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Butcher Bird #2020

Butcher Bird Spyder Lee is a happy man who lives in San Francisco and owns a tattoo shop One night an angry demon tries to bite his head off before he s saved by a stranger The demon infected Spyder with something

  • Title: Butcher Bird
  • Author: Richard Kadrey
  • ISBN: 9781597800860
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • Butcher Bird By Richard Kadrey, Spyder Lee is a happy man who lives in San Francisco and owns a tattoo shop One night an angry demon tries to bite his head off before he s saved by a stranger The demon infected Spyder with something awful the truth He can suddenly see the world as it really is full of angels and demons and monsters and monster hunters A world full of black magic and mysteries TheSpyder Lee is a happy man who lives in San Francisco and owns a tattoo shop One night an angry demon tries to bite his head off before he s saved by a stranger The demon infected Spyder with something awful the truth He can suddenly see the world as it really is full of angels and demons and monsters and monster hunters A world full of black magic and mysteries These are the Dominions, parallel worlds full of wonder, beauty and horror The Black Clerks, infinitely old and infinitely powerful beings whose job it is to keep the Dominions in balance, seem to have new interests and a whole new agenda Dropped into the middle of a conflict between the Black Clerks and other forces he doesn t fully understand, Spyder finds himself looking for a magic book with the blind swordswoman who saved him Their journey will take them from deserts to lush palaces, to underground caverns, to the heart of Hell itself.Skyhorse Publishing, under our Night Shade and Talos imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of titles for readers interested in science fiction space opera, time travel, hard SF, alien invasion, near future dystopia , fantasy grimdark, sword and sorcery, contemporary urban fantasy, steampunk, alternative history , and horror zombies, vampires, and the occult and supernatural , and much While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller, a national bestseller, or a Hugo or Nebula award winner, we are committed to publishing quality books from a diverse group of authors.

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      Richard Kadrey

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    1. There are basically two versions of hell and importantly Lucifer existent in modern fantasy, and pretty much the western imagination, Dante s and Milton s Oh sure there are a few other versions out there, like Blake s, but frankly they don t have the staying power of those two models.Butcher Bird is Milton all the way Milton as imagined in the hazy postmodern pagan relativistic world we exist in Its Gaiman s Lucifer and the Lucifer we ve seen in so many other fantasy novels Frankly I was less t [...]

    2. Man, if this is the state of contemporary literature, there is little hope for the written word Like wading through a prose version of the mediocre dregs of Deviant Art all edge for the sake of edge This is the kind of tripe middle aged social outliers write in coffee shops in the hopes that some pale beauty will take notice This is writing without skill and blind to art.

    3. I felt like I am part of the target audience for this book On the other hand, I felt like the book did a bit too much poking about that Hey This is a book just for people like you Who like tattoos And bars And are into mythology and fantasy You re badass and cool Check it out Yeah, ok Unfortunately, I sort of felt like the cool stuff was a veneer laid over a fairly typical and not that riveting quest fantasy Who the characters were didn t really affect or inform what happened to them.Spyder, a t [...]

    4. The book started slowly and the characters hipster snark grated on me enough that I might have put the book down except that it had come so highly recommended The pace picked up the deeper in I went, to the point that it was hard to put the book down to go to the publisher s party Friday night.I m told that Sandman Slim Kadrey s newest is even better.In Butcher Bird, it was refreshing to read about a truly honest, truly compassionate male character who wears his heart on his sleeve The other cha [...]

    5. I ve had my fill of urban fantasy It s as played out as a Scarface t shirt.Really, I should only be mad at myself I read about this book on the movie news website CHUD, and they never reviews books It was five stars all the way, and promised an exciting new voice So I picked it up in the bookstore, and there was a blurb from William Gibson, telling me if you like Juxtapoz, you ll love Butcher Bird The cover art gave me misgivings It s very well painted, but it had me thinking This is that guy wh [...]

    6. 4 Stars for funHaving read the first two Sandman Slim novels I decided to go back and read some older stuff by Kadrey I was not disappointed Like the Sandman Slim novels this book centers on demons, angels, monsters, and even Lucifer himself.Comparing this book to the later Sandman Slim novels shows many of the flaws of this being an early work Overall, this book plays along main stream avenues, the plot, the conflicts, and the outcome can all be seen from a mile a way Even the ending has been p [...]

    7. I would give the first half of this book two stars and the second half four, if I could The beginning is like a summary of a better book, lacking in sufficient world building I m guessing that this is because Kadrey came from short stories, and you generally get plot, character or theme in short stories, not all three His later books are much better in this respect, so he either got a better editor, or just plain got better.OK I m going to be all kinds of judgey about people now, so skip this pa [...]

