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The Mountains of Tibet #2020

The Mountains of Tibet In a tiny village high in the mountains of Tibet lives a woodcutter All his life he has longed to travel to faraway places to see the world But he grows old without ever leaving the mountian When h

  • Title: The Mountains of Tibet
  • Author: Mordicai Gerstein
  • ISBN: 9780064432115
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Mountains of Tibet By Mordicai Gerstein, In a tiny village, high in the mountains of Tibet, lives a woodcutter All his life he has longed to travel to faraway places, to see the world But he grows old without ever leaving the mountian When he dies, he is suddenly offered the chance to live another life, in any form he wants, anywhere in the galaxies Carefully he decides and finds himself in a place he neveIn a tiny village, high in the mountains of Tibet, lives a woodcutter All his life he has longed to travel to faraway places, to see the world But he grows old without ever leaving the mountian When he dies, he is suddenly offered the chance to live another life, in any form he wants, anywhere in the galaxies Carefully he decides and finds himself in a place he never thought he would choose.

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    1 thought on “The Mountains of Tibet

    1. I m really not sure who this book is for or what I thought of it.Probably it is not the best introduction for a child who has not already been introduced to the ideas of death and reincarnation This is a very specific concept of reincarnation, too, which is not the same as many people s belief concerning how reincarnation works.After living all his life in one spot, an old man dies peacefully, I guess it is glossed over and finds himself floating in the cosmos where he must choose whether or not [...]

    2. I m obsessed with children s literature I think I m secretly convinced that all the wisdom a person acquires in one s life is absorbed by the age of 9, after which point it s all testing things out and getting hurt and excited and disappointed and reinspiredI m not sure that I ever had such an uncluttered view of the universe and the infinite as I did when I was 6 or 7 years old This book, along with many others, appeals to that capacity that children have for gentle wisdom and universals Beauti [...]

    3. Written as an interpretation of sorts of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Gerstein s picturebook in a warm, wonderful narrative about the cycle of life and death It beautifully illustrates the idea of our consciousnesses journey through many lives from the perspective of a young boy who wishes to see the world Although the narrative is well written, for me, it is Gerstein s watercolors and gouache illustrations that strike home the welcome warmth that comes with the message that we are all part of [...]

    4. This is a story about life after death, reincarnation It goes through the life of a boy flying a kite, then grows up into an adult and grown old in his village where he then dies The story continues by giving the man options of what he who what he would like to be in his next life Each page has beautiful pictures depicting the words to draw attention to the beauty in life I think this is a good book to use for children when in RE or PHSCE when discussing life after death or when dealing with sen [...]

    5. An excellent introduction to the Buddhist concept of reincarnation The author wrote the story based on his reading of the Tibetan Book of the Dead and designed the intricate water color pictures after traditional Tibetan artwork.

    6. I ve always loved this book Raising Tibetan American kids, it so simply explained the idea of reincarnation It s been years since we talked about it, but I think I remember my husband the Tibetan feeling that the conscious choices the woodcutter made aren t quite right, but for a kid s book it did alright I think for a fictionalization of what we cannot know, it does a great job of illustrating the attachment to our previous life that Buddhists believe carry through to the next life, but are str [...]

    7. The art is wonderful, particularly in the later pages, when the focus is on the creatures and people inhabiting earth.The story is a bit difficult to wrap my head around It ends as though it is trying in the conventional style of American children s books to make a moralistic point I think the author and publisher believe there is a point but the story doesn t really build to or justify the ending There seems to be a bit of a disconnect between the Tibetan tradition which inspired the story and [...]

    8. This multicultural and inspiration book about life and death tells the story of a boy who was born high up in the mountains of Tibet and he loved to fly kites The story continues to tell the story of his life up until his death Kind of like what we see what happens when we die But also this story is about reincarnation Great for kids who wonder what happens when we pass away.Great for 1st 2nd graders

    9. I have been trying to find the name of this book for a really long time My mom gave this to me when I was little I remember, for years after, believing in reincarnation, delighting in the possibilities of my future life This book is beautifully illustrated with a gentle, touching message that guides you deep into your own imagination, long after finishing the book.

    10. This is a beautiful little book that brings tears to my eyes every time I read it Its premise is very simple it s the story of a man who dies and is reincarnated Not many children s books deal with the subject of death or the metaphysical, and even though this book only very superficially speaks to these things, it does so with grace.

    11. The Mountains of Tibet by Mordicai Gerstein is a great book for a reader, of ages 10 and up, who had their own interpretation of what happens in the after life This small tale follows a boy in Tibet who grows up having fulfilling a fraction of his dreams before heRead the The Mountains of Tibet, and discover a new perspective on life full of fantasies.

    12. While a quick read it is a picture book after all , this one gave me a short bout of chills from the wonderful reincarnation story and I just love the illustrations I can t believe this one fell under my radar for 3 years

    13. About reincarnation a good UU or Hindu I think read to cope with the death of a loved one including animals Much less childish than the other ones I read definitely not just a children s book.

    14. Sweet story about a boy who lives a long life in a mountain valley, longing to see the world Then after he dies, he is offered the chance to be born again, anywhere, in any form Some might be surprised at his choice.

    15. One of my favorite children s books ever I get emotional every time Such an gentle sweet story of continuous life I particularly love how the soul chooses it s new parents and new home, showing that it has been in the right place all along.

    16. I m not a fan of reincarnation, in that it seems a kind of metaphysic in some people s hands But as a Buddhist, I don t dismiss the idea totally This is an interesting book with beautiful illustrations

    17. This was probably my favorite book when I was little It tells this story of a man who dies and basically get reincarnated into whatever he might want to be in his next life It s really sweet and has the most gorgeous illustrations love it for kids

    18. 32 months maybe a book on reincarnation is not the best book to read with a 2 1 2 year old the day after our dog died Or maybe it is Who knows I liked the story and we might revisit it at another time O was not willing to sit and listen once she knew the topic.

    19. This book is pure beauty, in both illustration and story I read it when I was a small child and I m fairly certain my entire belief system regarding what happens after you die was influenced by this book.

    20. This is one of my all time favorite children s books When my kids were younger, we loved to read it together The illustrations are rich and vivid, and the story is wonderfully sweet without being cloying An absolute joy.

    21. What a lovely book The pictures are fabulous and the story is heartwarming Note you can t be all freaked out over reincarnation But assuming you re not, you ll love the book and might just cry a bit.

    22. This beautiful story brought a tear to my eye A simple, straightforward retelling of a key aspect from The Tibetan Book of the Dead The universe allows the man s soul every possible choice, but beauty and love guide him back to his home Looking forward to sharing this with Jackson and Brenner.

    23. I read this book as a young girl, and found it so special and strange and comforting and unfamiliar It found me later, on the free shelf at the Holyoke Library, just waiting for me.

    24. A basic, beautiful introduction to the concepts of reincarnation Lovely pictures and extremely lyrical, delightful to read prose.

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