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In the Company of Angels #2020

In the Company of Angels Based on the true story of The Willie Handcart company of In The Company of Angels unfolds the triumphant tale of pioneers who struggle against unendurable harships persecution buffalo stampede

  • Title: In the Company of Angels
  • Author: David Farland
  • ISBN: 9780615300535
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the Company of Angels By David Farland, Based on the true story of The Willie Handcart company of 1856, In The Company of Angels unfolds the triumphant tale of pioneers who struggle against unendurable harships persecution, buffalo stampedes, rampaging Indians, lingering starvation, and the early onset of the coldest winter in US history to find the gentle homeland of the soul.

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      486 David Farland
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    1 thought on “In the Company of Angels

    1. This is one of my all time favorite novels I have ever read So well written, so honest and so faith affirming in ways I d have never expected Absolutely loved this book and recommend it to anyone with any interest in the early members of the LDS church Not preachy, not always kind, but very worth the read the kind of book where you feel like a better person with a better view of the world when you finish.

    2. I am a great great grand daughter and a great great great grand daughter of two members of the Willie Handcart Company of 1856 As such I picked up this novel about the trek west by the 400 persons who left Florence, NB in this company 68 of whom died on the way Not one of these was from my Scottish family all women except a six year old boy However, this book does not include any narrative of my family, except a mention of their rescuer a son and brother who was already in Utah and had urged the [...]

    3. Like many Mormons with pioneer heritage, my husband s parents love to tell the stories of their illustrious ancestors the grandfather who lived with two wives in Salt Lake City into the 1950s, the uncle who should have won a Nobel Prize, the many times great grandfather whose hymns figure prominently in our hymnbook, the brothers named Mormon and Moroni who helped settle the town where my in laws now live, the other many times great grandfather who used to have a church college named after him, [...]

    4. As I have two ancestors from the Willie and Martin Handcart Companies, I was excited to read David s manuscript of this horrifying, yet courageous and heartbreaking story With the early Saints selling their homes to come to Zion in 1856, there were some that had to come by handcart Due to unforeseen delays, mostly caused b y the Crimean War that caused delays in ships to sail from England, that when they arrived in Iowa, they found no handcarts made This delayed the Saints even One of the sub c [...]

    5. Eliza Chapman Gadd was my 4th great grandmother, and her daughter, Mary Ann Gadd, was my 3rd great grandmother Samuel Gadd of course was my 4th great grandfather I had five other direct line ancestors in the Willie handcart company, including William James, who was buried at the common grave at Rock Creek, and Ann Jewell Rowley who is mentioned in the book For all of these reasons, I loved the novel and read it with much delight.I hesitate to rate it a full five stars as other reviewers have for [...]

    6. It is impossible for me to be objective in rating this book because I identify so closely with the story I have been inspired by it since my youth when my mother used to tell me of my great great grandmother, Mary Smith s journey with the Willie Company I have read every primary and secondary account of the Willie Handcart Company that I could find, which amounts to easily a hundred sources Though I respect Farley s research and writing skills, I find his tone a bit raw at times I love how he te [...]

    7. David s story is told from three viewpoints Eliza Gadd, Bodine Mortenson and Captain Willie.At first I was a little taken aback by the viewpoint her choose of the one non LDS pioneer in the company But as I read, I saw the strength in this character.I already had a soft spot in my heart for Bodine, but after David s sketch of her, I loved her .And Captain Willie was made human and strong and amazing in this story.I waited for parts of the story I was familiar with and was disappointed when they [...]

    8. This was such a well written story of the Willie Handcart pioneers I was so melancholy while reading this book As an LDS person myself, I already knew the fate of this handcart company As I read this book, it was so hard to not feel such sadness and heartache for these brave men, women and children.

    9. Remarkable Book I was familiar with the event I knew how it ended I even knew some of the stories inside the event However, I find myself shocked at how little I knew I found myself saying to my husband, Just let me read you one thing and as I tried not to sob I d read it to him This is the true story of the ill fated Mormon, Willie Handcart Company, that crossed the plains by walking and pushing handcarts in the fall and winter of 1855 Have your Kleenex ready Historical Fiction Clean Read Exce [...]