    8. Interesting It was good And I liked the trip to Hell it reminded me of Milton Language doesn t bother me but if you have misgivings about reading things that might make a sailor blush, you might want to reconsider this one Fu is in ever third sentence ok, that s an exaggeration, but there were times when it felt like it I had 2 small problems with this book first, the smoking is so in your face I mean, I know people smoke and so do book characters But every time I put the book down, I felt the u [...]

    9. I absolutely adored Sandman Slim, also by Richard Kadrey, and Butcher Bird had an interesting premise, so I figured I couldn t go wrong I was wrong This book felt so heavy handed and klunky, the characters what s like the evil moustached version of a caricature Like that I also felt like Kadrey was trying really, really hard to prove how cool he is and how cool his hero is Whereas Stark from Sandman Slim just was a bad ass, this hero anti hero, really , Spyder, jumped up and down and shook you b [...]

    10. Bitten by an insect headed demon, Spyder Lee has been given the ability to see worlds beyond or rather, parallel to his own The three Spheres containing life have been separated for their own good, but still intermingle, unaware of each others presence Spyder now finds himself one of the few people in his Sphere able to see the inhabitants of all three angels, demons, monsters, myths, and madmen He can also see the Black Clerks, dark coated men who claim to keep the balance in the spheres by pre [...]

    11. I had no idea what this book was about when I opened it and I ve not read a lot of urban fantasy stuff I read it simply for the cover The cover art was beautiful.My favorite part of stories is the characters I want to know who they are and I want to hear their voices I fell in love with Lulu and Spyder within the first two pages I love the dialogue and mechanics between them I knew who they were and how close they were from the very first chapter I loved watching Spyder develop through the cours [...]

    12. Te maldigo, oh Richard Kadrey , por no hacer una continuaci n.Pero bueno, la rese a, se trata de Spyder, un tatuador quien un d a descubre que hay una esfera de realidad entrelazada con nuestro universo donde existen demonios y ngeles y justo cuando descubre eso un demonio intenta comerselo, pero justo cuando va a pasaar eso una mujer ciega que pelea con una espada lo salva, pero despu s resulta que la mujer ciega Shrike, aka The Butcher Bird , es una asesina y le pide a Spyder que lo acompa e e [...]

    13. Excerpt note the 2007 date of the book They ll spend eternity right here by this river of shit We don t have that option If we don t move, Shrike s going to die The voices of the wandering souls grew quiet, then came back louder than ever Lulu said, Remember how I used say it was all ironic with you named Spyder, that you re so afraid of spiders We worked that over once or twice Be glad you re blind right now I shit you not, there s a twelve foot tall spider strolling down the shoreline kicking [...]

    14. I adore Richard Kadrey s writing, but this is so very clearly a first novel for him The book feels like it s trying very hard to be cool or edgy, making it difficult to get through to the point that I just could not finish it Also, I absolutely abhor saying it because it s a very, very harsh thing to say, but it s very obvious that Spyder Lee is a Gary Stu I hate saying that, but that s the way he reads to me.Honestly, the book was on thin ice with me once Shrike said she was a princess Not much [...]

    15. Spyder is a tattoo artist with his own shop in San Fransisco, living a pretty good life until a demon tries to kill him while he s out having a piss behind his favorite watering hole He s rescued by a cute blind woman who cuts the demon s head off, but the morning after he s able to see things All the other creatures living in our world, the demons, angels and monsters that everyone else manages to forget just after seeing he sees and remembers.He goes to find the blind woman who helped him, hop [...]

    16. I want to see pulp authors Richard Kadrey and Charlie Huston battle each other to see who is really the reigning king of the super gritty urban supernatural thriller I imagine the pre fight insults would be epic, but I also wouldn t rule out the possibility that things would devolve into a slap fight pretty quickly Both authors play on my inner violence monger and their noir esque dialog leaves me giddy Butcher Bird follows the adventures of Spyder Lee as he discovers a secret world in the shado [...]

    17. I thought this was going to be straight Urban Fantasy, but it veered off into Weird Fiction pretty early on Now I admit, I haven t read much Weird Fiction in the past, and there s a reason for that All the Old Gods and deep space monsters resembling sea creatures and endless black hole voids just leaves my blonde girl brain spinning off into babbling nonsense A Lovecraft girl I am not As far as I m concerned, that poor guy needed some serious medication Nonetheless, I liked this book It was goin [...]

