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A Marriage of Convenience #2020

A Marriage of Convenience After being left standing at the altar Tamara needs someone to share the new home she can t afford Enter Kawbena Opoku a gorgeous Ghanaian scientist in search of a green card to fulfill Tamara s ne

  • Title: A Marriage of Convenience
  • Author: Jewel Amethyst
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A Marriage of Convenience By Jewel Amethyst, After being left standing at the altar, Tamara needs someone to share the new home she can t afford Enter Kawbena Opoku, a gorgeous Ghanaian scientist in search of a green card, to fulfill Tamara s needs and the desires she didn t know she had.

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      185 Jewel Amethyst
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    1 thought on “A Marriage of Convenience

    1. 4.5 starsAfter being left standing at the altar, Tamara needs someone to share the new home she can t afford Kawbena Opoku, a gorgeous Ghanaian scientist in search of a green card, will help and fulfill Tamara s needs.Kawbena aka Ben what a great guy, he is sexy, sweet and nice and I love him Tamara, I like her but I have to admit sometimes she annoys me like nobody in a book can, but I get her frustration When you and your life feels crappy it tends to bring out the worst in someone.Throughout [...]

    2. OkayI ve been in a bit of a reading slumpbut I think I just got my READING GROOVE back with this CAPTIVATING romantic treatI started this book this morning and haven t been able to put it downI was in the middle of reading another bookd just decided to read the first few pages to see if I could get into this storyI was totally HOOKEDI fell in LOVE with Ben and the way he makes Tammy feele way he makes her want to be the REAL here way he makes her feel beautiful and comfortable in her skin s SIMP [...]

    3. I absolutely loved this book There were many dimensions I found entertaining cultural differences, history, relationship development to name a few This book was realistic because I am familiar with couples who married for reasons other than love and came to love and respect each other deeply Also I liked that the heroine was not the typical overly beautiful female with no known flaws Tamara and Kwabena worked through their problems and created a beautiful family together By the way, they most de [...]

    4. Wow finally a story where the heroine is not a toothpick loved this story this was a story I couldn t put down absolutely loved the fact the understandings don t go on for years and Tammy wasn t afraid to tell Ben how she felt or how he hurt her looking forward to reading from this author

    5. Yes Loved itWow This one pulled me in I want to direct the movie I CAN RELATE TO TAMERA and I m sure many women and men do I love when love wins Had some totally unexpected turn of events which keep me intrigued Good read.

    6. I borrowed A Marriage of Convenience from the Prime Lending Library with my Prime membership benefits.Tamara is not only stood up at the alter by her groom, he cleaned out all her bank accounts and maxed out her credit cards after even tricking her into buy her engagement ring Then he disappeared leaving her deeply in debt, depressed and to top that off she lost her job.Her friend, Jordan suggests A Marriage of Convenience to Kawbena Benjamin Opoku, an African in need of a green card so he could [...]

    7. 4.5 stars, Draws You In, Multicultural HEA RomanceI found this book difficult to put down, as it subtly pulled me in There were a few editing errors but they did not distract from the storyline, as well as a lot of characters to follow in the early stages A large part of the plot involved Tamera s interactions and extended family relationships as well as the growing romance and cultural differences The emotions that complicate relationships are very realistically portrayed, and, while you someti [...]

    8. I liked the characters Tammy is smart, funny and real She has insecurities like most of us do Ben s character wasn t quite as likeable It bothered me that even though the marriage started out as a business proposition, that he showed no respect for her in the beginning The parties, and not only having sex with other women, but having it in her home, yeah, not right Then if he loved her so much, why try to have sex with a woman that he knew was the cause of his marital problems I loved that Tammy [...]

    9. I love it.This is a great romance story I love how it was long enough to follow them all through their tough times and good times I love reading BBW books, even though we try, we can not all be a size 2 Having extra weight does no make us ugly, it just makes us human I would recommend it to anyone This was an excellent story.

    10. NiceA nice romance with engaging characters and an interesting story There some concepts that were new, and the protagonists being African and African American is a change from the usual.

    11. Great storyYou may think is going to be the usual romance after and initial arrangement marriage but not this story has other turns and situations that keep you in suspense I highly recommend this book for a weekend or vacation time because it is difficult to put aside

    12. Oh yeahGood book A true page turner and I liked it I want a Ben or a Chris Lol Tammy was hurt and had to find a reason to live life again Ben gave her that chance to live again while finding his new life again.

    13. Loved it All I can say is, I can normally predict what is going to happen in a romance That did not happen with this one and that is why it gets 5 stars from me Also it presented reality and not a complete fairytale Thank you.

    14. AwesomeI could not stop reading this book This could be a real life story Very detailed Never a dull moment Thank you.

    15. Easy read, predictableI just read this because it was free on prime There was nothing really noteworthy about it except I enjoyed learning about Ghanaian culture.

    16. Awesome It was a great read I enjoyed the suspense and thrill Always couldn t wait to read the next chapter The characters were well described

    17. A Good ReadI thought I knew what to expect, but there were a few unexpected twists as the story developed Overall, delightful.

    18. Great readLearning to trust again after being hurt is very hard but possible time Love wins in the end again.

    19. A nice romantic storyThis book had just the right amount of suspense to keep you from putting the book down I really enjoyed it.

    20. The author did a good job of showing that not trusting others was the root of all the heroine s troubles It was well written and I was turning pages quickly.

    21. A Marriage of Convenience was too sweet for my taste, as well as predictable I like a hint of fire and suspense This book has maybe one real sex scene and it left A LOT to be desired Besides that, the story was slightly both annoying and absurd Our girl was left at the altar with the debt of a wedding, a brand new house and mounting credit card debt from her con artist former fiance Yea, that sucks sucks even worse when you lose your job and can t pay everything off.Here s where it gets frustrat [...]

    22. A green card marriage set up by her best friend after the love of her life leaves her at the alter.When the marriage she had spent tons of money on let alone buying her own engagement ring falls apart, Tammy discovers the truth regarding her fiance When things get so difficult, her best friend offers her a way to keep afloat Things get a little complicated with friends and family involved The ex really complicates things but well that is expected.honesty and self esteem issues pills

    23. I chose this rating because although we ll written Too MuchExplicent sexI disliked all the explicit sex Why do authors who have the reader enthralled have to go and ruin it by inserting explicit sexual chapters It was an excellent book but the explicit sex had me flipping pages to get back to the real story.

    24. AMAZING I got this book this morning and normally I read in order as I buy but I love books like this and I could not put it down It was a new twist in green cards but it also showed honesty and trust are very important in any relationship And if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.

    25. A marriage of convenience I enjoyed this book The story is about two people marrying for a green card and falling in love The writer did a good job of showing the heroine overcoming her insecurities and the hero changing his ways.

    26. Cute book It s a quick read good for those times you need something light to read between deep or heavy books.

    27. GoodIt was a sweet romance of convenience I liked the bbw aspect or the story, I can totally relate Some good steam without to much detail.

    28. Good BookThis book was ok Not as good as I thought it should be Ending was good Hope the next one is better

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