    10. Wonderful book This is such a devastatingly sad book It is also filled with so much faith, love and perseverance I can t believe anyone lived through this time This book is a great historical book.

    11. This is a great book about the Willie Handcart company that made its trek from Iowa to Utah I liked how the book focused mostly on three main characters Eliza Gadd, the only person traveling with the company that was not a member of the LDS Church Baline Mortensen, a ten year old girl traveling with another family while her parents save up money to travel to Utah the next season Captain Willie, in charge of the handcart company Each chapter designates which of these three voices will be heard I [...]

    12. I actually finished this about a week ago, but needed a little time to separate myself from it for entirely good reasons I was deeply affected by this story and the pain and suffering this group of people endured I m not sure if it was just the story, or the writing, or something else, but it is probably a bit of all of those.This is historical fiction, so there is some supposition going on here about conversations and some things that happened Dave has an appendix that gives details about what [...]

    13. In clear and simple language, Farland beautifully illuminates the struggle of the Martin Willey Handcart Company For those who do not know the story many of the Mormon pioneers who crossed the plains to settle in Utah could not afford the livestock needed to make the trek by wagon The handcart system was developed for these people, and they would essentially push all their goods and supplies across the plains, rivers, and mountains in what was a large wheelbarrow It was vitally important that th [...]

    14. Note this is one of the novels I m reading as a voter for the Whitney Awards My rating and review may or may not be indicative of how I will cast my vote.I didn t know what to expect going in The later books don t do much for me, but the first three books in Farland s Runelords series are quite good so I know he is a good writer But how would he approach historical fiction And, importantly, how would he handle Mormon historical fiction.Very well, as it turns out This is a tragic tale, and Farla [...]

    15. The story of the Martin and Willy handcart companies is well known to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Mormons In his book In the Company of Angels David Farland takes the reader on a journey as members of the Willy Handcart Company through the trials as they cross the planes in their trek to Zion The story brings out a lot of emotion, from Anger at the way the saints were treated, to the fear of Indian attacks on the sorrow as family members are lost Still there are li [...]

    16. As a reader who is well acquainted with David Farland s various publications, I was interested to see how he d handle the LDS genre From the first pages I was pulled into this novel The depth of characterization and the scope of the story had me re thinking generalizations I had made of those pioneers who made the choice to leave so late in the season and attempt the trek across the plains against all odds I love how the author brought the historical figures to life Some historical novelists shy [...]

    17. In the Company of Angels follows three people from the Willie Handcart Company on their trek to get to Salt Lake City during the fall of 1856 Capt James Willie is the leader of the company Baline Mortenson is a 10 year old Danish girl traveling with another family to meet up with her sister in Salt Lake City Eliza Gadd is not a member of the LDS church but is going with her husband and children, all converts to the LDS church The story follows the trials and tribulations of the Pioneers as they [...]

    18. I really, really enjoyed this book The fact that it was written by the dad of one of our missionaries that lives downstairs just makes it that much cooler I loved Farland s portrayal of the events of the Willie Handcart Company Not sugar coated or too many overly mushy moments There were plenty who thought it was a bad idea to leave so late in the season, and I had no idea Franklin D Richards was chastised so thoroughly by Brigham Young That makes me feel a little better about the overall story [...]

    19. This is a wonderful novel based on the Willie Handcart company s trek from Iowa City to SLC in 1856 I read the Gerald Lund Fire of the Covenant which follows the Willie and Martin company treks in May,and I just returned from a 4 day pioneer trek in Wyoming with my stake, so I m pioneered out I m exhausted I need to read a wizard or a vampire book next Many of the characters from Fire of the Covenant are also featured in In the Company of Angels because they are based on real people , and so it [...]