    18. I love urban fantasies about angels demons, gods mythological creatures, so I would naturally be inclined to enjoy this book However, it is definitely not on a literary par with Neil Gaiman s incredible, 5 star IMHO American Gods another modern fantasy dealing with mythology Nevertheless, I ve enjoyed this merry romp through Hell other assorted places so much that, like American Gods , I have now read this book a couple of times, will very likely re read it again in the future SO Is this a 5 sta [...]

    19. Kadrey s Butcher Bird was published in 2007, two years before his SANDMAN SLIM series Butcher Bird, subtitled A Novel of the Dominion, shares some themes with its later cousin, but the shape and the tone of this book are completely different.Spyder Lee is a tattoo artist in San Francisco He shares his studio with his best friend Lulu Garou, who does piercings One night, when Spyder steps out into the alley behind his favorite bar, he is attacked The attack is terrifying, and for one moment Spyde [...]

    20. I love, love, love this book.It s rough, in some ways, but really, a missing quotation mark here or there didn t phase me with a story this wonderful.I already adore Kadrey s Sandman Slim series, so I thought I d dip into the back catalogue as well This is a precursor, both temporally and thematically, to that series, and it s independently published, which can be significantly hit or miss.This is a hit.I m not sure I can articulate why, exactly, but this hits all my cylinders The magical underp [...]

    21. My final read of the year, and it was an enjoyable fantasy romp I have much liked Kadrey s Sandman series, and what I found most interesting about this book, which seems to have been wriitena few years earlier than the series, is I think you can see the genesis of the Sandman character, as well as others such as Lucifer , and budding development of life in Hell There are elements of his later female shade assassin characters in Shrike, a beautiful blind killer for hire, as well as of Spyder in S [...]

    22. I really wanted to love and adore this book as much as my friends have but I just couldn t I liked it it was a great story but it was totally predictable Brooding sexy tattooed hero falls for the tough strong woman who helps him navigate through worlds he s never seen I didn t want him to fall for her, that s so predictable and boring He should of fallen for some crazy otherworldly mermaid or something Being a fan of Neil Gaiman and his worlds first made this one seem like a copy Don t get me wr [...]

    23. if i could give half stars i d give this one three and a half it was definitely a solid book, better than a lot of fantasy that s out there right now there were little things that bugged me some typos and grammar stuff that i can t help but notice, some of the dialogue fell a little flat, and the characters were engaging but never engrossing that being said, overall the story was a good one, the plot was interesting and the descriptions of the world were vivid and clear this guy definitely has a [...]

    24. Kind of uneven Kadrey s writing seems to have improved a lot between this and Sandman Slim, or maybe he just got a better editor A really fun read, nevertheless I was surprised by how generally upbeat it was, having read the two first Sandman Slim books in all their grimdark glory This was like a strangely seedy Gaiman novel Was interesting how a lot of the ideas set out in this book were like proto ideas for Sandman Slim.

    25. While overall an enjoyable, easy read, being beaten over the head non stop with JUST HOW COOL the characters are is an annoyance Reminiscent of Poppy Z Brite, Caitlin R Keirnan, and their ilk in that regard That being said, if you can get past that aspect, it s a pleasurable enough book to waste a bit of time on, and I have a hunch the author has some interesting stories to tell in the future He just needs to work out a few stylistic kinks.

    26. I enjoyed the hell out of this book spoiler pun In a dark alley, tattoo artist Spyder is attacked by a demon who infects him with sight, the ability to see the world how it really is, complete with angels, demons and many other lifeforms that fall between But that s only the beginning of the story with an epic journey, battles and strange friends in strange places I can only hope for the hinted upon sequel.

    27. Unsettling and awesomeThis is just good storytelling If you were to take a basic quest revenge story, throw in some unexpected romance, merge it with the Divine Comedy and Paradise Lost, then filter it all through the visceral aspects of Clive Barker s imagination, you would get a very close approximation to this novel Well done but you can really expect nothing less from the writer who created the githyanki for you DD buffs out there.

    28. I enjoyed this book to no end.A world similar to Kadrey s Sandman Slim, but from the viewpoint of a hedonistic tattoo artist with a heart of gold Throw in a sword wielding, blind assassin, a few nefarious monsters , and the Prince of Darkness, and you ve got all the ingredients for a rollicking good time.Pulpy, yes, but thoroughly entertaining.

    29. This formula was so similar to Sandman Slim that I found myself comparing the books and characters The characters were a bit lack luster and most were non essential the last ten chapters managed to quickly pull a disorganized story together, but I can t say that it was good.

    30. Taking a tour through Hell with Richard Kadrey is always a joyride through the steaming guts of world mythology But beneath the tough guy troubles beats a heart of pure marshmallow both hero and author A truly sweet fable of love, demons, and nicotine addiction.

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