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Nelson Mandela #2020

Nelson Mandela From the prison to the presidency Meredith paints a vivid portrait of Mandela s inspiring life and times providing fresh insight into the history of the anti apartheid movement and new revelations

  • Title: Nelson Mandela
  • Author: Martin Meredith
  • ISBN: 9781586488321
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nelson Mandela By Martin Meredith, From the prison, to the presidency, Meredith paints a vivid portrait of Mandela s inspiring life and times, providing fresh insight into the history of the anti apartheid movement and new revelations about its most compelling figure.

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      234 Martin Meredith
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    1 thought on “Nelson Mandela

    1. A comprehensive biography of a great figure of the 20th century Mr Meredith paints a picture of a man with great dignity and intelligence A man who rose above the narrow mindedness of his surrounding society and transformed his country from apartheid to near greatness admittedly South Africa has a way to go before it can be qualified as great If one compares the South Africa of pre 1990 to today there are several obvious accomplishments and merits The toppling of the white power infrastructure w [...]

    2. As the world has praised Nelson Mandela over the last few weeks there seems little to add concerning his importance to world history A man of such magnitude deserved a biography that encompasses his entire life with an author who delves into all aspects of their subject including their flaws I found two major biographies of Mandela, Anthony Sampson s MANDELA, and a book of the same title by Martin Meredith I chose Meredith s work because Sampson s was the authorized biography and I wanted to rea [...]

    3. With all the attention bestowed upon South Africa in recent weeks due to the global audience for the World Cup, we thought it to be a good time to spotlight the recent and very comprehensive updated reissue of Martin Meredith s Mandela A Biography Despite an unusually large number of books chronicling the life and struggle of the African continent s most famous 20th Century leader including his own 1994 autobiography Long Walk to Freedom , Meredith s work covers perhaps the widest berth of infor [...]

    4. Meredith s Mandela is one of the most detailed and thorough biographies written on the life of Nelson Mandela Originally published in 1998, Mandela A Biography was subsequently updated and republished in 2010 Martin Meredith is a British journalist and historian who has written extensively about Africa In this exhaustive biography, Meredith traces Mandela s life starting from his early childhood years, through his young days in the movement, his imprisonment and subsequent release, his presidenc [...]

    5. Very good book The start is somewhat sluggish Full of information but not told as crisply as the remainder of the book Once the biography gets into Mandela s work for the rights of black citizens, it picks up Also the author does not shy away from Mandela the hero for People s rights versus Mandela the flawed human being This is what often makes this book so compelling He does not spare his contempt for Winnie Mandela and many of her misguided efforts that brought out her worst inner demons Ther [...]

    6. This isn t a quick read, but it s a worthwhile one, especially if like me you re coming to it with little to no knowledge of South African history and the anti apartheid movement Meredith devotes a lot of space to the people and politics around Mandela, giving useful pocket histories of the ANC, the National Party, and the political environment out of which apartheid arose.I was also very pleased to find this isn t a hagiography Meredith clearly admires Mandela, but he doesn t gloss over the mis [...]

    7. I enjoyed this biography, especially because I felt it a somewhat unbiased view of his life It did not intentionally omit all his shortcomings, especially in relation to his family situation and his leadership I appreciated that candor immensely especially since far too often historical figures are sanctified and viewed as having no human faults or shortcomings Which aside from being totally inaccurate is also extremely misleading and unhelpful Granted the book did glorify him to a degree, but I [...]

    8. A different perspective on the struggle, compared to Nelson s autobiography, Long Walk To Freedom lots of gritty details about those in Nelson s closest personal circles who may not have been as good to him as they should have been Definitely eye opening and gives a clearer picture of his life through non biased eyes, however Long Walk To Freedom remains the quintessential book about Nelson, and by the man himselfa MUST read this makes a good companion if you are interested in about his life an [...]

    9. I enjoyed reading about a man who set an example for all liberty activists The very detailed description bored me at the start, but after sometime I got used to the Authur s style Although the book is about Nelson Mandela, it goes beyond a biography and tells the story of the South African nation with whom I was merely familiar My discussions with my South African colleague while I was reading the book made it a interesting read I would definitely recommend this book.

    10. Detailed, comprehensive, and honest retelling of this man s complex and extraordinary life Meredith never portrays Mandela as than he is human and relates his missteps along with his successes If you re looking for light reading, this isn t for you But if you want to begin to understand the life and times of Nelson Mandela and other anti apartheid leaders, this is a good place to start.

    11. I love this book because it is very objective, but also very interesting and easy to read I have had only limited knowledge about South Africa and Apartheid, even though I visited this country last summer, so I was glad that Mr Meredith presented a big picture and explained overall culture and characterized each person thoroughly The book is long, but it reads quickly MUST READ

    12. A long read, but helped me to understand the world history and the nature of complex politics Is it a tragic or a blessing to be able to sacrifice life for a noble course

    13. This book took me a bit of time to get through, but it was definitely worth the read It s an extensive description of Mandela s life, from his childhood all the way to his post political struggles against AIDS The author did a great job detailing who Mandela is as a person, and not just what he did It was most interesting to learn not just about his incredible strengths and positive attributes, but to see his weaknesses and the mistakes that plagued him during and after his time in office His lo [...]

    14. at first i was being pessimistic about my ability to finish the book it looks like a boring one to read but the racism part in South Africa did open my eyes to continue reading Mandela s fight against it till he became a leader of a multiracial democracy not to mention his generosity to share the romantical part of his life that flourish this biography.

    15. A biography filled with hardship and yet there is hope Mr Mandelas solutionsmindness is a true inspiration and so is his leadership, this will be his legacy to the entire World A Must read book in my humble opinion

    16. Apasionante el personaje La biograf a muestra una visi n completa, no s lo sus logros sino tambi n sus errores y fracasos La lectura se hace interesante desde la primera p gina hasta la ltima.

    17. Well written account of the traumas and triumphs of Nelson Mandela and his South Africa Read Diamonds and Gold first

    18. Mandela was almost painfully human and pulled off one of the most astonishing feats history has ever recorded Kind of gives everybody hope.

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