    20. When I first saw that David Farland had written a book on handcart pioneers, I was afraid I would be comparing it to Gerald Lund s Fire of the Covenant, which I loved very much Well, I was surprised, and mainly because I was not aware that the two handcart groups were not traveling the road together I should have known that, after reading Bro Lund s book, but I didn t So, no comparison s needed Normally, what I really love about Historical fiction is the ability of the author to put character s [...]

    21. I bought this book because my great great grandmother and her family crossed the plains with the Willie Handcart Company I was hopeful to see if there was information in this book specifically about her There was, and I enjoyed reading about her and all of the other pioneers that traveled with her I loved David Farland s writing style I felt he was true to the struggles they went through I appreciated the spiritual messages of faith, hope, and true charity that were spread throughout the story [...]

    22. I ve heard handcart stories so many times that I ve become desensitized I was hoping this book would give me a better appreciation for these pioneers Kinda the opposite happened So many stupid decisions were made So many blind followers So much judgement on those with differing yet, sensible opinions Yes, I m aware of that popular quote about how no one in the company regretted it because it was a small price to pay to become acquainted with God But what about family members ahead or behind Were [...]

    23. I read this as self imposed homework in preparation for the mock trek I am going on in July.I am reluctant to read a ficticious account because I feel sometimes it clouds fact from fiction in a book like this At the end of the book the Author outlines for every chapter exactly what is fact and where he had to read between the lines or dramatize I give this book 4 stars for that.It was a very interesting read The title is In the Company of Angels You may have heard that members of the handcart co [...]

    24. I have never before read a compelling account of the Willie Handcart Company, despite a lifetime of listening to these same stories in one form or another I had thought that they were old and tired, and that little if anything new could possibly be added And then I took home David Farland s book, and realized that what I thought I knew was only the surface of a rich history and the dark tragedy that surrounds this bit of U.S history The writing itself was excellent, and the characters vivid, un [...]

    25. For the first third of the book, I was skeptical and not sure how much I would end up liking the book By the time I got to the 2 3 point, I realized that my hands hurt from gripping the book too hard I gained a whole new appreciation for the story and trials of the handcart pioneers One thing I really, really appreciate is that at the end of the book the author makes it very clear what was fiction and what is fact If this had been a purely fiction book, I would have scoffed at all the troubles t [...]

    26. I have been really interested in reading about the Willie Martin Handcart companies so when my brother gave me this book for Christmas I was really excited to read it As you can imagine, it was an emotional story I cried through many parts It told about many hardships the saints had but also told about the great faith of the people Although the book was fiction, the author based his writing on actual people and events He did his research At the end of the book, he tells a short biography of each [...]

    27. I have been putting off reading this book for awhile, as I knew it would be a hard read I have a read a lot about these handcart companies, and I spend and good portion of my time telling the story of my great great grandmother who travelled with the martin company This book does a good job of telling the story of three members of the Willie company I have read other historical fiction acounts and for some reason this book really touched me It is well researched and I think is quite accurate The [...]

    28. This book would be five stars, but as other people have noted the editing was poor, and I could see quite a few mistakes However, the writing was well done and I loved learning in depth on the Willie Handcart Company Like the characters, I just felt I wanted it to be done by the end Not the book I hope David Farland does LDS fiction, but the complete suffering It was so realistic that it made me feel empty By the end, just when help was right there, the deaths came in thick When the wagons came [...]

    29. I read this book in preparation of going on trek with our youth and I loved it I was very appreciative of the fiction vs nonfiction the author had in the back The story flowed along beautifully and I fell in love with our pioneer characters It was refreshing to be able to find out what was just for the sake of a good read and what was truly the story of these amazing saints I am so humbled when I study the lives of these early settlers pioneers and what they faced with such amazing faith It was [...]

    30. This was an excellent book It stands out in my mind for a couple reasons 1 It s a great example of historical fiction that is actually historical fiction it relies on the story of the handcart company and doesn t try fall back on a love triangle to see it through 2 Farland allows for his characters to doubt and worry and question their leaders and their faith That kind of ambiguity made the struggle much compelling to me It was also a satisfying read because I had ancestors that were in this co [...]

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