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At the Bottom of the River #2020

At the Bottom of the River Jamaica Kincaid s inspired lyrical short storiesReading Jamaica Kincaid is to plunge gently into another way of seeing both the physical world and its elusive inhabitants Her voice is by turns na

  • Title: At the Bottom of the River
  • Author: Jamaica Kincaid
  • ISBN: 9780374527341
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • At the Bottom of the River By Jamaica Kincaid, Jamaica Kincaid s inspired, lyrical short storiesReading Jamaica Kincaid is to plunge, gently, into another way of seeing both the physical world and its elusive inhabitants Her voice is, by turns, naively whimsical and biblical in its assurance, and it speaks of what is partially remembered partly divined The memories often concern a childhood in the Caribbean family,Jamaica Kincaid s inspired, lyrical short storiesReading Jamaica Kincaid is to plunge, gently, into another way of seeing both the physical world and its elusive inhabitants Her voice is, by turns, naively whimsical and biblical in its assurance, and it speaks of what is partially remembered partly divined The memories often concern a childhood in the Caribbean family, manners, and landscape as distilled and transformed by Kincaid s special style and vision.Kincaid leads her readers to consider, as if for the first time, the powerful ties between mother and child the beauty and destructiveness of nature the gulf between the masculine and the feminine the significance of familiar things a house, a cup, a pen Transfiguring our human form and our surroundings shedding skin, darkening an afternoon, painting a perfect place these stories tell us something we didn t know, in a way we hadn t expected.

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      463 Jamaica Kincaid
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    1 thought on “At the Bottom of the River

    1. Non ci ho capito nulla, ho letto un accozzaglia di immagini sicuramente simboliche, ma a me incomprensibili, per cui il racconto non ho neanche capito se fosse un unico racconto diviso in capitoli o tanti racconti non mi ha trasmesso niente Sar una insensibile

    2. A short collection of short stories assigned over a short period of time for a class that, really, any class is far too short if you cut out the expectation of excess labor plugged into calculation of units and really consider the true pedagogy at hand, all of which is not my specialty if my concurrent read of Joseph and His Brothers is anything to go by And yet it worked, marvelously enough in certain pieces to instigate a resolution of mine to not coddle the shorter works out of a supposed awa [...]

    3. It was great to finally read Girl, the story that is like a thread through all of Kincaid s writing and one she continues to talk about today.I enjoyed all the stories, though prefer he style in the long form, where we have time to settle into it, it requires concentration in the short form and sometimes rereading to get into the flow.

    4. As I listened to Edwidge Dandicat read Wingless, I was not sure what to think It s definitely beautiful It sounds like a abstract poem about a girl, her youth and some strong feelings she has at a young age towards herself, women and her mother especially I did enjoy listening to this work but feel I may comprehend it s depth by reading the written version I ll quote a few words that Ms Dandicat gave in regards to this piece Edwidge Dandicat on Wingless It s poetry bleeding into prose s a strea [...]

    5. Mi rendo conto che la colpa mia ho apprezzato alcune delle immagini descritte dall autrice ma l insieme mi ha generato noia e poco interesse Magari in un altro periodo sar pi recettiva.

    6. Jamaica Kincaid stata la mia scoperta dell anno Questa breve raccolta di racconti o meglio di frammenti l ho scoperta grazie ai racconti d autore in uscita con il Sole24Ore, e ne sono rimasto incantato Una poesia in prosa in chiave autobiografica che racconta in immagini frammenti di vita, di ricordi, di a, di sensazioni, di colori, di luci e di ombre una scrittura visionaria, a tratti pu sembrare non comprensibile e disconnessa lo stile e la punteggiatura strizza l occhio a Joyce ma che comunqu [...]

    7. This is a tough one, right between four and five stars I loved the experience of reading the stories but I have a feeling I will have a hard time remembering them and that keeps me from giving the book the full five stars But I plan to return to it and re read again a year or two from now and i wouldn t be surprised if I changed my mind I think this may be a lazy summer afternoon sort of book so I m not sure the short winter day was the right time to fully appreciate it I definitely recommend it [...]

    8. This book was not for me Even though this collection of short stories is only 86 pages long, it was a struggle to finish But in all fairness, there was some impressive writing, and I really liked the first story, Girl which I would give 4 stars All of the stories obsessively focused, in very poetic language, with troubled relations between a daughter and mother.

    9. More lyrical vignettes of island life than short stories, but quite interesting and evocative Would probably be best appreciated read aloud.

