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Moyers on America: A Journalist and His Times #2020

Moyers on America A Journalist and His Times During the fifty years he has been variously a reporter a political spokesperson and a broadcaster Bill Moyers has demonstrated a deep commitment to understanding the workings of our government and

  • Title: Moyers on America: A Journalist and His Times
  • Author: Bill Moyers
  • ISBN: 9781400095360
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Moyers on America: A Journalist and His Times By Bill Moyers, During the fifty years he has been variously a reporter, a political spokesperson, and a broadcaster, Bill Moyers has demonstrated a deep commitment to understanding the workings of our government and the role of the individual in society His essays and commentaries, such as the recent Shivers Down the Spine, A Time for Anger, and Journalism Under Fire, are argued oDuring the fifty years he has been variously a reporter, a political spokesperson, and a broadcaster, Bill Moyers has demonstrated a deep commitment to understanding the workings of our government and the role of the individual in society His essays and commentaries, such as the recent Shivers Down the Spine, A Time for Anger, and Journalism Under Fire, are argued over and passed along as soon as they appear in print or on the Internet Identifying what he sees as a political system increasingly at the mercy of a corporate ruling class, Moyers urges a reengagement with the spirit of community that makes the work of democracy possible Not only a trenchant critique of what is wrong, Moyers on America is also a call to arms for the progressive promise of the people of America, in whom his faith is strong.

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      208 Bill Moyers
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    1. The greatest sedition is silenceMoyers on America is a series of essays, written over an extended period of time, covering a wide range of subjects There is considerable wisdom to be found here, much said about the search for meaning in life, what is valuable, and what is not I found that I was using my book darts very frequently in the single day it took to read this Moyers writes about growing inequality, the forced descent to the Gilded Age era of national rape by the wealthy of the natural r [...]

    2. I was sad to see the last episode of Bill Moyers Journal on PBS in December 2014 I think maybe he ruffled too many feathers with the truth This book is from 2005 It contains essays from the 1970s to the early 2000s The great tsunami that occurred several years ago was helped along by the destruction of coral and mangrove trees that served as natural barriers to water We are a world heading toward failure President George W Bush worked at eliminating taxes on capital gains, dividends, estates, an [...]

    3. Bill Moyers is amazing This collection of articles and speeches perfectly attenuates every concern a cognizant citizen should have In addition to eloquently addressing these matters, he goes even further to propose solutions to America s gravest social ailments If you haven t read this book yet, you now have homework.

    4. Not only is this book so incredibly insightful on society and politics and human nature, but it is written masterfully Bill Moyers knows how to tell a story, and his are all true.

    5. Respected journalist Bill Moyers has an urgent warning for Americans don t let democracy die You have to stand up and fight as if the cause depends on you Allow yourself that conceit to believe in the flame of democracy will never go out as long as there s one candle in one citizen s hand Moyers sees, correctly, that something is deeply wrong with politics today The soul of democracy has been dying, he writes, drowning in a rising tide of big money contributed by a narrow, unrepresentative elite [...]

    6. I have been an Ardent fan of Bill Moyers, Dating back to his early days as a, Journalist and Documentarian I have found, at a time when so many Citizens, are looking to get Real news and as Unbiased an opinion of that News and the truth of whats going on in our world and our nation, Bill stands out as a Beacon of trust we should seek and want in that medium of Broadcasting and Journalism.Amy Goodman also is one who I would recommend to read and listen to.I learned in this book, the same things i [...]

    7. Unimpressed Sort of like the educated version of Michael Moore s Stupid White Men But I will give Moyers credit for including a couple of stories I ve almost never seen anyone mention LBJ literally taking to bed as in, actually hiding under the covers during the Vietnam years, actively resisting signing the Freedom of Information Act, which Johnson did not support and a moving story about a woman named Haddock who walked across the nation to discuss ordinary citizen s involvement or lack thereof [...]

