was able to function as long as it did in spite of a great many internal and external stressors.

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