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ساحرة بورتوبيللو #2020

  • Title: ساحرة بورتوبيللو
  • Author: Paulo Coelho باولو كويلو
  • ISBN: 9789953880143
  • Page: 193
  • Format: None
  • ساحرة بورتوبيللو By Paulo Coelho باولو كويلو, .

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      193 Paulo Coelho باولو كويلو
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      Published :2020-02-23T03:19:33+00:00

    1 thought on “ساحرة بورتوبيللو

    1. I always wished that Paulo Coehlo was my uncle so that I could call him Papa Coelho and sit at his knee while he smoked his pipe I think that he would be delightfully eccentric, and given to saying things like Suffering, if confronted without fear, is the great passport to freedom So, true, Papa Coelho So true If he was my uncle, though, I might not tell him that I thought The Alchemist was tripe, and that most of his books carry too much philosophizing and not enough narrative But in The Witch [...]

    2. This book really made me think about who I am and where I am going, and who I want to be as a woman, a wife, a soon to be mother, a daughter, and a human.I didn t always like Paulo Coehlo s work I tried to read The Alchemist in college and the novel just didn t do it for me But a friend recommended Veronika Decides to Die to me while a loved one was in the hospital for depression and I was struggling to understand what might be happening in there, and ever since, Coehlo has been one of my obsess [...]

    3. Trapped for hours in an airport with nothing to read, my wife was further victimized by this remarkably bad book, one of five books available for sale in Portland International Airport at 2am You can turn to any page and find a really hackneyed phrase Kahil Gibrain s psuedo religious drivel was at least poetic and brief by comparison The story is supposed to be the voices of different people, but the Catholic priest, the Lebanese mother, the 65 year old restaurant owner, are all utterly indistin [...]

    4. Preachy new age y bullshit, with a distinct undertone of I m idealizing feminine qualities, so I can t possibly be sexist sexism Seriously, one of his characters lists four female archetypes that women supposedly follow, and although he calls them the witch, the virgin, the martyr and the saint, it s just that quote about how all roles for actresses are hookers, victims or doormats, with bitch thrown in for variety The use of various narrators is one of my favorite narrative devices, but it just [...]

    5. A Bruxa de Portobello The witch of portobello, Paulo CoelhoThe Witch of Portobello Portuguese A Bruxa de Portobello is a fiction work by Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho published in 2007, about a woman born in Transylvania to a Romani mother in a gypsy tribe without wedlock The central character is abandoned by her birth mother because the father was a foreigner gadje and later adopted by a wealthy Lebanese couple 2008 1386 295 9789648497946 1387 21 1386 16 260 9789644183898 1387 260 9786005219135 [...]

    6. What a load of crap, this I had long since wanted to try a Paulo Coelho book and I picked this on impulse.Man, I ve never been soo damn wrong in my life.Half way through it, I was getting HEADSPINS Being stubborn as I am, somehow managed to get through it and was left utterly dismayed and with a very bad taste in my mouth.HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE The author literally CHOKES you on his idea of spirituality and self awareness.WORST READ EVER

    7. The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho is not a straight biographical book or the opinion of the writer on its main protagonists It s what the other people transcribe the writer about the women, the Witch of Portobello No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door No one sacrifices the most important thing she possesses love No one places her dreams in the hands of those who might destroy them No one, that is, but Athena It s the story of Athena, or Sherine Khalil, who was always rea [...]

    8. I literally could not put this book down While I m a book lover and devour many books, I consider this one to be a very special treat.

    9. spiritual, mystical, and will absolutely take over your soul while reading this book, i felt inhibited by every feeling and gesture, and was possessed by Athena, the woman who is everything each and everyone of us want to be, but is afraid of becoming The book certainly questions organized religions and brings back the idea of mother earth as the ultimate goddess I have to, no, i MUST, type up this quote We women, when we are searching for a meaning to our lives or for the path of knowledge, alw [...]

    10. I really, really wanted to like this book I ve heard wonderful things about Coelho and was excited to try him out, I love topics that deal with witchcraft and things fantastical, and I m a sucker for redheaded heroines But I found this novel and its ideas on the nature of spirituality really preachy, pedantic and overblown I was so annoyed by the middle of the book that I nearly put it down, but the cover art convinced me to keep trying Surely the artist must have been inspired to create such a [...]

    11. This is not a novel it s a treatise There is a character, Athena, that I never come to care about, and there is no plot What IS there, you ask Well, there s an explication of a belief system That s it That s what this is.Most of the book is taken up in various people talking to each other in the kind of philosophical conversations that normal people almost never have Whenever you see a chat starting, buckle up.I couldn t have been disappointed, as I like Coelho most of the time I just don t lik [...]

    12. Picked up this book at SFO before boarding my plane to Hawaii Seemed like a total accident, given I had never heard of it and wasn t planning to buy it But having read it, I acknowledge this as an example of the belief there are no accidents From early childhood, I have been keenly aware of an accessible spiritual world, but lacked the encourgement or guidance to foster my ability to contact that world.While the underlying message of this book is exploring the answer to the question What is Love [...]

    13. I m not really sure how to review this book It s so completely different to anything I ve ever read I m therefore not going to try to analyse it, because there are some fantastic reviews for this book, and I know mine will not be of the same standard So I m basically just going to write down my thoughts, and how the book made me feel.The main character, Athena, discovers that there could be to life after going to her neighbour s flat to complain about the loud music What she sees when she arriv [...]

    14. This book was a little much I was first introduced to Paulo Coelho with his acclaimed novel The Alchemist I loved The Alchemist It s clear the author is a spiritualist and takes pleasure in teaching lessons through simplicity and beauty I found the Alchemist inspiring and well written The Witch of Portobello I found cultish and flowery There was nothing natural about it rather almost something forced in trying to convey the story of a young woman finding her center through the Mother and essenti [...]

    15. I bought this book in Cabo for a few pesos and later found it was being given away FREE, so my expectations were somewhat tempered and let me just say Coelho does not disappoint Ahem.On a positive note, Paulo Coelho has one of the great names in contemporary fiction, one that exudes a sort of exotic erudition, so one might say that only an author as magnificent as Coelho can draw the reader in and convince that reader he is purposefully fooling the reader into believing that this book was writte [...]

    16. Major disappointment I ve enjoyed Paulo Coelho s work before, but this is a very weak novel I admit that I am easily creeped out by the kind of leaky spirituality that this book revolves around, but beyond that, the writing for female characters is god awful and the mystic quest that the protagonist is on is laughable The mystery of the compiler of all the separate accounts, once revealed, escaped being predictable by being stupid A phoned in, whimper of a book.

    17. 2011 13 Perempuan mandiri dan anak lelaki, apa yang di pikiranmu Seorang perempuan yang mudah ditaklukan Bukan Ia lebih tegar, lebih berani untuk menantang kehidupan Dan ia berkata, ini bukan untuk dirinya, ini untuk anakku Perempuan yang menari untuk memberikan jiwa pada kehidupan yang kosong Karena di dalam dirinya sendiri ada yang hilang, dan ia butuh pengisi di dalamnya Maka ia berkelana, mengeluarkan energinya, berbagi pada yang lain, memberikan kebahagiaan yang ia juga tak punya Karena seb [...]

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