    8. Both Moyers and Whitman have helped to reaffirm my thoughts on where I stand in the political spectrum I just recently decided that I would label myself as an independent My belief was that as an independent I would not already be swayed to one party or the other and therefore would have less bias in choosing whom I wanted to vote for So far so good even though I still hold some connection to the Republican camp, of which Whitman has helped me see that there is a large moderate side to the Repub [...]

    9. Moyers essays, for the most part thoughtful commentary on politics and ethics, were a mixed bag of brief and well written musings on everything from the Euphrates river and what it means to cross it to the decisions of LBJ and George W Bush in the context of their times Some of the material, esp concerning that latter, feels a bit dated in its ire in a post Bush political landscape The gift of Moyers is his breadth he writes of parenting and poetry as easily as investigative reporting and freedo [...]

    10. The bulk of this book is media analysis, and specifically journalism analysis That s an important subject, of course, and one to which we could stand to devote time Still, I guess I didn t expect so much.All in all, the book was good But depressing Moyers isn t a real optimist about the future of the American people, and frankly I didn t take much hope from the places he claims to take his So, yeah, it is pretty depressing reading Still worthwhile, of course He s an insightful writer, and quite [...]

    11. You know you cant take a tank from blueprint to the battlefield you test it over and over That s true of social programs as well You cant take a poor kid and turn him around just by getting Congress to pass a bill and the president to sign it and one of those agencies in Washington to run it You have to experiment and keep at it until you find what it takes Lyndon B Johnson Sometimes when that tide raises all those boats, some of those boats got leaks in the bottom LBJAsked about his political p [...]

    12. I ll start this by saying I m prone to a bit of hero worship where Bill Moyers is concerned, so if this degenerates into fawning admiration, feel free to shake your head and move on Moyers has, in this collection of essays and lectures, tackled so many of the big questions I ve asked myself recently concern for the increasing influence of corporate America in government the complicit role increasingly consolidated media are playing in allowing that to happen the co opting of religion by ultra co [...]

    13. I liked Part Two Soul of Democracy for reminders of what we need to keep democracy going and headed back in service to the people I m glad that he mentioned Doris Haddock for her attention getting walk across the America, which I barely recall being being much in the news, and Doris public reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Capitol Rotunda for which she was arrested Mr Moyers personal accounts of Lyndon B Johnson portrays the president as a real person dealing with the changes he [...]

    14. I kept comparing Moyers book to It s My Party Too by Christine Todd Whitman, as they both dealt with similar subjects Moyers, rather than giving many ideas on how to improve the current situation, seemed to just complain about the way things are today This was a collection of speeches made at different times, so it was a lot different than reading a book with a single underlying theme If anything, though, it was Moyers frustration with lobbyists Again, while I agree that something needs to be do [...]

    15. This is a compilation of essays and talks he gave through 2003 The problem with reading Moyers is that, in my case, he s preaching to the crowd I kept saying, Yes Bill, you are absolutely right So why, then is this country still so messed up Am I, and a circle of the enlightened obviously too small to make a difference, the only ones listening to you Is everybody else deaf, blind and apparently dumb It s tragic just tragic I despair.

    16. A collection of essays by Bill Moyers on topics he has covered over the years A handful are a little dated, but most are excellent and insightful Although not as powerful as listening to Moyers speak maybe this would be a good book to get on CD tape Moyers has a way of providing moral clarity and practicality at the same time His essay on his experiences with LBJ is of particular interest I only wish this book had his current thoughts on the health care debate among its essays.

    17. This is an excellent look at America as seen through the eyes of an admittedly progressive journalist who s unashamed of his views and perfectly willing to criticize both sides of the aisle, as it were It s a compilation, really, of speeches, addresses and articles he s written, and gives a unique perspective on the U.S the world, and the business of journalism.

    18. I ve been reading this for the past week or so while taking the train to work Moyers is so brilliantly keen, and his observations are strict arguments that leave little room for dispute I m especially fond of the initial chapter.

    19. Heartwarming journalist always has been one of my favorites this is an easy read and one which give you hope

    20. Moyers is always worth reading one of the most moral and balanced journalists in America His essay on aging is especially poignant.

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