    10. Unsettlingly confusing Certain metaphors and sentences stand out beautifully, but the whole thing was too complicated for me to enjoy.

    11. All manner of feelings are locked up within my human breast and all manner of events summon them out p47 I read about Kincaid in an article on the legacy of Virginia Woolf When I began reading, however, I felt uncomfortable with the writing style It feels somehow abstract while being the opposite of abstract at the same time It does remind one of Woolf s The Waves, specifically the lyrical portions She has a peculiar way of combining tribal visuals with English sentiments Not every story is stro [...]

    12. Like listening to Debussy or looking at a Monet painting very imagistic, very impressionistic At first, I was annoyed with the repetition, but that lasted only briefly Kincaid s prose is poetry than story and, at times, absolutely stunning.Her oft anthologized Girl is the first story in this collection Although Girl is wonderful, I wouldn t say it was the best I think my least favorite was the title piece.

    13. Before Kincaid s turn toward a familiar realism this, her first collection of short stories, reflects a modernist out of time, a woman fighting through language s watery deeps to reach something impossible the music of paradise, the silent sounds of pure happiness Highly recommended for readers of Beckett, Woolf, or diasporic Caribbean literature generally.

    14. I am a big fan of Jamaica Kincaid This was the first book of hers I read It s poetic, nuanced, wise and lush with surprising language My impressions and some of the lines My fears, what large cows have stayed with me lo these 25 years later.

    15. Not my first time in these pages and won t be the last The poetic moments confuse then cause me wonder in perfect phrasing It s a slim volume but it takes time to work through I will be reading A Small Place next.

    16. Sort of an impressionist painting of a novel There are feels, obvious images, but in a way distorted, or sloppy, unclear Lots of lovely poetics, but I ve read other novels that work this way that seemed to work better, somehow.

    17. Amazing and beautiful poetic prose Kincaid creates lyrical and rhythmic depictions of nature, relationships, self discovery and the mystery of death Fantastic read.

    18. Yum I should have known that this would be amazing I loved everything else of hers, why did I put this one off So that I would have an artsy treat to read in the park one sunny day

    19. Flips the script on the definition of what is fiction and what is a short story Unlike any collection before or after it.

    20. A short collection of 10 stories by the Antiguan writer.Book Review At the Bottom of the River is the fine spider web that caught me, and Jamaica Kincaid is the one who spun the web Kincaid is a deceptively simple writer She writes My tears have been the result of my disappointments, and the reader says, Ah, she s a simple soul Then she says My disappointments stand up and grow ever taller The reader says, Hmm, that s interesting Kincaid follows with Let me have them registered, like newly domes [...]

    21. Mi sono sempre sottoposta con entusiasmo alla ridondanza delle elencazioni poetiche Soprattutto se ossessive e soprattutto se in crescendo, rispetto al dicibile o al cosiddetto indicibile di qualsivoglia estatico o ordinario o inglorioso evento.Spesso la ricerca di simili esuberanze stata vana o, in caso di successo, ho avuto la malinconica sensazione che chi ha scritto non abbia potuto non lasciare fuori qualcosa Da s , di s.Poi arrivata Jamaica Kincaid.

    22. This collection is less short story and extended prose poems as the pieces collected here don t follow a standard story structure, don t often feature characters that are anything other than fragments of the narrative voice, and don t tell stories where things happen and conflicts are resolved The prose is luminous and lovingly crafted, but I ll be surprised if I remember a single one of these stories in a couple weeks.

    23. Now, on one hand, the prose is beautiful I love how this is written, and I love the descriptions of the author s life I could really feel it, and her description of her feelings for women was amazing.But I also felt myself struggling to continue The pieces on their own, to me, did not feel so different from each other There were times where I just had to put the book down.I d say this is good as a collection Read it one piece at a time, giving yourself time to digest in between.

    24. Una raccolta di micro racconti, a volte sembrano solo un sogno, a volte sono incubi, altre volte sono ricordi Filo conduttore la presenza della mamma della scrittrice credo , una presenza ingombrante ma anche molto amata.

    25. Girl was even delightful than I remembered it, but the other stories didn t seem to be as engaging Maybe not the best book for listening to while running.

    26. So magical and dreamy and full of refreshing lushness of a Caribbean childhood I loved this book and the cover art It is a treasure

    27. Stunning, dense language, gorgeous use of litany and other syntactical repetitions to incredible emotional effect looking forward to returning to this collection again and again.

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