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Herbert West: Reanimator #2020

Herbert West Reanimator Herbert West Reanimator is a short story by American horror fiction writer H P Lovecraft It was written between October and June It was first serialized in February through July in the

  • Title: Herbert West: Reanimator
  • Author: H.P. Lovecraft
  • ISBN: 9781409936480
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Herbert West: Reanimator By H.P. Lovecraft, Herbert West Reanimator is a short story by American horror fiction writer H P Lovecraft It was written between October 1921 and June 1922 It was first serialized in February through July 1922 in the amateur publication Home Brew The story was the basis of the 1985 horror film Re Animator and its sequels, in addition to numerous other adaptations in various media.T Herbert West Reanimator is a short story by American horror fiction writer H P Lovecraft It was written between October 1921 and June 1922 It was first serialized in February through July 1922 in the amateur publication Home Brew The story was the basis of the 1985 horror film Re Animator and its sequels, in addition to numerous other adaptations in various media.The story is the first to mention Lovecraft s fictional Miskatonic University It is also notable as one of the first depictions of zombies, as corpses arising, through scientific means, as animalistic, and uncontrollably violent creatures.

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    1. H.P Lovecraft stories don t usually make me think of Mel Brooks and Bruce Campbell, but Herbert West is definitely an exception.This story, like H.P s subsequent work The Lurking Fear, was written to order as a serial publication for the humor magazine Home Brew Although Lovecraft s interest in atmospheric effects often mars The Lurking Fear s humorous tone, Herbert West is unharmed by any serious horror On the contrary, H.P embraces this over the top tale of re animation a congeries of cliches [...]

    2. Although presented here as one story, this is actually a series of six linked stories about the mad scientist, Dr Herbert West More than anything else by Lovecraft, these feel like true pulp fiction, written for pure shocking entertainment, with a dashed off, distinctly non literary feel Originally published as a serial, the magazine that they were written for apparently and unfortunately demanded that Lovecraft re cap previous events in each installment, which makes for repetitive, tedious read [...]

    3. Herbert West Reanimator is told by an unnamed narrator, who became friends with Herbert West while they were both studying medicine at Miskatonic University in Arkham It consists of six chapters From the Dark , The Plague Daemon , Six Shots by Midnight , The Scream of the Dead , The Horror From the Shadows , The Tomb Legions and repetitions of West s appearance and certain events clearly show that it was written in instalments That and the chapter cliffhangers make this story a bit annoying to r [...]

    4. Four stars until the end, now five.I wonder if SK found partial inspiration for Revival from this short story A scientist becomes obsessed with reanimating life The beginning reminded me of the movie Flatliners, which I loved Lovecraft began the story in a medical college, and the two did experiments attempting to reanimate the dead.Herbert West, the narrator s comrade, increases in obsession over years, taking his obsession for dead bodies and parts for his experiments to joining the war effort [...]

    5. Esta es, por lejos, una de las historias que m s me perturbaron en la vida Literalmente tuve que apartar el plato de comida durante el almuerzo porque no pod a continuar con el mismo mientras le a semejantes asquerosidades Es sencillamente magn fico, y me da gusto saber que a n sigue caus ndome la misma repulsi n y fascinaci n que cuando era m s peque a Recomendad simo.

    6. One of the most accessible and straight forward horror short stories by Lovecraft A good place to start for those who want to try this author Great audiobook narrator on Librivox.One thing tho, this story was originally serialised in some publication which is why each chapter part includes some kind of recap and might feel repetitive if you read the whole thing in one sitting.

    7. Note This story is part of The Complete Works of H.P Lovecraft, made available in ebook format at CthulhuChick.Synopsis The narrator tells the story, in multiple vignettes, of Herbert West s obsessive quest to reanimate the recently dead.My Thoughts When I lived in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, my husband at the time and I developed an obsession with B movies of all ilk, watching them for hours Among those we particularly enjoyed were the Reanimator series of films, based upon this short story.The st [...]

    8. This is my first HP Lovecraft I have a slight fixation on Jeffrey Combs which inevitably led me to watching Stuart Gordon s Reanimator as well as some of Combs s other Lovecraft based films, most of which didn t really convince me to read Lovecraft body horror required scene of a monster groping naked and screaming Barbara Crampton I had been warned by a friend beforehand that the film is quite different from the short story I can t say I approached this warning with much trepidation as though I [...]

    9. Publicado en lecturaylocura el resucitaNo deja de ser curioso que conociera la obra Herbert West Reanimator de Lovecraft a trav s de su adaptaci n al cine Re Animator dirigida por Stuart Gordon habida cuenta de que conozco la mayor a de las obras del norteamericano a trav s de diferentes ediciones de todo tipo y que, sin embargo, no ten a recuerdo consciente de haber le do esta La pel cula, encomiable en su realizaci n, es deliciosamente trash y hay que reconocer que es una adaptaci n m s que ac [...]

    10. Very funny, by classic Poe type author Concise and much easier to read than a lot of Lovecraft s works Fans of the movie should check this out, as the plot differs quite a bit My favorite phrase is corpse of a doubtful vintage Hilarious.

    11. Este livro, apesar de pequenino, incorpora tr s textos distintos Reanimador, Celephais e A oliveira O primeiro tem v rios cap tulos e deve ter sido escrito para ser publicado aos poucos em jornais ou revistas porque cada cap tulo repete o essencial dos cap tulos anteriores, o que deveras irritante Quanto est ria, macabra e muito fantasiosa Mais do que me assustar, aborreceu me O terceiro texto um conto que me foi totalmente indiferente.Quanto ao do meio, o Celephais, desse gostei mesmo muito e v [...]

    12. Herbert West forma, junto con Randolph Carter y Charles Dexter Ward, mi apreciada y adorada Tr ada Lovecraftiana Este relato es un gui o especial a Frankenstein de Mary Shelley y a La verdad sobre el caso del se or Valdemar de Edgar Allan Poe Y creo que es una de las primeras historias sobre muertos vivientes Una historia excelente y aterradora con ese toque macabro que Lovecraft comienza a usar 3

    13. First off, I have to confess that I m a huge fan of the 1985 Stuart Gordon directed movie adaptation So, I m sure I was a little biased in that I was going to like the story But this is where, as a reader and movie fan, you have to be careful It s easy to be disappointed with any other version than the one you originally fell in love with Most of the time, it s the movie adaptation from the book But, since I fell in love with the movie first, I went into this story with guarded optimism One look [...]

    14. Repugna mucho m s que los anteriores cuentos que le , pero no me pareci tan bueno como ellos Extra la morbosidad impl cita a la que ven a acostumbrada no porque la prefiera, sino porque me gusta c mo Lovecraft la maneja y estoy segura de que los cap tulos autoconclusivos influyeron un poco.El narrador, esta vez, est involucrado directamente en los hechos porque es el ayudante del doctor Herbert West, hombre de ciencia empecinado en reanimar cad veres El problema empieza cuando algunos experiment [...]

    15. This would have been a 5 star rating, but for a slightly irritating narrative technique that Lovecraft used.Each different chapter seems to recap the basic premise, in a similar fashion to some modern day tv programmes Before the break etcNow this may be due to the fact that it was initially serialised in some publication, a fact which has just occurred ot me at the point of writing this, so maybe I ll just shut up on the subject That aside, the story is quite compelling The idea of zombified co [...]

    16. The second bit of Lovecraft I ve checked out recently Not as compelling as The Call of Cthulhu, but still a fun read especially as a big fan of the movie adaptation If you ve seen the 1985 film, then the original is going to seem pretty tame no exploding entrails or severed heads going down on hapless women Still, it was interesting to see familiar themes, details, and plot points from the first two movies, as originally envisioned by Lovecraft.

    17. Este foi o meu primeiro H P Lovecraft Gostei muito do segundo conto Celephais , menos dos outros, mas gostei do tipo de escrita, negro, envolvente, com um toque de fantasia uma escrita claramente datada, mas talvez tamb m por isso, resulte t o bem.

    18. I loved this story it was cool to read and very enticing, my favorite right now from lovecraft , I couldn t wait to turn the pages

    19. 4 estrellitas cerradas.Primera vez que leo a Lovecraft y me gust bastante La historia trata de la obsesi n de Herbert West por probar su elixir de la vida en cadaveres en muy resumidas cuentas y aunque suena como algo ya visto o que ya sabr s porque camino ir , al menos en mi caso, no fue as.La historia es narrada de una manera preciosa y cuenta con una trama muy original espero que est en lo correcto, pues tampoco estoy tan familiarizada con el genero de horror Definitivamente volver a leer a e [...]

    20. Pluses Lovecraft escribe genial La referencia directa a Frankenstein pero con cambios que hacen que gane mucho El Doctor c mo monstruo pero tirando a psic pata m s que a no creyente La sensaci n de asistir a un proceso cient fico m s o menos real.Contras Que se repite como el ajo porque estuvo serializado Fucking racist as fuck Clasista de cojones

    21. H.P Lovecraft es ampliamente conocido por ser el creador de Chtulhu y todo el universo que rodea a este ep tome de la literatura de horror Hay que tener en cuenta, sin embargo, que obras como La Llamada de Chtulhu o En Las Monta as de la Locura juegan con un material de base h per fabulado los Grandes Antiguos y la mayor parte de las criaturas que habitan las obras m s conocidas de Lovecraft son seres inventados que, por lo tanto, obligan al lector a considerar este tipo de lectura como pura fan [...]

    22. This is by far the longest piece by Lovecraft that I ve read so far Not because I m avoiding his longer works but because, after reading several of his short stories, I decided to read his works in the order in which he wrote them I don t know I guess I just wanted to see the evolution of his writing.It is in some ways disingenuous to say that this is a longer work It is in actuality six short stories about the same two characters, Herbert West and his narrator assistant Each story begins with a [...]

    23. Horror Psychological On the surface this story is about a scientist and his assistant experimenting in their attempts to bring back the dead Discussion SpoilersWhen I finished this story, I was far from impressed For the longest time it seemed as if the scientist was going to kill his assistant to have a fresh body to bring back to life Unfortunately, the story just ended with the failed reanimated killing the scientist.For weeks I couldn t understand why this story was so popular From a scienti [...]

    24. I read this short story by candle light, in the dark, by the light of a fading lamp The mood improves greatly when read in the right setting.This was a thrilling read, which was a pleasant surprise, because most if not all gothic fiction tends to bore me to death This story actually chilled me to the bone and was an exciting scary read perhaps the candles had something to do with it Plot wise, this is Frankenstein, but ten times shorter, without the moronic moral message, without the depressing [...]

    25. This was the first bit of HP Lovecraft that I ve ever read, after years of hearing hype about him and that word that no one can pronounce After finishing this story I realize how early in Lovecraft s career it was written, and I look forward to reading mature things by him I understand that for the time in which it was written the concepts were unheard of so I am assuming that his initial success in horror was he initially successful came from the horror of his ideas, rather than his way with w [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this gothic horror tale, for it reminded me a lot of Frankenstein Herbert West is a doctor who is completely obsessed about resurrecting the dead Since his student days, he steals fresh corpses for his experiments, which involve the injection of a certain formula, but the results are not necessarily what he desires As he gets and fanatical about his life purpose, the undesired consequences come back to haunt him Just like the Mary Shelly novel, you have a very neurotic scienti [...]

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